How to Add Multiple Product Images to a CSV File on Shopify


If you want to add multiple product images to your CSV file, you can upload it to your Shopify admin page. Because we are learning the way to add products to the store with a CSV file, there will have some things that you might need to understand.

Firstly, Shopify recommends that shop owners should view and edit their formatted CSV files on Google Sheets.

Secondly, a CSV file cannot contain anything but text, so if you want to add images, you will use the URLs link of those images. And the best way to get the link is to upload that image to Shopify, and the URLs will be generated automatically.

So I will share with you the steps to help you in the adding multiple images process.

How to add multiple product images to a CSV file on Shopify

To be able to add multiple images to your CSV file you will need to go through the process which includes three steps:

Step 1: Insert new rows

Step 1.1: Open CSV file

You need to import and open your CSV file with Google Sheets.

google sheets

Step 1.2: Choose Product

Choose the product which you want to add images in this file. For example, I choose Dress to add pictures. And I want to add three more images.

Step 1.3: Insert row

I select row number 5, 6, and 7. Afterward, click the right mouse button and you will see a drop-down list. Chose Insert 3 rows to add 3 new rows under the fourth line.


Step 2: To Copy + Paste the Handle

Step 2.1. Copy

You will need to copy the “Handle” of the fourth row.

Step 2.2: Paste

Paste it to the “Handle” column of 3 new rows you have just added.


Step 3: Copy + Paste the Image URLs

Step 3.1: Upload images

You will need to upload your images to Shopify. I have just shared about this above.

  • From your Shopify admin, go to the Setting section.

To upload images to the Shopify admin for Desktop 1

  • Then, you need to find and select the files section.

  • Next, click on the Upload files button to select the images which you want to add in your desktop

To upload images to the Shopify admin for Desktop 3

  • After you have uploaded all the images, their URLs will appear in the URL column.

To upload images to the Shopify admin for Desktop 4

After that, you will need to copy the link in the URL column. You can only copy one link at a time.


Drag the horizontal bar to the right, and you will see the Image Src column. Once you see that column, paste the URL link you have copied to each line.


After you have finished all the stages above, you need to save the file and then import it to Shopify.


Above is a step-by-step tutorial on how to add multiple product images to a CSV file on Shopify. I hope that this instruction could make it easier for you to use the CSV files. If you enjoy this posts and want more similar instructions, check out our Shopify Tutorials.

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