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When it comes to growing your online business, one of the biggest challenges lies in managing your inventory.

As your order volume increases, you will want to expand your business by selling on multiple channels. You need a more efficient and strong system to manage your growing inventory.

Relying solely on your staff is not a good idea as there are a lot of inventory management apps out there to help you maximize your work.

One of the most supportive eCommerce platforms that enables you to streamline inventory management with integrated apps is BigCommerce. In the BigCommerce app marketplace, you can find many inventory management apps with useful built-in features.

Now, let’s learn more about inventory management apps for BigCommerce stores regarding features, advantages, and key points for choosing a suitable app for your business.

Main features of Bigcommerce Inventory Management Apps

Sync inventory to streamline omnichannel sales

Omnichannel selling creates several sources of stock that you need to catch up and update continuously. The time sacrificed to track all the inventory changes and updates from all your sales channels can be taken to more critical tasks like marketing and promotion.

With BigCommerce inventory management apps, all the processes related to your inventory will be implemented and updated in a single system. The apps sync the inventory data from all your sales channels automatically. You can view all the updates at once instead of checking one by one.

You will instantly know which channel is running out of products and need to refill. This ensures the consistent stock status for every selling channel. You will never oversell or sell out-of-stock products as the inventory is up-to-date.

Track inventory across warehouses

With BigCommerce inventory management apps, you can keep track of stock levels of all your products even if you have them in different warehouses.

It’s easy to update the stock status of each type of product by scanning or searching by SKU. The changes in inventory are synchronized in real-time so every time you check, you’ll see the latest updates.

What’s more, the apps enable you to set stock alerts, so that you can immediately see the number of products sold, or be well-informed about out-of-stock products.

Order management

BigCommerce inventory management apps provide you with intuitive order management. It handles everything from sales/purchase order management to fulfillment. All your orders will be routed to your warehouses, 3PLs, or drop shippers to be fulfilled and delivered to your customers. The synchronization and automation make the entire process completed quickly and efficiently.

Many apps support automatic scanning product barcodes to eliminate order picking errors. This reduces the risk of shipping errors and saves a lot of time/money on solving order returns and refunds.

Seamless third-party integrations

BigCommerce inventory management apps enable you to integrate with dozens of eCommerce sales channels and marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc., to expand your business and increase customer acquisition.

Along with an unlimited integration, the apps support several shipping courier services worldwide like FedEx, DHL, UPS, and many more regional postal services. This makes it even easier for you to reach customers from anywhere they spend time.

Inventory forecasts

The constant inventory updates tell you sales trends on each of your sales channels. You can prioritize what needs to be restocked and ordered based on these sales trends.

When knowing which items are your customers’ favorites, you will know which products to push promotions next and whom to target your marketing campaign to. It’s also necessary to adjust inventory forecasts for seasonal items.

Real-time analytics

BigCommerce inventory management apps provide you with an out-of-the-box dashboard to track overall performance across all sales channels. You are able to track sales, orders, purchases, stock value, refunds, etc. It’s easy to monitor key statistics that draw the whole picture of your omnichannel.

Why should use BigCommerce Inventory Management Apps?

Simplified and time-saving inventory management

It’s difficult to monitor inventory from multiple channels. But now with these feature-rich apps, you can improve your inventory management in different ways. It makes the process of managing inventory a whole lot easier, more time-saving, accurate, and saves you a lot of money on labor.

As time goes by, your inventory will continue to grow and fluctuate. BigCommerce inventory management apps help you reduce the risk of human error by automating almost everything related to inventory management.

Reduce risk of overselling

Overselling sometimes can put online sellers in disadvantageous positions for their business such as the loss of control and losing customers. By synchronizing your inventory and orders across all channels, you will be able to catch up with the current status of each product’s stock value. Therefore, you can ensure that the stock levels allow you to make a sale that doesn’t cause you to oversell. BigCommerce inventory management apps bring the inventory across channels under your eyes and you have full control over it.


BigCommerce inventory management apps streamline your inventory management. You can not only stand to save a lot of time for tracking and managing, eliminating human error, but also gain a lot more cost-savings.

You can save a lot of spendings on excess and obsolete stock and refunds due to avoidable stock-outs. The significant savings come from automation. The accuracy in automating inventory management reduces the loss of control, increasing customer satisfaction with quick and accurate order fulfillment. Reducing the labor for inventory management can save a significant amount of money for your business.

Avoid selling out-of-stock products

This usually happens in online stores when they can’t maintain the right balance of stock. Selling the out-of-stock products might result in the loss of potential sales and disappointed customers.

Luckily, it’s preventable by using BigCommerce inventory management apps. The inventory is updated continuously in real-time, so you can have a plan for the products on time like informing customers about the stock status and offering another way for them to purchase if they really want. In this case, a pre-order event can be your life-saver.

Make better decisions for your business

BigCommerce inventory management apps help you know when a specific product needs to be restocked and the sales trends that your sales channels carry. The apps not only automate inventory management but also tell you key statistics that are helpful for making important business decisions. For example, the sale trend tells you which products are preferred by your customers, and hence you can plan for the next marketing campaign to increase purchases.

Things to consider when choosing a BigCommerce Inventory Management app

Ease of use

This factor directly affects how you utilize the app. Only when you know how to use the app and enable its feature to operate on your store, you can expect to see improved inventory management for your business.


Seamless third-party integration enables you to sell on multiple channels and marketplaces easily. You can sell across big eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and more to reach more customers. However, it’s critical that you choose an app allowing you to integrate with sales channels that your targeted customers spend time and money on.


As your business grows and attracts more customers, your inventory will go bigger as a result. You need an inventory management app that can scale up your business. The app might not meet your requirements for your soon-to-be larger order volumes at the moment, but it must be able to skyrocket your inventory management whenever you need it.


Price is another important factor. Choose the app that doesn’t hurt your budget.


Many BigCommerce inventory management apps offer 24/7 support. Consider an app provider who is friendly and willing to hear from you and try to solve your problems. Inventory management is sometimes quite complicated, so if having a great support team got your back is necessary.


During the inventory management process, the app will approach and collect a lot of information and important data related to your inventory, products, and sales. That’s why it’s imperative to choose a secure app.

What is your decision?

Inventory management apps will improve the stock traceability you need to run your BigCommerce store efficiently and profitably. Here’s a list of the best BigCommerce inventory management apps. I hope you find a suitable solution for your business.

11 Best Inventory Management Apps for BigCommerce

SKULabs by

BigCommerce Inventory Management Apps by

SKULabs is one of the most powerful multi-channel inventory, barcode, and shipping methods for eCommerce business doers to control all of your orders, shipments, and inventory in one cloud-based system.

Detailed, SKULabs monitors inventory across your warehouse, so you can always keep track of stock levels for all of your products. You can then find or scan to gain the count for an SKU, set low stock alerts, and view the number of units sold. This app also helps you sync your store and marketplace listings with your catalog, inventory changes automatically. Moreover, You can build and deliver purchase orders to all of your distributors, scan paper drafts to modify them quickly or create POs in bulk with the items needed for open orders. Besides, you can remove order picking errors by scanning product barcodes, and decrease the time spent on order returns and refunds. It is faster to pick orders with barcode scanning and automatic sorting for individual orders or multi-order batches. By connecting products from your sales channels to your inventory, you can easily sell certain products via many sales channels, link those listings to a single item in the SKULabs catalog. BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and more are the critical assistants of SKULabs in helping dozens of shipping couriers worldwide, like UPS, FedEx, DHL, and regional postal services.

Hence, you will never be disappointed when installing this app for your business’s system.

Highlight features

  • Update stock levels for all of your products
  • Sync inventory changes to all of your sales channels in real time
  • Build and deliver purchase orders to all of your distributors
  • Integrate products from your sales channels to your inventory
  • Connect with over a dozen sales channels, including BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and more

Price: 0

Rating: 11 - 4.5 / 5

Order Desk by Order-desk

BigCommerce Inventory Management Apps by Order-desk

As your business grows, the load of orders might exceed your management capability. The solution now should be Order Desk, which is powerful and user-friendly.

To solve order the management issue of your business, Order Desk offers an effective to sort your orders out. You can put your orders into different folders that are fully customizable to match your business’ workflow. Order Desk allows you to set up automation for actions in which automated emails are typical. With Order Desk, an email will be automatically sent to your customer when a shipment is added, when a customer order from abroad or when your refund to them is done. The app also captures the authorized charge when an order is sorted into a folder. Order Desk gives a different tag or creates a special folder for outstanding orders. For example, an order in which total is over $1000 will be tagged red or put into a new folder. Order Desk provides a custom view for your order counts and revenue. You can change the filter to see order counts and revenue today, yesterday, from last week, last month, or view them all. There are 225 services integrated with Order Desk. In this way, it is easy for you to add your customers to the mailing list, process refunds, capture payments, send your orders for fulfillment or send shipment information to external shipping software.

Order Desk allows you to custom folder columns to see the order you need. You are also free to make a change of the order, make a refund or hold specific orders to review. Flexible and powerful, Order Desk is a potential solution for your business.

Highlight features

  • Sort your orders into folders
  • Set up automated emails
  • Highlight standing out orders
  • Custom view on your order statistics
  • Integrate to your third-party apps

Price: 30-day free trial, $12/month

Rating: 5 - 5.0 / 5

Orderhive by

BigCommerce Inventory Management Apps by

Orderhive is an ideal solution for connecting your BigCommerce store with Orderhive to automate your stock update and order management process. The app helps you intelligently control inventory and operate shipping software for online retailers.

Firstly, Orderhive mechanically imports your products, customers, and sales orders from your BigCommerce store within seconds. You can then update stock levels in Orderhive and all other integrated channels in real-time as making sales in one of your BigCommerce stores. Also, you can monitor product bundling, transfer stock between warehouses, and more. It will update any changes of order statuses and prices to your store, use Orderhive’s real-time descriptive analytics to increase your store efficiency anytime. Orderhive’s centralized interface ensures customers’ orders, create and print shipping labels of over 20 shipping providers, manages parcels of more than 300 carriers, and prevents scenarios such as overselling and stock-outs. Orderhive offers a private and free B2B portal to control wholesale orders, utilize a complete back-end solution in place. Besides, Orderhive Plus helps retailers eliminate their operational costs by using customized tools and features of the fully hosted multichannel inventory management platform. You can also use Orderhive free for a 15-day free trial and experience the power of multichannel integration and management.

In conclusion, Orderhive will be a better solution for any business managers to increase their business’s sales and customers’ experience.

Highlight features

  • Integrate your BigCommerce store with Orderhive to automate your stock update and order management process
  • Update stock levels in Orderhive and all other integrated channels in real-time
  • Control product bundling, transfer stock between warehouses
  • Create and print shipping labels of over 20 shipping providers
  • Provide a private and free B2B portal to control wholesale orders

Price: 0

Rating: 5 - 2.0 / 5

Inventory Planner by Inventoryplanner

BigCommerce Inventory Management Apps by Inventoryplanner

Inventory Planner is a high-level application for the ideal solution of managing inventory, orders, and customers’ experience in an online store. This all-inclusive platform helps any eCommerce business doers keep track of your cash flow and your time with an inventory forecast to improve your consumers’ shopping journey to drive more sales and results.

First, founders of Inventory Planner set up the function to modify forecasts for seasonal items, so you can efficiently operate your cash flow and your time with an inventory forecast according to sales trends, vendor lead time and targeted stock levels. You can then always track what, how much, and when to order with Inventory Planner’s data-driven forecast. Inventory Planner also allows you to sell on Amazon or other sales channels by controlling all your sales trends and inventory needs in one place. Thus, you can manage what products to replenish at each warehouse and for every sales channel. Moreover, the more comprehensive view you get from your inventory, you can bring in more creative and proactive strategies to determine overstock to help you free up needed cash by clearing out what’s not working for you. Besides, you can easily compare product lines, brands, and suppliers to view your business’s financial trends. By connecting with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Lightspeed, Quickbooks Online, and Square, it will be simpler for your business to run any selling online, and any products. Instead of generating, editing, or eliminating any products or sales orders, Inventory Planner is a read-only service to track stock quantities when you mark your products as received in purchase orders. Additionally, Inventory Planner sets for you alert levels for your whole store or each product so that you know when to order.

Overall, it will never be late to install this fantastic app to use all these excellent features.

Highlight features

  • Modify forecasts for seasonal items
  • Set up upcoming promotions to operate levels of inventory available
  • Build purchase orders based on inventory forecasts
  • Update what is ordered and what is gained across unlimited sales channels and warehouses
  • Create alert levels for your whole store or for each product

Price: $99.99/month

Rating: 5 - 4.5 / 5

Ecomdash by

BigCommerce Inventory Management Apps by

Ecomdash is a web-based, multi-channel inventory management that helps eCommerce business doers improve sales order, purchasing, listing, dropshipping, and shipping systems for boosting businesses. This easy-to-use and the professional platform is an ideal solution for any business to track data and information from selling online process.

First, Ecomdash updates your data and information to/from vendors, sales channels, POS systems, suppliers, fulfillment centers, and warehouses. It also keeps track of stock levels across BigCommerce and your other sales channels; then, you can easily insert new sales channels and products without the fear of overselling. This dedicated inventory solution controls inventory across multiple sales channels and warehouses with a unique mapping ID system. This specific mapping ID system is to products assigned different SKUs, Listing IDs, or UPCs, and you can easily recognize each varying identifier as one product. It also helps you monitor raw materials from start to finish, build custom alerts for low inventory, and create custom integrations with its eCommerce API. Besides, the order management software of Ecomdash supports you to manage everything from sales order management to feed management and fulfillment. That means you can mechanically route sales orders to 3PLs, drop shippers, FBA, and your warehouses, generate labels, pick lists, and custom packing slips, and deliver order feeds through FTP/SFTP, HTTP files in CSV or TXT formats, and CSV attached to emails. Finally, Ecomdash extends your business to new marketplaces, POS systems, suppliers, and shipping carriers.

Therefore, you will never regret it when installing this amazing application with its all golden features.

Highlight features

  • Update stock levels across BigCommerce and your other sales channels simply with ecomdash
  • Use specific mapping ID system tracks products assigned different SKUs, Listing ID's, or UPCs
  • Build custom alerts for low inventory
  • Mechanically route sales orders to 3PLs, dropshippers, FBA, and your own warehouses
  • Generate labels, pick lists, and custom packing slips

Price: 0

Rating: 4 - 3.5 / 5

Pulse Commerce by Pulse-commerce

BigCommerce Inventory Management Apps by Pulse-commerce

A combination of Pulse Commerce Order and Inventory Platform with BigCommerce is flexible and powerful. To do that, Pulse Commerce should be a great suggestion.

Above all, customer experience is the core element for the sustainable growth of any business. Hence, Pulse Commerce is built to improve services and deliveries. The app delivers great content via different channels. It allows customers to buy, return, and pick up anywhere at any time they want. You can track orders from the shopping cart and set a schedule for future delivery dates with Pulse Commerce. Not only orders, but Pulse Commerce also provides a view of customers, inventory products, and promotion. It is noticeable that this view is in real-time. Pulse Commerce empowers your CSRs to capture new orders while modifying existing ones. It results in a faster and more accurate process of order capture. Moreover, Pulse Commerce is ideal for omnichannel. It automates order orchestration from order processing, payment processing security, fraud detection, and smart order routing. The app also optimizes your fulfillment and inventory to reduce stock-outs. Real-time reporting of inventory and shipping form an ideal warehouse will shorten the delivery time and enable on-demand inventory.

Working as a central nervous system of your omnichannel operations, Pulse Commerce is the best option to support the combination of Pulse Commerce Order and Inventory Platform and BigCommerce. Install Pulse Commerce now and enjoy smooth omnichannel operation.

Highlight features

  • Improve services and deliveries
  • Provide real-time view of different variables
  • Empower CSRs to capture orders
  • Optimize omnichannel operation
  • Optimize fulfilment and inventory


Rating: 2 - 5.0 / 5

Shopventory by Shopventory

BigCommerce Inventory Management Apps by Shopventory

An intuitive point of sale system is essential for any business operating multi-channel system. That’s the reason why a tool like Shopventory is necessary.

First and foremost, there is no limitation with Shopventory in integrations for all of your locations. The app syncs the inventory and sales data between Square POS, Clover POS, PayPal Here, and BigCommerce. Now Shopventory plays the role of a hub for all products and count updates across locations. Shopventory allows both wired and wireless barcode scanner connection for count scanning. In this way, you can easily scan your products and start a Shopventory Stocktake. With the stock level in your inventory, Shopventory automates the purchase orders per location. It tracks the minimum and maximum stock per location and creates a purchase to fulfill the stock automatically. Additionally, Shopventory provides reports of your business performance by location. You can customize reports for districts, regions, and locations to make comparisons and adjust the pricing accordingly. Shopventory is built up to fit with all types of business. It can track the inventory of restaurants with cake management, report on services, bundle products, and so on.

Shopventory helps you save time with a reliable connection between your POS and BigCommerce to focus on selling more. Insightful reports by Shopventory will support your business growth, why don’t you get the app now?

Highlight features

  • No limits for POS integrations
  • Allow count scanning
  • Automate purchase order
  • Provide reports by locations
  • Scale with different types of business

Price: 30-day free trial, $49/month

Rating: - / 5

Sku IQ by

BigCommerce Inventory Management Apps by

SKU IQ is one of the most powerful and professional applications that helps eCommerce business doers update your in-store point of sale to BigCommerce easily. Your business’s management system will level up and drive more sales and benefits, thanks to its amazing platform’s golden and awesome features.

Firstly, Sku IQ automatically syncs your in-store point of sale to BigCommerce, and keep track of inventory in sync and accurate. Also, this all-inclusive app helps you post and modify products and variants, present inventory in real-time. You can easily see analytics on your sales, customers, and products across your channels, which leads to better insight into your business’s performance. Moreover, Sku IQ provides you unlimited tools for imports, updates, and exports available. Besides, this app is responsible for other creative integrations such as Lightspeed Retail, Lightspeed OnSite, Clover, Square, Erply, Vend, and more. Specifically, Sku IQ connects your BigCommerce product information across multiple platforms in real-time containing title, description, images, vendor, type, tags, color, sizes, SKU, price, and more. Consequently, your business can complete a comfortable and efficient relationship with your customers when running an online store. That is perfect for boom sales and customers’ demand for shopping.

Therefore, Sku IQ is a must-try and proactive software for any online business. Install it now to explore more.

Highlight features

  • Update your in-store point of sale to BigCommerce
  • Keep track of inventory in sync and accurate
  • Post and edit products and variants
  • Present analytics on your sales, customers, and products across your channels
  • Compatible with Lightspeed Retail, Lightspeed OnSite, Clover, Square, Erply, Vend, and more

Price: $99.00/month, 14 days free trials

Rating: - / 5

Jazva by

BigCommerce Inventory Management Apps by

Jazva is an innovative app for the inventory management system of B2C and B2B merchants who want to scale their eCommerce operations. This cloud-based software provides powerful automation features, containing multi-channel listing, inventory management, order fulfillment, and accounting - all via one platform.

Detailed, Jazva is an all-inclusive software for online business merchants to track and update inventory changes when operating an online store. Customers want to view a professional and comfortable performance to support their shopping experience. Hence, Jazva helps you save the time of listing across multiple sites and marketplaces, containing Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet, and more. This function is based on the multi-channel listing tool of Jazva. Moreover, you can control inventory across unlimited channels, stores, and warehouses. Also, Jazva keeps track of more SKUs, kits, and bundles. Besides, this app eliminates the issues of running out of stock thanks to the smart projections and reordering system. Hence, you never have to worry about real-time inventory tracking. By connecting the shipping solution, Jazva allows you to choose the best shipping rates in real-time with Jazva’s integrated carriers. Additionally, your business can always keep on top of orders and manage returns easily from Jazva’s all-in-one platform.

Overall, downloading Jazva is a must-try integration for your business’ management of inventory.

Highlight features

  • Provide multi-channel listing tool across multiple sites and marketplaces
  • Control inventory across multiple channels, stores and warehouses
  • Eliminate running out of stock with the smart projections and reordering system
  • Choose the best shipping rates in real-time with Jazva's integrated carriers
  • Track orders, returns from Jazva's all-inclusive platform

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Lead Commerce Connector by

BigCommerce Inventory Management Apps by

When running an eCommerce store online, managers should focus on the process of orders, shipping and fulfillment, and inventory. They are the key factors to level up a business and lead to customers’ better experience when shopping in your online store. Therefore, Lead Commerce is one of the perfect choices for you with all the powerful features.

This all-inclusive application helps you update orders to Lead Commerce for creative order management. That means you can use quoting, custom fields, price tiers, and customizable invoices to sync orders to Lead Commerce for powerful order management. This app also manages your shipping and fulfillment process by transferring orders into Lead Commerce, then updating the tracking and status info back to BigCommerce. You can utilize bulk processing, shipping rules, and barcoding to improve your business’s management system to drive more team’s efficiency. Furthermore, Lead Commerce controls your inventory in the robust, multi-warehouse Lead Commerce system, and other sales channels orders such as eBay and Amazon to 1 central hub. That leads to a comprehensive and powerful monitor of all the issues of an online store. This app also provides kits, bundles, and assemblies for you to sell more complex products. Lead Commerce’s barcode scanning makes it stand out by enabling you to get purchase orders quickly and accurately.

Thereby, downloading this useful app now takes advantage of its features to boost your business management’s level.

Highlight features

  • Update orders to Lead Commerce for creative order management
  • Control shipping and fulfillment from Lead Commerce, and track status and tracking info back to Bigcommerce
  • Keep track of inventory in the robust, multi-warehouse Lead Commerce systema, and update back to Bigcommerce
  • Monitor other sales channels orders such as Ebay and Amazon to 1 central hub
  • Use barcode scanning to receive purchase orders quicker

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Linnworks by

BigCommerce Inventory Management Apps by

Linnworks is a creative solution for eCommerce business doers to manage online selling with a powerful, efficient system that automates core processes and saves you time and money. This all-inclusive application supports all the processes of sales from order management, stock control, shipping, listing, repricing, and more.

First, Linnworks enables you to sell across three channels or three hundred; therefore, you can extend into hundreds of new marketplaces to attract more potential customers. Also, this app only takes you a similar amount of time to build listings, print invoices, and generate shipping labels. Moreover, Linnworks helps you connect with sites such as eBay, Amazon, Magento, and hundreds of other platforms, and continuously on the lookout for even more. Besides, you can use the inventory management software to translate into many distinctive languages and support websites built with PHP, MySQL, ASP, and several other formats. The multi-channel inventory management of Linnworks supports you in integrating your inventory to your various channels to offer exact stock levels. Thus, Linnworks will instantly update your other listings to account for an item that sells on one eCommerce site. You can use Linnworks stock control software to post or download all of your stock information straight into its system. Whenever posting a new CSV file, the system makes stock updates, price changes, and more mechanically.

In conclusion, installLinnworks now to take advantage of all its amazing features.

Highlight features

  • Allow selling across three channels or three hundred
  • Build listings, print invoices, and generate shipping labels
  • Connect with sites like eBay, Amazon, Magento, and hundreds of other platforms
  • Translate into many different languages and support websites built with PHP, MySQL, ASP, and several other formats
  • Utilize the data import tool to post/download all of your stock information straight into the system

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

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