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Top 11 Best BigCommerce Subscription Apps

Last updated: September 01, 2023
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When building an online business, it is essential for merchants to choose the Best BigCommerce Subscription apps. This is because subscriptions have become an efficient way to purchase and sell goods and services across a wide variety of industries due to their ease of access, hassle-free comfort, and simple predictability. Hence, this article will inform you top 11 Best BigCommerce Subscription apps that are highly recommended.

Why do we need Subscription Apps for BigCommerce Business?

Subscription apps allow merchants to sell goods and services while adding payment methods to bill and invoice customers regularly. Finding the right subscription app is obviously critical for laying a stable groundwork for your business to expand and flourish. The app you choose must meet the demands of both your company and your target audience, and picking the wrong app will make meeting these needs more difficult. That’s why we need to find out the best Subscription app for your business.

11 best BigCommerce Subscription Apps

1. Rebillia Platform

Rebillia Platform

Rebillia has been merged with BigCommerce’s new “variants/modifiers” product editing scheme. This app provides more features than any BigCommerce subscription application. Rebillia was integrated DIRECTLY into the BigCommerce system, enabling our team of professional developers to build enhanced features that are specifically tailored to BigCommerce stores.

Key features

  • Rebillia: Saved Credit Card: Build a seamless checkout experience for your customers by enabling them to save their credit card details for potential purchases (it is currently supporting Authorize.NET, Braintree, Stripe, PayPal Payflow Pro, PayPal Payments Pro…). Rebillia’s Vaulted Card Ability improves the consumers’ experience even further by showcasing credit cards from previous subscriptions when they sign up for a new product.

  • Rebillia: Recurring Orders: Rather than using the gateway’s built-in engine, Rebillia’s Recurring Orders use our own self-developed seamless and adjustable subscription engine. We’ll build and integrate subscription options directly into your products, inheriting your store’s design and enabling you to customize your products to your market with ease. Recurring Orders can optimize the consumers’ checkout process and simplifies the offering of loyalty-based discounts and perks.

  • Rebillia: REmail Campaigns: Rebillia offers a clever retargeting emailing scheme that revolutionizes email marketing. We only build automated promotions and activate mechanisms specifically tailored to each customer’s profile and purchases. Our feature allows you to build email campaigns that gather required details automatically, plan the deal for your review ahead of time, and submit it when you like.

Besides, Rebillia has a premium add-on feature called Manage Payment Options, which enables online retailers and their customers to add, manage, and uninstall payment options without having to go through the checkout process. This would increase consumer trust in the brand by giving them the impression that they are in “complete charge” of their account.


  • “Rebillia: Saved Credit Card” (from $20/month): Our team of experts delivered the first fully integrated, protected card vaulting software, enabling shoppers to save cards on paper, track them, and use them for future transactions
  • “Rebillia: Recurring Orders” (starting at $100/month; setup may be necessary): Unlike other subscription apps, its own subscription engine provides the most versatile and comfortable subscription system available.
  • “Rebillia: REmail Campaigns” (starting at $20 a month): this one can revolutionize email marketing because you won’t need subscriber lists for it because the purchase-based recommendation system ensures that your customers receive the most relevant product offers. To sweeten the deal, we’ve added the first-ever “Direct To Checkout” feature, which will take your customers straight to the checkout page.

2. Subscrimia


Subscrimia is a BigCommerce app that helps you boost sales by allowing customers to subscribe to your store. Subscrimia gives your customer’s subscription management tools; all they have to do is choose a subscription time.

Key features

  • Scheduling of payments and shipments Based on the subscription duration chosen at checkout, Subscrimia will automatically schedule and bill monthly payments from your customers. This app will process your payment automatically, and the order will appear in your BigCommerce dashboard.

  • Customer Portal Your customers can control their own payment methods on file, address details, custom queries, subscription(s), and even position subsequent orders using our comprehensive customer portal.

  • Simple and Free Integration With Subscrimia, integration has never been so simple. Recurring orders get all of this data from your current Bigcommerce set up, so you don’t have to worry about taxes or delivery.

Price: Contact support for a custom fee.

3. Paywhirl


Paywhirl offers robust widgets and software to help you manage recurring billing like a pro, including the ability to sell subscriptions, pre-orders, payment plans, and more. PayWhirl is a software stack tool in the Payment Services category. PayWhirl makes managing recurring payments easy. It reduces the time and effort required to code all of the pages that enable your customers to subscribe to services, make payments, build customer accounts, and manage their own data. In just a few minutes, anyone with an existing website can set up a PayWhirl widget or payment form and begin receiving recurring payments.

Key features

  • Earn money monthly: Offer subscription box services, charge a monthly fee for your blog material, or anything else that requires regular monthly payments to earn recurring revenue.
  • Make changes to your template: With our visual editor, you can be as imaginative as you want. In other words, you can adjust the appearance of your subscription widget in a matter of seconds! You can style your widget to fit into your website with thousands of variations perfectly.
  • Subscriber Profiles: Create customized surveys that allow your subscribers to create their own profiles. This is particularly useful for curated subscription services, where each subscriber can have additional details you want, such as size preferences, color preferences, and so on.
  • Easy integration: This app creates the code for you, and all you have to do now is paste it into your website.
  • Safe transactions: Stripe is PCI Service Provider Level 1 accredited, which is the highest level of certification. It manages translations for you, allowing you to charge customers in over 100 different currencies instantly.
  • Export Reports: Paywhirl will export reports to any system you use to keep track of your business. With just one click, you can generate and import Excel files (.csv) to keep track of your subscribers, their plans, and their profile info!

Price: PayWhirl Recurring Payments starts at $49.00 per month per user. A free version and a free trial of PayWhirl Recurring Payments are available.

4. ChargeBee


ChargeBee is the best-in-class platform for subscription management and recurring billing, valued by thousands of high-growth and scale subscription businesses: it has been ranked the #1 Finance and #1 Subscription Management tool by G2 in 2020 and 2021.

With a seamless integration that makes offering and fulfilling subscription orders simpler than ever, BigCommerce retailers can now take full advantage of Chargebee’s strong subscription platform to boost recurring revenue streams.

Chargebee can effectively build, maintain, and enhance your customer relationships:

  • Increase revenue by providing the consumers with the most diverse range of shopping options possible, such as a wide range of payment options, gift subscriptions, and a variety of billing plans.
  • Experience a significant increase in productivity thanks to automated order generation and revenue-optimization reporting insights.
  • To satisfy and keep customers, using versatile subscription management options, built-in promotional tools, and a wide array of available customer service actions.
  • To minimize turnover, use dunning software, email alerts, and other methods to secure more of your sales.

Key features

  • Flexible Subscription Options To find the model that best suits your company, offer customized options like flexible shipping and billing frequencies for subscribe-and-save, package, and membership subscriptions. Bundling subscriptions with add-ons allows you to easily expand your product line while still increasing consumer satisfaction and lifetime value.

  • More Subscribers Can Be Converted With Payment Options Accepting payments through digital wallets like AmazonPay, ApplePay, GooglePay, and PayPal and providing popular local payment methods is the way you can increase conversions.

  • Revenue Recovery and Chargeback Management Chargeback Automation can help you elegantly cope with chargebacks and eliminate possible conflicts, while configurable and intelligent dunning options can help you significantly reduce unintentional churn and optimize your subscription revenue.

  • Growth-Driven Analytics With billing, leakage, and transaction analytics, you can track revenue in real time and gain insights into your subscription operations. Without the need for a developer, you can analyze various sales metrics, customize MRR estimates, and export reports. Although we automate payment, reconciliation, and revenue recognition, we concentrate on increasing profitability and maximizing recurring revenue.

  • Integrity and security of all data Your subscribers’ data is extremely private, and you need a reliable partner as Chargebee, which is fully dedicated to data protection and enforcement.

Price: Chargebee’s monthly pricing starts at $299.00 per feature. Chargebee has a free trial and a free version.

Chargebee is best for SMB + Mid-market & enterprise businesses. SaaS, PaaS, E-commerce, Subscription Commerce, Telecom & Media, Coworking Spaces, Subscription Services, IoT, Non-profits.

5. Bold Subscriptions

Bold Subscriptions

80,000+ merchants use bold’s suite of software in over 170 countries to help operate their online shops.

To create and expand a subscription service that suits your company, Bold Subscriptions offers powerful API-driven customization options to generate reliable recurring revenue, customize your setup, checkout flow, and customer portal.

Increase sales and LTV with a personalized subscription offering
  • From product pages to checkout to your customer portal, use APIs and webhooks to create a branded experience.
  • Create your own subscription service from start, with build-a-box, monthly clubs, memberships, rentals, and much more.
  • Connect with large numbers of the most popular payment gateways to firmly approve payment methods on a periodic basis.
Keep customers stay subscribed if you give them flexibility and power.
  • Mitigate churn by giving customers access to a personalized subscriber portal where they can edit, pause, skip, and monitor upcoming orders.
  • Dunning management, which automatically prompts subscribers to change expiring or invalid payment details, helps to reduce unintentional churn.
  • With our in-app email editor, you can customize emails sent to clients.
Increase the effectiveness of setting up and scaling through modular features
  • Customize experience on top of strong, flexible recurring billing features to reduce costs.
  • With fully prepared fundamental components, you can get to market quickly.
  • Add new features as they become available to improve the product.
Use Bold Checkout to have a frictionless purchase experience.
  • Create a checkout that includes your logo, custom subdomain, favicon, and styling.
  • Allow customers to pay in whatever way they like with a variety of payment options.
  • Manage the intricacies of global currency fluctuations, duties, fees, transportation, and taxes.
  • Customers’ payment information is stored in a vault, allowing you to use it for future orders.

Key feature

  • Bill customers on a regular basis Customers are charged once, their payment information is safely stored, and they are automatically billed for future orders.

  • Flexible frequency and interval options Provide fixed or adjustable delivery intervals in any range (by date, weekday, biweekly, etc.) or use advanced calendaring functionality to construct a personalized interval.

  • Email alerts that can be customized Notify customers regarding their subscriptions and orders with sleek, customized HTML emails that fit your brand.

  • Enable your customers to make decisions. Create your own customer portal to allow customers to view and control their subscription data, such as billing and shipping information, order frequency, amounts, and subscription status. Include the opportunity to upsell and add one-time items to the portal.

  • Reduce turnover, both voluntary and involuntary. Custom cancellation workflows and dunning management may help reduce unintentional churn by providing alternatives to canceling or incentives to remain subscribed.

Price: Bold Subscriptions start at $39.99/month + 1% transaction fee on recurring orders. A 60-day free trial on Recurring Orders is available - no special qualifications required.

6. Recurring Billing & Vaulting By MINIBC

Bold Subscriptions

MiniBC’s BigCommerce product Recurring Billing and Vaulting is designed to help online retailers boost their revenue. It makes it simple for customers to subscribe to any product, purchase memberships, and purchase non-subscription items.

Key feature

  • Auto-shipping Recurring Subscriptions: It generates and completes planned subscriptions automatically, increasing the conversion rate. Our users enjoy how this auto-shipping function remembers order details so they don’t have to retype it. This saves time for both retailers and customers.

  • PCI compliant card vaulting and billing feature: With our PCI compliant card vaulting and billing functionality, Recurring Billing and Vaulting provides a quick and safe checkout process. Customers can save their credit card details at no extra cost using this feature. We follow PCI rules and never display credit card details on our system because our primary concern is the security and protection of merchants and their customers.

Furthermore, our app will integrate seamlessly into your checkout, allowing you to build an outstanding checkout experience while using BigCommerce store features and laws. It means your clients can never be diverted to another site that isn’t important to them. Instead, they’ll complete their order using the BigCommerce Checkout. We also help you out by automating subscription renewal and card expiration.

  • Mixed Cart Checkout feature: With our Mixed Cart Checkout feature, merchants will be able to sell subscriptions and individual items in the same cart. However, these are not the only services we can provide to our clients.

  • Subscription Management: You can browse, change, stop, or deny any subscriptions with our all-inclusive Subscription Management. You can also track the progress of your customers’ saved credit card transactions and subscriptions and change their payment options if necessary.

Price: $599.99 checkout price (includes $500 for installation and $99.99 for the first month. Until you cancel, you will be paid $99.99/mth on a monthly basis at the very least.)

7. ReCharge Subscriptions

ReCharge helps rising companies by making it simple for their consumers to make transactions. By streamlining the management of subscription and recurring payments, you can create a stable revenue stream with ReCharge on BigCommerce.

Easily Manage Subscriptions with ReCharge

Key feature

  • Enable subscription offers quickly and easily
  • ReCharge’s powerful merchant platform helps manage your subscription business while also allowing your customers to manage their subscriptions from your shop directly.
  • Connect to your current technology and the most common payment processors in minutes.
  • Subscriptions can be distributed in minutes.
  • All major processors and methods are supported.

  • Increase customers’ engagement and lifetime value
  • Increase the sales while improving the subscription experience for your customers. Customers should be able to monitor their own subscriptions through a customer portal. Upsells, such as adding one-time items, will help you increase your AOV. Auto alerts will keep you informed.

  • Lower customer turnover On the ReCharge portal, customers can delay or postpone deliveries. Allow customers to switch products. Automatic retries and dunning will help you increase payment conversions.


  • Standard: $60/month (plus 1% + 5¢ per transaction)
  • Pro: $300/month (plus 1% + 19¢ per transaction)

8. Bread Finance

EraGem Triples Financed Sales with Bread

Bread develops technology that enables retailers to give consumers pay-over-time financing options. Bread’s solutions provide customers with simple and straightforward choices and effective tools for e-commerce merchants to integrate financing during the e-commerce process, boosting conversion and average order value.

Integration without a delay Bread’s financing solutions are simple to integrate with your BigCommerce platform, making it a quick and painless process. Bread’s flexible API can be tailored to your specific user experience and website. We work effectively with our retail partners to ensure that they get the marketing and technical assistance they need to expand Bread through their entire web.

Key feature

Bread assists retailers in providing pay-over-time options as a way to strengthen customer relationships, increase sales, and boost brand loyalty.

  • Gain More Clients

  • Full Funnel is a term that refers to a funnel that fully offers funding options earlier in the shopping process to engage consumers long before they hit the checkout.
  • Decision made in real-time. Pre-qualification is a fast and straightforward process. Enable your customers to find out more about their order.

  • Increasing Conversions
  • White label refers to a product that We want to help you create your brand, not ours. Customize our resources to fit your website’s look and feel.
  • Financing options that are both flexible and affordable. Offer terms and funding options that are tailored to your items, order sizes, and customers.

  • Better Marketing and Loyalty
  • Actionable data. Using the comprehensive information available on our website, make educated decisions about how to maximize customer loyalty.
  • Drive Retargeting is a form of retargeting that allows you to Use Bread’s robust APIs to reach out to abandoned customers and recoup lost sales.


  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None

9. Partial.ly Payment Plans

Bold Subscriptions

The Partial.ly app for BigCommerce stores is jam-packed with features that will help you increase sales and streamline payments. Set up payment, frequency, and period plans to make it easier for consumers to make large-ticket purchases at a pace that works for them.

  • A flexible payment plan deal is seamlessly integrated into your checkout process.
  • Allow customers to configure plans within the criteria you specify.
  • Payment systems are automated, ensuring that funds arrive in your bank account on time.

Key feature

  • Payments are simple and automatic. With planned, automatic payment plan payments, you can automate your collections and bill customers exactly according to your requirements.

  • Customers will personalize their plans. Increase profits by allowing customers to pay in installments that are convenient for both you and them. Allow customers to configure plans within the parameters you specify.

  • Manual payments are flexible. Process previously scheduled payments ahead of time, or make a one-time custom payment in any amount, and the remaining payment schedule is automatically changed.

  • Ecommerce-ready on a global scale From Australia to the United States, Partial.ly is available for companies in 25 countries, with more being added all the time.

  • Power over the whole payment schedule Set the amount of the down payment, the pace of payments, the length of the loan, and the interest rate.


  • Costs nothing to sign up, no credit card required and no fixed or monthly fees
  • No Stripe payment processing fee – included per transaction cost of 5% +$0.30
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None

10. Ordergroove

Brands can use Ordergroove to quickly introduce best-in-class delivery, membership, package, and reordering services that optimize recurring sales and lifetime value. Ordergroove’s platform and Anticipate AI engine are used by more than 100 brands, including L’Oreal, KIND Snacks, Pepsi, illy, GNC, and The Honest Company, to deliver creative, personalized, and effortless customer experiences that reduce the complexity of operating a recurring revenue business whilst unlocking best-in-class subscription analytics and revenues.

Key feature

  • Conversion Booster: An Integrated Shopping Cart Allows mixed carts with one-time and ongoing plans or items to be added to BigCommerce’s current shopping cart, eliminating the need for a separate shopping cart experience.

Integrated Shopping Cart to Maximize Subscription Conversion

  • Promotions Targeted at Retention to Increase LTV Provides capabilities for subscription and recurring merchandising, marketing, experience enhancement, and order management.

  • Customized Subscriptions and Plans through Anticipate AI Recurring interactions driven by machine learning, rather than a “one size fits all” approach

  • Enabled on all channels Every platform, including eCommerce, SMS, speech, and retail stores, is ready to allow sign-ups and management.

  • Friendly to Developers It includes a built-in developer platform and APIs that simplify integrating with existing retail technologies and providing omnichannel user experiences across channels.


Contact Ordergroove for pricing. BigCommerce Enterprise only.

11. Subscriptions Cloud

Subscription Cloud

There will be no additional costs. There is no external checkout. Subscriptions Cloud is completely integrated with your storefront and the BigCommerce checkout, allowing your customers to control their subscriptions directly from their user account, and you can change, stop, or refund subscriptions from your admin panel. There will be no more checkouts outside of your domain, and there will be no more transaction fees.

Key feature

  • Custom Subscription Plans Each product has its own set of plans. You can set subscription times, cadence, and price based on your marketing techniques.

  • No external checkout or interruption to the theme.
  • Simply make a product plan, and everything will be within your store without interfering with your theme or design.
  • Subscriptions may be purchased alongside standard products in the same checkout process.

  • Secure Payment Processing
  • All transactions are processed by Square Transfers, which employs all of the company’s security features to ensure that payments are processed as securely as possible.
  • The Square Platform integrates our services with customers, subscriptions, invoices, payments, and store cards.

  • Easy Subscription Management
  • The app allows store managers to manage all subscription information, including a full history of subscriptions, plans, and customers.
  • Subscriptions can be managed through a customer’s BigCommerce account.


  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $79.99/mo.

Some tips for choosing the right subscription app for BigCommerce business

  • After finding out best BigCommerce subscription apps, make sure that you seek and research these apps’ review on the Internet
  • Read these ones carefully to see whether the app has all the features and price suitable for your online business.
  • Asking some advice from professionals
  • A successful subscription billing solution is far more than just software. Service-level indicators are just as relevant as feature-level indicators for a product/service that is as influential in your business growth as it is. Let’s take a look at each of them individually:
  • Capabilities of the product
  • Capabilities of service

Final words

When it comes to selecting the best BigCommerce subscription app for your business, you may be spoilt for choice in today’s world. Looking at the functionality of the platforms accessible, on the other hand, is an excellent way to narrow down that list.

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