Selling Online Gift Cards

  • Add or Update a Gift Card Product

    If you are a smart Shopify user, surely you do not want to miss out one of the most special kinds of product, known as selling gift cards. In fact, an activated gift card can be widely used as the future of payment of orders from any of your own online store. As you can see, the functions of the gift card are now available on the Shopify, so you need to learn how to add and update gift card products if you want to have an edge over your competition.

  • Issue Gift Card

    A Gift Card makes the customer feel the brand of your online store by maintaining a strong and thoughtful relationship which means that your business comes with the warmth felt by the recipient. You will think that you know Issue Gift Cards on Shopify is necessary to attract the attention of your customers.

  • Issue Gift Card Information

    When you’ve sent lovely gift cards to your customer, it turns out you’ve missed something like it’s not the correct address or the suitable value. You wish you could view it again for details and for disabling it if necessary. Don’t worry because I’ll take you through how can you do that. Here is a useful instruction for you to issue gift cards information on Shopify.

  • Add a New Gift Card Product Denomination

    In this post, we’re going to discuss about adding new gift card product denomination on Shopify. You might be concerned with a gift card product which is now featured on your Shopify and wonder what it is used for. Basically, you can simply understand it as a special kind of product that you can even sell or take advantage of it as a payment-towards-future for any order from online shops. In general, there are lots of useful functions activated on a gift card product to help maximize its effect and provide your customers with benefits. For example, you can add your ideal name for your card, write a short description to draw the customer’s attention or choose the sales channels to both sell and promote your products in online markets.

  • Add Gift Card Product to Collection

    Have you ever tried the function of a gift card product on any e-commerce platforms? And how does it look? A gift card product is not something new, but it is still an effective way to help you promote your products, even that you can sell your give cards, or just simply take you a good chance to get close to your customers and notice how they can react to your store brand.

  • Remove Gift Card Denomination

    In this post, you’re going to learn how to remove a gift card denomination on Shopify. Now, we all know and understand that adding a gift card product denomination is a way to offer real value to your products. However, sometimes we need to remove gift card product denominations for strategic or technical purposes, and fortunately, you can quickly delete it by performing a few simple steps.

  • Disable Gift Card

    In this post, you’re going to learn how to disable a gift card on Shopify. But first:

  • Filter Gift Cards

    You will learn how to filter gift cards on Shopify in this post. Gift cards are known as a special kind of product on any e-commerce platforms and that on Shopify is not an exception. Gift cards can be sold like others product or can be simply issued to customers for free as a reward or an incentive. An order with a gift card can bring your customers a great experience when they are shopping online. This assists in stimulating their ability to purchase something and provide store owners with better profits. When orders, followed by a gift card are fulfilled, the customers will get a gift card code to redeem the card’s value when it is used at the checkout. There are many things to do with a gift card. You can add and update gift cards or group them into different collections. Denominating a gift card is available too and promoting it through a few sales channels is considered noteworthy as well.

  • Publish Gift Card Product

    In this post, I’m going to talk about how to publish a gift card product on Shopify. The gift card function on Shopify is considered as one of the best ways to promote and sell your products, not to mention its feature of selling this gift card with each different denomination. A gift card product plays enormous roles in not only being used as your payment of future for any order from your online shop but also helping to occupy the customers’ love for your online store brands. The gift card is issued for free and sent to your recipients as a reward or even an incentive. As you finish their order, followed by a gift card, an email with a gift card code will be sent to the customers so that they can apply at the checkout to help redeem its value.

  • Export Gift Card Products to CSV

    As a merchant on Shopify, you might know all of the functions of a gift card product on your online store. Now it is time for you to learn how to export your gift card products to a CSV on Shopify. CSV stands for Comma Separated Values, known as a file with format “.cvs” for the spreadsheet. CSV files are used to help export and import the products, orders (only used for export), discount (only used for export) and customers. You can take advantage of CSV files in so many situations, like switching from any e-commerce platform to Shopify or importing the customer accounts list or uploading goods by using the spreadsheet. CSV files can be exported to help you review more details about the gift card products in just a spreadsheet. It is helpful for revising the information on outstanding balances, or even any records. Remember that you cannot import the CSV of gift cards to make a gift card product.

  • Mail Gift Card to Customer

    In this writing, you will be shown on how to mail a gift card to a customer on Shopify. However, before going more details, let’s find out what a gift card exactly is and how it really works. Simply, a gift card is considered as a special product that a merchant can use it for sale or make it become the payment of future when his customers want to purchase something. The customers will feel flexible to buy a gift from your online store. In addition to selling it, a gift card can somehow make your online shop more professional.