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AVADA Email Marketing Forms
AVADA Email Marketing Forms
AVADA Email Marketing Forms Background
Shopify AVADA Email Marketing Forms Background

Turn exit-intent visitors into customers

Abandoned visitors at product pages or checkout pages are causing a huge loss for online stores. To minimize this rate, AVADA Exit Intent Popop can be shown right when visitors are about to leave your certain pages.

You can also add an exclusive coupon to covert them immediately. Or asking your customers to leave the emails and continue to follow up them later. All of these flows are pre-built in AVADA Email Marketing so you can save a lot of time to run it.

Turn exit-intent visitors into customers

Dynamic timing and places to show popup

Not only exit intent, but AVADA popop can also be played:

  • After the page loaded
  • After X seconds
  • After scrolled X percent
  • After clicking any selected element on your page

Plus, you can choose any specific pages or all your site to display a signup form. Multiple popups are allowed with unique settings.

Dynamic timing and places to show popup

Various pre-done popup templates

You don’t have time or designing skills to create a beautiful popup. We are here to do it for you. With pre-built popup templates from simple to pro, you have a lot of choices that surely can fit your store’s needs.

Love any design, you can easily turn it into yours with our form editor. Freely add/remove any form fields or elements on popup to achieve your purpose.

Various pre-done popup templates

Stunning Spin to Win

Shopping should be fun for everyone. And Spin to Win gives your shoppers excitement and even luck if they win the game. You can customize your prizes and the probability to win/lose.

Additionally, AVADA Spin to Win has stunning holiday themes like Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Black Friday, etc. which will absolutely delight your customer experiences.

Stunning Spin to Win

Add-to-cart popup

How to optimize Abandoned Cart Recovery, especially when customers do not leave emails on the checkout page?

Add-to-cart popup is the solution that asks for emails right after customers put something in cart. This popup will not distract customers’ shopping journey because we design it for the most natural content and logic.

Add-to-cart popup

Extra features

Additional functions make your popup more pro

Email Validation

Allow validate emails enter to popup is real or not

Show again after

Set a period to show popup again

Coupon code

Add coupon into popup’s Thank You page

Floating button

Show the floating button so that customers can open it anytime

Preview popup

Enter your site URL to preview the popup

Performance Report

Report on impression, conversions for your popup

It helped a lot actually. I really like it popup. And the team have solved many problems of mine. Great app!
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