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27+ Best BigCommerce Reviews Apps from hundreds of the Reviews reviews in the market (BigCommerce Apps Store, BigCommerce Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Reviews does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Reviews app collection is ranked and result in June 2024, the price from $0. You find free, paid Reviews apps or alternatives to Reviews also.

27 Best Reviews Apps for BigCommerce Product Reviews & UGC by Stamped

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Stamped

Trusted by more than 30,000 retailers worldwide, Stamped Product Review & UGC is a powerful tool for merchants to increase their reliability and sales by user-generated content. With it, you can receive more reviews and ratings, manage, and analyze them with ease.

Via Product Review & UGC, you are offered three options to send review requests to your purchased customers. It can be through email, Facebook Messenger, or SMS. Moreover, this platform analyzes your users generated content such as reviews, ratings, videos, images, questions, answers, and so on. Notably, it is equipped with the net promoter score, which will measure your customers’ happiness and then transfer it to figure and specific categories to marketer acknowledging what users think about your products. You can also encourage your users to upload photos and videos and then be automatically modified to adapt to every device from desktops to mobile devices. It can again turn users’ images posted on Instagram into shoppable galleries and retargeting ads. You possibly exploit these images and videos to increase trust. Furthermore, it is possible to display customer reviews in any pages on your store like homepage, category page, product page, and checkout page.

Besides, there are numerous additional features such as rights management, checkout review, community Q&A, custom form, syndicate off-site reviews, etc.

Highlight features

  • Send review requests
  • Analyze users generated content
  • generate more visual reviews
  • Display reviews in different pages
  • Measure reviewers’ happiness by net promoter score

Price: 0

Rating: 165 - 5 / 5

Product Reviews by

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by

Product Reviews is an application that collects product reviews automatically. It helps to manage reviews, display reviews to increase sales.

Firstly, all the reviews are on autopilot, meaning Product Review sends out review request emails automatically to your buyers. You can choose which fully customizable email templates you want to send out, the time of the day, and then automatically publish all reviews. Using powerful review marketing like collecting photos reviews from buyers and displaying them on your website, send out incentives to get more sales, transfer reviews between different channels, and submit product reviews to Google Shopping to increase your CTR. All of the powerful tools aimed to prove credibility and increase sales. Also, you can customize widgets and designs by your themes without learning how to code. You can adjust the organization of the page, styles, and colors to match your brand image. The enterprise feature allows you to custom form your request, sharing reviews for product groups, blacklisting for review requests, and the question and answer feature. This makes it perfectly suitable for the enterprise. Lastly, Product Review provides 24.7 customer support to make migration easy. It is there to help you with anything on the application.

In conclusion, Product Review is the perfect app for reviews as it has features that solve all of your concerns and problems related to reviews. Start using Product Review to generate more product reviews and increase conversion rates.

Highlight features

  • Automatically sends out review request emails
  • Help to sell more with powerful review marketing tools
  • Personalized widgets and designs
  • Enterprise features including question & answer, custom forms, etc
  • 24/7 customer support available

Price: 0

Rating: 24 - 4.5 / 5

Trustpilot Reviews by Trustpilot

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a mighty tool for merchants to increase reliability by feedback from customers. With it, you can receive more customer reviews and manage them without any difficulties.

Via Trustpilot, you can send review request invitation emails to your customers after each time purchasing, send them reminder email if they forget, and let them leave ratings on your site. Instead of creating email templates for this kind of email, you can take advantage of Trustpilot’s library’s available ones. Moreover, your customer reviews will go into detail considerably when they can leave their comment about your products, services, and even locations, but not in general as usual. Getting plenty of reviews is good, but if you can’t manage it well, it will become your business’s obstacle. But don’t worry, Trustpilot gives such features like replying, detecting, and reporting reviews, which helps you show your care for their feedback, check the authenticity of customers, and report the fake reviews as well. Additionally, your customers’ reviews will be displayed in a suitable place with Trustpilot. For example, when searching on Google, your customer ratings will be shown right below the title, which increases the clicking rates on your site. Trustpilot also provides you with analytics and reports, which help you keep track of all the data with ease. With it, you will acknowledge the percentage of positive, neutral, and negative reviews so that you can find the solution for it timely.

In short, if you are looking for a platform to increase your trust score and manage reviews, highly recommend Trustpilot.

In short, if you are looking for a platform to increase your trustcore and manage reviews, highly recommend Truspilot.

Highlight features

  • Send review invitations
  • Get review from customers
  • Manage reviews
  • Display reviews
  • Analyze reviews

Price: 0

Rating: 14 - 3.5 / 5

Product Review Importer & Exporter by

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by

Product Review Importer and Exporter is a great solution to publicize product reviews on your BigCommerce stores.

Multiple reviews are not a problem anymore because you can upload all of them via a CSV file, which saves a lot of time for you while reducing the errors in manual review importing. One thing you need to be careful is about the template and format of your CSV file. Make sure to choose the date format to DD/MM/YY in excel and save as CSV file to upload your product reviews appropriately.

It’s important to put product reviews on your web pages, espcially product pages. Good product reviews indicated that your products are reliable to purchase. It increases the chances of your products bought by customers and ensure that they make a purchase with peace of mind. Therefore, having a Product Review Importer and Exporter at your disposal will be critically helpful.

Highlight features

  • Import, export product reviews via CSV file
  • Import and export multiple reviews with ease

Price: 0

Rating: 13 - 3.5 / 5

TargetBay by Targetbay

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Targetbay

TargetBay is an eCommerce revenue generation app that integrates with your business. It focuses on getting, collecting reviews, sending emails, and avoiding abandoned carts. The core of it is its powerful customer analytics.

Firstly, TargetBay helps you collect reviews by sending out emails right after the product is delivered. The process is automated. It not only saves time but also helps to organized and store the reviews for you. To provide more initiative for the customers to write their review, TargetBay allows customers to write reviews easily through their emails. Also, you can be in touch with your customers through personalized triggered emails. You can use the drag and drop feature to build email and designs email seamlessly. To gain more sales, the customer analytics system stops cart abandonment with triggered cart abandonment emails. There are ready pre-made email templates for you to send out.

In conclusion, TargetBay is a fully-featured well-rounded application that helps to generate revenue for your business. Along with the features mentioned, it also gets verified reviews, builds a Q&A forum, sends out reminder emails, etc. It also gets many recommendations from other businesses to start integrating TargetBay to generate more revenue and other advantages.

Highlight features

  • Automate review collection by sending out emails at the right time
  • Allow customers send back review straight on email
  • Personalized triggered emails lead to more responses
  • Drag and drop email builder for design customization
  • Triggered pop up to stop shopping cart abandonment

Price: $199/month

Rating: 8 - 4.5 / 5

Google Customer Reviews by Meggnotec

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Meggnotec

Google Customer Reviews is a product of Meggnotec that helps merchants collect their purchased customer’s reviews with ease. These reviews, then, will be changed to ratings and shown on Google Search Ads or Google Shopping.

With the help of Google Customer Reviews, you will have opportunities to collect more reviews since after each time a customer buys an item a rating request email will be sent to him/ her. Due to your request, the rate of customers giving feedback will increase considerably. Otherwise, you are able to provide them with a Google customer survey which includes several questions for you to rate different factors in your purchasing process. Therefore, instead of writing on their own, the sole necessary task for them is to click on the star they think your service and product deserve. After collecting reviews, Google Customer Reviews will analyze and measure customer reviews to transfer these reviews to rating scores like stars to display on Google. These stars, which often range from one to five will be displayed with Google’s brand. Since the rating represents the feedback of purchased customers, it is an important element that decides whether a person clicks on your product or not.

In conclusion, it can’t be denied that Google Customer Reviews is a helpful tool to boost sales and improve customer trust by encouraging customers to leave feedback and turning them into ratings.

Highlight features

  • Collect customer reviews & qualify for seller ratings
  • Customize the display of Google badge & opt-in
  • Gain more insight into your seller ratings
  • Offer customer review surveys
  • Save time maintaining account

Price: $4.99/month, 15 days free trial

Rating: 6 - 4.5 / 5

Yotpo Reviews by Yotpo

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Yotpo

Yotpo Reviews is an efficient tool for eCommerce stores to increase sales. With it, you will get more photos, videos, queries, and content written by your customers, which increases the reliability and transactions for your stores.

Using Yotpo, the number of reviews and questions in your pages will increase significantly. It allows you to automatically send emails asking for reviews of purchased customers, offer them custom widgets to make it easier for them, and provide them some incentives to promote them, leaving their feedback. Moreover, you are given the ability to place your customer reviews in crucial positions of your home pages, category pages, product pages, and checkout page. Therefore, regardless of the page they visit, they always see the practical feedback from other people. To help you drive more traffic and increase leads conversion, Yotpo leverages all the features in Facebook and Google from Google Shopping Ads, Google Seller Ratings, Rich Snippets to Social Ads, Social Share, and Social Push. Additionally, you can do everything from moderating to optimizing your content in just one platform: Yotpo. Hence, you can easily manage your business from any place and at any time.

Besides, Yotpo also enables you to integrate seamlessly with various applications such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

Highlight features

  • Encourage customer to give feedback
  • Show customer reviews at crucial positions
  • Exploit Google and Facebook’s features to attract more customers
  • Link Yotpo with multiple apps easily
  • Measure and optimize your content in one platform

Price: 0

Rating: 4.5 - 228 / 5

Feefo by Feefo

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Feefo

Feefo is a helpful merchandising platform for any merchants. It helps them receive more reviews from their customers, enhance customers’ experience, and have a deep insight into their business and potential customers.

With the help of Feefo, you are able to get more authentic reviews than with others since it only sends a review request email of a product to customers who already buy this product. Hence, this way provides you real feedback to improve your products and increase the trust of visitors. After getting the reviews, Feefo will verify and measure them by Net Promoter Score to transfer them to seller ratings. As it is a licensed partner of Google, these ratings will be directly delivered to Google and displayed as Google Star. Moreover, Feefo will automatically respond to customers who leave feedback, which helps customers feel nurtured carefully. It also enables you to add tags, track data, and get reports to deepen your business insight. And you can add your customer reviews when advertising on Facebook, which is one of the most popular social networks globally.

In conclusion, it can be denied that Feefo is a mighty method to get more customer reviews and gain more trust from browsers.

Highlight features

  • Get reviews only from purchased customers
  • Verify and measure reviews with net promoter score
  • Respond to customer reviews
  • Add tags, track data and get reports of key themes
  • Display your reviews on Facebook advertising

Price: 0

Rating: 4 - 4 / 5

Fera Social Proof by Nudgify

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Nudgify

Fera is a social proof network that helps you take advantage of your current client base and turn more shoppers into customers.

Here are some amazing features that Fera Social Proof has to offer. First, it can put a timer on the web pages showing how much time the shopper has left to place an order to get the merchandise by the date of the ship that will be delivered as soon as possible. Fera Social Proof also tells when a specific item is in low stock and the number of new viewers and recent order counters in the specifics of your product. To increase sales, Fera Social displays how many consumers are watching a product at the moment, how many people have recently bought it, and how many customers are seeking it out right now.

Besides, if you are putting on a limited promotion for holidays such as Christmas or Cyber Monday, Fera Social Proof can help with Countdown Promo in the Topbar. You can attach a customizable countdown promo bar to count down before a given time/set date. Next, it also displays a timer in the shopping cart and checkout to encourage consumers to keep track of their orders and increase sales levels. You can also sweeten the bargain by adding a personalized discount!. Not only that, but Fera Social Proof also shows updates from other consumers on recent activities and is involved in the commodity your customer is looking at. This you can do as a feed for social proof (no popup!) or as a popup.

A 30-day free trial is now readily available for anyone. So, what are you looking for?

Highlight features

  • Pop-ups and media evidence feeds (recent shopper events)
  • Easy packing & Top Bars for countdown promo
  • Low Stock, Active Viewer and Previous Order Counters in The Item Information Pages AND Category Pages
  • Timers Cart & Checkout
  • Template & appearance fully customisable

Price: 30 days free trial, $29/month

Rating: 4 - 5 / 5

Verified Reviews by Net-reviews

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Net-reviews

Verified Reviews an integration that allows you to collect customer reviews about your website and products. An email will be sent to customers about writing a review after purchasing a product. You can then display that review on your website to increase your product’s credibility.

First of all, by displaying verified reviews from customers, it can lead to more sales. As people often trust a third party more or someone who has used the product than the business itself. It increases the reliability and credibility of your products when someone reviews good things about it. Verified Reviews is suitable for all brands as it can be customized closely to your brand image. You can also use the premade emails and forms templates to send to customers asking them to write their reviews. Through having nice visuals, it can motivate customers to write good reviews. It is centralized platform management where you can moderate, publish, decline customer reviews, website reviews, and product reviews all on one site. It’s more convenient and saves time this way. There are specific moderation areas that allow you to manage and moderate a review, seeing their orders’ details. This can help to understand your customers better and improve on the feedback they give you.

In conclusion, Verified Reviews is great for managing customer reviews and using them for your business benefits. The advantages of using it include increased product pages SEO, increase sales, boost trust, etc. Start using Verified Reviews to use customer reviews as the best form of advertising.

Highlight features

  • Increase sales by displaying verified reviews
  • Suitable for any type of brand image because it's customizable
  • Centralised platform management
  • Allow products moderations
  • Pre made emails and form templates

Price: $99/month, 15 days free trial

Rating: 3 - 5.0 / 5 by

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by is one of the most creative and powerful merchandising applications in the BigCommerce that helps eCommerce business doers bring in more advanced review solutions on the market. This app lets eCommerce stores accelerate their on-site conversion rates by getting and showing customer feedback.

First, offers online merchants the content license with Google to display your reviews across the web, proven to grow trust in your business, traffic to your site, and your bottom line. Moreover, this app operates an easy-to-use review-writing process for your customers that does not require you an account or to signup to verify all reviews. You can also easily make use of professional features such as in-email review collection to collect the best review conversion rates. Besides, your customer will enjoy reading reviews in the on-page review content, so your online store can better SEO for your site and collect social proof for business growth. Plus, the product reviews and star ratings on your product page search results, increase traffic to your site. You can take advantage of four main ‘elements’ you can mix and match to satisfy your requirements, including Company & Product Reviews, Q & A, and Instagram. Additionally, REVIEWS. allows you to tag products in your preferred UGC and pull it into a widget to generate a shoppable Instagram Gallery. You can also build modern images for all the leading social media platforms and Google Display Ads.

To conclude, owns multiple functions for your business’s growth. So, install this amazing app right now.

Highlight features

  • Not require an account or log in to vetify all reviews
  • Present on-page review content for customer to read
  • Show SEO benefits with star ratings on your product page search results
  • Allow to tag products in your favourite UGC and pull it into a widget to build a shoppable Instagram Gallery
  • Provide drag-and-drop to generate your design

Price: 0

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

Kudobuzz Social & Photo Reviews by Kudobuzz

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Kudobuzz

Kudobuzz Social and Photo Reviews is an effective app to collect and showcase customer and photo reviews.

The app enables you to automatically send email request to your customers. You can show your reviews in the homepage, product pages and social channels to increase traffic and sales. Your customers can also submit their reviews along with ratings and photos about their orders with the support of multiple review collection channels. It’s also easy for you to organize and showcase your customers’ review neatly on your webpages by using mobile-optimized widgets. The app allows you to show as many widgets as you want. If you are also on Facebook, Etsy, and Amazon, you can sync exisiting reviews from these platforms to show them on your BigCommerce website.

What’s more with Kudobuzz and Photo Reviews, you can also comment on your customers’ reviews to interact with them, which is a useful way to communicate with customers and increase their engagement with your store.

Highlight features

  • Reviews, rating and photos
  • Showcase unlimited widgets
  • Customizable logo, layouts, colors, language
  • Collect social reviews

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Booking-Reviews by Elfsight

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Elfsight

The Elfsight Booking Reviews tool helps you display your guests’ opinions about your inn-place published on You can mask negative feedback by adding three filters; add Booking’s star and number ranking, disclose real guest details, and display a call-to-action button to help visitors share their opinions on Booking.

The widget header showcases a star rating and the cumulative number of users who recommended your place with their images. These elements are clickable and will take a user to your Booking site, increasing customer trust, gaining greater accountability. You will get new feedback for your company on booking with a convincing call-to-action and a button. There is an active button for Elfsight Booking Reviews that allows each user to compose their reviews. Clicking the “Yes” button will carry a user to your booking page, and pressing No will show a text message from you. Elfsight Booking Reviews offers four layout options: you can list your reviews, organize them into a grid, display them as a slider, or pick a form of a badge. You can change the widget width and height depending on your needs, and control the header. You can also pick a review template, display or cover its elements, such as the author’s name, picture, and booking icon.

To sum up, if you are looking for a tool that can claim and retain new customers with your great social evidence on your website, consider a simple setup with interface management involving no-coding skills; Elfsight’s Booking Reviews is just the perfect one for you.

Highlight features

  • Display reviews on your sites with details
  • The header with confidence-raising elements
  • Compelling call-to-action for more feedbacks
  • Options Layouts and templates

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Airbnb-Reviews by Elfsight

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Elfsight

The Elfsight Airbnb Reviews widget allows you to show customer feedbacks about your apartment or hotel published on Airbnb. With the aid of filters, you can filter out unwanted reviews, show your star rating and number rating, display authors’ info, and place an active call-to-action button that will encourage people to submit another recommendation about your site. Elfsight Airbnb Feedback can help show your high degree of social evidence on the website and attract new customers.

The widget header contains a star review and the total number of users with their photos, which recommended your location. These active elements will take a user to your Airbnb page, increasing customer trust, and showing greater accountability. You can invite guests to leave some reviews about your company on Airbnb with a call-to-action and a button. Elfsight Airbnb Reviews has an action button that can be used to submit a recommendation. When your user presses the “Yes” button, they can enter your Airbnb page, and when they press “no”, they will see a text message from you. Elfsight Airbnb Reviews widget will help you display comprehensive reviews with the author’s name, photo, and link to your Airbnb account. You can use filters to disclose only the best reviews, vary text settings, show ratings, and more. Automatic updates will make sure that all fresh feedback also gets to the web. You can choose between 4 layout options: set your reviews as a list, create them into a grid, display them as a slider, or choose a form of a badge. Depending on your needs, you can customize the widget’s width and height and control the header. You can also pick a review template, display or delete its features, such as the name of the author, the photo, the Airbnb icon, and more.

To sum up, if you are looking for a tool that can raise trust by revealing feedback of actual clients with the author’s details; attract new tourists with your high ranking and the gratitude of the users; entice more feedback to your Airbnb account with redirect button., Elfsight Airbnb Reviews is just the perfect one for you.

Highlight features

  • Share Airbnb feedback with visitors
  • Display ratings and active elements
  • Add compelling call-to-action button
  • Customizable template and layout

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Facebook Reviews by Elfsight

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Elfsight

Facebook Reviews is one of the most creative and powerful site tools of Elfsight that helps eCommerce business doers, retailers, merchants, and more to indicate reviews from your Facebook page on the pages of your website. This platform will help you build the trust of your brand with high social proof.

Elfsight sets up Facebook Reviews for your online store to connect reviews from your Facebook business page into your website so that you will be the admin of your Facebook page. Also, it will post reviews on your website and sync them when new ones appear. Moreover, Elfsight allows you to arrange unwanted reviews and restrict the number to show, utilize three filters. And, it is up to you to present all reviews or only positive; hide reviews by keywords by using Exclude by the filter, and align the number of reviews to indicate with quantity filter. Besides, your page star and number ratings will be shown on the Facebook Reviews’ header widget together with the reviewer’s counter and pictures of the latest reviewers. You also have the authority to switch on and off all these elements with the header. Plus, Elfsight enables you to demonstrate and require new reviews with the review-request button. That means the button asks users to leave a review and direct to your Facebook page or opens a message with your custom text, based on the user’s decision. Elfsight provides three review templates, including Classic, Bubble, author details under the review, and Spotlight with center alignment. You can also select the layout of your widget from the List, Grid, Slider, or Masonry option.

Facebook Reviews of Elfsight ensures that your site’s most attractive and modern performance is to entice more customers and increase sales.

Highlight features

  • Post reviews on your website and sync them when new ones appear
  • Arrange unwanted reviews and restrict the number to show, utilize three filters
  • Display your page star and number ratings on the header of Facebook Reviews widget
  • Ask users to leave a review and direct to your Facebook page or use a message with your custom text
  • Provide three review templates and layout of your widget

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Safe.Shop by Sale-shop

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Sale-shop

Safe.Shop is the only trustmark and customer review framework running domestically and internationally. They help you improve your online purchases by supplying your future online buyers with a more convenient online shopping experience. An online store with a rating system, Global Code of Conduct certification, Trust Score, and Trust Badges will increase the degree of trust online customers have with their buying experience and, in turn, increase the conversion and order size.

Safe.Shop incorporates the Customer Rating Mechanism that helps you quickly gather user ratings that you can feature in your online store, all of which are seamlessly incorporated into your website without the user’s need to access any website.

You are demonstrating your reliability to potential customers by showing the Safe.Shop Trustmark on your online store. If applicable, we mediate with customers in the event of disputes and provide you with the (legal) assistance needed.

All you need to do is: First, install in extension; then register to get your access key; Add the given key to your installed app, and enjoy collecting customer reviews immediately. It takes you only 5 minutes to set up. So, what are you waiting for?

Highlight features

  • Increase revenue with a greater conversion & order size by raising customer trust
  • With our Customer Rating Scheme, gather feedback for your webshop
  • Have the webshop accredited according to certifications of various kinds
  • Prevent costs with regular legal documents and reduce risk with legal support

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

See What You Send by

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by

See What You Send is an online review site where consumers read reviews from other customers who bought flowers from a local florist. The reviews are real and authentic to help your business increase credibility and sales.

First of all, See What You Send can be integrated seamlessly into your BigCommerce website. You do not need to know how to code whatsoever; all you need to do is follow the instructions it provides you. It collects, certified, and monitored reviews. This way, you can save time and improve efficiency because See What You Send does most of the organization for you. In addition, regarding features that customers can use, they can attach a photograph of the followers into the review. By having a visual representation of the product, it is better visually and improves the trustworthiness of that review and your business. The user interface is simple, professional, and eye-catching. It can be seen as an incentive for customers to write the review because of how everything looks, but it can also be seen as a way to improve efficiency. Lastly, there are customizable templates that you can adjust the colors or styles to match your business.

Overall, if you are a florist, this is a great application for your business because it is designed to help you become successful.

Highlight features

  • Integrates See What You Send reviews seamlessly into your BigCommerce website
  • Collect, certified and monitored reviews
  • Allow customers to attach a photo of the product
  • User clean, efficient interface to increase efficiency
  • Customizable templates to match the style of your website


Rating: - / 5

Product Review Container by Ekomi

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Ekomi

Product Review Container by eKomi is the leady third-party review service specializing in the collection, managing, and publishing of seller and product ratings. It is innovative, market-leading technology and flexible, allowing you to reach maximum visitors and increase sales.

Firstly, Product Review Container use reviews they collected for you to increase the conversion rate. It is vital to building trust and customer loyalty, and what better way to do it by the publication of authentic customer reviews. Using this application can substantially increase your conversion rates, leading to higher search traffic and more sales. You can get more visitors with search engine optimized user-generated content. Its APIs are directly integrated into Google product listings, which helps websites rocket to the top in Google rankings. It delivers an efficient and proactive review gathering system that is easy to manage and set up. Also, you can gain more customers with Google Product Integration. Being listed on Google is going to be a huge opportunity to reach a large group of audiences. It can increase transaction volume with eKomi’s varied review and rating display options. Lastly, it protects you against malicious reviews through a private customer dialogue, allowing companies to address and improve customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, Product Review Container is a great app because of its functional features. Adding onto the list, it can serve to satisfy customers. It is a fully managed feedback service that lets you focus on what’s truly important: Growing your business.

Highlight features

  • Use review to increase your conversion rate
  • Assist in gaining more visitors with search engine optimized
  • Gain more customers with Google product integration
  • Display Rich Snippets on Google Organic results
  • Provide protection against malicious review

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Sitejabber by Sitejabber

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Sitejabber

Sitejabber is a platform designed to assist you in collecting and managing reviews for online businesses. It collects reviews and helps to increase customer trust, get more traffic and leads, and boost conversion rates.

First of all, Sitejabber helps to collect reviews automatically for you. It organizes the review into one place where you can preview and understand the reviews. You can either send out a special link yourself or use the automated tools and it will do it for you. Secondly, it gets leads from Google for you. The SEO review page is also available to optimize and increase traffic and leads. As soon as you get a couple of reviews you will see your business’s review page appear at the top of Google searches. Thirdly, it helps to increase revenue from new visitors as you have the credibility and validity from the reviews. Lastly, trust seals and review widgets assist in booting conversion rates.

In conclusion, Sitejabber is the leading platform for reviews of e-commerce. It offers reviews and reputation management completely free to all businesses. Overall, it helps your business to get more customers, traffic, leads, and revenue. Start using Sitejabber now so your business can be found by over 100 million consumers.

Highlight features

  • Automatically collect numerous reviews
  • Get leads from Google
  • Increase revenue from new visitors
  • SEO optimized review page to increase traffic and leads
  • Trust seals and review widgets assist to boost conversion rates

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Facebook Reviews by Omega

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Omega

Omega develops Facebook Reviews to help eCommerce business managers of any type to level up their online store rate and increase sales by attracting more potential customers. This merchandising application will handle all the problems of reviews on your online site.

Facebook Reviews is an ideal solution for online merchants to display Facebook page Reviews on the store in attractive layouts. That means you can easily make use of this tool to get ratings from the Facebook page to your store and give clients reviews regarding the company/website/services on the Facebook page. Further, Facebook Reviews enables you to share any testimonials on your store that you gain from your Facebook page. Then, you can present testimonials and reviews of the Facebook page on your store that help you accelerate your brand credibility and drive to faster sales. Besides, the Facebook Reviews app empowers you and your online team to show your FB page reviews on your store on a separate page, sidebar or embedded in the post. Also, you can edit and update long reviews for your users to read them comfortably. Your customers tend to read your positive reviews more regularly and decide to make their orders instantly, thanks to embedding your reviews directly on your store with Facebook Reviews.

Hence, Omega creates Facebook Reviews to improve your customers’ truth in your online store and products, so you can effectively boom sales.

Highlight features

  • Display Facebook page Reviews on store in attractive layouts
  • Let customer view real people commenting good things about your business
  • Allow to choose which reviews would be presented on the front-end
  • Trim long reviews for your users to read them conveniently
  • Present testimonials and reviews of the Facebook page on your store

Price: $6.99/month, 14 days free trial

Rating: - / 5

Yelp Reviews by Elfsight

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Elfsight

Elfsight is a famous vendor with multiple modern and smart technology applications that support eCommerce business doers of all types to control their online store system and get more sales. One of the ideal and perfect choices for any online store to insert reviews that visitors left on Yelp straight on your website is Yelp Reviews.

First, Yelp Reviews helps online merchants post only positive or the most relevant reviews about your place. You can also select from 3 filters such as operating the widget to show all reviews or positive only, Exclude By filter to reduce reviews including the keywords, and the quantity filter to decide the number of reviews to upload. Moreover, your business will attract more potential customers by building trust in them, thanks to the widget of Yelp Reviews. This not only displays website visitors the text of the recommendation, but also shows much convincing info including author’s name, photo, the date of posting, a Yelp and recommendation signs, and a star rating.

Plus, your regular customer can view overall star and number ratings of your place, the total number of visitors who suggested your place, and the image of the latest reviewers in Elfsight Yelp Reviews’ header. Specifically, you can accentuate more clients and new reviews via the call-to-action button. When they click on the Yes button, they will come to your Yelp page; otherwise, No button will hide the request, or display a custom message, consisting of any text and links, so you have more client insights. Last, Elfsight widget designs four kinds of layout, including List option, Grid to customize a grid of reviews, Slider to show a review carousel; and Masonry to fix reviews in optimal position based on available vertical space.

Highlight features

  • Post only positive or the most relevant reviews about your place
  • Present convincing info like author's name, photo, the date of posting, a Yelp and recommendation signs, and a star rating
  • Display overall star and number ratings of your place, the total amount of clients who suggested your place, and photo of the latest reviewers
  • Use the call-to-action button to engage visitors to publish their feedback and give Yes and No options
  • Customize inbuilt layouts to get the widget suitable for you

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Elfsight Reviews by Elfsight

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Elfsight

Elfsight TripAdvisor Reviews is a simple and easy-to-use tool to coordinate reviews about your business from TripAdvisor to your website. This app is believed to develop your online store’s review presentation and complete better customer satisfaction.

Elfsight TripAdvisor Reviews is a powerful software to build trust getting real people’s reviews with info about the author. This cloud-based service is specified to expand and diversify your website functionality such as Instagram Feed, YouTube Gallery, Social Icons, and others. Also, you can make use of Elfsight TripAdvisor Reviews widget to show all reviews or only positive, utilize Exclude By filter to hide away reviews with the keywords, which you enter, or use the quantity filter, to select the number of reviews to present. Moreover, online merchants can create trustworthy reviews with maximum details by showing your users the recommendation’s text and uplevel convincing info containing the author’s name, photo, the date of posting, a TripAdvisor and recommendation icons, and a star rating. TripAdvisor Reviews allows you to utilize social factors to set a positive attitude to your business among website visitors. And, you can show overall star and number ratings of your place, the overall number of people who suggest your place, and a picture of the latest reviewers in the header of Elfsight TripAdvisor Reviews widget. The call-to-action button is essential to attract visitors to leave a review, write their feedback and has Yes and No choices. 4 options of the layout will help you allocate the widget for your case, set the location of your reviews on the page.

To discover more intelligent features of Elfsight TripAdvisor Reviews, you should install this app right now.

Highlight features

  • Use Elfsight TripAdvisor Reviews widget to show the best or the most relevant visitor reviews about your place
  • Display author's name, photo, the date of posting, a TripAdvisor and recommendation icons, and a star rating
  • Show picture and the name of your place to redirect your TripAdvisor Page
  • Offer the call-to-action button to leave review
  • Use four well-designed layouts to accomodate the widget for your case

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Rating: - / 5

Google Reviews by Elfsight

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Elfsight

Google Reviews is another review application of Elfsight to help eCommerce business doers display reviews about your business from Google on your website. Therefore, your online store will build trust in your potential customers and drive them to be loyal clients.

First, Elfsight Google Reviews provides three filters in the widget for you to only show the right reviews. You can select to display all reviews or just positive; use Exclude By filter to arrange out reviews, including the keywords that you set and leverage the quantity filter to choose the number of reviews to indicate. Also, the widget of Google Reviews presents a document about authors to prove the reviews are accurate. Thus, your website clients will view the text of the recommendation, and powerful details consisting of the author’s name, picture, the date of adding, a Google and recommend signs, and a star rating. Plus, Google Reviews lets your customers know overall star and number ratings of your place, the total amount of users who suggested your place, and photo of the latest of them in the header of Elfsight Google Reviews. They can then click on those pictures and the name of your place, then go to your Google Page, where they can write their review. Also, the review-request button of Google Reviews encourages clients to leave their recommendation and give Yes option to redirect them to your Google page, or No options to hide the request, or show your message. Last, the four layouts are specified for the best widget design.

Finally, download Elfsight Google Reviews now to boom your sales.

Highlight features

  • Post the right reviews with three content filters
  • Present document about authors to prove the reviews are accurate
  • Customize the header elements to help increase trust
  • Gain more reviews via review-request button
  • Select one of four layouts for the best widget design

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Rating: - / 5

Comments, Ratings & Reviews by Powr

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Powr

Comments, Ratings & Reviews is an application that increases shopper confidence by collecting and displaying customer reviews, ratings, and images of your products. It engages with customers and answers their questions on your site and assists you in moderating reviews.

Firstly, it collects and displays customer’s reviews and ratings of your product. This way, it saves time, and you can preview all reviews in one place. Highlighting popular products shows greater ratings and comments to increase the credibility and push customers to purchase. In managing the comments, you can choose to show the comments you want to show. Comments, Ratings & Reviews is highly customizable. You can select the style of your comments app with your colors, backgrounds, and fonts. Not only that, but you can also add emojis into the keyboards, making it easy for customers to express themselves in both text and emoji freely. Lastly, the application is mobile responsive, meaning it will look great no matter its device.

Overall, Comments, Ratings & Reviews is a great application for managing reviews and using them to their benefits. Adding to the features mentioned, it also creates unlimited comments for all you need and helps to organize the comments. So start using Comments, Ratings & Reviews now to increase sales by showing the credibility you have.

Highlight features

  • Collect and display reviews and ratings of products
  • Automatically remove any unwanted comments
  • Highly customizable design
  • Suitable on mobile devices
  • Highlight popular products by showing ratings and comments

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Rating: - / 5

G2 Crowd Reviews by Elfsight

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Elfsight

G2 Crowd Reviews is one of the most popular and best-in-class merchandising platform created by Elfsight to improve an online store’s review management system. The more customers’ satisfaction is shown on your site, the more expert and professional your online business is.

First, Elfsight sets up G2 Crowd Reviews to indicate your business’s website reviews from G2 Crowd. That means merchants can efficiently utilize the widget of G2 Crowd Reviews to filter for revealing the unwanted reviews, showing the star and number rating of your page, and displaying detailed info about the authors. More than that, you can make use of the call-to-action button to invite users to post another review about you. That leads to the higher rates that your business can show and entice more attention to potential customers. Thus, you can build trust in your loyal customers and keep them back for further purchase. Besides, Elfsight G2 Crowd Reviews widget is a creative tool to leverage your great social proof on your site and gain new sales and confidence. G2 Crowd Reviews believes to increase your customer’s services and makes it worth buying.

In a nutshell, G2 Crowd Reviews of Elfsight is a must-have application for an eCommerce business if you want to display the best version of your online store to attract more sales.

Highlight features

  • Indicate on the website reviews about your business from G2 Crowd
  • Utilize filters for revealing the unwanted reviews, showing the star and number rating of your page
  • Enhance your powerful social proof on your site and have new sales
  • Access an engaging call-to-action button to attract more customer reviews
  • Invite users to post another review about you

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Rating: - / 5

Amazon Reviews by Elfsight

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Elfsight

Amazon Reviews is another social review application built by Elfsight that helps eCommerce business doers having an online Amazon store boast their appreciation among users and persuade website clients that their offers are good value for money.

Detailed, Amazon Reviews is a perfect choice for an online business doer to implement customer reviews from Amazon on your website with a document about their authors. Thus, this tool will level up the credibility of your brand and attract more new customers. Furthermore, you can instantly utilize filters to reveal only the best, insert ratings, and review-request button in the widget. Then, this app guides people on your Amazon account to create a fresh review. You can also customize and sort a clear, minimal grid of reviews to entice customers’ attention to the text. The higher rates and excellent reviews will make your products worth buying and convince your customers to create more new purchases. Additionally, store owners can display their reviews in a dynamic carousel with autoplay and any number of reviews per slide. Plus, Amazon Reviews is responsive for parameter sizes, so it can help you generate a modern and eyecatching widget but still save all the functionality.

Let install this incredible software for your Amazon store to accentuate visitors’ satisfaction when shopping in your online store.

Highlight features

  • Level up social trust by showing real users reviews
  • Utilize your high appraisal and awesomw reviews to persuade users your items are worth buying
  • Implement customer reviews from Amazon on your website with document about their authors
  • Lead people on your Amazon account to write a fresh review
  • Responsive size parameters to build a modern widget

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Rating: - / 5

Annex Cloud Ratings & Reviews by Anex-cloud

BigCommerce Reviews Apps by Anex-cloud

Annex Cloud Ratings & Reviews is one of the most powerful and professional marketing applications in the BigCommerce that supports eCommerce business doers in managing their customers’ shopping experience and boosting their revenue.

First, this all-in-one platform allows merchants to design your review forms to your products and categories to create more robust content. Then, you can easily corporate basic text box reviews and tailored questions related to your products, such as matching and sizing for apparel or appearance and durability for an appliance. Moreover, this app provides an intuitive moderation dashboard to personalize review content. You can arrange reviews by product, department, review status, or star rating, immediately accept or reject the content, reply to customers instantly, and assign the review to another team member or department for further inspection. Besides, you can use your Ratings and Reviews to help customers arrange and search for top-rated products and best sellers. Also, this app has a Smart Engagement Algorithm to operate the timeframe to solicit review content from your customers. And, business managers can have an insight into your customers, your Ratings and Reviews, and your products thanks to dashboards including Financial Reporting, Merchandising Reports, Product Performance Reviews, Keyword Cloud, and more.

Therefore, download this helpful software right now to discover more attractive features.

Highlight features

  • Design your review forms to your products and categories to create more powerful content
  • Present an intuitive moderation dashboard with modern review content
  • Enable customers to arrange and search for top rated products and best sellers
  • Show an algorithm factors historical data, product and category type, and customer response rate
  • Have an insight into both your Ratings and Reviews solution

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Rating: - / 5

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