5 Steps to Filter your Product List on Shopify


All of the commodities that you uploaded to Shopify, they will be listed on the Products sections. 50 items exist in one page, by filtering, you can present a smaller group of the products.

Filtering your products catalog enables you to pick up the special product you need easily in the case you have a large number of goods in your shop.

For instance, if you want to see all of the pants that you are selling, you can filter your list and trousers will be the only items that show up.

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Adding more condition is fine since only the goods that satisfy the requirement can appear. Below is the writing which gives a fundamental guide on how to filter your product on Shopify.

How to filter your product list on desktop

Step 1: Go to Products

From the Shopify admin screen, please look at the left-hand side and choose Products.

filter 1

Step 2: Go to Filter

On the top of the page, go to Filter

filter 2

Step 3: Choose the condition

On the top of the page, a small dialog box appears. You can select a filter in the menu Show all the products where. Your goods can be filtered into the following condition:

  • Availability: demonstrate the number of products you have in stock

  • Publishing error: it will show the items that have publishing errors when you upload your goods from a different channel from Online Store.

  • Product types: display the product in categories

  • Product vendor: show the suppliers of the commodities

filter 3

Step 4: Choose a Value

Continue selecting the value tagged with the items by hitting the box Select a value which shows up after choosing a condition above. For example, the elements are in categories showing their availability on Facebook, Online Store or Point of Sales.

filter 4

Step 5: Add filter

The final step is easy, the only thing you have to do is to hit add filter, your screen will display the commodities that fit your condition and tagged values and your work finish here.

filter 5

Demonstration of how to filter your product.

For example, as the owner of the store, you want to know how many products are selling are made from leather.

Firstly, open your Products category from the admin screen. You can see that all of your goods are listed alphabetically.

demon 1

Secondly, you click on the filter button and choose Product type in the show all products where menu.

demon 2

Continue selecting leather in the select a value box which appears after you hit Product type.

demon 3

Finally, click on the Add filter button. The page will display all the products that made from leather for you.

demon 4

All of the filters made can be seen under the Filter button. After finishing your job with it, you can clear it by hitting the X to remove or select Save search to store for future usages.


Above is the writing that takes you to how to filter your product list on Shopify. I hope you enjoy this writing and find more guidelines on how to use Shopify and become a one of a kind online store. For further information, check out our Shopify Tutorials.

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