How to Use a Custom Banner on Apple Wallet Passes on Shopify

Updated: September 25, 2021


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This post is about how to use custom banners on Apple Wallet Passes on Shopify. Through the gift cards on Apple Wallet Passes, customers can assess your online store to some extent. That’s why you should care about your gift card’s appearance once you have allowed the use of Apple Wallet Passes. You can design your gift card by changing text and card colors or edit new logo and banner. In this article, I will focus on the adjustment for the banner. If you keep the default setting for the banner, your gift card will display:

use a custom banner on Apple Wallet Passes

It is an unfashioned banner that you do not want it. By using your creativity combine with following these below steps, you will get a beautiful, catchy banner for your gift cards on Apple Wallet Passes.

How to use a custom banner on Apple Wallet Passes

Step 1: Go to Gift cards

After log-in to your Shopify account, select Settings and head to Gift cards

use a custom logo on Apple Wallet Passes

Step 2: Enable custom banner

In the Apple Wallet, you will find the option Use a custom banner at the end of the page. Tick on the box to enable this setting.

Step 3: Upload picture for banner

Under the option, a Choose file button will appear, which allows you to upload a picture for your banner. After clicking on that button, another dialog box will present that you can pick your needed photo. Moreover, you also know how it looks like by looking at the phone screen next to the settings. There is a note that the default size for a banner is set as 1125px x 432px and all photo will be resized to fit this dimension.

use a custom banner on Apple Wallet Passes

Step 4: Save the custom banner

If you have completed choosing your banner image, do not forget to press Save to end the action and help the customers see your result.

To use a custom banner on Apple Wallet Passes on iPhone (Click here)

  • Step 1: Get access to your account on Shopify app, go to Store then Settings

  • Step 2: A list of settings will appear on your screen. Scroll down and find Gift cards

  • Step 3: In Gift cards, there are two more parts, which are Auto-expiration and Apple Wallet. If you have already enabled the use of Apple Wallet Passes, you have to check on the Use a custom banner at the end of the settings.

  • Step 4: Choose a banner photo from your gallery.

  • Step 5: Tap Save to finish

To use a custom banner on Apple Wallet Passes on Android (Click here)

  • Step 1: Open the Shopify app on your smartphone or tablet, select Store and Settings respectively

    use a custom banner on Apple Wallet Passes
  • Step 2: There are three smaller categories in Settings including App settings, Store settings and About. Find and click on Gift cards which stays nearly at the end of the Store settings list.

    use a custom banner on Apple Wallet Passes
  • Step 3: Under the Apple Wallet section, tap on the box next to Use a custom banner to activate it

  • Step 4: Press on the newly appeared button, Choose file to replace the default banner with yours.

    use a custom banner on Apple Wallet Passes
  • Step 5: To complete the process, tap Save


In short, I have introduced to you the process of how to use a custom banner on Apple Wallet Passes on Shopify. A tip for customizing banner is that you can use additional software or app to edit your photo before using it so its content will follow your want. Hope that you can take benefit from this topic.

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