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9 Best Bulk Order Apps for BigCommerce

Quick Shop by Capacity-web-solutions

BigCommerce Bulk Order Apps by Capacity-web-solutions

Quick Shop is built as a user-friendly app to help shoppers bulk add products. It offers a straightforward way to order a variety of products at a time within a few seconds.

So why QuickShop? Wholesale nowadays is becoming more and more popular as it comes with huge profits, so betting B2B customers’ experience is always considered important. QuickShop allows customers to add many products with the Add All to Cart button by going to Quick Shop Page and modifying Quantity. You are permitted to select categories or any products you want to display in Quick Shop Page. 50 Products are allowed to be displayed per page. Also, product image effect setting and fly-out image speed management are available. The quantity status can be hidden/displayed and managed as well.

Customers’ wishlist can be configured in the category dropdown. When a customer selects this option in the dropdown menu, all products in his / her wishlist will be shown. On top of that, category wise products can be sorted by alphabetical order and price (Ascending or Descending), Newest items, and Highlighted items. Also, searching for exact products has never been easier with the given Ajax autocomplete search feature.

Highlight features

Price: $29/month, 7 days free trial

Rating: 24 - 5.0 / 5

MinMax Order Limits by Spurit

BigCommerce Bulk Order Apps by Spurit

Created with its vendor’s full awareness of the demand for an inventory / order-managing app, MinMax Order Limits comes with the ability to set minimal and maximum values for any specific customer’s order.

To go more into detail, with MinMax Order Limits, you can set limits to the quantity of a certain type of product, variant, collection, vendor, or tag so that customers will be forbidden from adding more than the valid number of a product. On the base of the total price, total quantity, weight, the number of different items, or customers, you can adjust these limits. You may wonder why so here is the answer: It can help you take control over the way your customers purchase for their order and avoid those orders that bring no profit or may cause revenue cuts. Please note that it is possible to add exclusion to rules according to product types, collections, vendors, target customers, non-customers, or certain customer tags.

Please keep in mind that it requires no coding skills or acknowledgment about tech things. Feel free to customize all popups and warning texts to match your website’s theme and highlight them so that you can inform the rules and limits to your web’s visitors.

Highlight features

Price: $12.95/month 14 days free trial

Rating: 9 - 4.0 / 5

BundleB2B by Bundleb2b

BigCommerce Bulk Order Apps by Bundleb2b

BundleB2B is a comprehensive application that comes with B2B features and functionality for any business type and scale. With BundleB2B, you can better your B2B operations and offer transactions with no seams and self-service account capabilities to B2B customers.

More specifically, sales representatives can access shopping lists made by shoppers in the company, add more products to cart, and place orders. They are also allowed to generate a quote for the customer they are assigned to and add discounts. For tracking purposes, an open key reference number field is available. Furthermore, buyers are allowed to create, manage, and save many shopping lists for later use. Senior Buyers or Company Administrators may make approval for a purchase. You can also do some address management such as pre-approved Billing and Shipping addresses set up, lowering the risk of mistakes in open-keying addresses, and both Company Administrators and Sales Reps can change addresses if permitted.

Regarding roles and permissions of users, corporate accounts are manageable, and so are multiple tiers of buyers with assigned roles and permissions. The Company Administrator can manage addresses, and users, approve shopping lists, purchase orders, and view company order history. To take control over them all, install BundleB2B today!

Highlight features

Price: $100/month

Rating: 3 - 5.0 / 5

Bulk Order & Wholesale by MINIBC by Minibc

BigCommerce Bulk Order Apps by Minibc

Bulk Order & Wholesale is a functional app created by the vendor MINIBC. This is an app built for bulk order or wholesale, which means it comes with a fair amount of flexibility, raising your chance of getting more orders from potential buyers in the most efficient manner.

With this extension, your users can order with provided search features (List Mode) or a grid view on category pages using a single page only. Some additional functions are available, such as showing real-time inventory, custom sorting options, easy to lazy load your products in list view, filter by keyword or category for better display, and even more. You are also allowed to make a specific page or multiple pages visible to or hidden from certain groups assigned or make pages go public. To make things easier and shorten the order process for bulk buyers for quick modification, bulk product pricing is assigned.

You may find the job of uploading CSV complicated and time-consuming, so bulk CSV upload is the key to solve this problem. If you need to generate customer group discounts, feel free to, discounts can be customized easily. Sounds interesting yet? Get this app and better your bulk order process to retain shoppers!

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Price: $49.99/month

Rating: 2 - 3.0 / 5

Product Option Grid by Intuitsolutions

BigCommerce Bulk Order Apps by Intuitsolutions

Selling in bulk can be time-consuming and annoying to customers if your product page is not built appropriately for this type of sale. Product Option Grid by IntuitSolutions is the proper solution in this case.

As the name of the app, Product Option Grid by IntuitSolutions provides the grid format for the product option on your product page. If your product has two options, each will be split into rows and columns. Then your customers need to choose the volume they want to buy for each option. Product Option Grid is perfect for products with one or two options. You can choose which feature to display in the grid format. It may require additional customization if your products have more than two options. With the Product Option Grid, customers can buy multiple products at once with the volume they choose for each option. It makes bulk buying easier than ever. Moreover, Product Option Grid consolidates your product listings. You can see the app optimizes your product management when it cuts down on product database management. Last but not least, your current option pricing and image rules are respected, so you do not have to worry if the Product Option Grid would mess it up.

If you are hesitating to install Product Option Grid by IntuitSolutions, the app is fully responsive, mobile-friendly, and supports all themes of BigCommerce. Just grab it and enjoy the improvement of your product page.

Highlight features

  • Provide grid format for product options
  • Allow customers to order multiple products at once
  • Consolidate lists of products
  • Allow to choose which feature to display
  • Support existing option pricing and image rules

Price: $1495

Rating: - / 5

Quick Order Page by Intuitsolutions

BigCommerce Bulk Order Apps by Intuitsolutions

Quick Order Page is one of the most professional and creative applications of IntuitSolutions that helps eCommerce business doers improve their customers’ experience by searching for products by name or SKU and inserting them directly to the Cart without navigating throughout the site. This smart search page is an ideal solution for better business management.

First, Quick Order Page supports customers with Product Options and Quantity to allow them to insert the exact color, size, and quantity of what they want easily. This intelligent app is suitable for B2B or bulk/wholesale customers by saving them more time for the buying process. You can also insert unlimited Products directly to the Cart at once and determine regular customers who repurchase Products. Moreover, this add-on enhances user experience by getting consumers through the purchase pipeline faster. You can drive more sales to your business by enabling customers to fill their Carts with just a few keystrokes. Quick Order Page always reminds customers not to leave items behind and stimulates them to spend more by easing them to find items and add them to Cart. Therefore, you can increase more order value and get more sales. Besides, this add-on is also perfect for sales reps by letting them create carts based on phone orders. The developers of this app can restrict access to just your sales team.

Finally, installing Quick Order Page now to make use of all its golden features.

Highlight features

  • Find product with a product name or SKU into the Quick Order search bar
  • Allow your B2B and wholesale customers to shop
  • Fasten the purchase pipeline by allowing customers to fill their Carts with just a few keystrokes
  • Boost average order value
  • Create carts based on phone orders

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Add All To Cart by Intuitsolutions

BigCommerce Bulk Order Apps by Intuitsolutions

Add All To Cart is one of the most popular and creative eCommerce applications of IntuitSolutions that supports business doers and customers to make bulk ordering faster and easier. This all-inclusive app is an ideal solution to boost customers’ experience when shopping at your online store.

Firstly, Add All To Cart helps business managers insert quantity boxes to each Product on the Category page. You can then enable consumers to pay unlimited Products at once without navigating away from the Category page. Also, this app works perfectly for wholesale consumers who purchase in bulk. Still, it’s also a great addition to any site where consumers pick up unlimited items in a single order. Moreover, you can easily set up order many variations at once and manage all the processes effectively to complete customers’ relationships. Besides, with only 1 to 3 business days of installation, you can own the most powerful tool for your business management system to drive more sales. Further, this app is mobile-friendly and responsive to all BigCommerce Themes like Stencil and Blueprint. And, your business can always receive the support of an Expert BigCommerce Developer.

In a nutshell, Add All To Cart is a must-try software for sale managers to improve their online benefits.

Highlight features

  • Insert quantity boxes to each Product on the Category page
  • Enable consumers to pay unlimited Products at once without navigating away from the Category page
  • Suitable for wholesale and B2B purchasing
  • Supported by an Expert BigCommerce Developer
  • Responsive for any mobile device

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Interval Quantity by Intuitsolutions

BigCommerce Bulk Order Apps by Intuitsolutions

Interval Quantity is a case and pack quantity solution of IntuitSolutions that supports eCommerce business doers to manage the quantities your consumers can pay for, and to instantly show the accurate cost per unit and total cost as the Product quantity changes.

Firstly, IntuitSolutions develops Interval Quantity to handle the issues of selling joint B2B/B2C or in bulk. Detailed, this app allows customers to pay for specific intervals such as packs of 5 or cases of 24 or get in specific quantities to access distinctive price points. So, you can easily sell products cases, packs, and other set Product quantities. Also, Interval Quantity facilitates function in improving your inventory management, pricing information for B2C, wholesale, and B2B customers. Moreover, you can easily request customers to purchase in unique quantities or intervals. They can also view the dynamic “per unit” price of products and the correct price per unit and total price. Besides, this software enhances your B2B or Bulk/Wholesale customers’ user experience with improved pricing information.

Overall, Interval Quantity is a professional and powerful platform for all business managers over the world. Installing this app will never regret you and your business to drive more sales and orders.

Highlight features

  • Allow to sell products in cases, packs, pallet, or boxes
  • Keep track of both the Cost Per Unit and Total Price in real time
  • Drive bulk discount into account and display customers accurately what they are purchasing for
  • Boost user experience for your B2B or Bulk/Wholesale customers
  • Show dynamic per unit price of Products

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

QuickBuy by Springmerchant

BigCommerce Bulk Order Apps by Springmerchant

Are you having concerns about a bulk ordering app for your online store? Not a big deal; QuickBuy is created to help you with it as you are allowed to access a bunch of helpful features.

To be more specific, it allows you to save time entering orders using the CSV import functionality rather than manually adding orders for your customers. A CSV file can be imported with two columns: SKU and Qty, so that there is no need for customers to browse every product and manually add it to the cart but enter the SKU or import the CSV file. This is helpful, especially for those complex orders that contain many different types of products. Furthermore, after adding a product to the cart, your customers can change their quantity by hitting the Add and Remove buttons. Also, you can generate discounts for specific or target customers/customer groups. And, no more concern about the inventory level for each product. All these things are to boost as many sales as possible.

Some other features that are contained include Using a simple CSV file with two columns to import bulk products; real-time inventory levels are shown for every SKU. Install the app now to explore more!

Highlight features

Price: $29/month

Rating: - / 5

If you are selling to wholesalers or B2B customers, it’s critical that you have an intuitive bulk ordering system that makes it easy for your customers to purchase from your store.

Particularly, in a competitive eCommerce market like BigCommerce, you need a critical tool that helps things done more efficiently. Bulk order apps are proving to be an all-around solution for any BigCommerce stores that serve a large number of customers who purchase in bulk.

If you are interested in investing in a bulk order app to enjoy the fruit of it, keep your eyes on the following information to know more about BigCommerce bulk order apps.

Outstanding features of BigCommerce Bulk Order apps

Fast searching & ordering

BigCommerce bulk order apps make it easier than ever for your customers to purchase in bulk. Your customers will not have to search for each item in your store and add one by one to their cart. With these fast ordering apps, they can search multiple products by SKU with a single click via product category search. Or, by importing bulk products with a CSV file, the time to search and add products to carts will be shortened to the fullest. This is critically useful to generate more repeat sales from customers with a high volume of orders, which also means a higher bottom line for your business.

While this method offers your customers the convenience to buy a large number of products, it also simplifies the process of handling orders for your sales reps as multiple orders from a single account can be combined in one order. You can handle your wholesale orders without any difficulty.

Online invoice tracking

BigCommerce bulk order apps put convenience across the process of purchasing online for your customers. It doesn’t stop by quick searching and ordering. Your customers can track their carts and order information online via a transparent and intelligent invoice tracking system.

The apps enable your customers to view, track, and pay for their B2B invoices online. They can also make payments for more than one invoice at a time, pay in full, or make partial invoice payments.

Show real-time inventory

Using bulk order apps in your BigCommerce store will save you a lot of time in inventory management. The apps have tools to organize, track, and update your inventory in real-time. You can get real-time visibility of your inventory and keep track of the stock status on time. Because dealing with wholesale customers involves much larger volumes of inventory, having real-time access to current stock levels is imperative.

Shared shopping lists

Another outstanding feature of BigCommerce bulk order apps is that it enables shared shopping lists. In particular, your customers can manage and save multiple shopping lists within the app so that they can retrieve and use them for future purchases. All users can create shopping lists easily and use them anytime.

Buyer management

Managing a large number of customers in a wholesale or B2B business is a critically important yet complicated task. You can get everything done more efficiently with BigCommerce bulk order apps’ corporate account management feature.

The apps help you create different tiers of buyers with particular roles and permissions when accessing your store. You are fully in control of assigning roles for users and setting their right limit to perform actions on your store. For example, senior buyers can approve shopping lists, make purchases, and view company order history while junior buyers can only create shopping lists and view company order history.

Why should use BigCommerce Bulk Order apps

Fast and effective ordering for wholesales

With BigCommerce bulk order apps, you can take the wholesale buying process on your store to the next level. Help your customers purchase a massive number of products with ease and therefore, increase the chance of successful checkout for your store.

Instead of searching for each product and adding it to the shopping cart one by one, your customers can add products in bulk via SKU or CSV file. It saves a lot of time for your customers and reduces the errors that often occur when you have to do the same thing a lot of time like adding products to carts again and again.

Work across devices

BigCommerce bulk order apps work smoothly across devices. No matter from what devices your customers access your store, it rests assured to deliver your customers a frequently intuitive experience all the time.

Fully responsive

The apps are fully responsive and mobile-friendly. It doesn’t impact your store performance, on the contrary, makes it more functional and interactive. Some apps improve the appearance and usability of your Product Pages by displaying Product Options in an easy-to-use grid which makes it easy for customers to see what they’re ordering and the total cost.

Save time for customers

Your customers can add a large number of products to their cart in a single click. A lot of time saved means the user experience improves and more successful purchases are completed.

Boost sales

Once your customers are delighted with purchasing products in bulk from your store, they are more likely to return and continue working on a long-lasting relationship with your business.

Things to consider when choosing a BigCommerce Bulk Order app

Ease of use

BigCommerce bulk order apps are easy to use but you still need to make sure that you understand the app and can leverage every aspect of it. Once you get the app perfectly set on your store and can run as smooth as it should be, you can rely on it to maximize your workflow and create a better experience for your customers. You only make the best out of an exceptional app once you can use it at your fingertips. That is it!

Back-end compatibility

BigCommerce bulk order apps will help you manage your wholesale inventory, so it’s imperative that the app is compatible well with your inventory management to improve it.


Choose an app that offers pricing within your budget. The app needs to match your requirements about the features, support, and scalability as well. Then you can estimate the budget that you are willing to spend on the app based on these factors. The prices are not the same in different apps, so make sure to check out multiple options to compare and find the best affordable and well-functioned app.

Choose the best app for your business!

A good bulk order app will help you increase your sales efficiency and grow your profits in no time. So it’s crucial to choose an app with critical features that your business needs to uplevel its efficiency. If you are looking for an app like that, here’s a list of best BigCommerce bulk order apps we’ve been collecting based on different criteria. It may help you choose a suitable app for your business. Here is a list of the best BigCommerce Bulk Order apps that may help you find your solution. Have a look!

The list of the 9 best BigCommerce Bulk Order apps is kept up-to-date on a regular basis by our team. Please feel free to reach us out if you have any questions related to this app review.

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