5 Steps to Edit a Search Engine Listing Preview on Shopify

Updated: August 24, 2023


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If you want to give your customers a satisfying experience on your Shopify store, adding a description that is tailored to your products is one of the key factors. In addition, it will also improve your search rankings.

Google engines are also concerned with the meaningful result for their users and they take product descriptions seriously as well. If you edit the search engine listing preview on Shopify, you will get the response from both Google and buyers.

In other words, on the product’s details page, you can edit the way that a product appears in the search results. Because of the aim of profitable rewards, you might want to invest a little more time in developing this place.

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How to edit a search engine listing preview on Shopify

Let us show you the whole process in step by step.

Step 1: Click Edit website SEO

Click Edit website SEO in the Search engine listing preview section.

How to edit a search engine listing preview on Shopify

Step 2: Enter a descriptive title

Enter a descriptive title in the Page title field (you can enter up to 55 characters). This title will display as a link in SERP.

How to edit a search engine listing preview on Shopify

Step 3: Enter search engine listing description

Fill in a description for the search engine listing (you can enter up to 167 characters). You should include relevant keywords and your business name.

How to edit a search engine listing preview on Shopify

Step 4: Edit web address

You can edit the web address in the URL and handle section. You need to set up URL redirects from the old web address before making changes. Notably, the URL cannot include any spaces and handles are used in theme design.

How to edit a search engine listing preview on Shopify

Step 5: Click Save

When you add a new product, the handle and URL are automatically generated. To make the handle match your product title, you can easily edit it. However, the product might not appear in search engine results if you edit the handle too often.

You should know that to enrich your customer’s experience and power up your search results, adding a Product SEO description thoughtfully is very important.

Through Google and Bing search engines, the page title, meta description, URL, and handle which are sources for fresh content to attract more users.

However, your search results can be hurt due to adding the same meta description for similar products. Thus, you should be careful.


Above is a brief tutorial on how to edit a search engine listing preview on Shopify. We hope that it could help you to update your products details easily and sell more products.

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