• Learn how to add new, update and delete a product

  • Add New Product

    Adding products to Shopify is considered one of the important tasks to build your Shopify store successfully. Showcase your products in their best version and attract more potential customers. Although there are several platforms that have most likely the same process as adding products to Shopify (e.g BigCommerce), they still differ in the particular steps because of their different platforms.

  • Add New Product Using Shopify POS

    If you are a Shopify retailer who wants to move your business into a brick-and-mortar location, the Shopify POS for iPad, iPhone, and Android is a great solution for you. And add new product using Shopify POS also becomes more simple.

  • Edit Product

    Editing products a product in Shopify store is an effective way to upsell products and attract more potential customers. When you use Shopify’s interface, editing product details is very easy and does not affect integration.

  • Make Products Available on Sales Channels

    Online sales channels are the place where represent the different marketplaces and sites to help you sell your products. Moreover, marketplaces are incredibly valuable for online sellers. You can keep track of your products, orders, and customers in the same place by connecting every sales channel to Shopify, no matter where your products are sold.

  • Add or Delete Tags

    In this post, you will learn how to add or delete tags on Shopify. But first, why bother learning it?

  • Add Variants

    As you may have already known, product variants play a significant role with Shopify stores. This is because they allow customers to have more options and encourage them to spend more time browsing through your site, which would lead to an increase in the likelihood of customers making a purchase. Therefore, in today document, I will provide you the basic knowledge about variants and how to wisely add variants on Shopify.

  • Add Variants to Brand-New Product

    In this post, you’re going to learn how to add variants to a brand-new product on Shopify. Adding variants play an indispensable role when selling your products on Shopify, especially while you’re creating a new one. While adding information about a new product of your shop, its variants can also be added at the same time too. If a product has several variants, the customers would have more choices which could meet their demands. For example, you are selling T-shirt on Shopify, you could add blue, green, black, grey to the option) value field if you option name is color. By doing this, you can enable your customers to know the information about the products you have, which could help them to consider easier when making their decisions.

  • Add Several Variants At Once by Using Bulk Action

    Variant could be considered as the characteristics of each product which is already available in your Shopify shop or will be added in the future. Each product will have numerous details which need to be added. There will be times when you have to add several variants at the same time.

  • Add a Variant by Duplicating an Existing Variant

    This post is going to show you how to add variant by duplicating an existing variant. Adding analogous variants is a time-consuming job. Because to complete it you will have to go through a myriad of steps from login, choose the products, to enter the option values. If your shop has hundreds of products which need to add variants, doing it by the old way could take you hours to finish. As a result, you would not have any time to do other important things such as checking customers’ orders, improve the qualities of your products or plan the marketing strategy.

  • Add Variants to Existing Product

    You might already know how to add variants to a new product. But the way to add more variations to your existing products is a bit different and quite complicated.

  • Change Variant Details

    Variants are one of the most important details of a product. In the previous posts, I have already discussed with you the easiest way to add variants details to your new products, and your existing products. But if we want to change variant details of a specific product such as its size, style or material, how can we do it?

  • Add Product Image

    Someone said that: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Indeed, nowadays, people are constantly attracted by visual stimuli, online and offline just in a few seconds. Using text can hardly gain readers’ attention because only 16% of them read a page word-for-word. While images let them capture the content in a blink of an eye. Thanks to the products’ header images, your customers can get to know your brand identity, the features, and style of your products as soon as they access your web store. Your customers can view the product they want from a lot of angles and distances, thus they can make the right decisions. Therefore, by adding product images on Shopify, you will benefit from this.

  • Edit Search Engine Listing Preview

    If you want to give your customers a satisfying experience on your Shopify store, adding a description that is tailored to your products is one of the key factors. In addition, it will also improve your search rankings.

  • Remove Product

    Shopify is an e-commerce platform which allows you to create an online store for your products you want to sell for all types of customers. It also permits you to remove a product from your Shopify account.

  • Scan Barcode With Device's Camera

    For the operational efficiency and data accuracy, barcodes are a smart investment which helps you and your team reduce human errors. In details, clerical and data entry errors can waste significant costs and have a much more dramatic impact. According to a bulk of the research, the error rate of human data entry is 1 error per 300 characters, while the error rate of scanning by barcodes is only 1 error in 36 trillion characters based on the type of barcode used.

  • Edit Product's Options

    Knowing how to edit a product’s option is essccential because I’ll help shop owner to manage the variants of the products easier which would lead to a considerable increase in their sales.

  • Delete Variant

    During the sale process, there will be times when there is a product which has the variations that you are no longer selling. When these times come, you probably need to delete all the variants of it. You will also need to delete the default of it. Because if you do not delete these, they will still appear to the customers when they are checking the product variants at your Shopify page.

  • Edit Variants

    From July and August 2020 onwards, Shopify will change the way in which you will have to edit the variants of your products in a totally new way.

  • Import CSV Files into Google Sheets

    In the previous post, I have discussed with you the definition of CSV files and some important points about using these files on Shopify. So I suppose that you have already had a necessary background which is enough to understand the CSV files’ definition as well as their characteristic. Now we will turn to a higher stage in the process of mastering CSV file which is learning the method to import a CSV file into your Google Sheets.

  • How to Add Multiple Product Images in CSV File

    If you want to add multiple product images from your CSV file, you can upload it to your Shopify admin page. Because we are learning the way to import products to the store with a CSV file, there will have some things that you might need to understand.

  • Search Product

    As you already know, you can view all the products of your shops in a list form in the All products section. One more thing, the number of products which you can add into your Shopify store is nearly unlimited. Because of this, you may face difficulty when you want to search for a specific product.

  • Set Up Inventory Tracking

    In this post, I’ll show you how to set up inventory tracking on Shopify. Setting up inventory tracking for products is one of the priority works that you must do before you are able to view or adjust a product’s inventory levels.

  • Adjust Inventory Levels

    In the previous post, I have told you the way to set up inventory tracking on Shopify. Because of the inventory tracking function, you can prevent the customers from buying products which have been sold out, and you can also be reminded to purchase more products for your store when it runs out of stock.

  • Change Name or Description of Collection

    Collections are groups of categorized products that help customers to shop more easily. For example, you can establish a Spring Women Collection which includes products for women in the spring. After creating your collection, if you want to change something, you can always edit the product details anytime you want. In this post, however, we will find how to change the name or description of a collection on Shopify. By following these steps, it will take you about five minutes to complete all needed changes.

  • Add Links to Collections

    A link references the data (all or part of a document) on a web page that the reader can directly track by clicking. Therefore, that you know how to add links to your collections will make it much more convenient for your customer visit and view them. Also, a drop-down menu in your online store navigation with a link to a collection would be necessary and useful.

  • Export Products

    As a store owner, if you are in need of creating a backup for your goods, shifting the existing products to a new store, editing your products in a large quantity by using a spreadsheet such as Google Sheet or you are a new seller of Shopify and you want to start selling products. You can read this post on how to export your products on Shopify.

  • Filter and Export Products List

    In the case, you have a long product list which you only want to change some of your goods but not all of them, how can you do it? You can add a filter to shorten the list in your CSV file which which makes things easier for you rather than dealing with your entire list.

  • Add or Update a Gift Card Product

    If you are a smart Shopify user, surely you do not want to miss out one of the most special kinds of product, known as selling gift cards. In fact, an activated gift card can be widely used as the future of payment of orders from any of your own online store. As you can see, the functions of the gift card are now available on the Shopify, so you need to learn how to add and update gift card products if you want to have an edge over your competition.

  • Change the Availability of Collection

    When you’ve manually created a collection, you can totally decide whether to publish or hide it from your active sales channels at sometimes. That’s why you know how to change the availability of a collection would be useful. Here are some easy steps you can take to change the collection’s availability setting:

  • Edit Theme Settings

    There are times when you are bored with the layout of Shopify online store, customizing Shopify themes enables you to create a new look for Shopify shop by changing the content, display, typography, and colors of Shopify online store. The themes provide you with the settings which can alter the appearance and the feeling of your shop on Shopify.

  • Filter Product List

    Filtering your products list enables you to pick up the special product you need easily in the case you have a large number of goods in your shop.

  • Sort Product List

    This is the guideline of how to sort your product list on Shopify. As the owner of a Shopify store, there may come a time when you have a long product list and it must be very troublesome looking for the goods that are low in stock, the type of products and their providers. Just like filtering your list, it’s a good thing to do in order to manage your products better.

  • Creating a Transfer on Shopify: A Step-By-Step Guide

    In this article, we provide an ultimate guide on creating an inventory transfer on Shopify and its benefits.

  • Import Products With a CSV File

    In this post, you’re going to learn how to import products with a CSV file on Shopify. But before reading the main part of this guide, make sure that you know what exactly a CSV file is. Here is a brief about defining it. If you’ve known, skip that one and read the rest of the writing.

  • Issue Gift Card

    A Gift Card makes the customer feel the brand of your online store by maintaining a strong and thoughtful relationship which means that your business comes with the warmth felt by the recipient. You will think that you know Issue Gift Cards on Shopify is necessary to attract the attention of your customers.

  • Issue Gift Card Information

    When you’ve sent lovely gift cards to your customer, it turns out you’ve missed something like it’s not the correct address or the suitable value. You wish you could view it again for details and for disabling it if necessary. Don’t worry because I’ll take you through how can you do that. Here is a useful instruction for you to issue gift cards information on Shopify.

  • Common Import Issues

    There comes a time for you as the owner of the Shopify shop, you have problems uploading your product CSV file. You can read this writing about some common issues people have when importing on Shopify listed below and find solutions for those.

  • Enable Inventory Tracking

    Shopify has a helpful feature called the transfer which updates the number of items available in your online store automatically. You will find it convenient whenever you get inventory from your supplier. To activate the transfer feature, the first thing you must know is how to enable inventory tracking on Shopify. Or you can learn more about how to create transfer on Shopify on our tutorials.

  • Import Products After Making Changes to CSV File

    Sometimes, you’d like to make changes to your CSV file so that it can be much better and suitable for your online shop. To do this, you have to export the file first and after you’ve edited, you wonder how could you import products after making changes to your CSV file. Here are some easy steps which just take you some minutes to complete.

  • Receive Inventory

    After your suppliers sent the products you’ve asked for, they’d love to get confirmations from you. Also, they need to know whether the quality and quantity of the products meet your requirement. This writing guides you to receive inventory on Shopify so that you can handle it easily as soon as you receive everything you’ve expected.

  • Disable Shipping for Digital Product

    A digital product is an item such as software, music, image, ebook and so on, etc so that customers can get it directly by downloading. You don’t have to ship it in real life. Hence, it’s so important for you to know how to disable shipping for a digital product on Shopify. This post will help you to do effectively.

  • Change Featured Image of Collection

    You may know of how to edit the information for the introduction of your collection, like the name or description. When we have a collection, it is better to have a picture which shows the spirit of it or a sample of your design for instance. It will be more attractive and help customers have a general look at your products. In this article, I will show you how to change the featured image of a collection on Shopify.

  • Change Gift Card Expiry Settings

    A gift card is a special product issued by a shop’s owner to its customers as an incentive or reward, with which consumers can use as payments for orders. You can set a time limit or expiring day for your gift card, however, in some countries this action can be considered as illegal. Therefore, check the law in your country first and keep up with this article to know how to change your gift card expiry settings on Shopify.

  • Change Sort Order for Products in a Collection

    In an online store, products appear in orders that we can arrange it base on our taste or our purpose. The products in a collection appear in the sort order that you have selected. The collection appears with the same order on the store.

  • Change Text and Background Colors on Apple Wallet Passes

    You may know about the way to enable Apple Wallet Passes for your online shop in the previous article. I have already mentioned the settings for gift cards on Apple Wallet as well, but it is just the general information. For more information or detailed steps, please follow this writing and you will know how to change text and background colors on Apple Wallet Passes on Shopify.

  • Disable Apple Wallet Passes

    Apple Wallet is a useful app allowing users to store coupons, gift cards, etc. that you can enable it on your online shop for better experiences for your customers. However, if you cannot manage it or the attention you pay for it is not enough, it may get reversed effects. Therefore, if you have turned it on and you do not want it anymore, following this writing and I will show you how to disable Apple Wallet Passes on Shopify.

  • Enable Apple Wallet Passes

    Apple Wallet is an app for devices using the iOS operating system that let users save coupons, event or public transportation tickets, etc. Shopify also allows online shop’s owners to add Apple Wallet for their stores. By using this feature, consumers can confirm their gift cards’ balance as well as redeem a gift card in store. This app can be added into your online store that you can use it to increase the number of loyal customers, but do you know how to enable Apple Wallet Passes on Shopify. Let’s check this writing for detailed steps.

  • Add Gift Card Product to Collection

    Have you ever tried the function of a gift card product on any e-commerce platforms? And how does it look? A gift card product is not something new, but it is still an effective way to help you promote your products, even that you can sell your give cards, or just simply take you a good chance to get close to your customers and notice how they can react to your store brand.

  • Remove Gift Card Denomination

    In this post, you’re going to learn how to remove a gift card denomination on Shopify. Now, we all know and understand that adding a gift card product denomination is a way to offer real value to your products. However, sometimes we need to remove gift card product denominations for strategic or technical purposes, and fortunately, you can quickly delete it by performing a few simple steps.

  • Disable Gift Card

    In this post, you’re going to learn how to disable a gift card on Shopify. But first:

  • Filter Gift Cards

    You will learn how to filter gift cards on Shopify in this post. Gift cards are known as a special kind of product on any e-commerce platforms and that on Shopify is not an exception. Gift cards can be sold like others product or can be simply issued to customers for free as a reward or an incentive. An order with a gift card can bring your customers a great experience when they are shopping online. This assists in stimulating their ability to purchase something and provide store owners with better profits. When orders, followed by a gift card are fulfilled, the customers will get a gift card code to redeem the card’s value when it is used at the checkout. There are many things to do with a gift card. You can add and update gift cards or group them into different collections. Denominating a gift card is available too and promoting it through a few sales channels is considered noteworthy as well.

  • Publish Gift Card Product

    In this post, I’m going to talk about how to publish a gift card product on Shopify. The gift card function on Shopify is considered as one of the best ways to promote and sell your products, not to mention its feature of selling this gift card with each different denomination. A gift card product plays enormous roles in not only being used as your payment of future for any order from your online shop but also helping to occupy the customers’ love for your online store brands. The gift card is issued for free and sent to your recipients as a reward or even an incentive. As you finish their order, followed by a gift card, an email with a gift card code will be sent to the customers so that they can apply at the checkout to help redeem its value.

  • Update Automatic Fulfillment Settings of Gift Cards

    You need to ship the products to customers after they make an order. In Shopify, this process is referred to as fulfillment. As I mentioned in the previous topic, a gift card is a special kind of products that it also has fulfillment settings. If you want to know how to adjust this setting, do not miss this piece of writing because I will show you how to update automatic fulfillment settings of gift cards on Shopify.

  • Use Custom Banner on Apple Wallet Passes

    This post is about how to use custom banners on Apple Wallet Passes on Shopify. Through the gift cards on Apple Wallet Passes, customers can assess your online store to some extent. That’s why you should care about your gift card’s appearance once you have allowed the use of Apple Wallet Passes. You can design your gift card by changing text and card colors or edit new logo and banner. In this article, I will focus on the adjustment for the banner. If you keep the default setting for the banner, your gift card will display:

  • Use Custom Logo on Apple Wallet Passes

    If you have already enabled Apple Wallet Passes on your online store, you would like to make it more beautiful to attract customers. You also want to impress your consumers with a logo of yours to make them easily remember your brand. Hence, follow this article and I will show you how to use a custom logo on Apple Wallet Passes on Shopify.

  • View Product's Inventory History

    If you enable Shopify to track a product’s inventory, you can view the adjustments history of that product’s stock list. With the product has variants, you can only view the inventory history for each variant in turn.

  • Export Gift Card Products to CSV

    As a merchant on Shopify, you might know all of the functions of a gift card product on your online store. Now it is time for you to learn how to export your gift card products to a CSV on Shopify. CSV stands for Comma Separated Values, known as a file with format “.cvs” for the spreadsheet. CSV files are used to help export and import the products, orders (only used for export), discount (only used for export) and customers. You can take advantage of CSV files in so many situations, like switching from any e-commerce platform to Shopify or importing the customer accounts list or uploading goods by using the spreadsheet. CSV files can be exported to help you review more details about the gift card products in just a spreadsheet. It is helpful for revising the information on outstanding balances, or even any records. Remember that you cannot import the CSV of gift cards to make a gift card product.

  • Mail Gift Card to Customer

    In this writing, you will be shown on how to mail a gift card to a customer on Shopify. However, before going more details, let’s find out what a gift card exactly is and how it really works. Simply, a gift card is considered as a special product that a merchant can use it for sale or make it become the payment of future when his customers want to purchase something. The customers will feel flexible to buy a gift from your online store. In addition to selling it, a gift card can somehow make your online shop more professional.

  • Hide Out-of-Stock Products from Collections

    In this article, you will be shown how to hide Out of Stock products from your collections on Shopify. In fact, you can manually do this on the Collections page of Shopify and use the inventory management app to help you do this.

  • Hide Out-of-Stock Products in Default Catalog Collection

    Each store in Shopify has a catalog page at a URL link, like for example, which lists all the goods in your store. Your products will be arranged in the alphabetic order by default, however, you can change its order to reach your satisfaction. You can also adjust the catalog not to show the items which are out of stock automatically. If you are curious about this process, follow this writing to know how to hide out-of-stock products in your default Catalog collection on Shopify.

  • Move Products from a Collection to Another

    There are times when you may need to move products from a collection to another when you manage a Shopify store. The task might require your time and patience; therefore you must not ignore this writing.

  • Set Limit Quantity on Shopify

    Running an online store on Shopify means that you may have to deal with a lot of tasks, one of which is to figure out how to set limit quantity for your product on Shopify. This task will not be so hard if you read our article, so please do not go anywhere.

  • Hide One or All Products

    If you are selling goods on the website, you will encounter many times when you need to hide your products in Shopify Store. This is because if you don’t control the product visibility well, especially when your product is sold out or when your product is no longer in business, your customers who cannot buy the products might feel disappointed and find another store.

  • Use Shopify Image Editor

    As photos are a must-have element for your products to help your customers visualize what they are going to purchase the best. When you are selling products online on Shopify, and you have probably already discovered the Image Editor tool while uploading images to your Product pages.

  • Using Bulk Editor in Shopify

    In this writing, I would like to take you through a special guide which brings you lots of benefits about how to use Bulk Editor in Shopify.

  • Add Video as Product Images on Shopify

    Video is one of the most easy-to-acquire and versatile digital marketing tools. According to the research, the amount of time that visitors will stay on your page will be boosted so that the number of visitors becomes your actual customers will increase dramatically. Therefore, it is very worthy of transmitting your shop’s message through Video to promote your business.

  • Import Products from AliExpress to Shopify: A Comprehensive Guide

    In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through how to import products from AliExpress to Shopify, catering to both newbies and seasoned store owners.

  • How Many Items Should You Have

    The first and foremost action that a newcomer to Shopify may take is looking for how to start an online store. Then, you may be having a hard time finding out how many items you should have in your Shopify store. By choosing the proper number, you would be able to optimize the performance of your site.

  • Create Subcategories within categories in Shopify

    Creating subcategories within categories will allow your customers to find the product that they want easier. They will not have to search out of a big category of many products with different features. For example, in the main collection full of dresses, you can create subcategories within categories for evening dresses, day dresses and different types of dresses. Therefore, your customers can find what they want with zero effort.

  • Add a Title Tag in Shopify

    In the Shopify marketplace, Title Tag is an effective tool for online sellers. Considered as an HTML element specifying the title of a web page,it will appear on search engine results pages when customers click to headline. Therefore, it strongly recommends that the Shopify store owners to Add a Title Tag to boost their SEO and attract more customers.

  • Edit Tags in Shopify

    When it comes to managing your products and orders, creating and editing tags in Shopify are very important tasks for better inventory control. Your customers will not see the tags but if you don’t use tags for your ecommerce store, it would be very hard to categorize and search for your goods when necessary.

  • Use tags in Shopify

    Using Tags is a great way to insert the searchable keywords involved in your products. It can save you a lot of time to label products, transfers, orders, draft orders, customers, and blog posts based on type, vendor, price, weight, or any fields. Also, your customers search and filter your product through your online store search can be helped a lot by tags. Read more on our site to learn how to edit tags in Shopify as well!

  • Change Price on Shopify

    While importing your products from suppliers, there might be many original prices that need to be imported into your Shopify admin. In order to increase their own profits in selling products, merchants often need to increase the prices in their Shopify store. That’s why Shopify enables you to set product price in a manual way, and also set global pricing rules for automatic markup.

  • Add a Category in Shopify

    While surfing on Shopify stores, customers normally really love seeing a specific product’s page after clicking on a product image of the collection page. As a matter of fact, this action can really help customers find and see many categories by inserting links to the collections in a menu in your store’s navigation. At the same time, you are totally able to view, create, and edit collections or categories from the collections page of your Shopify admin.

  • Add a collection to a page in Shopify?

    While seeing Shopify stores, customers normally enjoy looking at a specific product’s page after clicking on a product image of the collection page. That’s why keeping products organized and easy-to-find for customers is always the thing that merchants want their store to have. In order to do this, there is an effective way to bring this pleasing experience, which is Collections.

  • Add Products to Featured Collection on Shopify

    While going on for business online, it’s an effective way to cross-sell and up-sell your products by displaying featured products on your Shopify store. In order to do this, the store Admin needs to create a featured product collection for there store first. Also, Featured Collection is also a great place to put your most import products when you want to emphasize them.

  • Upload product using CSV file in Shopify

    People often recommend users to utilize Google Sheets to work with your CSV files on Shopify. As a CSV file can make things easier with faster importing speed CSV files, also less memory being consumed with many more benefits.

  • Split Products in Shopify

    If you are the new sellers or beginners in the Shopify marketplace, it is really challenging to create relationships for multiple products in their shops. The Products Variants is an effective solution that helps them to relate between them and increase sales as well. However, there are sometimes that online merchants want to add more variants into their stores. So the question can be raised like weather adding more variants into the shops which have a bulk of existing variants makes these shops unorganized or not.

  • Add Sizes of Products on Shopify

    For every product on Shopify stores, there are numerous details that need to be added. That’s why Shopify created the Variant section to put all the characteristics of each product and let the store owners decide which is already available in your Shopify shop or will be added in the future. In order to figure out the way to add sizes of products on Shopify, you need to understand every section of variants as well.

  • Resize product image in Shopify

    Most store owners now might agree with the fact that appealing product images are vital to the success of an online store. However, have you ever thought that if you are like many online store owners outside who are using premium Shopify themes and you have passed through the whole process of uploading your nice photos only to seek collection pages that are not lined up properly, what will you do to avoid this situation.