How to Add and Import Aliexpress Products to Shopify

Updated: November 25, 2021


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Adding/Importing Aliexpress Products to Shopify is one of the most powerful techniques that users should be proficient in. Because when there are some products that you have decided to sell, it’s time to add them to your Shopify store.

There are many apps that support you to do that action, namely, Oberlo that has one-click integration into Aliexpress products, or Expressfy that allows you to import dropshipped products from Aliexpress directly into your eCommerce store within a few clicks, or even directly from your import list to your Shopify store.

Knowing that there are so many ways to Add or Import Products from Aliexpress to Shopify, but how to do it exactly? I will not make you wait anymore by going straight to the point of this article today:

Add or Import Products from Aliexpress to Shopify

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Search on Oberlo to add new product

From the beginning, just navigate to your Oberlo Dashboard.

Then, just open the Search Products page on your Shopify account. You will be able to explore products in three possible ways:

  • Search for the products by entering keywords into the search field.
  • Explore products by various collections such as Best selling products or Products performed in videos.
  • Browse the category filters to find products you are interested in.

add aliexpress products to shopify

After using the search bar, you now can search for products that you want to add to your store. When you finally get a product that you want to insert, click on the product on your screen and then click Add to Import List. From this step, your products has been already added, it’s your job here to edit the product details before importing them to your Shopify store.

add aliexpress products to shopify

With Oberlo, you now can copy or paste product URL and then edit the title, description, photos, price and variants all before making the product go live on your Shopify site.

Add products on using Oberlo extension

In this section, I’m going to instruct you on how to add products on using Oberlo extension, which will help you run a dropshipping business with Oberlo more efficiently.

For starters, you must have this Oberlo extension installed and make sure you are using the Google Chrome browser on a desktop, or laptop computer.

By default, the Oberlo Chrome Extension will remain grey, and it will change into blue when it comes to certain AliExpress pages. Oberlo Chrome Extension often helps a lot in your adding product experience.

Oberlo helps you import products from the website to your Oberlo dashboard. From that, you can insert to your Shopify store directly, with just a couple of clicks. Importing products and Processing orders will be simplified by doing this.

In order to do this, navigate to while using the Chrome browser on a computer, then find the product that you want to add to your store.

add aliexpress products to shopify

Next, just hit a click on the Oberlo icon, which lies beside your desired product. After that, look from the import list, here is where you can customize the product and import it to your Shopify store as Oberlo Extension provides you the right to edit the product details or to change your product details, such as product name or description, makes them become unique and more appealing to your customers than the default ones.

add aliexpress products to shopify

Import products on using Expressfy extension

As you might have already known, Expressfy enables you to import dropshipped products from Aliexpress directly into your eCommerce store in a few clicks. Not only that, Expressfy itself can bring you way more features like:

  • Fulfill orders automatically because you don’t have to fulfill orders manually with the Expressfy extension.

  • Allow you to save money and stop hiring Virtual assistants to Add Products to your store.

  • Enable Powerful Dropshipping Research as well as the Rating Identification to find trusted sellers

  • Set Price Automation Rules and Auto Price Multiplier, which can price your products automatically with Expressfy markup automation rules. As a consequence, it will let Expressfy set your profit margin & automatically populate the price for you.

How to import products on Aliexpress using Expressfy extension. Specifically, all you have to do is to visit any Aliexpress product page that you want to embed to your store and click on Add button on the top left corner. After that, enter some elements like Title, Description, Price. Then, you are done!

Import Aliexpress products from your import list to your Shopify store

Before going further in the Importing List page of your product, just ensure that you are ready to import products to your Shopify store. From your Oberlo dashboard, go to Import List. There will be two options available for you:

  • Import products in an individual way by clicking on the Import to store button, next to the product that you want to import.
  • Import products in bulk by selecting more than one product and then click Import all to your store.

add aliexpress products to shopify

As a result, your imported products will appear on the Products page in the Shopify admin.

Import Aliexpress product variants to your Shopify store

This section is totally helpful when you have way too much product’s variants that you want to import to your store because it will help you import the individual variants part that you want to sell to your store when you just want to sell only a few of them in your Shopify store.

First and foremost, from your Oberlo dashboard, go to check the Import List. Next, look at the product that you want to import and hit a click on the Variants tab that shows up. From this step, choose the variants that you want to show to your store to sell, and then click Import to store. That’s all, from now, your imported products will appear on the Products page in your Shopify admin. All you have to do is to check how it works.

Import Product reviews from Aliexpress

Based on some criteria like the ratings on Shopify App store, or the app’s rank on search engines, the prices, and feature or the app provider’s reputation and so on, hundreds of the Review Importer reviews in the market that comes from Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, just to show you a brief overview in Aliexpress experience.

All result is ranked and recorded in November 2019, and we have chosen Loox Review Importer to currently be the best Shopify Review Importer apps so far that will run in the background on the app servers without using any Browser extension. However, the list is kept up-to-date on a regular basis so just stay tuned and update information from us.

Explore more Shopify apps help Import Product reviews from Aliexpress


In conclusion, that was all the necessary information that you need to know about Adding and Importing Aliexpress Products to Shopify. There are some options like using the Oberlo search bar, or Expressfy extension, or Oberlo extension and from your Import list as well. Just consider which one will suit your needs the best and feel free to try on using them because they will cost you nothing.

Hope you will find this article helpful and remember to contact us if there are any troubles occurring via email or comments below.

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