Shopify CRM & Customer Service Apps 2024

24+ Best Shopify CRM & Customer Service Apps from hundreds of the CRM & Customer Service reviews in the market (Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about CRM & Customer Service does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best CRM & Customer Service app collection is ranked and result in July 2024, the price from $0. You find free, paid CRM & Customer Service apps or alternatives to CRM & Customer Service also. The Top 50+ Shopify Free Apps for Every Store.

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CRM & Customer Service Apps for BigCommerce

24 Best CRM & Customer Service Apps for BigCommerce

Re:amaze Live Chat & Helpdesk by Reamaze

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by Reamaze

A help desk and customer managing platform should be a useful tool for any modern store. Re:amaze is developed with that purpose in mind and especially integrated with BigCommerce.

First and foremost, Re:amaze provides a shared inbox to your team which helps manage customer. This inbox allows you to manage messages from different channels like email, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram and even SMS/MMS text messages. Internal notes, response templates, typing preview, quick actions, macros, reassigning, tags and more in this inbox. Along with the shared inbox, Re:amaze gives you a real-time dashboard. You can see how many customers are in your store, their location, interactions and their traces on your site. Accordingly, you can timely send a targeted message to convert a customer who needs help. There is an embeddable live chat that you can set up for your store. No coding, just one click and you will have a Stencil template for your chat. Powerful chatbots will reply quickly with relevant messages and FAQs articles while you can choose to chat with customers in real time. The FAQs that you show to customers are fully customizable. Re:amaze allows you to create and organize topics and articles you want and embed them inline within your store as well. Last but not least, you can see customer order data in the customer conversation with Re:amaze. Data is synced for order info, orders, staff notes, shipping and fulfilment status, etc.

Being powerful and efficient, Re:amaze can help you with marketing automation and customer experience enhancement. Get Re:amaze today and start awesome customer service in your storefront!

Highlight features

  • Provide a shared inbox with collaborative features
  • Provide a real-time dashboard
  • Support building up FAQs
  • Provide embeddable live chat in store
  • Allow seeing customer order data in conversation

Price: $20/month, 14 days trial

Rating: 27 - 5.0 / 5

LiveChat + Product Cards by Livechat

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by Livechat

Stay connected with customers is strongly crucial to any eCommerce business. LiveChat can help you to do that with its powerful features.

The core feature of LiveChat is to create a live chat on your site. The app allows you to initiate conversations with visitors. It also automatically chats with your visitors when they enter your website. LiveChat allows different communication platforms for the chatbot. The most popular ones are Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and email. Your visitors can choose the channel they want to communicate with. When you are offline and could not answer visitors right away, LiveChat stores its messages as tickets. You can answer their messages later on when you come back online again. The app allows a customizable live chat widget. You can choose themes, edit greeting messages, and make the live chat match your business image. Last but not least, LiveChat pushes your business further connected with the customer through a mobile application. The mobile version allows you to chat with your customer on iPhone, iPad, and Android anytime and anytime you want.

With LiveChat, you are suggested to send product recommendations in the live chat widget with image, description, and a button linked to product page for boosting sales. Get LiveChat now and have it smartly communicated with your customer.

Highlight features

  • Trigger off live chat
  • Allow multi-channel communications
  • Store customer’s messages as tickets
  • Customize live chat widget
  • Provide mobile app for live chat

Price: $16/month, 14-day free trial

Rating: 18 - 4.5 / 5

Olark Live Chat by

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by

Olark Live Chat is one of the most leading and creative applications in the BigCommerce market that helps businesses of all sizes to manage and track all the live chat of your website visitors. This powerful software is believed by thousands of eCommerce business doers to increase sales and drive more satisfaction with customer service.

First, this Olark Live Chat helps you as a site owner utilize the power of live chat to update and see the cart contents for each visitor and provide upsells and special offers based on what they are buying. Moreover, online merchants can easily view the real-time chat that includes chatting inside your IM client to control your website visitors through Google Talk and Jabber effectively. Besides, your business system will run and operate smoothly and efficiently, thanks to the connection of this app with CRM Integration and Transcripts. That leads to better management and higher results from selling online. On the other hand, merchants can design and perform the most beautiful and customizable background of the live chat to attract more potential clients. Last but not least, your online team will have an insight into your visitors’ demands thanks to the reports and statistics supplied by Olark Live Chat. The more you know about your clients, the more efficient sales your business gain.

In a nutshell, Olark Live Chat is an ideal solution for website managers to control their customer service and level up their sales. Download this app now to discover more incredible features.

Highlight features

  • Provide chat inside your IM client
  • Connect with CRM Integration and Transcripts
  • Present beautiful and customizable background
  • Show reports and statistics
  • Control your website visitors through Google Talk and Jabber

Price: $19/month

Rating: 8 - 4.5 / 5

Cloud Connector by AquaAPI by Aquaapi

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by Aquaapi

If you are looking for a real-time responding tool for CRM, Cloud Connector by AquaAPI should be one of the best choices for you.

To begin with, Cloud Connector by AquaAPI synchronizes your data in real-time. The app pulls all new orders from your BigCommerce site every 5 minutes. Before adding new data, Cloud Connector by AquaAPI checks for existing records in CRM to prevent mistakes. Existing data, such as accounts, contacts, and products, will be updated instead of duplicated. By pulling customer billing info, all guest checkouts will be mapped into appropriate CRM. Even when your customer does not create an account in BigCommerce, Cloud Connector by AquaAPI still can give you a customer-centric view. In terms of mapping, Cloud Connector by AquaAPI allows you to create different field mappings with your custom. Besides, the app does high volume historical transfers for earlier data synchronization and keep the CRM system up to date. Cloud Connector by AquaAPI can transfer up to 10s of thousands of orders at once.

Cloud Connector by AquaAPI also supports target apps like Salesforce CRM, HubSpot Marketing, Zoho CRM, Campaign Monitor, etc. Cloud Connector by AquaAPI will bring you a highly responsive solution for the CRM system with a reasonable fee.

Highlight features

  • Synchronize data in real time
  • Run double checking
  • Map guest checkout into CRM
  • Offer customizable field mappings
  • Migrate historical data

Price: $15/month, 14 days free trial

Rating: 6 - 3.5 / 5

Yotpo Loyalty and Referrals by Yotpo

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by Yotpo

Yotpo Loyalty and Referrals is an effective app to build customer-centric loyalty and referral programs that drive new customer acquisition and increase lifetime value.

The app supports over 1000 loyalty and referral programs and integrates seamlessly with BigCommerce platform. You can utilize this advantage to make a seamless on-site experience for your customers. Yotpo provides you with various ways to increase your customer lifetime value and acquire more high-value customers. You can build exclusivity and special offers to increase engagement with new customers and get your customers more involved into your programs through VIP tiers, flexible redemption options, and more. The app gives you a comprehensive analytics to help you understand more about customers’ interactions with your program and how to optimize them.

Highlight features

  • Increase lifetime value
  • Create powerful reward programs with pre-built campaigns
  • Gain new users and lower customer acquisition cost
  • Leverage time-optimized and exit intent-triggered popups

Price: 0

Rating: 5 - 4.0 / 5

HubSpot Integration by Groove commerce

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by Groove commerce

Are you worried about the gap between eCommerce and inbound marketing? Then you should try HubSpot Integration by Groove Commerce to see the bridge it provides to fill in this gap.

First and foremost, once HubSpot Integration connects to your BigCommerce site, it automatically syncs data about your customers and order. The app will put them in smart lists to segment your orders by time or by the number of purchases. HubSpot Integration by Groove Commerce also gives you reporting tools to catch up with the trend among customers. In this way, you can easily find out the lifetime revenue, the total amount of orders, the average value of the order, or which products are purchased. Besides, HubSpot Integration allows you to create unlimited triggered emails. You can set up automatic emails to greet when customers visit, follow their purchase, or request them for a product review. The email content is customizable to fit with your customer. Furthermore, smart workflows of HubSpot Integration allow you to personalize your email and increase your customer lifetime value.

Living and breathing the philosophies of inbound marketing with grounded eCommerce background, Groove Commerce can give you the best of HubSpot Integration. Get the app right now, and enjoy a better picture of inbound marketing.

Highlight features

  • Sync customer and order data
  • Provide lists and reporting tools
  • Create triggered emails
  • Customize your emails
  • Provide smart workflows

Price: $99.99 & Up/Month, 14 days free trial

Rating: 5 - 3.0 / 5

FAQ by POWr by Powr

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by Powr

If you are not an expert in coding and programming, FAQ by POWr should be a great choice to build FAQs for your page effortlessly.

One of the most basic features of every FAQ tool is adding answers to questions on your sites. FAQ by POWr will include answers to frequent questions about product info. By this way, it helps reduce support requests sent to your site. FAQ by POWr included more details to your Help Centre page to make it more informative and supportive. Shipping details, refund policy, etc., are ready on your help page. In your answers, FAQ by POWr supports you with different elements. You can leave only text or insert images and videos into your answers. To make that chat matching your business image, FAQ by POWr allows you to customize the design. You can choose icons for questions, effects for hover, and pick a color that best suits your brand. Besides, FAQ by POWr provides an accordion layout for your FAQs. It helps your visitors browse through questions easier and more time-saving.

When you upgrade the app, FAQ by POWr also has advanced features like a search bar for FAQ, half-width layout, answer voting, and premium features from other apps by POWr. Get FAQ by POWr for free then pay in addition if the app satisfies you well!

Highlight features

  • Add answers to frequent questions
  • Include details on your help page
  • Support different elements in your answers
  • Customize your chat design
  • Provide accordion layout

Price: 0

Rating: 5 - 4.5 / 5

JivoChat Business Messenger by Jivosite inc

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by Jivosite inc

If you own an omni-channel business, the customer service might be complicated throughout channels. Let’s JivoChat Business Messenger give you a hand in this issue.

JivoChat Business Messenger is built to solve your problem with omni-channel messages. Hence, its very first feature is to offer an omni-channel business messenger. JivoChat Business Messenger connects to your Facebook page, Telegram and Viber and messages to JivoChat for faster response. You can also receive calls from customer via phone numbers and phone app with JivoChat Business Messenger. It also tracks visitors on your site. Their info about location, their traces and the amount of time they spent on your site, etc. are recorded. Based on this data, you can trigger appropriate messages to keep them stay in your store or to give an incentive leading to a final purchase. The information about visitors is stored in archive and will be loaded when the client re-visit your site. JivoChat Business Messenger allows you to customize the chat widget to make it the fittest with your business image. Just choose texts, colors, behaviors and whatever you want to make the widget the best in your eyes. You can chat with your team, transfer chats to them, set up co-browsing, typing insights, spell checker, spam protection and more to your chat widget to achieve faster chatting.

Powerful and easy to use, JivoChat Business Messenger brings all Messenger, emails and calls into one place for better management. Install JivoChat Business Messenger now and enjoy better customer support in your omni-channel business!

Highlight features

  • Offer omni-channel business messenger
  • Track your visitors in real-time
  • Engage your visitors on your site
  • Customize your chat widget
  • Speed up chatting with support actions

Price: 0

Rating: 5 - 4.0 / 5

Infusionsoft by Infusion software

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by Infusion software

It is said that time is money so saving time is saving your money. By automating emails and other actions with Infusionsoft, you are saving your time for other core activities of your business.

When you install Infusionsoft, data about customer, product and purchase will be synchronized. Infusionsoft will sync them into a CRM equipped with marketing automation. In this way, you can manage all customer-related data easier in one place. To save your time, Infusionsoft automatically triggers follow-up emails or sales task. When a customer completes a sale or a trackable action on your site, these follow-up emails will be sent to engage. This feature works with personalized communication as well. Infusionsoft will send a personalized communication to customers when they open emails, click or submit a form. The app also automates the lead capture action. After capturing the lead, Infusionsoft will send follow-up message to boost the engagement. Besides, Infusionsoft applies tags to each customer on your site. Hence, you can automate follow-up sequences based on what they purchased.

With Infusionsoft, you have the access to run business on-the-go with mobile capabilities and data synchronization to Infusionsoft. Better management with time saving, Infusionsoft is a great choice to optimize the working time in your business.

Highlight features

  • Synchronize BigCommerce customer, product and purchase data
  • Automate follow-up email triggering
  • Send personalized communication automatically
  • Automate follow-up sequences and lead capture
  • Apply product tags to each customer

Price: 0

Rating: 3 - 2.5 / 5

Callexa Feedback by Callexa

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by Callexa

One of the most crucial elements to keep product development going on is your customer’s feedback. Callexa Feedback, with a one-click survey approach, will help you with this issue.

First and foremost, Callexa Feedback gives you the feedback solution of an automated customer survey. The setup takes only a few minutes to have your survey sent to the customer a few days after an order has been delivered. All feedback collected from this automated survey is gathered into one dashboard. Hence, you can have an overall view of how customers feel about your products. All valuable comments from your customers will be transformed into useful statistics by Callexa Feedback. The app bases on Net Promoter Score to measure your customers’ willingness to share and recommend your brand to their friends and families. Besides, Callexa Feedback provides you with a customizable survey template to be compatible with email clients. In this way, you can adapt it to your needs with your custom and personalization. Moreover, you can add following-up questions or tags into the survey for more detailed answers.

Callexa Feedback’s well-arranged dashboards provide you with feedback coming in and detailed reports to evaluate the value you deliver to the customer. Without any charged fee, Callexa Feedback should be a great choice to get feedback from your customers.

Highlight features

  • Automate customer survey
  • Show all feedbacks in one dashboard
  • Provide proven statistics
  • Offer customizable templates
  • Allow follow-up questions to the survey

Price: 0

Rating: 2 - 5.0 / 5

Skylio CRM Connector by Skylitech

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by Skylitech

Skylio CRM Connector is a feature-rich and customizable application in the BigCommerce that helps eCommerce business managers who run an online system control their orders, customers’ data, and products. This all-in-one platform is an ideal solution for merchants to improve workflows and increase more sales.

First, Skylio CRM Connector reduces the time for your business syncing the data. It only takes you and your team 5 mins each time updating the changes in the data. Also, Skylio CRM Connector not only tracks real-time syncing, but it also supports manual syncs to exchange order data by date or by the order number from the app dashboard if the data has not transferred before. Moreover, this app will notify you of the synchronization report at the end of the day. By syncing all required standard data for your CRM, you can easily manage and bring in more efficient strategies to satisfy your customers and have a better marketing-centric view. The custom fields can be updated all your data in your CRM that you can determine for your business, marketing, or any other work. Additionally, Skylio CRM Connector also integrates with Salesforce, Zoho CRM, HubSpot, Zoho Inventory, and Zoho Books to keep track of all your orders, relevant customers, and products in real-time.

Hence, installing this incredible app right now to level up your business operation and gain more sales.

Highlight features

  • Reduce the time syncing the data
  • Transfer order data by date or by the order number from the app dashboard
  • Notify the synchronization report at the end of the day
  • Update all required standard data for your CRM to analyze customer or marketing
  • Update orders, relevant customers and products in real-time

Price: $9.99/month, 10 days free trial

Rating: 2 - 5.0 / 5

Revamp CRM by Revamp-crm

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by Revamp-crm

You have different segments of the customer and get trouble filtering them out? Then try Revamp CRM for better business processing and customer management.

First and foremost, Revamp CRM provides you with filters to segment your current customers. More than 40 segmentation filters allow you to sort your customers according to different categories, products, and even shopping behavior. You can base on their orders history with additional notes to assign tasks to your team. Revamp CRM also helps you with reports of different elements. The most typical ones are sales reports, revenue reports, and customer value (RFM report). Besides, there are other tools to analyze your business performance. The app lets you see how your products are performing and how well sales channels and ad campaigns are working. In terms of email marketing, Revamp CRM empowers you to personalize emails for cart abandoners and product review collection. You can automate this email as well to save time and reach better productiveness. Last but not least, Revamp CRM offers you the visual sales pipeline. It means that it is easier for you to track your wholesale deals.

This is such a good bargain that you can have all these powerful features for free. Do not hesitate and install Revamp CRM now to solve your problem.

Highlight features

  • Provide segmentation filters
  • Support sales and revenue reports
  • Provide analytic tools
  • Customize email marketing
  • Offer visual sales pipeline

Price: 0

Rating: 1 - 4.0 / 5 Live Chat by

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by is a free live chat application that helps you manage customer enegagement better with real-time insights.

The app is compatible with modern browsers, allowing you to chat with your vistors in real-time through an intutive dashboard interface. live chat integrates seamlessly with your store, so you can provide your customers with real-time support and respond to them on time. By supporting customers when they need you the most, you can solve their problems, make them engage more with your stores and reduce abandoned carts. allows you to login via any modern browser so that you can stay connected with your customers anywhere.

Highlight features

  • Gain valuable visitors' insights
  • Chat and respond to customers in real-time
  • Unlimited agents, chat volume, or sites
  • Support multiple modern browsers

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

xSellco by Xsellco

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by Xsellco

Are you looking for an eCommerce help desk to improve your customer service? Then add xSellco in the list; it is worth to consider.

First and foremost, xSellco centralizes all customer queries and orders retails from all of your channels into one dashboard. It sorts messages into relevant folders so you can save time to prioritize and assign them to your teammates. xSellco gives you an overview by integrating with all your sales channels. Hence, you will have a complete view of your customers and order details with delivery info. The app attaches important communications to incoming queries and allows you to send personalized messages fast within two clicks. Besides, xSellco analyzes trends expressed in customer support queries. It shows ticket volume by store, language, query type with templates for higher response speed. As a result, you can see which area needs improvement and focus on it. When you expand your business globally, xSellco will support you with localization. No need multilingual support team; xSellco helps you with languages for international market entry. Last but not least, xSellco provides a repricer for the Amazon marketplace. Being fast and professional, xSellco can give you support to make more profit with the same product.

xSellco is built with a focus on the eCommerce help desk to be professional in customer service management. Do not hesitate to grab such a great app like xSellco now!

Highlight features

  • Centralize customer queries and order retails
  • Integrate with all sales channels
  • Analyze trends in customer support queries
  • Language support for new markets
  • Provide instant Amazon repricer

Price: $79/month, 14-day free trial

Rating: - / 5

Casengo by Casengo

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by Casengo

It has never been easier to manage messages on your site with Casengo. The app is basic but also flexible to benefit you in building customer relationship.

To begin with, Casengo helps you handle messages from different channels via your website. Enquiries via email, Facebook, Twitter and live chat are gathered in one shared team inbox. You can search, drag, reassigning, copying messages in this inbox. The live chat powered by Casengo is now equipped with chatbots to be available anytime of the day. The interactive response of Casengo is based on your FAQs and your knowledge base to give the relevant answer. In terms of management, Casengo marks your messages with tags of status. You can see which one is pending, resolved or closed. Casengo never lets you lose contact once the message comes to you. Moreover, you can create as many inboxes as you want. Just name a label for a brand, department or team and you have a new inbox. One of the most interesting feature of Casengo is to turn email into a live chat. Hence, your customers are free to get a direct interaction with your business.

Basic yet convenient and necessary, Casengo is a great choice for small and medium businesses. Install Casengo and start boosting up your customer relationship right now!

Highlight features

  • Provide chatbots for conversations
  • Support a shared team inbox
  • Provide case management for messages
  • Allow unlimited amount of inboxes
  • Turn email into live chat

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Telegram Live Chat by Elfsight

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by Elfsight

Telegram Live Chat is one of the leading applications of Elfsight to support customer service in online business by allowing website visitors to interact with you and get answers to their questions. As its name suggests, this app enables you and your clients to communicate with each other, leading to comfortable customer experience and developing your business’s progress.

Detailed, Telegram Live Chat helps you keep available online in one the most used messenger, activate on unique pages or for divided groups of visitors, choose chat initiating starters, build your welcome text, pick icons, and other features. Also, Telegram Live Chat allows you to generate an instant and handy tool for visitors to deliver their questions to you via your page; then, you can improve customer support, fasten connection, and make more clients satisfied. Moreover, this cloud-based service has Telegram Widget to expand and diversify your website functionality such as Instagram Feed, YouTube Gallery, Social Icons, and others. That means your customers can address you at any time right from your website, receive quick and efficient communication via Telegram thanks to the chat window. Besides, Telegram Live Chat allows you to customize the most color-matched chat window for your website, paint elements of the interface, select colors for the bubble background and the icon, the header background, and a button. You can also set a notification badge to the chat bubble that presents an unread message and make people attractive to open the chat, a notification to the title of the tab.

Telegram Live Chat by Elfsight is an incredible app with multiple necessary features for your online eCommerce business.

Highlight features

  • Allow your clients to address you at any time right from your website
  • Customize the most color-matched chat window for your website
  • Show a notification badge to the chat bubble
  • Insert a notification to the title of the tab
  • Boost sales through consultingDeliver useful insights about your products

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Salesforce Connector by Webkul

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by Webkul

Salesforce Connector is a customer service software built by Webkul to support eCommerce business doers to handle e-Commerce unlimited data, complete a better relationship with customers, and boost online sales. This app is a higher level of eCommerce and CRM platform, known as a connection between BigCommerce and Salesforce.

First, this app enables you to control e-Commerce and CRM data and update BigCommerce data at Salesforce end to avail CRM benefits. Also, you can make use of the Salesforce Centric configuration concept to show a hassle-free environment. Moreover, Salesforce Connector helps you track pre-existing and forthcoming BigCommerce customers into Salesforce Accounts and Contacts, update pre-existing and forthcoming BigCommerce Categories into Salesforce Categories. Thus, you and your business team can easily monitor orders, products, and inventory effciently. Furthermore, this all-in-one platform also enables you to update pre-existing and forthcoming BigCommerce Products into Salesforce Products, simple and multiple types of products with details.

Additionally, Salesforce Connector allows you to customize the interactive design with the user interface at Salesforce end, inserting on efficient data utilization. Therefore, your online system always knows and tracks any change and any issue of customers’ shopping experience.

Highlight features

  • Update pre-existing and forthcoming BigCommerce customers in to Salesforce Accounts and Contacts
  • Update pre-existing and forthcoming BigCommerce Categories in to Salesforce Categories
  • Track simple and multiple type of products with entire details
  • Update pre-existing and forthcoming BigCommerce Orders in to Salesforce Orders
  • Update pre-existing and forthcoming BigCommerce Products in to Salesforce Products

Price: $10.00/month, 5 days free trial

Rating: - / 5

Product Questions by Freshclick

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by Freshclick

FreshClick creates Product Questions to support the eCommerce business of all fields to allow your customers to leave their questions and require their experience and improve their customer service to boom more sales and benefits. So, this app is perfect for the management of conversion rates and reduces product returns.

First, Product Questions enables customers to ask questions or search for answers about a product they can make a more informed purchase. They can then easily reach the product details and information to be brightened and insightful about your product. Also, this app does not require you any coding to show a Product Question tab in your product details page; otherwise, you can have a shortcode to place in your template. Moreover, a transparent and comprehensive feed is vital to show all customers question submissions, allows you to respond to appropriate questions, and select to present them on the questions tab. Besides, you have unlimited users to insert to the app and post customer questions with an insight into specific products. Product Questions allows you to decorate the Product Questions tab to attract more customers, change the color of the Questions button, the color of the text, and the title of the tab. Notably, it will send your staff and customers an email notification when a customer submits a question, or when a staff member answers the question and publishes it on the Product Questions tab.

In a nutshell, Product Questions with its all features are necessary for your business management.

Highlight features

  • Show a Product Question tab in your product details page
  • Provide feed for all customers question submissions
  • Insert unlimited users to the app to answer and post customer questions
  • Customize the color of the Questions button, the color of the text, and the title of the tab
  • Send an email notification to staff and customer

Price: $14.99/month, 7 days free trial

Rating: - / 5

infusionsoft by Bc2is

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by Bc2is

Infusionsoft is one of the most popular and modern applications built by BC2IS to help eCommerce business merchants manage the web-based service and operate an active BigCommerce store and Infusionsoft app. This platform is perfect for your business’ performance to attract customers’ attention.

First, Infusionsoft by BC2IS allows you to import your BigCommerce contacts, orders, and products into Infusionsoft. You can then make use of the CRM power of Infusionsoft while gaining the advantages of the BigCommerce platform. This web-based service software does not require business doers to download or install any software to get customer documents and contact data including email, first and last name, billing address and phone, and shipping address. Moreover, as a site owner, you can keep track of product data containing the product name, product price, SKU, description; or order data of date, shipping cost and method, coupon amount, tax amount, and more. Thus, Infusionsoft enables you to generate an Infusionsoft product tag for each product ordered and assign it to Infusionsoft contact. You can then easily update, transfer all these data, and configurable to execute an Infusionsoft ActionSet for each order. Besides, Infusionsoft helps you operate to trigger an Infusionsoft “API Call is Made” goal method in Infusionsoft Campaign Builder.

To conclude, BC2IS and its creation - Infusionsoft are a must-have application in your online management system to control customer service issues and increase the benefits.

Highlight features

  • Simply import your BigCommerce contacts, orders and products into Infusionsoft
  • Provide the CRM power of Infusionsoft
  • No need software downloads or installations
  • Generate an Infusionsoft product tag for each product ordered and assign to Infusionsoft contact
  • Trigger an Infusionsoft API Call is Made goal method in Infusionsoft Campaign Builder


Rating: - / 5

Teledini by

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by

Teledini is a Customer Engagement tool that helps eCommerce business doers sell online effectively. This well-presented app enables you to improve the conversion rate of web visitors into customers, so you can attract more potential customers to come to your store.

First, Teledini allows a web visitor to interact with your business via live chat, video+chat, or click to talk easily. So, a client to your e-store can call you straight from within their browser, or call multiple employees and devices, and you can route the call based on rules you generate. Moreover, Teledini shows current visitors on your website in real-time, provides important information about a web visitor at the moment they engage you. Then, you can get past interactions and all the rich data sent with them. Besides, it is free to make domestic outbound calls if you have subscribed to paid services. You can also use the iPad App to make chats and calls on your iPad, turn your iPad into a phone, and use it as AgentPortal. Further, Teledini enables your salespeople to answer the request on any device, whether in or out of the office, thus they can gain it on a mobile phone, tablet, traditional phone, or computer. Additionally, your business can drive more sales by integrating to store visitors with “Contact Us” buttons on every page of your site.

Highlight features

  • Provide chats, calls and video+chats in a singular web portal
  • Present current visitors on your website in real-time
  • Allow your salespeople to answer the request on any device
  • Respond via their browser or iPad, for employees to view rich data
  • Route interactions from store visitors to unlimited salespeople and devices


Rating: - / 5

SupportBee by

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by

SupportBee is a well-performed application app that supports eCommerce business managers to monitor your customer support emails easily. That is proactive in keeping track of your customers’ trends and bringing in an innovative and efficient service for your customers.

First, SupportBee helps you access the ticket volume-based pricing and collaborative features to send fast and personalized customer service over email. So, your customers can instantly receive updates and services with a clear interface with real-time changes. Furthermore, SupportBee does not require you any per agent fees to add your whole team. By coordinating with Highrise, Github, Trello, and others, business doers can assign and control tickets and get reports on important metrics. That means you can build your tickets with labels or assign them to groups for quicker resolution.

Besides, SupportBee only takes you three states to organize tickets, including Unanswered, Answered, and Archived, then you have more valuable time to support customers and not managing ticket states. Specifically, unlike the traditional help desk platform, SupportBee will not show your customers ugly case IDs, reply above this line or other irrelevant information in the emails. The insightful reports on ticket/reply counts, first response time, average time are essential to archive and other critical metrics. Thus, you can create reports on every agent, group, or label for any metric.

Highlight features

  • Send fast and personalized customer service over email
  • Connect with Highrise, Github, Trello and others
  • Allow to assign and control tickets and get reports on important metrics
  • Not present your customer ugly case IDs, reply above this line or other irrelevant information in the emails
  • Create reports on every agent, group or label for any metric

Price: 14 days free trial

Rating: - / 5

Click To Call Button by Elfsight

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by Elfsight

Elfsight is famous for one of the most professional and modern creations in the BigCommerce that owns multiple powerful and useful app to support all the issues when operating an online store. Click To Call Button is one of the most ubiquitous applications of this vendor relating to the call of customers on the online website.

First, Click To Call Button helps you use Elfsight widget to present a clickable phone icon, so your customers can easily make a call. Your visitors can view this icon from a mobile, then click on the bubble to start calling on your number, while on PCs, it reveals a call window, in which people can see your phone number and more info including contact person, a short text and a caption. Further, Click To Call Button allows you to choose the category of users for whom the widget will work: all, new, or returning. Then, merchants can select the weekdays and even time when you need the widget to be revealed; limit it on unique pages, or embed it throughout the site, organize what types of devices the widget will be active containing desktop and mobiles. Also, you can make use of Elfsight Call app to encourage your customers to select a specified time spent on the page or site, particular scroll position in percentage, or user’s attempts to leave the site. Then, users can view the phone bubble pop up. Besides, site owners can customize and design the interface colors to make the phone bubble bright or fit the primary website colors. Elfsight Call Button is free to paint the phone bubble and call window, backgrounds and fonts of both elements, and the phone number.

Overall, this app is free for you to centralize, control, and perform the most attractive site to entice your customers’ attention.

Highlight features

  • Allow users to make a call by pressing the clickable phone icon
  • Choose the category of users, select the weekdays, and use desktop and mobiles
  • Select a specific time spent on the page or site, unique scroll position in percentage, or user's attempts to exit the site
  • Free to paint the phone bubble and call window
  • Supply Support Team to help anytime

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Simplypost by Easyparcel

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by Easyparcel

Simplypost is an easy-to-use, but proactive software in BigCommerce system that helps eCommerce business managers build the high quality and accurate shipping documentation to accompany your packages. This app does not matter if you sell locally or around the world.

Detailed, Simplypost has the online system that helps you import pending orders straight into it, then you can easily use labels and fulfill your orders through Simplypost online system. Also, Simplypost updates and controls orders that are being shipped to your customers. Then, you can make use of this web-based portal that is specified for the preparation of consignment notes or delivery labels and commercial invoices as necessary. Further, it also offers management of receiver names and addresses for future orders, delivers automated shipment notifications to your recipients so they can know when a shipment is on the way to them. Besides, Simplypost builds alerts to advise if there is an issue or delay in sending your orders. You can use the setting of user preferences to ease the preparation of future shipment documentation further. Specifically, Simplypost enables you to create reports and statistics of your current or historical shipments, including transit times. Then you can plan these reports to be delivered to you automatically at present times.

Highlight features

  • Import pending orders straight into Simplypost online system
  • Use labels and fulfil your orders through Simplypost online system
  • Offer management of receiver names and addresses
  • Deliver automated shipment notifications to your recipients
  • Set alerts to advise if there is an issue or delay in the sending of your orders

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Free Call by

BigCommerce CRM & Customer Service Apps by

Free Call is one of the most leading BigCommerce application in the field of managing customers’ service. This professional and modern software helps eCommerce business doers provide free call for your clients and drives more sales and benefits.

First, Free Call is innovated to allow your users to leave their browser window to look up their phone is hurting your growth. Therefore, your online business can make use of the widget of Free Call to keep them in their browser, on your site, and concentrate on starting a call with you. Moreover, Free Call supplies merchants your visitors’ call straight to your cell or phone. So, it is easier for you to manage your clients and their call. Besides, Free Call enables visitors to phone or message you; thus, your business can increase sales dynamically, and lead to the satisfaction of your customers’ service. On the other hand, Free Call helps you select your availability by setting Do Not Disturb hours. Also, it allows your site visitors to keep update with you by phone or message. Finally, the call recording is essential for you and your business team to avoid missing anything when running and organizing an online system.

Highlight features

  • Provide visitor calls straight to your cell or phone
  • Select your availability by operating Do Not Disturb hours
  • Allow your site visitors to update with you by phone or message
  • Utilize call recording so you never miss a thing
  • Manage your service, sales and more, and keep customers happy

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Providing better customer support is key to retaining customers and growing business. Especially in today’s customer-centric environment, service is king, and it can decide how customers look at your brand.

Many companies are struggling to provide top-notch customer service. Actually, they can improve it by using a good CRM (customer relationship management) customer service software that can make for more efficient, powerful, and successful agents, as well as higher customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

If you have a BigCommerce store to run and want to streamline your customer service, you are in the right place. We’ll talk about BigCommerce CRM customer service apps: features, benefits, and how-to guide for choosing a suitable app for your business.

Outstanding features of a BigCommerce CRM customer service app

Customer management

A good CRM app helps businesses manage every aspect of their customer interactions, such as receiving inquiries, recording customers’ information, monitoring interactions, analyzing, and reporting customer engagement.

A CRM app can help you more than just contact management; it gives you a clear overview of your customers. Customers’ purchase history, order details/status, and more will be presented in a simple and customizable dashboard.


To build customer relationships, it’s crucial to reach customers at every touchpoint. So when they’re browsing your website, it’s a good opportunity to reach out to them and become a helpful supporter. There you have LiveChat as a great tool to communicate with shoppers right on your website.

With a LiveChat system, you can make your sales and support team visible and available to customers whenever they need. On-site visitors can choose to chat with you when they have something to ask. You can answer incoming sales and support questions as they come in. Customers will have confidence in every step of their journey on your website knowing they always have you by their side to help.

Moreover, based on the customers’ interaction history like the pages viewed, the products clicked, you can suggest other related products in the LiveChat.


Integration should be added to your BigCommerce CRM customer service app. It allows you to integrate and link multiple applications you are using at the same time for your business. The main goal is to create a comprehensive, integrated environment in which your different apps can share data with each other and work together better. This makes a seamless application system within your organization and helps you avoid future internal conflicts.

Multi-channel support

Besides LiveChat, BigCommerce CRM customer service apps allow you to communicate and provide support to customers via multiple channels, such as direct phone calls, email, chatbots, surveys, and social media platforms.

You can get to know customers and their needs and problems in different ways regardless of the channels they are using. Multi-channel communication also enables your business to approach customers from different zones of interest. You will know which channels bring customers to your brand and their favorite way to interact with you. This is a valuable insight to deliver more personalized and responsive customer experiences.

Automation and synchronization

All your customer and order data will be automatically synchronized with the BigCommerce CRM customer service app you are using, so the process of collecting and transferring data will be shortened and faster. Many apps will consolidate your customer queries from your different sales channels, social, and emails into a central shared source, so you can have a complete view of what confronts them. The reports also acquire data in a more accurate and effective way, so it’ll provide you more comprehensive insights about your customers.

Analyzing and reporting

Features for insightful analyzing and reporting in a CRM customer service app is necessary. It allows you to know who your customers are, what they are trying to accomplish, where they run into trouble, and what they need.

Why should use BigCommerce CRM customer service app?

Deliver more responsive and consistent support

With a comprehensive CRM customer service app, you can update customer information in real-time. You will quickly get what customers are looking for on your website and whether they are having trouble nowhere in your store. You can respond to customers’ inquiries quickly and even proactively reach them first.

Gather customer insights better

The data auto-update and synchronization enables you to get customer insights through a single dashboard completely. The apps help you identify, collect, analyze, and organize all the details from customers like feedbacks, inquiries, feature requests, or reports. This is a great source of information to improve your customer service and also relieve your burdens in data tracking and handling that directly boost your customer management experience.

Allow your team to work better together

The apps help you ramp up your team’s efficiency and productivity with the removal of duplicate records in your CRM system. All the customers’ queries and requests are updated automatically and continuously and assign to the people with specialty to handle. There are no more duplicated works within your team.

Level-up your business

BigCommerce CRM customer service apps provide features and functionalities that help you create and deliver high-quality service to your customers. It enables you to serve a huge customer base, maximizes your team’s efficiency, solves more problems customers encounter, and then scale up your business.

How to choose the right BigCommerce CRM customer service app for your business?

Understand your business needs

You must define what your business is trying to do and what you want to achieve and then figure out the factors you need to realize your goals. Are you focusing on providing customers with real-time and lightning-fast support? Or are you trying to help customers openly tell you what they need or the inquiries that need to be answered? Each app will offer some specific different features and suits different business.

Assess your resources

Before buying or subscribing an app, you need to refine if it hurt your budget. If you have limited budget, it’s useless to choose expensive systems. It’s also important to think about your team’s ability, whether they are able to handle multiple support channels all day.

Research for possible options

Now start searching for best BigCommercr CRM customer service app. BigCommerce store provides you with multiple applications with certain signature features.

You should already list must-have features of a BigCommerce CRM customer service app you need, then look for apps that offer these features. Next step is to narrow down the options by digging into each app and compare with another to sort out the best one for your business.

Create a shortlist

If you want to choose more easily, it’s better to make a toplist with the highest viability based on the features, expert reviews, recommendations, and other insights.

Pick one and start a trial

It would be best if the provider offers trial for the app, so you will have time to test if the app truly works perfectly for your business or if it has any errors during the trial. After making sure all the features of the app perform well on your BigCommercs store, you can start investing in the app.

3 Factors to consider when choosing a BigCommerce CRM customer service app


It’s crucial to choose intuitive and easy to use CRM apps. If not, you will have to waste time in figuring out how to use the apps and avoid making mistakes or messing up everything. A difficult to navigate and complex app will reduce your CRM efficiency and negatively impact your sales process.

Mobile access

In this mobile world, most CRM apps enable mobile access as they provide flexible and convenient access for users. You should make sure that your BigCommerce CRM app can provide service via mobile devices.


Even if the app is perfect for your business, it’s not sure that there will not be any problems occurring while running the app. Therefore, it would be best if you can access the providers’ support anytime.

The bottom line

No matter which app you choose, it’s the service you provide that matters. But a good CRM app will maximize the efficiency of your business. The CRM customer service apps will allow you to create automated processes that help you serve customers better and provide quality and fast service.

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