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1 Best Google Analytics Apps for BigCommerce

Here is a list of 1 best BigCommerce Google Analytics apps:

  1. Google Analytics by Google

Google Analytics by Google

BigCommerce Google Analytics Apps by Google

If you have ever done some searching about analytics and reporting tools, Google Analytics should be a familiar name. There are reasons for that popularity: it is flexible, powerful, and easy to use.

To begin with, Google Analytics lets you know how your advertisement performed in terms of ROI. The app provides reports on how much you earn back over the investment of your ad. You can track your cross channel and multimedia. No matter how many channels you own, it is easy to access your site’s index with Google Analytics. The app keeps track of your eCommerce as a whole. Collected data will be visualized for a more intuitive display. They are in the form of charts that can be used in comprehensive reports as well. Moreover, Google Analytics gives you the freedom to customize the report you will get from it. Based on the purposed of the report, you can now make it as appropriate as possible.

In the dashboard of Google Analytics, you can find out inventory, order information, comments, live chat affiliate conversion tracking, etc. It is so powerful and flexible that every business can take advantage of. Do not hesitate to grab Google Analytics now!

Highlight features

  • Report on advertising ROI
  • Track cross channel and multimedia
  • Provide customization for reporting
  • Visualize your data
  • Keep track on your eCommerce


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Where do my visitors come from? Which actions are they regularly taking on my website? That’s two of many questions you are going to ask yourself if running an online store.

Today, trying to figure out these questions by collecting each visitor or customer’s response seems unnecessary when you have an innovative and powerful tool - Google Analytics.

One of the exciting things about this tool is that it can integrate with many platforms to help businesses use the best ways to keep track of the traffic coming to their online store built on any platform. BigCommerce is not an exception. You can leverage Google Analytics by installing an intuitive app and get it operated right away on your website.

Now let’s dive deeper into Google Analytics apps for BigCommerce. We have the best features, tips, and tricks to make the best out of a BigCommerce Google Analytics app.

Outstanding features BigCommerce Google Analytics Apps

Data visualizing

How your website is performing can only be told by realistic data, not by the vagueness of your own assessments. That’s why you need Google Analytics that can visualize data.

It will give you a big picture in which you can see the numbers of visitors coming to your website, click on your links, or purchase a specific product. It tells you accurate numbers that help you claim what’s exactly happening on your website.

Cross-channel & multimedia tracking

BigCommerce Google Analytics apps provide you with multi-channel funnel reports. From these all-encompassing reports, you can see how your marketing channels work together to create sales and conversions.

Buyers may come to your website from searching your brand on Google while others may be introduced to your website by a blog or a search engine when they search for a certain product or service. Cross-channel tracking enables you to know which previous referrals and search contributed to your sales and conversions. This is a useful feature of Google Analytics to understand a bigger picture and more accurately assess the true value of your marketing or sales campaigns.

ECommerce tracking

This exciting feature may be all you need for your BigCommerce store. Google Analytics eCommerce tracking is a feature through which you can track eCommerce data on your online. The reports will show you eCommerce insights into sales amount, number of orders, average order value, products with high or low sales volume, the conversion rate of your online store, changes and trends in the transaction over time, etc.

Real-time reporting

BigCommerce Google Analytics collects all the data in your BigCommerce store in real-time. Therefore, you will get reports about all the current transactions on your website and monitor any activity as it happens on your website. The reports are updated continuously so you can immediately know the real-time actions of your users, such as which pages or events they’re interacting with.

Why should use BigCommerce Google Analytics Apps


You should not miss out on this powerful yet totally free tool. BigCommerce Google Analytics apps are free of charge. You can use all of its features without worrying about installation fees or upgrade costs.

Automatic data collecting

No more time-consuming hours to put the data into documents or spreadsheets. BigCommerce Google Analytics does all the work for you. You can access the reports anytime and anywhere to view data updated continuously, which is useful for campaign creation.

Customized reporting

Google Analytics provides you with many premade report templates that you can choose which dimensions and metrics to appear on the reports you need. Or, you can build your own customized reports to achieve the most valuable insights from this powerful tool.

Well integrating with other tools

Google Analytics is designed with a user-friendly interface and unlimited ability to work out-of-the-box with other tools and devices. You can not only use this tool on your Desktop but also on smartphones, tablets, or any other device.

You can use Google Analytics with other existing tools used in your website. It especially works in tandem with Google Adwords to provide you with actionable insights into BigCommerce store’s campaigns.

To understand users better

The need for Google Analytics on your BigCommerce store is undeniable.

Google Analytics tracks how people get to your website. In particular, it tells you where your visitors are coming from, which pages on your site they are landing on, and what action they are doing with your site, pages, and products.

All these insights enable you to dig deeper into your customers’ behaviors and understand every step of their journey on your website.

Without Google Analytics, you can hardly know how your marketing campaign is having an impact on your target audience, like making them engage with your content or open for more product view.

To know if you are achieving goals or your website needs improvement

You need a tool to measure your marketing and sales performance? To know if people are searching for your website and products on Google, or they are visiting your sale product page? Currently, there is no tool more appropriate than Google Analytics.

BigCommerce Google Analytics visualize your marketing efforts by showing countable metrics. It helps you measure your marketing success, reveals if you are achieving your goals. Weakness and mistake discovery would be helpful to identify where your website or the campaign you are executing needs improvements.

Tips for using a BigCommerce Google Analytics App

Know what you’re tracking

Before you set up Google Analytics on your website or create your own report templates, it’s important to determine what metrics are necessary for you at the moment. You need specific reasons to check Google Analytics report instead of collecting and tracking everything the tools can gather to your hands.

Checking irrelevant data is just a waste of time. It’s totally unnecessary. To quickly identify which needs to be recorded in your Google Analytics report, ask yourself some questions like “What metrics do you need to track successful purchases or abandoned carts?”

Compare historical data

When using Google Analytics, some marketers just care about the current data and forget that critical insight of previous tracking sessions can reveal how good or bad they are now.

By comparing to previous periods, you know how data can change over time. Compare with your previous campaigns is also a must to your campaigns’ improvements or limitations when implemented in different period of time.

Use custom dashboard for easier tracking

To avoid getting lost in vanity metrics from a variety of Google Analytics report templates, you can use custom dashboards.

Custom dashboards show data that matter to your business making it easier to search within your reports without being distracted by unimportant information.

Choose the right app for your business!

Google Analytics will be a great weapon to your business. It deep down tells you everything about your customers, your website’s performance, and the scenery of your business success.

Now, try this powerful tool to enjoy convenience and efficiency.

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