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How to Filter and Export your Products List on Shopify

Last updated: June 01, 2024
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In the case, you have a long product list which you only want to change some of your goods but not all of them, how can you do it? You can add a filter to shorten the list in your CSV file which which makes things easier for you rather than dealing with your entire list.

Below is the writing that demonstrates How to filter and export your products list on Shopify.

How to filter and export your products list on Shopify

Step 1: Open product list

On the left-hand side of the admin screen of Shopify, go to Product.

filter your products 1

Step 2: Click Filter

On the top of the page, hit Filter.

filter your products 2

Step 3: Select filter condition

A small dialog box appears on the screen, you can select the filter in the menu Show all product where and your items will be classified into the following condition:

  • Availability: demonstrate the number of products you have in stock

  • Publishing error: it will show the items that have publishing errors when you upload them from a different channel from Online Store

  • Product types: display the product in categories

  • Product vendor: show the suppliers of the commodities

filter your products 3

Step 4: Select value tagged with product

Select the value tagged with your product in the box select a value. For example, the goods will be displayed according to their availability on different channels like Facebook, online store and point of sales.

filter your products 4

Step 5: Click Add filter

Hit Add filter, the screen will display the commodities that satisfied your condition and tagged values.

How to export your products list on Shopify

After finishing adding your filter on your product list, we continue with how to export your product

Step 1: Click Export

On the product page, click on the Export button which has an upward arrow on the top of the page.

export your products 1

Step 2: Choose export option

A dialog box will show up and ask what you would like to export. Remember to choose the option to export only the products matching your filter. The choice is either to export goods on your current page or n products matching search (n is the number of products)

export your products 2

Step 3: Choose export file

Choosing the type of CSV file that you want for export.

I suggest you select CSV file for Excel, Numbers, or another spreadsheet program if you want to use a spreadsheet program to adjust your CSV file. If you plan on using a plain-text editor, please choose plain CSV file.

export your products 3

Step 4: Export products list

Please click on the Export products button, a notification will show up to inform you the number of products and a CSV file will be downloaded to your computer or emailed to you.

If you export 50 commodities and below (one page), the CSV file will be downloaded by your browser. For 51 and more( more than one page), the CSV file will be sent to you and the owner of the account.

export your products 4

After making any changes, you can import the edited version of your CSV back to Shopify.


This writing is a basic guide for you on How to filter and export your products list on Shopify. I hope you have a great time reading and applying this guideline while running your shop, and if you want more similar posts like this one, check out our Shopify Tutorials.

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