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How to Fulfill Orders on Shopify Manually

Last updated: June 01, 2024
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The process of shipping the order to customers is referred to order fulfillment in Shopify. By default, the orders are set to be automatically fulfilled but you can change this setting and fulfill it manually. One advantage of fulfilling manually is that you can track your inventory and manage the sending time of an order. For such characteristics, this kind of fulfillment method is suitable for business which:

  • Manufacture products to orders
  • Have products for the pre-order purpose
  • Can be run out of stock sometimes
  • Want to offer partially fulfillment but don’t want to issue a refund

If your business fits the above conditions or you just simply want to fulfill the orders manually, follow this writing and you will know how to fulfill orders on Shopify manually.

To fulfill orders manually, following 7 steps:

Step 1: Select Orders

Sign in your account on the Shopify website and go to Orders after that.

fulfill complete orders manually

Step 2: Pick an order

When you click on Orders it will automatically move to All orders section which is one category in the Orders then select an unfulfilled order in the list of all orders.

Step 3: Choose Change location

This step is optional that you can skip this one without affecting your process result. If you more than one locations and you want to change the fulfilling destination, press on the name of the place then the Change location respectively. Add the new address and click Save to store the change.

Step 4: Click on Create shipping label

For stores in Canada and United States, if you use Shopify Shipping, choose Create shipping label in the Unfulfilled section to buy a shipping label for the order.

Step 5: Select Mark as fulfilled

In case you are using another kind of shipping service rather than Shopify Shipping, press on the Mark as fulfilled button and fill in the tracking number from your shipping provider. This tracking URL will be shown on the shipping confirmation page and also sent to your customer’s shipping update emails.

fulfill complete orders manually

Step 6: Notify customer of shipment

This one is another optional step that you can let the customer receive a notification mail right away by tick on the option Send shipment details to your customer now. Be noted that this option is available only when you have an email address of your customer.


Step 7: Press on Fulfill items

Choose Fulfill items below the Summary section to mark the fulfilled order. In case you use Shopify Shipping, select Buy shipping label for choosing a shipping provider.

fulfill complete orders manually

To fulfill orders manually on iPhone (Click here)

  • Step 1: Go to Orders Open the Shopify app and head to the Orders next to the Home button on the bottom bar.

  • Step 2: Choose an order From the list of orders, select the order with Unfulfilled fulfillment status.

  • Step 3: Press Change location then Save If you want to change the location which you are fulfilling the order from, press ... and Change location respectively. Enter the new location and tap Save.

  • Step 4: Select Create shipping label If your stores are in Canada or United States and you apply Shopify Shipping to your stores, tap on Create shipping label in the Unfulfilled section.

    fulfill complete orders manually
  • Step 5: Click on Mark as fulfilled Press on Mark as fulfilled button and put in the tracking number if other shipping services, not Shopify Shipping are used in your store. You can also tap on the barcode and use your phone to scan the barcode of the shipping provider.

  • Step 6: Tap Fulfill items The detailed page of the order's fulfillment will appear that tap on Fulfill items to mark the order as fulfilled. Meanwhile, you need to pick a shipping provider then select Buy shipping label if the Shopify Shipping is used.

To fulfill orders manually on Android (Click here)

  • Step 1: Go to Orders Get access to the Shopify app and tap on the Orders.

  • Step 2: Choose an order Select an order which has the fulfillment status as Unfulfilled in the all orders list.

  • Step 3: Press Change location then Save If you have multiple locations and you want to change the location of fulfilling the order, tap on the ... icon and Change location after that. Add the address for the new location then choose Save.

  • Step 4: Select CREATE SHIPPING LABEL For Shopify Shipping using, choose CREATE SHIPPING LABEL to buy a shipping label. Be noted that this is for shops in United States and Canada only. Shopify may automatically select a shipping carrier by recognizing the tracking number format or you can choose one from the Shipping carrier drop-down menu.

    fulfill complete orders manually
  • Step 5: Click on MARK AS FULFILLED For other carriers, not Shopify Shipping using, press on MARK AS FULFILLED and add the tracking number into the blank space. If you don't want to type, you can use your phone to scan the barcode of the shipping label instead.

  • Step 6: Tap FULFILL ITEMS To mark the order as fulfilled, choose FULFILL ITEMS if you use service from other carriers. In case Shopify Shipping is applied, select Buy shipping label.


In short, I have shown you how to fulfill complete orders manually on Shopify. The writing is quite long because I want to make it clear and easy for you to understand, however, the process is not complicated and it just takes you about ten minutes to complete. For more instruction like this, check out our posts on managing orders.

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