How to Fulfill Orders on Shopify using Oberlo

Updated: November 25, 2021


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When the online business grows, there are a huge amount of orders a day that E-commerce merchants need to deal with them. After the customers make an order, they do not want to wait. Therefore, it is necessary for the store owners to finish shipping these products to customers as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the Shopify store owners are provided with an effective functionality to fulfill orders such as Fulfill Orders on Shopify Manually. Besides, online merchants can choose other ways like Fulfillment by Amazon on Shopify. In this article, the Shopify store owners can be supported to fulfilled orders by using Oberlo.

By this article Fulfill Orders On Shopify Using Oberlo, it is easy for any beginners in the Shopify marketplace to simply their fulfilling process.

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How To Fulfill Orders On Shopify Using Oberlo?

In the ordering process, there is an AliExpress item, which means that the online merchants are purchasing the item from the suppliers. In that case, the Oberlowill be an effective tool to make the ordering process automatic when it supports the customer add their items and shipping information to the admin’s AliExpress checkout. However, the shop owners should place the order to ensure that their clients receive the item. Let’s read below to know how to Place an AliExpress product order

how to fulfill orders on Shopify using oberlo

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Place an AliExpress product order

To start placing any AliExpress orders, it is essential for online merchants to meet all these requirements:

  • The users are using a computer or laptop.
  • The browser is Google Chrome
  • The Oberlo Chrome extension is added to your Chrome browser.
  • There is an AliExpress buyer’s account on AliExpress.
  • The AliExpress cart needs to be empty.

Place an AliExpress product order

Step 1: Go to the Orders page

On the Oberlo dashboard, online sellers can scroll down to the Orders page. At that time, the users continue by choosing the orders they want to fulfill.

Step 2: Highlight the fulfilled order

On the Orders page, the shop owners click Order Product button which is next to the order that the store owners fulfill

click Order Product

Step 3:Check the order’s information

At that step, the users should review the order’s detail because the orders are processed via AliExpress.

Step 4: Confirm the payment

Then the store owners can continue by filling their details of payment and click Confirm to affirm the payment.

Step 5: Place the order

Once again, the shop owners can review their order, finally, choose Place Order to finish. On the Oberlo, the status of products from the suppliers will change from To order to In Processing. Within 2-7 days, the suppliers will ship the orders to the customers. Remember to review the Mark orders whether it is fulfilled like this or now.

Place an AliExpress product order

Place multiple AliExpress product orders

It is possible for Shopify store owners to place multiple orders at the same time with the Oberlo Basic or Pro plan. While the users who are using the Oberlo, they can place as many as orders they want, the **AliExpress ** users just limit among 40 orders one time.

The new AliExpress tab will open when these steps for the users place multiple orders within Oberlo. The orders will be processed in the browser unless the shop owners close the tab. To track this process in Oberlo, they can take a look at details of the Status Page in the dialog box.

Step 1: Go to the Orders page

On the Oberlo dashboard, online sellers can scroll down to the Orders page. At that time, the users continue by choosing the orders they want to fulfill.

Step 2: Select the orders want to fulfill

There are two methods that the users can choose to fulfill these multiple orders

  • The first option is selecting specific orders to fulfill, and click to every checkbox.
  • The second option is fulfilling all the unfulfilled orders on the page, and then click Showing X orders.

Step 3: Select Place X AliExpress Orders

To continue this process, online sellers can click Place X AliExpress Orders.

Select Place X AliExpress Orders

Step 4: Check the errors in orders

There are some errors in the details of the order that every shop owner should resolve when they are in the ordering process. The list of ordering errors such as:

  • Cannot add the product to the AliExpress checkout because of out-of-stock status
  • Could not fill shipping information in the AliExpress checkout from Oberlo.
  • AliExpress requires to solve a CAPTCHA to continue.

Step 5: Select Pay For All Orders

When the shop owners finish all the orders, they can continue by choosing Pay For All Orders in the dialog box.

Select Pay For All Orders

Step 6: Go to Order Review

This step is optional when sellers want to change the shipping information or methods. Firstly, they need to click the shipping method link in the Order Review section. Then they can choose which way they want to.

Go to Order Review

Step 7: Finish the payment

The last step is completing payment in the AliExpress checkout for the orders

Fulfill Orders On Shopify Using Oberlo

As suppliers shipped out the products, the method that the shop owners can confirm the shipping status automatically is updating mark orders as fulfilled. There are two ways that the users can choose such as below :

  • Fulfill orders within Oberlo
  • Fulfill orders within your AliExpress account

How to Fulfill orders within Oberlo

Step 1: Go to the Orders page

On the Oberlo dashboard, online sellers can scroll down to the Orders page.

Step 2: Mark the fulfilled the orders

Click to Get Tracking Code that is next to each order that you want to fulfill.

Mark fulffiled

How to Fulfill orders within your AliExpress account

It is easy for the admins to navigate the orders on My Orders with different methods:

  • Choose an order as fulfilled by clicking Send details

Send details

  • Choose Sync this page to mark all orders on the current page as fulfilled
  • Choose Sync all orders to fulfill orders.


How to Fulfill orders manually

By pasting the tracking code from the AliExpress orders to the Oberlo orders, it is easy for the store owners to manually fulfill any order which shipped out by the supplier in the AliExpress.

Fulfill orders manually

  • Step 1: Go to My Orders

On the AliExpress buyer’s account, the users can go to My Orders section.

  • Step 2: Select Track Order

After choosing the order that online merchants want to mark as fulfilled, they can continue by clicking Track Order.

  • Step 3: Copy the tracking number

At this step, the users can use the available tracking number by copying them.

  • Step 4: Go to Oberlo dashboard

On the Oberlo dashboard, online sellers can scroll down to the Orders page.

  • Step 5: Mark Shipped

On the Orders page, the store owners can mark these products that they want to fulfill by Shipped status.

  • Step 6: Paste the tracking code

In the text field, the online sellers continue to paste the tracking code. To finish the process, click Save.

Automatically Fulfilled Orders Appear in Oberlo

When the order is marked as fulfilled, the sellers do not need to use the tracking code because you do not purchase the item from the suppliers.

The automatical fulfilled orders in Oberlo will occur when they meet two requirements: With the orange “Order product” button, there are Once you receive an order from your customer, it needs to show up on the Oberlo “Orders” page as unfulfilled

  • You have marked the order as fulfilled or created the shipping label in Shopify.

Marke fulffiled

  • From the Setting page, there is a line showing Automatically fulfill the orderoption in Shopify.


AliExpress checkout process is effective for any online sellers to add the missing information such as shipping addresses. The merchants can choose multiple methods to connect their products to their suppliers as well as out-of-stock products in the AliExpress. When there is no error in multiple orders in the AliExpress checkout, the problems come from the situation with customers. In that case, it is essential for shop owners to contact them to choose another variant of the product or cancel and refund the order.

This is the end of this tutorial about How To Fulfill Orders On Shopify Using Oberlo. We hope that it will be helpful for your business, especially in optimizing the ordering process.

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