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AVADA Email Marketing Automation
AVADA Email Marketing
AVADA Email Marketing Background
Shopify AVADA Email Marketing Background

Pre-done automation workflows

Making money while you sleep, why not? With automated email workflows are pre-built, it only takes you 5 minutes to set up an automation workflow.

If you hate copywriting or don’t know how to start your email content, we are here. Every automation workflow has ready-to-use email templates which are optimized for:

  • Deliverability: Make sure your email go to customers’ inbox
  • Timing: Send emails at proven times that your audiences are likely to open!
Pre-done automation workflows
Welcome Email Series

Welcome Email Series

Welcome New Subscribers and follow up Unsubscribers to convert them into your customers.

Abandoned Cart Series

Abandoned Cart Series

Remind Cart Abandonment and recover lost sales with three emails series.

Order Follow Up Emails

Order Follow Up Emails

Send confirmation emails about customers’ order placing, shipping, PDF invoice and return.

Cross-sell, Upsell Emails

Cross-sell, Upsell Emails

Increase customer order value by promoting cross-sell and upsell items after they made specific purchases.

Conditional Splits

Conditional Split allows you to send appropriate messages to people based on their behaviors and segments. Thanks to this, your stores can deliver unique offers and incentives for different customers in a single workflow.

High-order value customers should be offered a more appealing discount than the lower ones. Or, resend another email to contacts that did not open the previous email, etc. All can be arranged easily with workflow split.

Conditional split

Personalization always win

Personalize your automation emails so that customers feel like they are talking to a human, not a robot. And hence, build trust easily with your customers.

How AVADA Email Marketing can do that:

  • Auto get your customer information and insert on emails
  • Update real-time customer data
  • Choose the right segments to send

Advanced Report

See which automation workflows are doing best. Always keep track of your email marketing performance with our comprehensive and multiple layers reporting:

  • Report on total Automation workflows
  • Report on each Automation workflow
  • Details report for a single email in workflow
Advanced reports

Additional functions

Additional functions that make Automation easy like 123

Add coupon into email

Simply import and add coupon code into any email

Social buttons

Add various social button to emails

Advanced Abandoned Carts

Track customers carts in realtime to send emails at the right time

Update customer data

Auto-update latest customer data on automation workflow

Drag & Drop email builder

Create your automation, newsletter emails in minutes

Save email templates

Allow copy existing emails and templates to create new emails

AVADA Marketing Automation is loved by merchants worldwide

Very easy to use and very quick to install. The support team is great and very helpful. The email automation is applyable to a lot of different situations.

Good support and easy workflow. Awesome tool guys!!

Great app and customer service, easy and intuitive to use and syncs very efficiently with Shopify

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