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How to Set Staff Account Permissions on Shopify

Last updated: May 01, 2024
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When a new staff member is invited to set up their account, by default, they are set to have the full permission and access to the admin. You may want to change the permissions and restrict their access. Otherwise, there may be situations where you want to set more permissions for some accounts.

So today I will introduce you some easy steps How to set staff account permissions on Shopify.

How to set staff account permissions

Step 1: Choose Account

In the bottom left of your page, choose Settings. Click on the Account option from the Shoptify admin.

How to set staff account permissions

Step 2: Choose Staff Member

Click on a staff member’s name in the Accounts and permissions section where includes all the staff members’ account. It will show you the account details.

How to set account permissions1

Step 3: Remove Full Permission

Scroll down to the Admin Access section. You will see a checkbox next to Staff member has full permissions. Uncheck it to remove the full permission of the account.

How to set account permissions2

Step 4: Choose Permissions

After unchecking the Staff member has full permissions box, the Edit permissions list will pop up. Choose all the permissions you want the staff member to have access to by clicking on the checkboxes.

How to set account permissions3

Step 5: Click Save

Confirm your changes by clicking Save. You can find the button both by scrolling down your page and look at the bottom right or in your page’s top right.

How to set account permissions4

To set staff account permissions on iPhone (Click here)

  • Step 1: Go to Settings

Enter the Shopify app, choose Store and go to Settings.

  • Step 2: Go to Account

After directed to the Store settings, you will see the Account button. Tap on it for account options.

  • Step 3: Choose Staff Member

Same as on Desktop, you will see names of staff members in the Accounts and permissions section. If you want to see the account’s details, tap on each name.

  • Step 4: Remove Full Permissions

If you want to change that member’s permission, tap to uncheck the checkbox next to Staff member has full permissions in the Admin Access section.

  • Step 5: Choose Permissions

Give the staff member access to the areas of the admin by tapping on checkboxes next to the options that you want to choose.

  • Step 6: Save your changes

Choose Save to confirm that you agree with the changes.

To set staff account permissions on Android (Click here)

  • Step 1: Choose Settings

In the Shopify app, tap Store on your screen’s bottom right, scroll down to see Settings. Tap on it for your settings.

Account Permissions Android

  • Step 2: Enter Account

After directed to Settings, scroll down until you see the Store settings section. Tap Account under that section to see staff accounts.

Account Permissions Android1

  • Step 3: Open Accounts and Permissions

In Account, scroll down to the Accounts and permissions section to see account list. Tap a staff member’s name that you want to see account details.

Account Permissions Android2

  • Step 4: Remove Full Permissions

Ater tapping staff member’s name, you will see the account’s details. Uncheck the checkbox next to Staff member has full permissions in the Admin Access section to remove the account’s full permissions.

Account Permissions Android 3

  • Step 5: Give Permissions

After removing the account’s full permissions, you will see the list of permissions when the Edit permissions section pop up. Tap all the checkboxes next to permissions that you want to give the staff member.

Account Permissions Android 4

  • Step 6: Wrap up

By choosing Save, your changes will be confirmed. Find the button by scrolling down to the bottom of your page and looking at the bottom right of your screen.

Account Permissions Android 5


That was the easy steps to answer the question How to set staff account permissions on Shopify. By following these above steps, you surely can control your Shopify environment effectively.

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