BigCommerce Subscriptions & Recurring Billing Apps 2023

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8 Best Subscriptions & Recurring Billing Apps for BigCommerce

Rebillia Platform by Rebillia

BigCommerce Subscriptions & Recurring Billing Apps by Rebillia

Rebillia Platform by Rebillia is a payment solution provider who provides eCommerce merchants with better tools and systems to power their subscription success. We have 3 main products, namely Rebillia’s REmail Campaigns, Rebillia’s Recurring Orders, and Rebillia’s Saved Credit Card, as well as several useful add-ons that fit merchants’ online stores.

Our REmail Campaigns feature offers a smart retargeting emailing system that changes the way you do email marketing. We only create automated campaigns and triggering systems that are individually targeted based on their profile and what they purchase. Our feature allows you to create email campaigns that automatically collect necessary information, prepare the offer beforehand for your review, and send it when you want to. And the highlight of REmail Campaigns is the Direct-To-Checkout functionality that sends customers directly to your checkout page with their selected product being ready for purchase in the cart, with just one button. The Rebillia’s Recurring Orders is based on our self-developed seamless and customizable subscription engine instead of the gateway’s built-in engine like others. We will automatically create and embed subscription options directly into your products, inheriting your store’s look, and allow tailoring your products flexibly to your market. Merchants are even capable of modifying a subscription plan to a fully functional Layaway program, using the Recurring Orders feature. Rebillia Saved Credit Card will create a frictionless checkout environment allowing your customers to save their credit card information for future purchases. Rebillia enhances your customer experience even more with the Vaulted Card Ability, displaying credit cards from older subscriptions when your customers subscribe for another product.

Therefore, we keep our system and your secure information following PCI-DSS and GDPR. We are also the only certified level 1 PCI-DSS and GDPR compliant service provider on BigCommerce. Rebillia also has a premium add-on feature called Manage Payment Options, which allows online retailers and their customers to add, manage, and delete an unlimited number of cards without going through a checkout process. This feature will build brand trust in your customer by giving them the feeling of being “in full control” of their account. They also get a more personalized shopping experience.

Highlight features

  • Rebillia’s smart “REmail Campaigns” with the Direct-to-Checkout functionality
  • Rebillia’s Recurring Orders provides first-class subscription management solution
  • Rebillia Credit Card Vaulting allows customers to save credit cards’ information
  • Certified Level 1 PCI-DSS & GDPR Compliant service provider
  • Rebillia’s premium add-on feature - Manage Payment Options

Price: From $20/month

Rating: 42 - 5.0 / 5

PayWhirl by Paywhirl

BigCommerce Subscriptions & Recurring Billing Apps by Paywhirl

Is it impossible for businesses to find flexible payment software that helps simplify your billing and is simple to set up, use, and manage? It’s no longer impossible thanks to the invention of PayWhirl. It provides powerful widgets and tools to help you manage your recurring billing with ease. Moreover, you can cancel the PayWhirl service anytime you want.

With PayWhirl, businesses can charge their customers however they want. You can start adding recurring payments for subscriptions as a payment option by embedding it to your website, even without previous coding experience. Businesses can build custom checkout funnels for recurring invoices that fit any business modal by chaining subscription plans together. You will be armed with powerful reporting tools and metrics when using PayWhirl. Tracking your recurring revenue, gaining new customer insights, even predict growth, and figure out the right direction for your business future, etc. All is in just one single dashboard. PayWhirl is proud to be securely built for recurring payments. We make secure gateway connections with the TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol and make sure they meet ongoing PCI-compliant security standards. We don’t have access to credit card numbers or sensitive payment data of your customers nor store them on our server. We utilize encrypted tokens that only your gateway can decrypt so that your customers can save payment methods securely. We offer businesses an API and integrations so that you can create and customize a seamless customer experience even if you are not techies. Make your visitors stay on your website and convert them into customers just by copying and pasting a few lines of code. Besides, PayWhirls support a wide range of payment gateways, as well as accept all major brands of credit and debit cards in more than 100 currencies, and our list still keeps growing. Empower your customers by adding a customer portal into your website and allow them to add their bank accounts and pay.

PayWhirl will definitely help get your subscription options off the ground and deliver excellent customer service just as we are doing. Create your free account and start maximizing your revenue today!

Highlight features

  • Embed payment widgets and checkout to your website
  • Track your recurring revenue and gain customer insights with reporting tools and metrics
  • Security guarantee throughout payment process
  • API and integrations that you can use to create a seamless customer experience
  • Support a wide range of payment gateways


Rating: 13 - 4.0 / 5

Recurring Billing & Vaulting By MINIBC by Minibc

BigCommerce Subscriptions & Recurring Billing Apps by Minibc

ecurring Billing and Vaulting is one of MiniBC’s BigCommerce products designed to help online retailers increase their sales. It allows customers to make subscriptions to any products, buy memberships, and non-subscription products with ease.

The distinct feature of Recurring Billing and Vaulting is the Auto-shipping Recurring Subscriptions, which automatically create and fulfill the scheduled subscriptions, which in turn increases the conversion rate. Our clients praise this auto-shipping feature for memorizing order information so that they don’t have to manually enter it anymore, saving both merchants and their customers time. Recurring Billing and Vaulting provides a fast and secure checkout experience with our PCI compliant card vaulting and billing feature. Customers can leverage this feature to save their credit card information at no additional charge. Since merchants and their customers’ privacy and security is our first priority, we comply with PCI rules and never store any credit card information on our system. Besides, our app will seamlessly integrate into your checkout to create an excellent checkout experience while making use of BigCommerce store features and rules. It means that your customers will never be redirected to another unnecessary site. They will complete their purchase through the BigCommerce Checkout instead. We also do you a favor by automatically managing subscription renewal, card expiration, and billing error notifications. Merchants will also have the option to sell subscriptions and individual products in the same cart via our Mixed Cart Checkout feature. But these are not all that we can offer to our customers. Our inclusive Subscription Management allows you to search, edit, pause, or reject any subscriptions. You can even view your customers’ saved credit card purchases and subscriptions status, and update their payment method if you want.

Not only our product but also our customer service is proved to be superb. Our support team truly cares about our customers. We never shirk responsibility when it comes to customer inquiries, and always try our best to solve problems fast.

Highlight features

  • Auto-shipping recurring subscriptions
  • PCI compliant card vaulting and billing
  • Seamless one-page checkout experience
  • Mixed cart checkout
  • MiniBC’s inclusive subscription management

Price: $99/month, with a $500 upfront fee

Rating: 8 - 5.0 / 5

Subscrimia by Subscrimia

BigCommerce Subscriptions & Recurring Billing Apps by Subscrimia

Are you in need of a not-too-complicated subscription system that still helps increase your revenue from providing subscriptions to your BigCommerce store? Subscrimia is a Bigcommerce subscription solution that offers subscription managing tools for merchants and their customers. It is easy to set up for merchants with just a few clicks. It is also easy for customers to use because all they need to select the subscription period.

Subscrimia’s automated recurring payment and shipment schedules are based on the subscription period that customers have chosen in checkout. Once your customer purchases a subscription, our app will handle the next recurring order, processing the payment automatically, then displaying the order in your BigCommerce dashboard. Merchants can also take full control of your customers’ billing cycle and trigger payments or order processing manually via Subscrimia’s dashboard. Customers are permitted to manage and alter their payment methods, address information, custom questions, subscriptions, and so on through Subscrimia’s responsive self-service subscription management portal. Therefore, your customers don’t have to leave your store whenever they need to change their subscription. Subscrimia will add a recurring interval option to your products so that your customers can subscribe to them. Once your customers select this option, they will be led to a customized checkout, which inherits the BigCommerce checkout look. Both you and your customer will then be notified about the newly made subscription. With Subscrimia, you can easily integrate add-ons and other third-party tools as helpful additions to your online store for free. Our recurring orders will also get all taxes and shipping information from your current configuration in BigCommerce, so you don’t need to care about them.

Highlight features

  • Automated payment and shipment scheduling
  • Self-service subscription management portal for customers
  • A recurring interval option and a customized checkout that resembles BigCommerce’s one
  • Easy and free integrations


Rating: 8 - 3.5 / 5 Payment Plans by Partially-llc

BigCommerce Subscriptions & Recurring Billing Apps by Partially-llc

Are you tired of the same old scenario that shoppers visit your eCommerce store, select all the items they want to buy, and abandon their carts at the end of the day? If you feel the pain, you may need to start using the flexible, automated Payment Plans. We offer a seamless payment plan functionality that lets your customers choose to make big-ticket payments at a rate that matches their financial states. automated payment plans help merchants invoice customers for their orders according to your specifications. Merchants can offer their customers payment plan terms in a win-win proposition and customize their plans within the confines you set. In case that you want to process a scheduled payment early or handle a custom payment in any amount, we provide a flexible manual payment widget for you. Change anything you want, and we will adjust the remaining payment schedule on autopilot. let merchants gain full payment plan control, from setting the down payment, frequency, term to any supplementary line-item fees. You can also create plans that precisely match the cash flow requirements of your business. You and your customers’ privacy and security are our priorities. We have industry-leading security best practices, and we make sure no personal information and sensitive payment data are stored in our server. Also, has a user-oriented customer portal where customers can open and manage their payment plans, process ongoing payments, and monitor their payment plan activity. Payment Plans app is packed with useful features that help merchants drive eCommerce sales and offer their shoppers more freedom in making payments. Our app is currently available for eCommerce businesses in 25 countries, and the list is still updated all the time. Join us today for a distinct payment plan experience that helps you grow sales.

Highlight features

  • Automated easy payment plan terms
  • Manually process scheduled payments
  • Total payment plan control
  • Industry leading payments security practices
  • Convenient client portal

Price: 0

Rating: 1 - 1.0 / 5

Bread Finance by Lon-operations-llc

BigCommerce Subscriptions & Recurring Billing Apps by Lon-operations-llc

Bread Finance is a pay-over-time financing solution that helps merchants attract, convert more customers, build strong customer relationships, and grow sales. Our product is built to engage more customers long before they reach the checkout page, and create a brand-consistent financing experience.

Bread allows you to present different financing options along the customer journey at any page on your site, from your homepage, product page, cart, to checkout. Your customers also get the ability to pre-qualify and checkout anywhere on your site. Bread enables you to create flexible loan terms and optimize other financing programs for your products and your customers. Loan terms can vary from 3 to 36 months and up to 18-month 0 percent APR products. With Bread Finance, your shoppers can apply for financing just by filling out a simple and short form and get a credit decision in seconds right in your site. They can also know if they are pre-qualified and learn about their purchase power in real-time. We claim ourselves as a white-label product, which means you can tailor Bread the way you want to match your brand’s style. You also have full control over your user experience by embedding Bread’s checkout widget to your BigCommerce store to integrate our financing with your checkout process fully. Beyond being a financing solution, Bread is a data-driven marketing partner for eCommerce store owners. We capture actionable data and insights to understand how you should leverage our financing options to improve brand loyalty. We also help you promote financing through email marketing campaigns, social media, and of course, your website. Moreover, Bread Finance supports merchants to deploy ReTargeting campaigns to reach cart-abandoned shoppers and recover their lost revenue.

Highlight features

  • Presenting financing on any page on your site
  • Flexible loan terms and custom financing program
  • Apply for financing and get a credit decision in seconds
  • Customize Bread to match your brand and have full control over UX
  • Promote your financing with data-driven marketing tools

Price: 0

Rating: 1 - 1.0 / 5

Bold Subsciprtions Pro by Bold-commercem

BigCommerce Subscriptions & Recurring Billing Apps by Bold-commercem

Bold Subscriptions Pro offers robust, API-driven customization to develop and scale a service that suits your business. To create a one-of-a-kind premium experience for your customers, you can customize the configuration, checkout flow, and customer interface to generate consistent, recurring revenues.

Bold Subscriptions Pro helps you grow your revenue and conversion rates by selling personalized subscription. You can use APIs and webhooks to build a customized interface, from product pages to the consumer site to checkout. You can also customize and create your exclusive subscription package, including build-a-box, monthly parties, memberships, rentals, etc.

With Bold Subscriptions Pro, you can keep consumers signed up by providing them options and power. You can reduce the turnover with Bold Subscriptions Pro’s power to edit, pause, miss, and track potential orders in a personalized subscription app. It’s easy to minimize unintended dunning maintenance churn, which automatically prompts subscribers to upgrade expiring or invalid payment details; and even personalize emails that the in-app editor sends to customers.

Bold Subscriptions Pro allows you to set up and scale easily by turning on modular features as needed. By building a personalized interface on top of the strong, flexible, recurring billing features, you keep the cost down. Not only that, but you can also bring ready-to-use simple components into the market quickly and develop the service with the inclusion of new features as they become available.

Don’t forget to make use of Bold Checkout to provide a smooth shopping experience for your customers. You now have the power to build a custom checkout that contains your name, custom subdomain, favicon, and style, etc. You can also easily manage the dynamics of foreign money, tariffs, costs, transportation, and tax differences and create custom plug-ins to communicate with external utilities on the checkout tab. By using Bold Subscriptions Pro modular APIs, you are now creating an entirely new checkout experience.

Highlight features

  • Recurring service payments
  • Flexible intervals and frequency choices
  • Customisable notifications through email
  • Create consumer portal to allow subscribers to access and control any information
  • Provide solutions to cancelations or rewards to keep customers subscriptions
  • Dunning control to help reduce unintended churn

Price: Custom Price

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

ordergroove by Ordergroove

BigCommerce Subscriptions & Recurring Billing Apps by Ordergroove

Ordergroove helps companies easily deliver best-in-class delivery, loyalty, gaming, and reordering services that optimize recurring revenue and long-term value. More than 100 brands, including L’Oreal, KIND Treats, Pepsi, illy, GNC, and The Honest Company, utilize Ordergroove’s technology and anticipate AI engine to offer creative, customized, and friction-free customer services. This reduces the difficulty of maintaining a recurring revenue business while achieving best-in-class subscription and sales metrics.

Ordergroove integrates seamlessly into the current shopping cart of BigCommerce, preventing a separate shopping cart experience while allowing for mixed carts of one-time and recurring plans. It also offers annual and recurring merchandising, marketing, experience optimization, and order management.

Ordergroove facilitates recurring experiences driven by machine learning, avoiding a “one size fits all” approach, a real hassle for customers seeking a unique plan. Besides, every channel is ready for sign-ups and management at any channel, including eCommerce, SMS, voice, and retail stores.

Ordergroove comes with an integrated developer framework and APIs which allow easy integration across channels with existing retail technologies and omnichannel consumer experiences.

Highlight features

  • Integrated Shopping Cart to Maximize Conversion
  • Offer annual and recurring merchandising, marketing, experience optimization and order management capabilities
  • Personalized subscriptions and plans via AI techology
  • Enable every channel, including eCommerce, SMS, voice, retail stores
  • Built-in developer framework and APIs for easy integration

Price: Custom Price

Rating: - / 5

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