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14+ Best BigCommerce Search Apps from hundreds of the Search reviews in the market (BigCommerce Apps Store, BigCommerce Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Search does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Search app collection is ranked and result in July 2024, the price from $0. You find free, paid Search apps or alternatives to Search also.

14 Best Search Apps for BigCommerce

Omnisend by Omnisend

BigCommerce Search Apps by Omnisend

Trusted by 75,000+ businesses worldwide, Omnisend is all about ecommerce marketing. The platform offers BigCommerce merchants multiple marketing channels, including email, push and SMS, as well as retargeting for Facebook and Google ads.

Omnisend’s primary selling points are its powerful email & SMS marketing automation features, as well as easy-to-use signup form and email builders designed with ecommerce in mind. These builders are both drag-and-drop, featuring intuitive interfaces to help land more sales and generate more signups. Better yet, they’re all available on Omnisend’s free plan.

When it comes to integrations, Omnisend seamlessly integrates with BigCommerce and every other major ecommerce platform.

Finally, 24/7 live support is where Omnisend really shines. With thousands of stellar customer reviews, Omnisend’s support is available 24/7, including busy dates like Cyber Weekend and Christmas.

On top of all that, Omnisend’s support has an average response time of under 5 minutes, which means you can get your issues solved very quickly.

Highlight features

  • Automatically pull branding from your BigCommerce store into your email and signup form templates
  • Choose from a massive library of pre-made email and form templates
  • Create unlimited segmentation rules
  • Use ecommerce-focused pre-built automation workflows
  • Get award-winning 24/7 customer support

Price: From $16/month, free plan available

Rating: 166 - 4.4/5 / 5

Product Filter & Search by Freshclick

BigCommerce Search Apps by Freshclick

Product filter & search is a powerful merchandising platform for any business from large to small size. It allows your customers to seek the products more quickly by different types of filters.

Via it, you can create filters like brand category tree, featured products, rating, shipping, subcategory, or filters of width, height, style, etc. Consequently, your visitors will find out the items they want quickly based on your custom filters. Despite unlimited filters, you will find it easy to control all the filters since every action can be done from creating to deleting filters. There are four choices for you to display your filters: checkout boxes, sliders, swatches, and blocks. Depending on your desire, you will select the suitable options. Moreover, with the quick search functionality in the one of Freshclick, the time spent on search with “Recent Search” or “Do you mean.” It will offer you the latest search in your history or keywords that are near with your words. Besides, you can segment your product to multiple categories like size, color, length, etc.

In conclusion, if you seek a platform to help you create unlimited filters without fee, Product Filter & Search by Freshclick will be your prior choice.

Highlight features

  • Create unlimited filters
  • Display filters in 4 ways
  • Control filters from one place
  • Search rapidly with quicksearch
  • Segment your product with ease

Price: from $20.00/month

Rating: 53 - 5 / 5

Instant Search + by Instantsearchplus

BigCommerce Search Apps by Instantsearchplus

With more than 20,000 customers worldwide, Instant Search + or Instant Search Plus is considered a tremendous merchandising platform for any merchants. With its help, you can make advances for search and navigation functionality in your eCommerce stores with ease.

Instant Search + enables users to enhance search functionality effortlessly. They can broaden your search to SKUs, product attributes, add filters for results, automatically correct the misspelled words, add synonyms, antonyms, and redirects and analyze the visitors to predict what they seek. By machine learning in Instant Search +, you will have a responsive search page on any device. Moreover, you can add auto-generated filters for search results like color swatches, quick view, add to cart, badging, etc. It is quite simple for you to promote and sell the items you want with Instant Search +: you are allowed to advertise the custom products ahead of others, create a showing page to display your crucial merchandise or decide the position of them in each search query. Via the big data, your customers will be analyzed to figure out their shopping habits in real-time. After that, it will recommend suitable items, cart, and checkout.

Overall, it is inevitable that Instant Search + is a powerful platform for searching and merchandising in your eStore, so highly recommend.

Highlight features

  • Enhance search functionality for your eStore
  • Integrate machine learning and natural language on search page
  • Sell and promote your items easily
  • Recommend suitable product for each customer
  • Navigate intelligently with categories filter

Price: from $89.99/month

Rating: 48 - 5 / 5

Searchanise by Searchanise

BigCommerce Search Apps by Searchanise

With more than 120,000 customers from over 30 nations around the world, Searchanise is an efficient tool to increase customer conversion. It provides merchants with a variety of features like autocomplete, instant search, filters, etc.

Via Searchanise the word in the search box will be predicted and automatically completed, or corrected the misspelling one, which helps people get the results they want in the shortest time. Furthermore, Searchanise replaces the default search interface by a smart one with instant loading, multiple filters, and the display of highly personalized products. These can be about the size, length, width, color, rating, availability, and so on. Especially, you are allowed to create and name filters without limit so that you can set suitable filters for the product in your store. As we know, people tend to purchase the item appearing first in the search results. Understanding that, in Searchanise, you are also given the ability to decide which products will be prioritized in the search results to boost these products’ sales. Besides, you can add multiple recommendation blocks to cross sell your products on all pages of your eStore such as new products, similar products, most popular products, etc.

There are still plenty of features in Searchanise for you like customizable dropdown, product labels, report & search activities, and product strategy adviser.

Highlight features

  • Automatically complete the word in the search box
  • Replace the default search interface with the smart one
  • Find easily with product filter
  • Promote the product you want in the search result
  • Recommend multiple products in the recommendation block

Price: from $9.00/month

Rating: 35 - 5 / 5

Findify by Findify

BigCommerce Search Apps by Findify

Trusted by more than 1,800 retailers all over the world, Findify is an efficient platform for increasing sales. With it, merchants can provide their customers with a personalized search and recommendation system.

Findify enables users to personalize the search results in real time. Based on over 60 elements to analyze products like brand, colors, size, etc, and customers (location, gender, age, time spent on viewing a product, etc.), Findify will show and prioritize different results for each time searching. Findify can find out the relations among 249 languages so that it can predict the words and complete them automatically and correct the spelling error for browsers. Furthermore, the smart search interface will display the products that match the keyword whenever browsers type a new one, which increases the likelihood of buying more products along with the one they are searching for. In addition, this platform recommends personalized items to each individual customer: the suggestion can be products that are often purchased together, the newest products, or the recently viewed ones, and so on. It also segments the products into different categories and filters products to help visitors narrow down the quantity of product and find the one they need rapidly. With a view to having a deep insight of your performance, numerous analytics and reports are created which can be search analytics, search query reports, etc.

Overall, if you are interested in a platform for personalizing your search and recommendation on your eStore, Findify will definitely be your wise option.

Highlight features

  • Personalize search results in real time
  • Help customer seek products with smart search interface
  • Recommend suitable products for each customer
  • Segment and filter products into different categories
  • Get actionable analytics and reports

Price: from $499.00/month

Rating: 8 - 5 / 5

Year Make Model Search by Capacity

BigCommerce Search Apps by Capacity

Capacity builds Year Make Model Search to become the Search Dropdowns app to offer robust solutions searching for accurate products quickly from a large product database. This app will help you manage your online system in every aspect.

Year Make Model Search allows you to build 3, 4, 5 OR 6 Search Dropdowns filters as per your requirements for finding accurate products from large products database. So, you can make use of this app for Auto Parts Store (Year Make Model Search dropdowns filters), Printer Parts Store (Brand Series Model dropdowns filters), Tires and Wheels Store, and more. Also, you can generate multiple search dropdowns filter into your store, operate the app in your store by allocating the shortcode in your store. You can use the Search Dropdowns filter app corporating with default BigCommerce search products result in the page, and custom products result in the page. Plus, Year Make Model Search enables you to fix dropdowns filters order, dropdowns filters labels, and arrange dropdowns filters values. It is easier to export Products CSV with SKU and product name. When you need to present some products display in search results irrespective of search criteria, you can insert those products as universal products and display in every result of the YMM filter. Specifically, this app eases the process of importing data by specifying year ranges in CSV file, for instance, if you highlight years 1990-2012, the App will insert the same YMM Rows to all years starting from 1990 till 2012.

Thereby, this app is a creative and modern search dropdown method for your online business to drive more sales.

Highlight features

  • Build 3, 4, 5 or 6 Search Dropdowns filters as per your requirements for finding accurate products from large products database
  • Generate multiple search dropdowns filter into your store
  • Allow to fix dropdowns filters order, dropdowns filters labels and arrange dropdowns filters values
  • Export Products CSV with SKU and product name
  • Insert products as universal products and present in every result of YMM filter

Price: $29.99/month, 7 days free trial

Rating: 4 - 5.0 / 5

PartFinder by Partfinder

BigCommerce Search Apps by Partfinder

PartFinder is a marketing application that helps you to sell more with product fitment search. It helps your customers to find the right product match through the features.

Firstly, PartFinder not only helps customers to find the right product but also helps to find it fast. This feature is different from the standard search bar because of its speed and accuracy. Faster speed and higher accuracy can certainly increase customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. PartFinder provides analytics, so you know which area to improve on. It utilized your customer’s search data to help you analyze your business and make decisions easily. Graphs and data are displayed in real-time to ensure credibility. It also captures fitment information for your shopper using a system that shows customers the marketing campaigns they are likely to be interested in. You can customize the design and formats with no necessary coding skills required. The possibilities are endless with editing how everything looks to fit your brand. PartFinder increase efficiency that includes bulk import part mappings for fast setup. You can upload large amounts of data, saving time, and reducing data entry errors.

In conclusion, PartFinder is more than a search application; it helps you find exact specifications, provide analytics, and help grow your business. Along with other advantages like increased conversion, improved marketing efforts, and saved cost, it is easy to set up and requires no specialized skills. Use PartFinder to become a better version of your business.

Highlight features

  • Help customer search for the right product
  • Provide analytics for improvement
  • Use fitment marketing tools to grow
  • Allow customization and flexibility
  • Include build import part mappings for fast setup

Price: $49.95/month, 7 days free trial

Rating: 4 - 5.0 / 5 by Qsearchai

BigCommerce Search Apps by Qsearchai is one of the most ubiquitous and powerful merchandising applications that helps eCommerce business doers having a BigCommerce store to enhance every BigCommerce website’s search performance. This app lets online merchants boost their enterprise-level search capabilities to allow shoppers to search for what they want faster.

First, helps you reduce any friction and increase conversion rates by developing average transaction size, longer-term. Detailed, you can make use of the service deployed across multiple locations within every continent of the world to promote consistent international performance for every customer, find the position of a user, and serves search results from the closest hosting point. Moreover, Qsearch fastens your business process of self-service and automation; then, you can personalize the search experience for potential customers with built-in widgets. Besides, Qsearch allows you to insert stock you wish to clear into results, adds specific products that customers won’t know about can be added to boost exposure. The system of Qsearch can predict the search results being served up once enough statistically important data is populated, deliver searches to their choice of product, category, and search results pages for better user experience.

In conclusion, Qsearch is an ideal solution for your eCommerce business system to operate a self-service, robust site search app with multiple products, searches, and features.

Highlight features

  • Ensure the consistent international performance for every customer
  • Allow store owners to customize the search experience for potential customers
  • Insert stock you wish to clear into results, add specific products without acknowledge of customers
  • Predict search results being served up once enough statistically important data is populated
  • Direct searches to their choice of product, category and search results pages

Price: $29.99/month, 30 days free trial

Rating: 2 - 5.0 / 5

Klevu Search by Klevu

BigCommerce Search Apps by Klevu

Klevu Search is an efficient tool for mid to enterprise-level eCommerce merchants all over the world. With it, users can provide their customers with a smart way to search and navigate.

By using Klevu Search, you are given the ability to add relevant synonyms for keywords depending on particular contexts. Moreover, the autocomplete features will automatically complete the words when they are being typed. Hence, it will be much easier for them to get the most suitable result and help them save time for finding the relevant keywords for the items they want each time searching. Especially when searching with Klevu Search, the result will include non-product content besides the information of the goods related to the keywords. They can be the guides on how to use your service or apps or blog of your company. Also, the banner advertisements that are shown to visitors can automatically be personalized via Klevu. Associating with your visitors’ keywords will show them the ads with these keywords and then, increase the likelihood of clicking the banner. To help you have a deep insight into your business, Klevu also gives you detailed analytics, and you can use it as a source to improve your campaign.

Overall, if you seek a platform to assist you in enhancing your website’s searching and navigation quality, let’s consider Klevu Search.

Highlight features

  • Add related synonyms based on context
  • Offer analytics
  • Autocomplete the words when searching
  • Display personalized banner ads
  • Display non-product result via search

Price: $199.00/month, 14 days free trial

Rating: 1 - 5 / 5

Doofinder by Doofinder

BigCommerce Search Apps by Doofinder

Highlight features

  • Specified for a semantic processing architecture
  • Allow your customers to find the products they want, reduce spelling and typographical errors
  • Discover user interactions and offer with his smart algorithm the most relevant result to the top of the search results
  • Select between the classic, full-screen, compact or embedded layer
  • Ensure domains and blacklist IPs, when needed

Price: $29.00/month, 30 days free trial

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

Searchspring by Searchspring

BigCommerce Search Apps by Searchspring

Searchspring is a modern and powerful merchandising platform in the BigCommerce that helps eCommerce business doers of any type to control their online presentation of their brand without costly development resources. Your business will have a deep insight into your customers and bring in more creative strategies to increase sales.

Searchspring is created to support online businesses to target your specific style and experience on launch. This add-on provides eCommerce teams and merchandisers superpowers for your business to enhance conversions via a cohesive shopper journey with on-site banner ads and visual merchandising cues. Detailed, Searchspring updates your shopper’s purchase intent and ensures they view the most relevant products across autocomplete, site search, navigation, and product pages. Also, this software helps you send the most relevant facets and results to each shopper. Thus, your marketing & merchandising campaigns can corporate with a powerful drag-and-drop editor, landing pages, and custom business logic controls of Searchspring to bring in in-the-moment merchandising strategies, and show the right product to the right person at the right time. A variety of report options are essential for evaluating performance and having a deeper insight into your products, keywords, facets, and much more. The product discovery tools of Searchspring help you present product suggestions and product finders on any page to boom average order values, units per transaction, and overall conversion.

Overall, there is not any reason that you can not download this add-on for your online store to increase online revenue.

Highlight features

  • Update your shopper's purchase intent and ensure they view the most relevant products
  • Send the most relevant facets and results to each shopper
  • Facilitate a powerful drag-and-drop editor, landing pages, and custom business logic controls
  • Provide unlimited report options to evaluate performance and more
  • Present product suggestions and product finders on any page

Price: $499/month

Rating: - / 5

Hawksearch by Hawksearch

BigCommerce Search Apps by Hawksearch

HawkSearch is a powerful app for eCommerce stores to search for and recommend products for customers. With it, you can make sure that your visitors will have great tools to find out the most relevant items to what they want in the shortest time.

Hawksearch possesses multiple features to help visitors have the search results match their wants like tuning control, synonyms, spelling check, and keywords replacement. Therefore, even when people misspell the words, or the product they want doesn’t have the keywords they find, it still acknowledges and shows them their results. It also uses your previous search as a reference to help you seek the item. Via categories such as visitor targets, machine learning, and popularity boost, Hawksearch will analyze and customize your search results. Also, there exists a feature named SEO influencer tools, which includes sitemaps, exclusion control, popular searches, and facet expansion for spiders. These tools take responsibility for influence SEO for relating merchandise, group when any search engine crawler index them. With the autocomplete, this platform will predict and recommend relevant keywords so that your visitors can decrease the time spent searching.

Besides, it also provides you with many additional features like relevant recommendations, dynamic marketing, reporting, search UI, delivery method, and search information manager.

Highlight features

  • Increase the relevance based on previous results
  • Concentrate on results via various categories
  • Influence SEO for relevant products, categories and content
  • Interact with customers effectively
  • Predict keywords with autocomplete

Price: custom price

Rating: - / 5

YMME Parts Search by Apa

BigCommerce Search Apps by Apa

APA builds YMME Parts Search to help eCommerce businesses of any type improve parts of all vehicle types such as motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks (small, medium, and heavy-duty), golf carts and off-road vehicles. This app will level up your online store management system and satisfy all the hardest of customer’s requirements.

First, YMME Parts Search allows customers to search for parts and accessories that accurately match their vehicles specified for Year Make Model Engine. Also, these vehicles have the exact fitment to drive customer satisfaction and mitigate product returns. Moreover, YMME Parts Search also enables your consumers to find parts using free text search, including SKU numbers, interchange part numbers, or keywords in the product title. Thus, they can easily type the YMME values in the text search as an option. Additionally, your clients can select to reduce results by choosing either “Exact Match” or “Approximate Match.” This software also offers an intelligent predictive algorithm to auto recommend products as the customer continues to type in the search box, so they can choose the relevant search result in the suggestion list and redirect to the detailed listing page. To control your online site system more effectively, YMME Parts Search shows you a detailed history of searches to enhance your store content, product descriptions, and fill the gaps in your product portfolio. Finally, YMME Parts Search coordinates with any PIM for Fitment, Attributes, Interchange info, and Paypal.

In conclusion, this software of APA is a highly-recommended solution for your merchandising operation.

Highlight features

  • Allow customers to search for parts and accessories that accurately matches their vehicles
  • Utilize free text search including SKU numbers, interchange part numbers or keywords in the product title
  • Provide a smart predictive algorithm to auto recommend products as consumer continues to type in the search box
  • Have a detailed history of searches to enhance your store content, product descriptions
  • Coordinate with any PIM for Fitment, Attributes and Interchange info

Price: $50/month

Rating: - / 5

Mezereon Xperience by Mezereon

BigCommerce Search Apps by Mezereon

Mezereon Xperience is a first-class search and navigation performance platform for eCommerce business managers to improve the quality of results, fasten query execution time, and more. Your online store will increase richer results from sales.

First, Mezereon Xperience is the best-class software supporting your online site to utilize advanced natural language processing and machine learning. More than that, merchants can instantly set up this app with 100% automated installation for all free Stencil Themes, efficiently utilize your BigCommerce theme’s CSS, Compare, and Quick View, without any embedding code snippets, or hiring developer. Furthermore, Mezereon Xperience provides an overview of your site/app search activity and user’s behavior by presenting the real-time query stream, query map, operations, detailed tracking log, visitor profiles, detailed visitor journey, trending searches, popular searches, top searches and more. You have tan authority to build user segments, curations, banners, filter/facet groups, landing pages, result pinning, and more. If you need more information about each of the advanced merchandising features, Mezereon Xperience encourages you and your team with its user guide. Specifically, unlike other apps, Mezereon Xperience offers all UI code available via npm and open-sourced on Github.

Overall, Mezereon Xperience will never let your business down with all these fantastic features.

Highlight features

  • Have overview of your site/app search activity and user's behavior.
  • Present real-time query stream, query map, operations, detailed tracking log, visitor profiles, and more
  • Generate user segments, curations, banners, filter/facet groups, landing pages, result pinning and more
  • Allow to view more information about each of the advanced merchandising features
  • No code snippets, no developer needed, no credit card required, no setup fees

Price: $105/month, 14 days free trial

Rating: - / 5

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