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5 Steps to Fulfill Orders with Fulfillment by Amazon on Shopify

Last updated: September 01, 2023
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Fulfillment by Amazon is the necessary shipping tool for any Shopify store owners want to cut down the cost and optimize the profit. After you activate Amazon fulfillment service, it also helps you configure the new products or any existing ones in your store. Learn more about how does Shopify work with Amazon

Furthermore, you absolutely enable fulfill orders through your Fulfillment by Amazon service by these below simple steps following this tutorial How to fulfill orders with Fulfillment by Amazon.

How to fulfill orders with Fulfillment by Amazon

Step 1: Go to Orders

From your Shopify admin, go to Orders.

fulfill orders with Fulfillment by Amazon

Step 2: Choose the order number

From the Orders section page, click the order number.

fulfill orders with Fulfillment by Amazon

Step 3: Activate the Fulfillment by Amazon

After coming to Order Details section, you click Start fulfilling, then the order’s Fulfillment page appear. Because of the default, every item is set to be fulfilled; however, you can fulfill the order that you want by clicking it.

Step 4: Mark as fulfilled

Select Mark as fulfilled to fulfill the item.

Step 5: Click Fulfill

Click Fulfill item to mark the order as Fulfilled and finish. fulfill orders with Fulfillment by Amazon


From the above the article, I hope you enable understanding more and using Fulfillment by Amazon effectively. To discover more about the Fulfillment by Amazon you can read the tutorial about How to Activate Fulfillment by Amazon.

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