About Us

AVADA Commerce Pte. Ltd. is an e-commerce solution provider headquater based in Singapore, Sales and development team in the USA and Vietnam where the best developers unite. Founded in 2017, AVADA is responsible to complete the mission to help 1 million online businesses grow revenues.

AVADA Commerce is formed with a dedicated team that work for one ultimate thing - customer satisfaction. We focus on:

  • Developing new apps which solve business problems.

  • Seamlessly innovating products to optimize their effectiveness.

  • Supporting customers at the 5-star standard.

  • Contributing and building a strong community.

AVADA’s core values:

  • Human resources: We never stop investing in humans and creating such a working environment which inspires our employees to truly love what they do.

  • Technology: We stay updated with the latest technologies to apply them to our products. We learn and develop ourselves to catch up with the digital world.

  • Dedication in service: We value every single customer. We strive to bring the most efficient solution and fastest service to our customers.