BigCommerce Live Chat Apps 2023

19+ Best BigCommerce Live Chat Apps from hundreds of the Live Chat reviews in the market (BigCommerce Apps Store, BigCommerce Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Live Chat does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Live Chat app collection is ranked and result in December 2023, the price from $0. You find free, paid Live Chat apps or alternatives to Live Chat also.

19 Best Live Chat Apps for BigCommerce

Re:amaze Live Chat & Helpdesk by Reamaze

BigCommerce Live Chat Apps by Reamaze

A help desk and customer managing platform should be a useful tool for any modern store. Re:amaze is developed with that purpose in mind and especially integrated with BigCommerce.

First and foremost, Re:amaze provides a shared inbox to your team which helps manage customer. This inbox allows you to manage messages from different channels like email, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram and even SMS/MMS text messages. Internal notes, response templates, typing preview, quick actions, macros, reassigning, tags and more in this inbox. Along with the shared inbox, Re:amaze gives you a real-time dashboard. You can see how many customers are in your store, their location, interactions and their traces on your site. Accordingly, you can timely send a targeted message to convert a customer who needs help. There is an embeddable live chat that you can set up for your store. No coding, just one click and you will have a Stencil template for your chat. Powerful chatbots will reply quickly with relevant messages and FAQs articles while you can choose to chat with customers in real time. The FAQs that you show to customers are fully customizable. Re:amaze allows you to create and organize topics and articles you want and embed them inline within your store as well. Last but not least, you can see customer order data in the customer conversation with Re:amaze. Data is synced for order info, orders, staff notes, shipping and fulfilment status, etc.

Being powerful and efficient, Re:amaze can help you with marketing automation and customer experience enhancement. Get Re:amaze today and start awesome customer service in your storefront!

Highlight features

  • Provide a shared inbox with collaborative features
  • Provide a real-time dashboard
  • Support building up FAQs
  • Provide embeddable live chat in store
  • Allow seeing customer order data in conversation

Price: $20/month, 14 days trial

Rating: 27 - 5.0 / 5

Tidio Live Chat by Tidio

BigCommerce Live Chat Apps by Tidio

Stay connected with your customer during the time they are on your site is vital to enhancing customer experience. Then it would help if you considered having a live chat on your site with Tidio Live Chat.

As for how the developer named the app, Tidio Live Chat, will give you a chatbot on your website in the easiest way. Tidio Live Chat provides a modern design to the widget. This look can attract your visitor’s sight and encourage interaction. To be more convenient for visitors, Tidio Live Chat has developed a version for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. No matter what device your visitors use, they are all free to chat with you seamlessly. Tidio Live Chat integrates with your email address and your messenger account. This feature allows you to receive messages and emails from your clients via Tidio Live Chat. Hence, all messages are gathered at one place only that you can engage clients better. Last but not least, Tidio Live Chat provides a live preview of what customer is writing before they send messages.

Being one of the most powerful live chat apps in the market makes it easier than ever to bring more convenience to the customer. Do not hesitate, install the app right now with few clicks, and start establishing your live chat experience!

Highlight features

  • Provide a modern widget
  • Provide mobile application version
  • Support automation messaging
  • Integrate with messenger and email
  • Provide live view of customer’s writing

Price: 0

Rating: 19 - 3.5 / 5

LiveChat + Product Cards by Livechat

BigCommerce Live Chat Apps by Livechat

Stay connected with customers is strongly crucial to any eCommerce business. LiveChat can help you to do that with its powerful features.

The core feature of LiveChat is to create a live chat on your site. The app allows you to initiate conversations with visitors. It also automatically chats with your visitors when they enter your website. LiveChat allows different communication platforms for the chatbot. The most popular ones are Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and email. Your visitors can choose the channel they want to communicate with. When you are offline and could not answer visitors right away, LiveChat stores its messages as tickets. You can answer their messages later on when you come back online again. The app allows a customizable live chat widget. You can choose themes, edit greeting messages, and make the live chat match your business image. Last but not least, LiveChat pushes your business further connected with the customer through a mobile application. The mobile version allows you to chat with your customer on iPhone, iPad, and Android anytime and anytime you want.

With LiveChat, you are suggested to send product recommendations in the live chat widget with image, description, and a button linked to product page for boosting sales. Get LiveChat now and have it smartly communicated with your customer.

Highlight features

  • Trigger off live chat
  • Allow multi-channel communications
  • Store customer’s messages as tickets
  • Customize live chat widget
  • Provide mobile app for live chat

Price: $16/month, 14-day free trial

Rating: 18 - 4.5 / 5

Olark Live Chat by

BigCommerce Live Chat Apps by

Olark Live Chat is one of the most leading and creative applications in the BigCommerce market that helps businesses of all sizes to manage and track all the live chat of your website visitors. This powerful software is believed by thousands of eCommerce business doers to increase sales and drive more satisfaction with customer service.

First, this Olark Live Chat helps you as a site owner utilize the power of live chat to update and see the cart contents for each visitor and provide upsells and special offers based on what they are buying. Moreover, online merchants can easily view the real-time chat that includes chatting inside your IM client to control your website visitors through Google Talk and Jabber effectively. Besides, your business system will run and operate smoothly and efficiently, thanks to the connection of this app with CRM Integration and Transcripts. That leads to better management and higher results from selling online. On the other hand, merchants can design and perform the most beautiful and customizable background of the live chat to attract more potential clients. Last but not least, your online team will have an insight into your visitors’ demands thanks to the reports and statistics supplied by Olark Live Chat. The more you know about your clients, the more efficient sales your business gain.

In a nutshell, Olark Live Chat is an ideal solution for website managers to control their customer service and level up their sales. Download this app now to discover more incredible features.

Highlight features

  • Provide chat inside your IM client
  • Connect with CRM Integration and Transcripts
  • Present beautiful and customizable background
  • Show reports and statistics
  • Control your website visitors through Google Talk and Jabber

Price: $19/month

Rating: 8 - 4.5 / 5

Live Chat for Slack by Social-intents

BigCommerce Live Chat Apps by Social-intents

It has never been easier to chat with your customers via Slack, let’s Live Chat for Slack by SocialIntents give you a hand!

Just as how the app is named, Live Chat for Slack by SocialIntents integrates Native Slack to the live chat on your site. Now you are free to chat with your visitors from the web dashboard of Live Chat for Slack or your Slack app. Live Chat for Slack is optimized for view on a mobile phone, so your customer can chat with you right with their smartphone. Live Chat for Slack by SocialIntents grows with your business; it means the number of live chat agents increases accordingly. You do not have to pay for additional licenses of live chat agents because Live Chat for Slack supports unlimited live chat agents on all plans. Besides, Live Chat for Slack by SocialIntents allows you to customize your site’s live chat widget. You can change default messages, set up office hours, and choose agent photos for your live chat. Live Chat for Slack supports your business development by other growth tools as well. Exit Intent Popups is a typical example of growth tools included, which allows you to capture existing visitors by giving coupons before they leave. You can also reward your visitors with PDF or any other digital content as an incentive to provide you with engagement on social networks.

With Zapier integration into Live Chat for Slack, you can add live-chat transcripts and leads to the tools you want. The app helps you gather useful feedbacks to learn about problems as well as new ideas. Get Live Chat for Slack by SocialIntents now to offer the most incredible live chat ever to your customers!

Highlight features

  • Support Native Slack integration for live chat
  • Allow unlimited live chat agents
  • Customize your live chat widget
  • Include Growth tools
  • Support you in rewarding your visitors

Price: $19/month, 14-day free trial

Rating: 5 - 4.0 / 5

JivoChat Business Messenger by Jivochat

BigCommerce Live Chat Apps by Jivochat

JivoChat Business Messenger is one of the most highly-recommended applications to support the process of data transfer migration service for an online business. This app helps you use chats, emails, calls, and Facebook messages in one app to manage all the issues when communicate with your customers.

First, Jivo is the omnichannel app not like other live chat apps on the BigCommerce Market, so you can easily use live chats on your website, chat with visitors on Facebook, message to your company’s email address and call to a phone number in any country all go to one convenient JivoChat app. Moreover, you can search for your messages and chat history in one inbox without signing up for many communication tools. Also, JivoChat allows your team to react instantly to all inquiries without switching between apps to reply on different channels. This app can help you improve website conversion rates and develop better customer service experiences to double your sales. Besides, more than 50 countries are the amount for a phone number and any active existing number to make outgoing calls with Jivo Business Phone, then record, transfer, route, and more. Additionally, Jivo provides the specific Instant Callbacks feature to enable your potential customers to call you so that you can close more deals. Jivo reduces the missing message and fastens the time of responding for your team by redirecting emails from your company’s address to the Jivo Inbox.

Overall, this app is perfect for all your business problems to gain more sales and customers’ higher rates.

Highlight features

  • Intergrate your Facebook Page, Telegram and Viber channel and collect messages to Jivo
  • Provide calls to your web visitors, offer calls to app and close deals on phone
  • Manage your visitors in real time, collect their info in detail
  • Design and operate anything in chat widget, texts, colors, behaviours
  • Store draft message and use it later

Price: 0

Rating: 5 - 4.0 / 5

Abandoned-cart-messenger-and-sms by Copilot

BigCommerce Live Chat Apps by Copilot

Cart abandonment occurs when a customer to a shop transfers at least one commodity to their cart and then leaves without finishing their buying journey. This will cost you a great deal of money. 69.23 percent of online shoppers are dumping their cart on average. Reminders of discarded carts are an important part of customer care. Abandoned Cart Messenger + SMS by Copilot app enhances the current remarketing activities by bringing your brand into a new networking platform - winning back the missed revenue.

In this day and age, messages most likely trump any other means of communication. 63% of people are messaging more than they did two years ago, and 80% of adults and 91% of teens use messaging apps every day. 53% of people tend to buy a product from a company they can message. 56% of people prefer messaging to calling when it comes to customer service.

With this app, you can connect Facebook Messenger directly with your store, including chat history and recent experiences, for the sake of a dynamic customer service experience. You can also send alerts about abandoned through Facebook Messenger, such as when the item is in low-stock or currently being discounted. You can also collect client phone numbers and use SMS text messages to give them updates.

“This app is great! It’s super easy to use and set up. Plus, the support from the developers is great! They are helpful and extremely responsive” is what has been said about Abandoned Cart Messenger + SMS by Copilot. So, what are you waiting for.? A 14-day free trial is readily available for everyone.

Highlight features

  • Facebook Messenger marketing and Messenger customer chat
  • Facebook Messenger abandoned cart campaigns
  • Facebook Page social proof
  • SMS text message marketing popup
  • Facebook Messenger inventory restock messages

Price: $14.99/month, 14 days free trial

Rating: 3 - 4.5 / 5

Chatra Live Chat & Cart Saver by Chatra

BigCommerce Live Chat Apps by Chatra

Not only an app for a live chat on site, Chatra Live Chat & Cart Saver is also a tool to save the cart from your visitor. Let’s take a try and enjoy basic but powerful features from Chatra Live Chat & Cart Saver.

As mentioned, Chatra Live Chat & Cart Saver’s name allows you to chat with your visitors everywhere. No matter you are using a PC or mobile, Chatra Live Chat & Cart Saver supports the live chat on all of these platforms. With the automated message, Chatra Live Chat & Cart Saver can help reduce the cart abandonment rate. The app contacts customers when they seem to be stuck on the check out to encourage the checkout process. Besides, you can see what customers type before they send it to you with the live typing insights. In this way, you can further understand their demand and take advantage of extended time for decision-making. Their information is also provided when they’re on your site. You can see where your customers are from, which device they are using what page visit. After every conversation, Chatra Live Chat & Cart Saver records a history so you can go back anytime to track the chat’s content accurately. In the real-time tracking, Chatra Live Chat & Cart Saver provides a list of customer. This list is updated seamlessly to reflect the visitor list in real-time.

By answering questions, cross-selling and upselling, Chatra Live Chat & Cart Saver is considered to boost your sales. Let’s grab the app now to have its useful features on your site!

Highlight features

  • Support cart saving
  • Provide live typing insights
  • Allow showing visitor information
  • Offer conversation history
  • Provide real-time visitor list

Price: 0

Rating: 2 - 3.0 / 5

VUI Voice Assistant by Vui

BigCommerce Live Chat Apps by Vui

VUI Voice Assistant is an ideal solution for any eCommerce business doer who wants to present the most attractive mobile performance for their online store. This software helps merchants handle any issues of customers’ demands on their online website.

VUI Voice Assistant is an automated tool for your site to answer customers’ request for basic customer service through voice or chat rather than waiting for a live agent or dealing with a chatbot that can’t help them. Moreover, you can set up VUI to reply questions such as “Where’s my order?”, “I forgot my password,” and “What’s your shipping & returns policy?”. Your customers will also feel satisfied when receiving instant and exact answers to their questions, and retailers deflect customer inquiries. Additionally, this app does not require merchants any programming to let your customers check order status, reset the password, update info on returns & exchanges, and access to contact customer support easily with voice and chat. Also, VUI Voice Assistant enables your customers to engage through virtual assistant anytime and anywhere, and reach real-time integration with your website. VUI Voice Assistant shows your VUI button in the bottom right corner to ease your customer service process.

Hence, there is not any reason that you can not install this incredible platform for your mobile customer shopping experience to drive more sales.

Highlight features

  • Allow customer to utilize voice or chat rather than waiting for a live agent or a chat bot
  • Show customer the instant and exact answers to their questions and retailers deflect customer inquiries
  • Help customers check order status, reset password, update info on returns & exchanges, and more
  • Show VUI button in the bottom right corner
  • Tend to support multiple languages in the future

Price: $40.00/month, 30 days free trial

Rating: 2 - 3.0 / 5

Chataffy by Deskmoz

BigCommerce Live Chat Apps by Deskmoz

Chataffy is the leading software for customer supporting services to improve your business’s experience platform and drive more sales, and benefits. This amazing app is suitable for all eCommerce business doers to access an exceptional 24x7 Live Chat Agents Support and Sales Leads Generation service provider for BigCommerce stores.

First, this customer supporting the application of the BigCommerce store helps you get contact details and other pertinent information of potential buyers thanks to the Chat Agents. You can have an expert team to converse 24x7 with your store visitors, assist them with all their questions, and create qualified sales leads. Moreover, you can make use of the free plan of Chataffy to gain inexpensive, real-time, 24x7 customer support while phone support can be expensive, email support takes too long. This app is also specified for 24x7 service with a minimum 99.5% committed uptime, dedicated manager, native and Zapier connection, and real-time notifications. Further, you can take advantage of QA Team and technology to reach any chat anytime to encourage improvisations, improvise, and add unlimited FAQs to update the Chat Agents. Besides, Chataffy provides the loaded dashboard for you to update the main trends with well-presented data and analyze them with Google Analytics. Thus, you can easily control tickets and tags, keep SLAs in check with the real-time quality matrix.

Highlight features

  • Provide Chat Agents to get contact details and other pertinent information of potential buyers
  • Inexpensive, real time, 24x7 customer support
  • Boost committed uptime, dedicated manager, native and Zapier integrations
  • Use QA Team and technology to access any chat anytime
  • Update the key trends with effective data and analyze them with Google Analytics

Price: Free upto 20 chats/month

Rating: 2 - 5.0 / 5

Facebook Live Chat by Zotabox by Zotabox

BigCommerce Live Chat Apps by Zotabox

Facebook Messenger is popular now and becoming the new standard in B2C communication. Hence, having an app that helps with better management over this chatting tool is essential. Let’s try Facebook Live Chat by Zotabox if you are considering many apps in the list.

First and foremost, Facebook Live Chat by Zotabox provides a chatbox that allows you to have Facebook Messenger right on your website. It loads Facebook Messenger chatbox asynchronously so you do not have to worry that your website speed would be affected. Facebook Live Chat by Zotabox gives you all the rights to customize the chat widget. You can change the theme and design to make it match with your business image. Besides, Zotabox provides landing page builder to support the engagement, promotion and more. With Facebook Live Chat by Zotabox, you can also add other elements to call for action from visitors. You can offer them a contact form for further following-up or social buttons that boost the like for your page as well as encourage final purchase. Zotabox also supports testimonials and popups to help you with interaction promoting.

With great and useful features, Facebook Live Chat by Zotabox is worth being added into your list. Let’s try the app when you think about having Facebook Messenger on your site in the future.

Highlight features

  • Use asynchronous loading method
  • Provide customizable chat widget
  • Provide landing page builder
  • Offer contact forms and social buttons
  • Support testimonials and popups

Price: $12.99/month, 30 days free trial

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

Facebook Chat by Powr

BigCommerce Live Chat Apps by Powr

To assist you in communicating with customers and maintain the live support between you and them, POWr generates a platform named Facebook Chat. With it, you can connect to their Facebook account directly from your website.

With the help of Facebook Chat, you can communicate with your visitors in real time through Facebook - a most worldwide popular social network. It will connect to their Facebook accounts and chat with them via Facebook Messenger. You can create as many conversations as possible, which helps you approach your leads effectively without worries about the limit number. Furthermore, you can increase your brand personalization by changing the color, button text, fonts, and adding custom welcome messages. It plays an important role in maintaining your store’s profession in your visitors’ mind. Regardless of your visitors’ language, Facebook Chat of POWr will customize your app to help them remove the barrier of language. You, then, will be confident to advertise and sell your products to international customers. In addition, understanding that these days are the age of mobile devices, it creates Facebook Chat with high responsiveness to mobile devices, which makes your customers feel more convenient to connect with you.

In conclusion, trusted by more than 12 millions websites, Facebook Chat is a good option for your eCommerce stores.

Highlight features

  • Communicate with your visitors in real time
  • Customize the design easily
  • Support text in multiple languages
  • Suit with any mobile devices

Price: 0

Rating: 1 - 5 / 5

LiveHelpNow by Livehelpnow

BigCommerce Live Chat Apps by Livehelpnow

LiveHelpNow is a customer support application in the BigCommerce market to help you and your business team enhance sales and customer loyalty by enabling your sales and support teams available to your store clients through Live chat, Text, Facebook messenger, Support Ticket or publish searchable self-help portal.

Detailed, LiveHelpNow is the leading software for eCommerce business doers to have online customer service tools that transforms online sales and customer service to be exceptional. Moreover, this app uses the PCI and HIPAA compliant to directly ensure orders from chat or email connected to the suite forms. Thereby, you can easily control and increase CSAT scores for your team with customer surveys in real-time. Besides, LiveHelpNow will convert all emails to navigate support tickets, assigned, and escalated per your workflow without any email clutter. The Knowledge Base system is also essential to combine with the Chat, Ticket, and Callback System to respond to your customers instantly. You can immediately view these answers as FAQ articles on a support page to fit your website’s design. Then, your agents and customers can easily see and reach for reference, so you can share best practices, generate new resources as needed. This app is also perfect for answering Facebook and Twitter messages from the same platform where you respond to live chat, SMS, and email inquiries. Additionally, LiveHelpNow customizes the Live Help Bot to ease the simple task of responding frequently asked questions, getting information from customers, route them to the right team.

Highlight features

  • Allow customers to chat on your website or text on their phone
  • Convert all emails to navigate support tickets, assigned and escalated per your workflow
  • Enable your agents and customers to access for reference
  • Answer to Facebook and Twitter messages from the same platform
  • Use Help Bot to answer asked questions, get information from customers

Price: $21.00/month, 30 days free trial

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

Casengo by Casengo

BigCommerce Live Chat Apps by Casengo

It has never been easier to manage messages on your site with Casengo. The app is basic but also flexible to benefit you in building customer relationship.

To begin with, Casengo helps you handle messages from different channels via your website. Enquiries via email, Facebook, Twitter and live chat are gathered in one shared team inbox. You can search, drag, reassigning, copying messages in this inbox. The live chat powered by Casengo is now equipped with chatbots to be available anytime of the day. The interactive response of Casengo is based on your FAQs and your knowledge base to give the relevant answer. In terms of management, Casengo marks your messages with tags of status. You can see which one is pending, resolved or closed. Casengo never lets you lose contact once the message comes to you. Moreover, you can create as many inboxes as you want. Just name a label for a brand, department or team and you have a new inbox. One of the most interesting feature of Casengo is to turn email into a live chat. Hence, your customers are free to get a direct interaction with your business.

Basic yet convenient and necessary, Casengo is a great choice for small and medium businesses. Install Casengo and start boosting up your customer relationship right now!

Highlight features

  • Provide chatbots for conversations
  • Support a shared team inbox
  • Provide case management for messages
  • Allow unlimited amount of inboxes
  • Turn email into live chat

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Abandoned Cart Rescue Bot for Messenger by Maisie

BigCommerce Live Chat Apps by Maisie

Abandoned Cart Rescue Bot is a perfect tool to recover your store’s abandoned carts. Customers often leave your website without a successfully purchased cart. And this will be too wasteful of your marketing efforts. With Maisie, you don’t have to worry about that anymore!

The Rescue Bot for Facebook Messenger will notify your customers about their abandoned carts for you, so you don’t have to. All messages are automatically so that you will not miss a single one. By having this tool at your disposal, you can increase your recovery rate and sales. Moreover, you can also send order and shipping information straight to your clients’ inbox. The confirmation and shipping process will help your customers to gain a better experience with your service. Therefore, they are likely to repurchase. You can also create and update a subscriber list with powerful tools for full control of your audience. Such tools include product page Messenger opt-in checkbox, checkout page Messenger opt-in or website, and Facebook live chat.

Finally, what’s left to do is super simple. You can instantly install the Maisie app on your BigCommerce store, connect your Facebook Messenger, link your Facebook account, and set up preferences. After doing this, you are ready to go and explore unlimited possibilities!

Highlight features

  • Notify your customers about their abandoned carts
  • Send order and shipping information straight to your clients’ inbox
  • Create and update a subscriber list with powerful tools
  • Opt-in Checkbox is automatically installed beneath your Add to Cart button on all product pages
  • Simple to set up and fully automated

Price: From $19/month, 30 days free trial

Rating: - / 5

Telegram Live Chat by Elfsight

BigCommerce Live Chat Apps by Elfsight

Telegram Live Chat is one of the leading applications of Elfsight to support customer service in online business by allowing website visitors to interact with you and get answers to their questions. As its name suggests, this app enables you and your clients to communicate with each other, leading to comfortable customer experience and developing your business’s progress.

Detailed, Telegram Live Chat helps you keep available online in one the most used messenger, activate on unique pages or for divided groups of visitors, choose chat initiating starters, build your welcome text, pick icons, and other features. Also, Telegram Live Chat allows you to generate an instant and handy tool for visitors to deliver their questions to you via your page; then, you can improve customer support, fasten connection, and make more clients satisfied. Moreover, this cloud-based service has Telegram Widget to expand and diversify your website functionality such as Instagram Feed, YouTube Gallery, Social Icons, and others. That means your customers can address you at any time right from your website, receive quick and efficient communication via Telegram thanks to the chat window. Besides, Telegram Live Chat allows you to customize the most color-matched chat window for your website, paint elements of the interface, select colors for the bubble background and the icon, the header background, and a button. You can also set a notification badge to the chat bubble that presents an unread message and make people attractive to open the chat, a notification to the title of the tab.

Telegram Live Chat by Elfsight is an incredible app with multiple necessary features for your online eCommerce business.

Highlight features

  • Allow your clients to address you at any time right from your website
  • Customize the most color-matched chat window for your website
  • Show a notification badge to the chat bubble
  • Insert a notification to the title of the tab
  • Boost sales through consultingDeliver useful insights about your products

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

SnapEngage by

BigCommerce Live Chat Apps by

SnapEngage is an application in the Bigcommerce that helps eCommerce business doers manage and boost their customers’ experience when customers use or shop in their online system. This app is useful and powerful for businesses of all sizes to improve their customer service.

First, SnapEngage is an innovative method to provide a live chat system that helps you sell more effectively. Detailed, this app enables you to communicate with your customers to supply them with a satisfying overall experience and a tool to help more effectively by allowing them to catch screen. Moreover, thanks to this tool, you, as a site owner, can accept your customers to use live chat through Google Talk or Skype. Further, the detailed visitor information is significant for any business to manage and track your clients’ necessary documents and have an insight into their shopping trends. This app is easy to install and simple to use so your team and set up and operate all the processes instantly when your customers come. Besides, SnapEngage also provides the offline messaging system for you and your team to control all the chat and customers’ interaction anytime. On the other hand, you can make use of real-time statistics and reporting on visitors/chats to have an overview of your customers’ shopping experience.

Highlight features

  • Allow to use live chat through Google Talk or Skype
  • Provide detailed visitor information
  • Enable to manage offline messaging system
  • Update real-time statistics and reporting on visitors/chats
  • Allow customers to catch screen

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

LivePerson by Liveperson

BigCommerce Live Chat Apps by Liveperson

LivePerson is a modern and expert application that helps businesses of all sizes and their merchants connect to visitors whether they are on your site via desktop or on their mobile devices. The more proactive you can communicate with your clients, the more benefits and higher level your website can gain.

First, LivePerson provides your customers with digital communication such as chat, messaging, and SMS, so you can use LiveEngage to connect with your customers however they want, from one easy-to-use platform. Also, site owners can send the exact chat invitation to the exact customer at the right time, present click-to-chat buttons for your customers and visitors to request to chat. Moreover, this app helps you control visitor activity in real-time and push proactive chat invitations to increase value visitors on essential product pages. LivePerson does not limit if your customers and prospects access from any device, thus you can interact with your customers instantly, where you are with the LiveEngage mobile app. Besides, LivePerson designs and centralizes all the factors of the LiveEngage platform to fit your brand’s appearance to attract customers’ attention.

Additionally, you can make use of the real-time contextual and analytics reporting to operate your digital engagement strategy with real-time and long-term operational KPI’s, reports, and dashboards. It is easier to generate meaningful communication and increase efficiency by handling multiple conversations with a workspace. And, your customers can be protected thanks to the enterprise-grade security and stability.

Highlight features

  • Send the exact chat invitation to the exact customer at the right time
  • Control visitor activity in real-time and push proactive chat invitations
  • Easy to connect with your customers thanks to the LiveEngage mobile app
  • Design the LiveEngage platform to fit your brand's appearance
  • Provide real-time contextual and analytics reporting

Price: 30 days free trial

Rating: - / 5

Chatigy by Tech-gadol

BigCommerce Live Chat Apps by Tech-gadol

Chatigy is a highly-recommended platform for customer service of an online store. This powerful and modern application of the BigCommerce market helps eCommerce business doers keep track of their customers’ activities and provide chat engine to know more about them.

First, this high-powered chat technology enables your site visitors to chat with each other in real-time. Therefore, your customers are free to communicate and connect by asking questions, starting discussions, making friends, viewing who is online, and collecting information from the community. Moreover, this app also allows you as site owners to have an insight into what people are saying about your site, engaging your visitors directly in real-time. Besides, you can easily decide to delete unwanted messages and conversations, design Chatigy’s colors to match your theme. Additionally, Chatigy provides business team product reviews, recommendations, experience in the site, and more to gain feedback from their customers and boost a new level of engagement with your website. The public chat, group chat, private chat are essential for users’ engagement to complete a better experience when coming to your online store.

This awesome app is an essential tool for you and your business team to enhance customer service and increase sales.

Highlight features

  • Allow your customers to talk to each other in real-time
  • Provide public chat, group chat, private chat
  • Show product reviews, recommendations, experience in the site
  • Know what people are saying, and make use of the feedback
  • Design Chatigy's colors to match your theme

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Every online store needs an effective and quick way to communicate with customers. It’s not always related to sales purposes, it’s about growing customers’ engagement, building and maintaining relationships with them. So when it comes to communicating with customers, online store owners always carefully seek a fast, feature-rich, and secure solution. Many of them stop at Live Chat and have been seeing great benefits.

If you are running a BigCommerce store and interested in using Live Chat for your business, you’re at the right place.

We’ll talk about BigCommerce Live Chat Apps in a closer approach to learn details about the features, benefits, and how to choose a useful app.

Outstanding features of BigCommerce Live Chat Apps

Built-in chatbots

Live Chat enables you to communicate with customers in real-time to increase personal interaction with them. It also helps you maximize the efficiency of your chat by using chatbots. By utilizing automation, you can save a lot of time directly replying to your customers and answer the same questions many times.

Most asked questions will be collected and the answers will be set up. So when customers ask the popular questions, chatbots will automatically reply with the answers that are already set. A person behind the chat might be late sometimes in response; however, an automated chatbot will always instantly reply to your customers, so it assists you a lot in addressing customers’ questions and supporting them in time.

Besides, you can also use chatbots to generate more sales opportunities. To do this, you need to check if a product is missing in your customers’ carts so that you can recommend it in the chat conversation to your customers who might be interested.

Customizable Live Chat

Each of the BigCommerce Live Chat apps is fully customizable. You can chat with your customers in any language they prefer. This enables you to reach a wide range of customers if your products are open to shoppers of different regions. It’s especially necessary for online businesses that target global markets.

Some basic setups, such as adding agent images, shortcuts, and changing office hours are at your fingertips. With some apps, you can even choose particular pages where your live chat icon will appear. If needed, CSS styles and javascript are also available for you to have the control you need. You can customize BigCommerce Live Chat apps to fit your business look and feel.

Product recommendations

Live Chat is a good place to give customers product recommendations. Whether your customers’ carts are empty or not, your suggestions in chat might be a source of motivation for them to purchase.

It would help if you put links with appealing product previews that link straight to the product pages in your stores. Therefore, customers can view the product details and have the information they need before deciding to buy.

A link that directly leads them to a real and trustworthy page will be more likely to hold customers back and learn more about what it says. So make sure links are valid and the content briefly and alluringly describes your products.

Multi-channel communications

BigCommerce Live Chat apps integrate with multiple social channels and platforms; therefore, you can reach out to your customers regardless of the channels they are using. You can easily connect all of your social media accounts to BigCommerce Live Chat apps and unify the access to one shared team inbox.

In Live Chat, you can get all the messages your customers send to you through different channels that you have a presence. You can chat with customers via one synced place without having to switch to each channel one by one. Customers can also reach you from wherever they are.

Real-Time analytics reporting

BigCommerce Live Chat apps provide you with insightful analytics and reports. You will dig deeper into customer insights through real-time and long-term operational reports and dashboards.

Conversation history

The apps automatically save past conversations for both you and your customers. When your customers want to return, they can continue the same thread easily. This is also easier for you to track and follow the activities of your customers. Whenever they return, you can immediately catch up on what both sides were already discussing.

Why should use BigCommerce Live Chat Apps

Powerful automation

BigCommerce Live Chat apps automate various tasks and scenarios for your online stores. You can just use a few clicks to automatically send welcome messages, with a coupon to your customers. This robust automation allows you to reach customers from any country.

Easy and simple to set up

It’s easy to set up Live Chat on your BigCommerce stores without complicated technical requirements. The installation will be done automatically, and you can start a conversation with customers on any page of your website.

Customize your chat to make it more friendly and interactive by changing your avatar, adding a warm welcome message. You can also set up and publish live chat on a particular page according to your purposes.

Mobile responsive

With BigCommerce Live Chat apps, you can talk to your customers whether they are on your site via desktop or on their mobile devices.

Your customers can conveniently contact you on the way with their mobile phone on hand only. This creates no barriers for both you and your customers when communications and support are in need.

Talk personally with customers

It’s effective to let customers know you are really involved in the conversation you have with them. That’s why a personalized message will easily attract prospective customers and drive them to the conversation. When you send personalized messages to customers, they can also send you back.

Increase customer satisfaction

With Live Chat, you can easily connect with your customers in real-time and immediately address their questions and concerns. With Bigcommerce Live Chat apps, you can easily connect with customers from where they are using popularly, especially Facebook Messenger.

Customers can chat with you via their Messenger app while the conversation will be in a Live Chat mode from your side. So you can immediately connect with your customers and help them. This significantly increases customer satisfaction.

Protect customers’ information security

BigCommerce Live Chat apps protect your customers’ information from being leaked and stolen through cyber attacks. This ensures the security of the conversations between you and your customers.

Things to consider when choosing a BigCommerce Live Chat App

Is it a real-time solution?

When time is of the essence, old tools like email or phone can easily become an increasing cause of customer frustration. Waiting for a long time to talk with a sales representative or supporter is no longer a choice for customers. They will definitely leave and come to another faster and more instant service.

Using Live Chat can solve this problem right away. Real-time communication with customers is a priority, so their questions can be answered in a short time and quickly move to a further problem-solving process if needed. It would be best if your BigCommerce Live Chat app enables you to serve customers in real-time. It means that your customers can reach you anytime without a lengthy hour of waiting.

Is third-party integration available?

It’s better to choose a Live Chat app that smoothly integrates with your existing business sales channels that you have a presence on. Also, make sure your chosen Live Chat system integrates seamlessly with and hassle-free with other applications you need to run your BigCommerce store.

Is it providing proper analytics?

Tracking and measuring the effectiveness of your Live Chat system is imperative to know if the solution is right for your business. To do that, one of the most important factors your Live Chat system should have is the ability to store historical chats. Customers will prefer this because they will not want to recap what they already tell you when returning.

These records will be probabilistic indicators regarding customer behavior, locations, background, and requirements.

Is it available on mobile devices?

Another important thing to consider is whether your Live Chat system is mobile-compatible or not. It would be best if your live chat app is on the go so that you will stand a better chance of getting your prospects and customers’ attention.


When choosing a BigCommerce Live Chat app, pricing is an important factor to consider. It’s no use selecting an app that does everything you need to streamline your business but the price it takes is impractical.

In the BigCommerce app market, you can find a lot of providers who offer competitive pricing plans. To pick a solution that suits your needs and doesn’t hurt your budget, stick to what you really need in a Live Chat app for your BigCommerce store. A bundle of features are not really necessary when you can save money to invest in other things that matters to your business.


Security is of the essence because the risk from cyber attacks is increasing. A robust and high secure app will help you avoid this danger. It would be best to get all the details about how secure your Live Chat app from the vendor before making your decision.


Choose a Live Chat system from those who can give you 24/7 customer service. Therefore, if a problem arises with your Live Chat app, you can get customer support and technical assistance straight away anytime you need.

The bottom line

Live Chat now is a must-have communication tool in any online business. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be using this powerful and innovative tool to talk directly with your customers. It takes your customer service to another level and helps you satisfy your customers.

Now it’s a high time to choose one from best BigCommerce Live Chat apps we’ve listed below:

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