• Manage Staff Account on Shopify

  • Disable Two-Step Authentication

    After reading the previous posts about how to enable two-step authentication for SMS text messages and how to enable two-step authentication for staff accounts you can know about the benefits of the two-step authentication. However, everything has two sides of it. When you are using that feature, you can find some drawbacks.

  • Enable Two-Step Authentication for SMS Text Messages

    Nowadays, many Internet users, especially the businessmen, use the two-step authentication for their account. The two-step authentication is a security method that requires two different ways to prove your identity. As a shop owner use Shopify to run your business, I recommend you to use the two-step authentication for some these reasons.

  • Set Staff Account Permissions

    When a new staff member is invited to set up their account, by default, they are set to have the full permission and access to the admin. You may want to change the permissions and restrict their access. Otherwise, there may be situations where you want to set more permissions for some accounts.

  • Disable Two-Step Authentication for Staff Account

    In some situations, your staff member might want to disable the two-step authentication feature despite the fact that your Shopify account will be highly protected with this feature . They can deactivate the two-step authentication and sign in with just their email and password as before. If you are one of those using a staff account and find two-step authentication unnecessary, then below are things that I have prepared for you on how to disable two-step authentication for a staff account.

  • Enable Two-Step Authentication for a Staff Account

    Nowadays, one-step authentication is no longer reliable, especially in business. For Shopify account, there is two-step authentication for staff members to enable for their accounts to ensure the safety of them. By enabling the two-step authentication, the login process will turn into two steps, which means the staff member will have to enter two things when they log in their accounts: the first step is entering their password, and the second one is to enter a special code. This code will be sent to their phone as an authenticate SMS message or through another authenticator app.

  • Add A New Staff Account

    When your business is grown up, there are more things you need to manage. If you do them just on your own, you maybe get overloaded. Hence, you need the staffs who will share the affairs or the staffs who are professional in doing some major things. Thanks to them, you can generate Shopify more successful and you also have a chance to extend the business.

  • Change Device

    The previous writing about how to enable two-step authentication for SMS text messages mentioned to an optional step to set a backup phone. If you’ve chosen to do that step, you may be interested in this post.

  • Pause Store

    As an e-commerce platform which allows you to run business, Shopify also provides you with a feature when you decide to pause the business temporarily. This writing is about how to pause your Shopify store so that you can use this feature effectively.

  • Choose New Account Owner

    As the owner, you have the full permission to choose another staff to be the account owner of your Shopify store. When doing that, you have to be extremely careful because the account owner has the full permission to manage the account details and billing and can access every part of the Shopify admin. There can only be one owner at a time, so think twice before setting another staff as the owner as you will no longer to change the account owner and will lose your full access unless the current owner sets you up again.

  • Force Staff Account Log Out

    Managing staff member accounts including not only tracking the number of staff accounts and each member’s tasks but also the staff account’s activities such as login and log out. The second part help to check if staff member account has been compromised or not (You can check this by viewing the staff account history). If it has been compromised by hackers, you have to know the right way to force a staff member account logs out in order to protect your online shop.

  • View Staff Account Login History

    In the system of an online sale channel, as the account owner, you have to manage not only things that are related to products, campaigns but also related to your staff member account like the number of staff member accounts, which tasks they are in charge of, how well they are doing on their tasks, or even their login history. For staff account login history, you can see the login history of all staff member if you are the account owner or a staff member with full access, meanwhile, a staff member can see their own login histories as well. However, why managing the login history of the staff member is important?

  • Set Staff Account Picture

    Instead of the default account picture, staff members can use their own picture as their account picture. The personal account picture makes it easier for the account owner and the staff members to recognize and work with each other. Staff members can even create a Gravatar account with their emails and make it their account picture if they want to.

  • Update Staff Account Details

    Updating staff account details are one of the most essential steps after creating a new staff account. Adding information makes it easier for the account owner to manage their shop and for the other members to work with each other. Staff members with limited access can only edit their own details, yet staff members with full permissions can change details of even other members except for the account owner. Thus, the account owner has the full permission to change everyone’s account details.

  • Deactivate Staff Account

    In the previous post about how to add a new staff account, you must have created a new staff account who have the right to access to the admin page. If you prefer to deactivate that account, which means it will no longer be allowed to access your store, this writing is for you to follow. It will take you through how to deactivate a staff account.

  • Delete Staff Account

    Besides the fact that add new staff accounts can help you share the work tasks and develop the online business due to their special ability, there are also the staff accounts work ineffectively. They can’t meet your requirements. Also, they do have unpleasant behavior.

  • Reactivate Staff Account

    A staff account must be really helpful and necessary for you in developing your online business. Hence, after you’ve deactivated a staff account by following the writing named how to deactivate a staff account, you may wonder how to reactivate a staff account then. Just by taking steps easily as when you deactivate that account, you can reactivate it successful.

  • Update Billing Period

    The billing period, also known as the billing cycle, is the interval between one bill and the next bill published right after that. The length of this period can be increased, however, you can not customize the specific day of the month to receive the bill on. As the default, the length of a billing cycle is set as 30 days. On the last day of a cycle, a bill will be issued, containing the information of the price you are charged, according to your Shopify plan.

  • Change Billing Address

    Upon initial setup, you are required to provide your account billing information to be set as default for your Shopify online store. On the way, if you might have to change your billing information, specifically your billing address and credit card details, don’t forget to keep your Shopify account up to date by updating your billing address or changing your card details on Shopify

  • Reset Your Password

    You need to reset your password in case you forget it for some sort of gold-fish-brain situation. Or more seriously, you have some troubles with security. Believe it or not, even though resetting password seems to be familiar with most people, due to the fact that it’s quite the same process among different platforms. There is still something to note down with resetting a password on Shopify.

  • Change Shopify Plan

    On Shopify, you don’t have to wait until the end of the plan you are currently on to sign up for another. If you are a beginner who is on a trial version and would like to sign up for a new plan, or if you are thinking about replacing the plan you are currently on with a new one, Shopify allows you to end your current plan and start a new one right from your Desktop.

  • Change Store's Customer-Facing Email Address

    Your customer-facing email on Shopify is the email address representing your store used to communicate with your customers. This means that customers could see this email address on display in your store description so that they know where to contact you when there are any questions about orders, products, or any other thing they need to know about your store. This also means that all of the order notification emails customers receive will be sent from this email address.

  • Change Store's Internal Email Address

    Your store on Shopify might use two different email addresses for different purposes. Your Shopify account email is the one you provided when signing up for Shopify, which Shopify uses to send you any important notice related to your account. This is not your store’s internal email.

  • Change Store Type

    Have you ever imagined having all your selling channels in one places, managing sales in mobile apps, social networks, or in person just with some mouseclicks? With the support from Shopify, it has never been more convenient to be an online store manager.

  • Add Bank Account to Pay for Invoices

    Adding a bank account to pay for your invoices is a necessary protocol to run an online store on the Shopify platform, especially when you have the Shopify Plus plans. Shopify provides store owners from all around the world different payment plans with diverse benefits. Some benefits from Shopify Plus plans you may want to know customization at a higher level, more staff accounts for larger businesses, no need for coding knowledge thanks to a more friendly interface, etc.

  • Change Credit Card Details

    Credit card details are your billing information on Shopify. As we may know, these are very important and sensitive, So important that you had better keep it secured carefully enough. Currently, on the Shopify platform, you are only allowed to pay for your expenses with a valid credit card from Mastercard, Visa, or American Express. Debit cards are not available for now. One more thing you have to know is that your credit cards must allow Recurring Payments service to be functional with Shopify.

  • Change Verified Bank Account Information

    If you get used to adding a bank account to pay for your invoices, then it would not be too hard to get on well with changing verified bank account information. After all, the two processes are still based on one protocol, bank account verification. As the billing information, you also need to update your account data if you make some changes at your bank. Keeping bank account data up to date will help your payment plan processes with ease.

  • Change the Account Owner's Profile

    The account owner’s profile on Shopify is the same as a staff account. The email address and corresponding password with which the account owner uses to sign in to Shopify will be associated with their Shopify profile.

  • Hire Shopify Expert

    Setting up your new found online store could be really challenging, deterring and time-consuming. To save your valuable time for other more important things, you can hire someone to build Shopify store. Shopify offers you a shortcut: hiring a Shopify Expert, who could get you specialized support from Shopify partners. Learn more about Shopify Experts.

  • How to Delete Shopify Account & Cancel my Shopify Subscription?

    In this article, we’ll walk you through the precise steps you need to take to cancel your Shopify subscription and delete your Shopify account effectively.

  • Add Trust Badge under Add To Cart

    It can be said that trust badge is considered as one of the most vital factors to online store. As you might now know, it is estimated that nearly two billion people are spending more time shopping online than shopping offline every year. Generally speaking, this great demand has been generating chances for millions of online merchants who get profit from online exchanges for goods and services.

  • Sell Ebooks in Shopify

    If you are very fluent in writing, let’s take this good opportunity to earn extra cash by writing and selling eBooks in Shopify. Since you already knew that Shopify is regarded as among high-qualify eCommerce platforms, it is easy for you to create your own store to sell physical as well as digital products. Additionally, the Shopify platforms include a great number of different apps that can be widely used to start your stores. You will feel interested in this project as its whole process is operated automatically.

  • Change Shopify Store name

    Think about one case when you first opened up your Shopify account and you just simply tried on using a quick name. After setting things up, you decided to set your store another name and tried changing it through your account. However, you do not know the way how to Change Shopify Store Name as well as how to do it without creating a whole new account as well. So, this article is here to help you fix your problems in every corner of its matter.

  • Fulfill Orders on Shopify using Oberlo

    When the online business grows, there are a huge amount of orders a day that E-commerce merchants need to deal with them. After the customers make an order, they do not want to wait. Therefore, it is necessary for the store owners to finish shipping these products to customers as soon as possible. Fortunately, the Shopify store owners are provided with an effective functionality to fulfill orders such as Fulfill Orders on Shopify Manually. Besides, online merchants can choose other ways like Fulfillment by Amazon on Shopify. In this article, the Shopify store owners can be supported to fulfilled orders by using Oberlo.

  • Connect Mailchimp to Shopify

    Connecting Mailchimp to Shopify is nowadays not unfamiliar to Shopify online store runners and users thanks to its convenience and quickness in generating targeted email marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, no longer does the Mailchimp app exist in the Shopify app store for some reason. Yet for users, no worries, there are still plenty of other options to get Mailchimp and Shopify stores connected including the employment of 3rd party integrations that can enable 2 platforms connection.

  • Use Clickfunnels with Shopify

    Building an online shop in the Shopify is super easy even for the new online sellers. However, to succeed in this competitive market is challenging because this marketplace has millions of shops.

  • Favicon on Shopify

    Back in the early days of the Internet, favicons were considered as an effective way to estimate the traffic of a website by counting the number of visitors who bookmarked the page. However, nowadays, the main reason that favicons exist is to improve user experience. A website without favicon is more likely to lack its generic browser symbol.

  • How to Add Terms of Service to your Shopify Store

    For any online business that is selling goods and services, a strong Terms of Conditions agreement is as important as selecting your site theme. However, people are usually confused by the business and those documents also.

  • Buy One Get One Free Discounts

    As an online businessman, you might acknowledge that there exist various ways to get your sales increased and discounts can be one of them. People believe that discounts are among powerful short-term strategies that any retailers can apply whenever their inventory is still staying with them without reducing any quantity. However, there is a fact that not every discount is generated equally. Although discount sales are a good choice, Buy One Get One has been gaining its popularity recently. In order to boost your sales and profit, we will show you more details about Buy One Get One (BOGO) and how to do buy one get one free on Shopify.

  • Integrate Shopify with Quickbooks

    In this post, I would like to provide you with an easy peasy guide to integrate Shopify with Quickbooks. As a shop owner, surely accounting matters will make you spend a lot of time and effort on it. What’s more, figures can make you feel headache and can be confusing. Therefore, integrating Quickbooks and Shopify will be a smart solution. When these two applications are integrated, they will create a tremendous power to help your online store grow stronger and prosper.

  • Change Add To Cart button color

    In this post, I’ve prepared a detailed guide for you to change Add to cart button color in Shopify. The meaning of colors always plays an important part in making customers feel good and motivating them to make a purchase. Many people rely on color to decide to buy a product. This number is very large and can become your customer to help you grow your store sustainably. For online stores like yours, the add to cart button will be the one that customers most notice when they experience shopping. Therefore, changing the color of the add to cart button is very necessary. This will bring more benefits than you think. Find out how to do this and the benefits it brings below.

  • Add Video on Shopify Product Page

    As far as you know, adding videos have now been turning among top powerful ways to help audiences know better about your products. According to an estimation, there is about 85 percent of online customers likely to purchase an item after watching product videos. Hence, product videos, currently, seem to be trendy and if you do not include your products in those videos, it means you are losing a significant number of loyal customers. Furthermore, another study shows that a viral product video can help you get 73 percent of customers. They are also aware of the fact that whenever you have your own product videos, you are seriously building up your own brands and place trust in each customer.

  • Embed a Youtube video in Shopify

    Aside from enhancing the purchases and revenue, online retailers usually have the inclining to be a bit obsessive about the visual appeal and aesthetics of their stores. Therefore, videos are a very powerful tool when it comes to persuading a client about your product online.

  • Add Social Media to Shopify

    Adding Social Media is an extremely valuable method for promoting your marketing content. It is commonly used to create leads, boosting their sales and spreading brand awareness digitally.

  • Add a Collection to a Page

    As an online businessman, you might know that the Shopify eCommerce platform provides collection pages to help its users promote the conversion and then increase their sales. A collection to a page on Shopify aims at giving customers more chances to categorize their products and manage them in the way they like. In other words, to keep all of your items organized and to assist customers in searching and finding your products, you can group them into different categories, which is known as a collection. Then, there exist several ways you can apply to get your online store’s products well customized.

  • Add Stripe to Shopify

    As we might have already known that Shopify Payments is one of the most user-friendly aspects of launching an online store with Shopify. It is available in many countries all over the world like in the USA, Canada, and the UK and many more and allows users to take advantage of low credit card rates. But what about Shopify Payments, Powered by Stripe?

  • Put Mailchimp Popup Code on Shopify

    As an online businessman, you might be aware of how vital email marketing on lead generation is. In which, inserting Mailchimp popup to your Shopify store is one of the perfect ways to build up stable relations with the customers since this strategy will aid you in turning visitors into real customers and boost them to purchase more orders.

  • How to Sell Digital downloads on Shopify

    Why Should You Consider Selling Digital Products? There are several compelling reasons why you should consider venturing into this market.

  • Shopify Partner Login & Difference Between Partner Login & Amin Login

    Logging into Shopify is a necessary process that anyone interacting with the platform may need. This will be different depending on whether you are a merchant, a partner, or a customer. With Shopify being a game-changer for eCommerce in the past few years, many would need to know how to work with the platform in the first place.

  • Import Orders into Shopify

    As we already know, Shopify is considered as one of the most common online platforms to help begin your business through your online store. This is the reason why Shopify includes more than 600,000 Shopify stores in a variety of categories. If you tend to plan and decide to use Shopify as your own platforms to sell, you have to make an instant decision. However, you can be stuck on importing orders into the Shopify store with wase. If it is your concern, you should not miss out on this post since it will guide you with different ways to get your orders imported into the Shopify store.

  • Fulfill orders on Shopify dropshipping

    In dropshipping, after you receive an order from your customer, you will need to purchase that item from your supplier. Each dropshipping app has a different way of fulfilling orders, and for this article, I will show you how you can fulfill orders on Shopify dropshipping with Oberlo (Shopify’s dropshipping app).

  • How To Speed Up Shopify Store?

    We always want to run things as quickly as possible. If something makes you wait so long, then we often upset about it. That’s why most websites need speed optimization to remove the barrier between merchants and customers, especially on Shopify.

  • Why is my Shopify Store Unavailable

    When you are am eCommerce business owner working on the Shopify platform, the thing that you Shopify store becoming unavailable is so frustrating. When it comes to us, knowing clearly about the reasons why Shopify has downtime and figuring out the ways to respond effectively are always recommended.

  • How to Add Custom Jquery in Shopify

    These days Jquery is a heated subject when building an online business. Therefore, Jquery is familiar with many online sellers as a tool to help the users to expand their business with many builtin functions. With their library for javascript, in standard javascript, there are many ways for online sellers to be quite verbose to code.

  • Add Sitemap on Shopify

    The Shopify store owners will be provided with automatic ` sitemap.xml ` files. These files contain links to all the products, images, pages, etc. These Shopify stores with the collections and blog posts will index the site, which is used by search engines like Google and Bing. That online shops will appear more and more in search results. The Shopify sellers can submit the sitemap to Google Search Console and index valuable pages on their site.

  • Clear Cache in Shopify

    It is easy for Shopify store owners to have bright and brand-new by adding more images and more extensions, but it can make the online site’s loading time lower and lower. Online shoppers want to buy in the Shopify marketplace because they want to save their time. The longer the online shops take to load, the fewer people stay in their shops.

  • Sell Affiliate Products on Shopify in 2024

    Want to boost your Shopify store’s earnings? Selling affiliate products on Shopify is a smart way to increase your revenue without stocking inventory.

  • Edit Shopify pages

    If you are possessing a Shopify online shop, you are able to generate or edit webpages in your own Shopify admin. Web Pages include information that hardly changes or customers can often reference, such as Contact Us or About Us page. Take note that you can even insert a blog to your online shop for content, you will get it updated regularly or in case you have a desire to encourage feedback.

  • Import Aliexpress Reviews to Shopify

    The reason why online reviews are essential for any kind of business as it can increase sales by giving consumers the information they need to make the decision to purchase a product as they can easily boost your conversion rate and gain more trust for your product page. What is more, people often assume that smart store owners would know how much product reviews from AliExpress can make a difference for there store as Aliexpress can provide users many experiences that you can not find anywhere else.

  • Make Submenu a in Shopify store

    As a store owner, we always want to offer customer what they are looking for and give them a clear categorization. In this case, menus and submenus are considered to be one of the best ways to categories the products of the store. The more carefully we categorize these menus and submenus, there more easily our customer can get the products. Read more on How to add category in Shopify?

  • Reply to Comments on Shopify Blog

    Shopify is designed to embed plenty of capabilities to meet your needs in most eCommerce blogs. Blogging on Shopify is free, quick and easy to get started with, which also covers the basic elements of blogging including inserting images and video, visual editor, automatic SEO for the title and description, ability to schedule posts, comments, and tags and many more. It is widely agreed that the Shopify blog can make it easy for Shopify retailers and customers in many aspects.

  • Add a new Shopify POS staff PINs

    As a small business owner, I know that it takes a lot of work from you to achieve the point where you can make a sale. As seeing that it took you a lot of work, then Shopify came out the Shopify POS system to help you.

  • Optimize your Shopify Thank you page

    A Thank you page which is shown in the checkout process is what contains the order details, shares shipment and tracking information for the customers’ orders. However, it often considers a Thank you page more than what it presents as it can play a role in re-converting the customer. Normally, many stores often depend on retargeting and remarketing campaigns to increase their sales, but it is considered to be expensive. Is there still a way to re-convert a shopper while they’re still on your site? Optimizing your Thank you page, of course.

  • Create a Shopify Coming Soon Page

    This article will show you how to create a Coming Soon Page that actually works. Launching a website is not a one-day process. On the contrary, it takes a lot of time to build a website and design all its features perfectly. So you should think about the users who decide to visit your site while it’s still being built. Do you really want them to see half the site made to look like a digital ruin? I guess not, so you better start thinking about Coming Soon Page. It is a special type of website layout that gives people a glimpse of what’s to come while concealing the real work being done on the site. Go ahead and find out what will make Coming Soon page unique and special.

  • Shopify vs Wordpress Blogging

    Undoubtedly, blogging is a crucial part of any eCommerce marketing strategy. As blogs can have the kind of fresh content in it to be a component of Search Engine Optimization and help you direct a steady stream of users to your site. However, there are still many people who don’t realize that fact and make a decision carefully on blogging. In case you are running your online business and you do care about choosing a platform to publish your blogs. You might have to consider the primary goal of your website and pick the one that suits you the most. Learn more about how to add a blog post to your Shopify store