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AVADA smart segmentation allows you to group customers into targeting segments

based on their contacts’ attributes and shopping behaviors within your shops

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AVADA Marketing Automation Segments
AVADA Marketing Automation Segments
AVADA Marketing Automation Segments
AVADA Marketing Automation Segments Background
Shopify AVADA Marketing Automation Segments Background

Segments on contacts attributes

Optimized for eCommerce stores, AVADA Marketing Automation allows admin to group customers based on their contact attributes such as status, tag, email, name, popup campaign from, last checkout date, etc.

You can easily follow up email to targeted groups that share the same traits such as send an email to segments in the US and another email to Japanese customers on New Year season to give the best-personalized wishes that really matched their culture.

Segments on contacts attributes

Segments on shopping behaviors

A more powerful condition to group your segments is based on customer shopping behaviors. Let the way they engage your store be the best guide for you to talk to them properly.

Accordingly, segments can be grouped by the items they buy, order value, order count or purchased product collection, etc. You can combine or exclude any conditions easily to make your segment most practical.

Segments on shopping behaviors

Ready-made most common segments

Don’t know who is your potential contacts? AVADA Marketing Automation helps you to pre-build the most common segments that you may need to use on your email campaigns.

  • New subscribers
  • Most engaged subscribers/customers
  • Repeat customers/VIP buyers
  • Not engaged subscribers/customers
  • High order value
Pre-created most common segments

Combine/Exclude segments easily

You would like to follow up people in US who bought your T-shirts to offer Free shipping for next purchase? No trouble at all with AVADA segmentation. To sort out the most relevant contacts to send emails, AVADA allows you to combine/exclude multiple segments in a single campaign.

Combine/Exclude segments easily

Extra features

Additional functions to make your perfect segments

Real-time update

Always keep your segments fresh with any new updates

Combine conditions

You can add unlimited conditions for a segment

Track segment list

Easily know who is on your certain segmentss

Sync contacts

Auto-sync contacts in 2 ways from Shopify to AVADA Marketing Automation

Import/Export contacts

Easily import/export contacts via CSV, TXT files

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