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Top 13 BigCommerce Themes FREE & Premium in 2021

Last updated: June 01, 2024
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After creating an account on BigCommerce, you will see the Cornerstone Light has already been set up as your online store’s main theme. This is only one of more than 100 themes created and sold solely by BigCommerce.

You can easily choose a different theme in BigCommerce Theme MarketPlace - a place where a large number of BigCommerce themes, both free and premium, are displayed.

The first impression has long been considered an important part while you are trying to sell your products. For this reason, designing a delightful look for your online store should be taken into consideration, and choosing the right theme will draw customers’ attention.

In this post, we introduce the top 13 BigCommerce themes in 2021 which will help your site look much more attractive.

The 13 best BigCommerce themes

1. Brooklynk

Brooklynk theme
Brooklynk theme

This must be one of the most popular BigCommerce themes for stores that specialize in the fashion industry. A wide range of features is offered in this particular theme, such as the Stencil framework, responsive design, or the switchable listing product/grid.

If you do not want to use the default design, BigCommerce also allows store owners to navigate the colors, fonts, and the mega menus, popup newsletter, and dropdown shopping cart. Moreover, even an Instagram module is provided for you to link posts on various social media platforms simultaneously.

With Brooklynk’s minimalist and clean design and complete width slideshow banners and hot block areas right on the homepage, this would be ideal for making customers fall in love at first sight.

2. Fortune Highlight

Fortune Highlight
Fortune Highlight

The Fortune theme, in general, has always brought customers an elegant look and relaxing feelings. If you are looking for a similar design, this is it.

BigCommerce specifically created this theme for businesses with high sales levels but only in small or medium sizes. It includes plenty of potential features helping store owners to boost sales and generate customers’ interests.

With the impressive full-width-images displayed at the top of your homepage coupled with the striking hero area, where you can add products’ details, it is perfect for catching potential customers’ attention. Besides, this theme features a product showcase, the possibility to toggle between listing options and grid, and so on.

Among BigCommerce themes, Fortune is commonly put in use for home-selling, gardening, arts and crafts, and gift stores.

3. Beautica


Directly guessing from the name, this would be a suitable alternative for cosmetics-selling or fashion businesses. Beautica offers the users a convenient and comfy shopping sensation along with the appearance of the latest-released items.

With provided features including product picture swap, drop-down login section, advanced mega menu or product-labeling system, and so on, the combination of this is intended for owners of high-quality websites. It is not only fully responsive but also looks amazing on every device’s screens.

4. Foundry Warm

You can customize the store design to your preferences from Foundry Warm. Foundry is the definition of versatility, minimalist style.

The fast setting up speed will impress you and the layout using grids, by which you can showcase your products and brand. Besides, complex search filters, custom check-out, fast quick-to-cart, and more are available, too.

Foundry Warm
Foundry Warm

Being able to access buyers across the globe, Foundry Warm would be the perfect one out of a wide range of BigCommerce themes to get your store running today.

5. Cornerstone Warm

Cornerstone is designed particularly for large eCommerce businesses. It is divided into three different categories called light, bold, and warm.

Cornerstone Warm
Cornerstone Warm

Depending on your needs and your store’s products, you can quickly adjust the colors, fonts. A homepage carousel, social media icons, featured and best-selling products, and faceted search is all will be supplied when you purchase from the store of BigCommerce themes.

With the welcoming vibe, Cornerstone Warm can be utilized for a wide scope of products ranging from health and beauty, gardening, pets, and so on.

6. Revo

This is another in the BigCommerce themes which applies the framework of Stencil. Apart from that is the four pre-made samples that feature mega menus, countdown, the product-labeling system, the availability of live search, and so on.

Revo theme
Revo theme

If you are seeking a flexible and sensitive style, please consider the Revo theme. Its fast loading optimizing speed and the simple modifying system will also impress store owners.

7. Cornerstone Bold

Cornerstone Bold
Cornerstone Bold

This theme belongs to the same collection as the Cornerstone Light layout mentioned above, however, there are still several differences in the Bold version’s design. For instance, the width at the top of the website for the title and choices for the menu is smaller, allowing more room for wide carousels.

Following BigCommerce recommendations, this is best optimized for sales and rebates, large catalogs, or online stores for many diverse purposes. More specifically, the clean home menu of Cornerstone Light might be best suitable if you have a wide range of products on sale. But whether you have a very limited catalog or the presence of the good is especially relevant then Cornerstone Bold’s broader carousel segment will offer your customers a closer glimpse into your products.

8. BeoShop


Beoshop contains lots of things including slide images at the homepage, social media widgets, carousel items or a wish list for your clients and so much more. These combined with updated themes and ready-made presets will be a helpful tool in boosting your online store’s sales.

Therefore, Beoshop is considered as one of the strongest and fastest majors among plenty of BigCommerce themes.

9. Prosper Minimal

Prosper Minimal is among BigCommerce themes intended for the size and construction of your business. It is found primarily for stores that make profits from fashion-related products or jewelry.

This trendy theme has a long-size homepage, which is ideal for your items to be viewed. It is also very open and completely sensitive to both traders and shoppers.

Prosper Minimal
Prosper Minimal

10. SarahMarket


Another theme packed with a broad variety of personalization alternatives and responds fully to your requests for an ideal online shopping store.

SEO has been optimized adding to the quick-speed loading, and all product sections or best-selling products can be showcased in a plethora of ways. It will be a great option for people who are owning supermarkets or grocery stores.

11. CityCenter

CityCenter is a free and improved edition of Cornerstone Light. Accordingly, there will be several additional features coming with this particular theme.


More precisely, it includes a separate section for stores to put their phone number in the header of the website. Customers can easily catch the search bar at the top of the site. If the user hovers over his mouse, he or she would be able to lower the navigation menu subpages drop down immediately.

Another point that definitely will add up your customers’ shopping experience is that not only it has a minimal design but it is also “feature-centric and user-friendly.”

12. Shop Town

Shop Town
Shop Town

If you are a professional BigCommerce user wanting to upgrade your store to a new level, ShopTown is perfect for that. It will show you all the advantages that free BigCommerce themes can not do so.

By paying a little bit more money, your customers can witness the zoom magnifier and additional picture sliders which will differentiate your items from those of competitors. Furthermore, store owners will get high-quality help from theme developers and many fantastic features like an uber-sensitive theme and a product page that is easy to load.

This is a Stencil framework-based multipurpose theme of BigCommerce. Consequently, it is worthy of being used by every form of an online shop and is entirely configurable.

13. Showroom Refined

The theme Showroom is similar to the Cornerstone theme. As an example, it is divided into 4 separate styles and one of them named Showroom Refined.

Showroom Refined
Showroom Refined

This BigCommerce layout is tailored for you if your store is selling a small number of products. Its style can give your e-commerce business an elegant look and attract more consumers.

With its broad product picture slides right when your customers click on the websites and the details of the most common products added underneath, it is much easier for you to increase your conversion rate.

How to choose the best BigCommerce themes?

Among a large number of BigCommerce themes sold in the Theme MarketPlace, you must be in a dilemma, not knowing which one you should choose for your online store. That is why we have provided this section answering this difficult question.

  1. The theme you chose should have the correct mixture of visual elements, informative content, as well as CTAs, should be well-working. If you pick the right one, your store will immediately draw more users. This is the same meaning with higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates.

  2. You should understand the characteristics of your biggest section for targeted customers deeply. Based on this, choosing a BigCommerce theme will no longer be a challenge for your store. The store’s style should be complemented with your future goals, whether it is millennials, families and do not even miss on children.

  3. Each of your customers uses various browsers. Because of this, store owners should make decisions based on the responsiveness of their websites. Plus your online store’s site should also be available on a variety of devices so that you can optimize your website’s scope and usability.

  4. The color of your website’s theme is another important factor. Picking the right one will result in a satisfying shopping experience. Colors will also help customers to concentrate on the CTA and increase the conversion rate. Hence, it can not be too edgy or contrasting because it will be impossible for users to look at it.

  5. One of the most significant things is the SEO-friendly of your website. If customers can not locate a website by looking for it on Google, it is pointless to open an online store. Therefore, your website should be SEO-oriented so that it will appear on the first page of Google results.

  6. It would be more beneficial to customize your own BigCommerce theme if your company is special and want it to stand out from other competitors. You can use banners and slides to illustrate your deals, catch leads, commercials, and introduce new product lines.

  7. Picking the best theme for your online store and knowing how to leverage it would be much simpler for you to improve your annual revenue. This should be listed as the first thing to do in creating your successful online website.

Final thoughts

Before officially introducing your online store to the customer, you will be provided with multiple BigCommerce themes. Choosing the right one will attract potential customers, evaluate your conversion rate, and result in increased profits. But there are still several obstacles you need to overcome to pick the right theme for your business successfully.

Mentioned above are some of the best themes created and sold by BigCommerce we think will be suitable for your upcoming online business. Tips for a perfect theme for your store are also discussed in the article.

We hope that your questions about BigCommerce themes will be answered fully in our article.

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