How to Create a Transfer on Shopify - A Step-By-Step Guide


A transfer is to record the incoming inventory when you’ve got a confirmation from your supplier. It would be useful for you to manage your inventory. Hence, you’d better learn how to create a transfer on Shopify. Here are some simple steps that you totally handle this.

Note: Only when the inventory tracking is enabled, a transfer can be created.

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How to create a transfer on Shopify

Step 1: Go to Transfer

After logging in your Shopify account, take a look at the left of the screen and click Products. Then, select the Transfer which is the second section of Products.

how to create a transfer

Step 2: Click Add transfer

The Transfer dialog will appear. Make sure you click the button called Add transfer.

how to create a transfer

Step 3: Select the supplier

You can enter the supplier’s name in the Search Supplier section if it has already had.

how to create a transfer

If not, you can also add a supplier by following below: Click on Create new supplier option with a plus symbol. Then, a dialog comes out, you should enter the basic information about the supplier. After all, tap Save supplier to add the supplier.

how to create a transfer

Step 4: Select Expected arrival date

In this step, you select a date which is Expected arrival date in the Shipment box. That will be the date that you want it to arrive on purpose. Please take notice of the details if it has the format as YYYY-MM-DD, it means that you should enter the year first, then the month and the day at the last.

how to create a transfer

Step 5: Add a reference tag

In this step, in order to add a reference tag or number to the transfer, you obviously type them in the Additional details. It means you will get references to use for filtering and organizing your transfers in the Transfers section. You are able to decide which is refer to yours and enter it.

how to create a transfer

Step 6: Choose the products

Now scrolling up, there is a section called Products. Type the product’s name if you remember and want to add it to your transfer. If not, you can select Browse products to view your products and collections listed. You can choose specific products or variants by checking it.

how to create a transfer

Step 7: Click Add to transfer

After you’ve chosen the desired products to include in the transfer, tap Add to transfer to add it.

how to create a transfer

Step 8: Enter the product quantity

Enter the number of each product that you are looking for from your supplier in the red rectangle area I’ve marked. The products will be sent in that accurate quantities in the expected arrival day.

how to create a transfer

Step 9: Save transfer

After all, you are able to see incoming inventory amounts in the Inventory section by selecting Save transfer to complete.

how to create a transfer


Here is a detailed guide about how to create a transfer on Shopify. After you’ve done, you can use it for receiving your products when they arrive. Hopefully, it’s useful for you to do this easier. What’s more, I suggest that you should follow the next guide about how to receive inventory on Shopify because this is a process you will do all for the product’s arriving.

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