How to Enable Apple Wallet Passes on Shopify

Updated: September 24, 2023


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Apple Wallet is an app for devices using the iOS operating system that let users save coupons, event or public transportation tickets, etc. Shopify also allows online shop’s owners to add Apple Wallet for their stores. By using this feature, consumers can confirm their gift cards’ balance as well as redeem a gift card in store. This app can be added into your online store that you can use it to increase the number of loyal customers, but do you know how to enable Apple Wallet Passes on Shopify. Let’s check this writing for detailed steps.

How to enable Apple Wallet Passes

Step 1: Click Gift cards

From the admin page of your Shopify account, select Settings. A list will appear, but only look for Gift cards and click on it.


Step 2: Enable Apple Wallet Passes

Tick on the Enable Apple Wallet Passes in the Apple Wallet section below the Auto-expiration.

enable apple wallet passes

Step 3: Edit gift card setting

Detailed settings of your gift card will appear that you can edit it anytime you want. You can change the color of your card and text into your favorite color. Moreover, the logo and banner can be customized in your style as well.

Step 4: Click Save

Like other options, if you change something in Shopify remember to press Save to end the action or no changes will be counted. In this setting, there are two Save buttons appeared on both heading and ending of your screen, you can choose one to click on and close the process.

enable apple wallet passes

After you complete all these above steps, a button named Add to Apple Wallet will be added to your emailed gift cards. You can refer to the picture below for clearer understanding.

enable apple wallet passes

To enable Apple Wallet Passes on Iphone (Click here)

  • Step 1: Get access to your Shopify app, choose Store and go to Settings after that.

  • Step 2: Find Store settings in the Settings section and select Gift cards next.

  • Step 3: Under Apple Wallet part, you can see Enable Apple Wallet Passes setting, check it to activate

  • Step 4: Right after the permission for using Apple Wallet, the options to adjust the appearance for your gift card will be shown. You can edit it based on your taste or purpose to attract your customers.

  • Step 5: To finish, tap Save

To enable Apple Wallet Passes on Android (Click here)

  • Step 1: After opening your app, tap on Store which stays on the right ending of your display then choose Settings

    enable apple wallet passes
  • Step 2: Settings is divided into smaller categories to make it easier for users to use, which include App settings, Store settings and About. Select Store settings and go to Gift cards

    enable apple wallet passes
  • Step 3: Check Enable Apple Wallet Passes under the Apple Wallet section

    enable apple wallet passes
  • Step 4: Because gift card is a special kind of products, you can design it to “sell” to your customers, by changing text, card color or its display picture.

  • Step 5: Record all changes by pressing Save


In short, with the aim to support users, this article had clearly described the process of how to enable Apple Wallet Passes on Shopify. Hope that you can take advantages from Apple Wallet to raise your sale revenue as well as your number of buyers.

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