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Top 10 Best BigCommerce Inventory Management Apps

Last updated: July 01, 2024
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When developing an online business, it is important for merchants to choose the Best BigCommerce Inventory App. This is because inventory management can help them keep track of everything, especially when multi-channel commerce is one of the most recent inventory cost considerations.

Hence, this article will suggest top 10 Best BigCommerce Inventory Apps that you should consider.

Why do we need BigCommerce Inventory Apps?

If you simply sell a few items, you may find that managing your inventory on your own is sufficient. However, when your business grows, or you wish to launch fresh goods, you may discover that keeping track of everything becomes overwhelming.

Multi-channel commerce is one of the most recent inventory cost considerations. Consumers desire more convenient ways to buy things regardless of where they are. As a result, brands are expected to sell through a variety of channels.

When using manual inventory management, you waste far too much time searching for records, resolving data errors, and allowing products to slip through the cracks. You’ll need inventory management software to help you save time and money by managing and keeping the inventory details updated.

Boost your inventory’s accuracy

Inventory management can be a nuisance, especially if you sell on various platforms because it’s difficult to keep track of stock levels across all of them. It might be more complex when you sell more things than you have in stock (on your product page). Therefore, with the right tools and practices, your inventory management system will be online.

Make judgments based on data

When you don’t keep track of your inventory, you’re more prone to have overstocks and out-of-stock situations. Each consumer buying a holiday, marketing campaign, product introduction, and so on, raises the likelihood.

When inventory management is done properly, you have access to additional data. Those inventory and sales records reveal how much, how frequent, and how rapidly merchandise is moving. You can also look at consumer behavior to aid in data-driven decision-making.

Boost your efficiency

Manual product tracking, seeking for “lost” inventory, manually updating inventory in eCommerce platforms, and dealing with customer concerns linked to inventory catastrophes consume a significant amount of working time.

Inventory management in BigCommerce can be automated, allowing you and your staff to be considerably more efficient. Third-party apps and warehouse management systems can boost automation, even more, reducing the need for manual updates and lowering the risk of human mistakes.

10 Best Apps for BigCommerce Inventory Management

1. Brightpearl


Brightpearl is a retail operations platform for businesses with revenues of $1 million or more (or retailers who are expecting to in the near future). It is designed to support large volumes of orders and can even handle bulk orders. Brightpearl makes it simple to manage numerous warehouse inventory. If you’re a larger company with inventory spread over multiple locations, this makes things easier.

Brightpearl is best for Big Businesses and Wholesalers. It will streamline a lot of the procedures that would otherwise take up your time and money. Brightpearl offers customized pricing packages based on your business size.

Key features

  • Order Routing and Fulfillment with Flexibility

Brightpearl offers a sophisticated fulfillment module that customizes how orders are handled. BigCommerce doesn’t have to worry if an order is transported via third-party logistics, drop-shipment, or backorder. All of the logic for orchestrating the dispatch of that item to a client is handled by Brightpearl.

  • Inventory Control in Multiple Locations

A retailer can choose which of their warehouse(s) should be evaluated for their product quality levels per online store using the BigCommerce connection, ensuring that their sales potential is maximized. When purchases are made, Brightpearl’s fulfilment and automation processes direct them to the most appropriate fulfillment location based on the company’s preferences.

  • Accurate accounting for inventory

The same data is input many times in distinct systems for selling, buying, inventory control, and accounting, increasing the potential of errors at each stage. When you invoice sales, take payments, receive or ship inventory, and just about anything else, Brightpearl generates journals automatically, automating all data input and transitioning the accounting staff to management by exception rather than a data input setting.

As a result, every information is published in real-time, giving them an up-to-the-second perspective of their business that didn’t require any labor outside of the platform or the compilation of many databases.

  • Multi-Channel Management

For a customer with numerous BigCommerce webstores, Amazon marketplaces, or EDI, they would directly attach each channel to Brightpearl separately. Brightpearl will then seamlessly and in real-time maintain them all in sync, along with any other sales channels.


  • Contact For Pricing

2. Skubana


For brands pursuing multi-channel profitability, Skubana is a distributed order management system that powers fulfillment, inventory, and business intelligence. Skubana synchronizes data from sales channels, warehouses, 3PLs, POS systems, and other sources so that retailers can rely on delivering the best possible customer satisfaction.

Skubana is best for medium and enterprise businesses selling across several channels

Key Features

  • Direct-to-Consumer

From a single dashboard, easily handle product listings across markets, wholesalers, big-box retailers, and your BigCommerce site. With extensive demand forecasts, automated restocking, and warnings when crucial stock is running short, you can avoid overselling and marketplace fines. To enhance order traffic and create false shortages, quickly set up bundles and kits or alter stock numbers.

  • Automate Operational Responsibilities

Identify the most cost-effective fulfillment solution for any BigCommerce order and remove hurdles connected with delivering from numerous locations. Orderbots can handle almost every order, inventory, and fulfillment task across all channels. Never be out-of-stock again by rapidly automating purchase orders to fill orders based on channel speed, order quantities, as well as other buying criteria.

  • Multi-Channel Confusion is Converted into Singular Simplicity

To forecast future needs, estimate profitability, and foresee inventory shortages, use multichannel data and insights. From our analytics tool, you can quickly discover possibilities to reduce expenses and enhance revenues on an SKU-by-SKU and sales channel basis. True profitability at the SKU level, taking into account all costs, marketplace fees, FIFO, and administrative costs.


  • Custom Price

  • Monthly rates begin at $1,000.

  • To obtain a customized demo and quote, please contact sales.

3. Pulse Commerce

Pulse Commerce

To combine the strength of Pulse Commerce Order and Inventory Platform with the design and versatility of BigCommerce, a quick-to-deploy Connector with installation assistance is available. The Pulse Commerce Order & Inventory Platform serves as the brains of your omnichannel business, providing a real-time view of orders, inventory, customers, items, promotions, and fulfillment across all channels.

Pulse Commerce is best for Quick Order Fulfilment. It’s a good inventory management system that focuses on speed and intelligent fulfillment procedures, making it ideal for any size eCommerce company looking to streamline specific procedures.

Key features:

  • Turn Orders Around More Quickly

Due to their automated fulfillment procedure, Pulse Commerce claims to have shorter turnaround times. When it comes to capturing sales, they also provide fraud detection and secure financial transactions. Ship orders quicker and more precisely, with real-time order tracking, delivery date option, and other features.

  • Optimize your fulfillment processes.

Reduce shipping charges, shorten shipping times, and optimize inventory across all of your fulfillment sites by delivering from the best warehouse or shop. Based on geography, margin, or fulfillment time, Pulse Commerce will optimize fulfillment (depending on your preference). As a result, if a consumer puts an order, their product will be dispatched from the warehouse closest to them, keeping costs down on shipping expenses.

  • Enterprise Visibility from Every Angle

Customers – Orders – Stock – Products – Special Offers

For better and faster customer support, gain enterprise-wide visibility across all sales channels and fulfillment centers.

  • True Omni-channel Support

To increase brand loyalty, provide true omnichannel commerce and excellent consumer experiences. We support processes and operations such as Buy Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere, and Return Anywhere.


  • Custom Price: Subscription Required
  • You’ll need to contact Pulse Commerce about their free demo to learn more about their price.

4. Linnworks


With the Linnworks Total Commerce platform, you can gain control of your online sales. The cloud-based platform links and optimizes all multichannel selling operations, enabling businesses to organize their inventory, orders, and fulfillment from a single dashboard. Businesses can enhance profitability and growth by delivering deep insights across sales channels and processes.

Linnworks is best for Detailed Reporting

Key features:

  • Multichannel Integration

Linnworks makes it simple to handle multi-channel retailing. Each time you attempt a sale, stock levels are automatically changed, lowering your possibilities of accidentally overselling. Using their dashboard, you can make listings, handle orders, issue invoices, and create shipping labels in quantity, streamlining the process of selling in many locations.

Moreover, it can increase your market share by entering hundreds of new markets. In other words, its integration with more than 70 selling channels and marketplaces helps to broaden your reach and target consumers wherever they go.

  • Inventory Management

The real administration of your inventory is a fundamental advantage of Linnworks. They have a very well-defined mechanism for showing information. This implies that regardless of how many sites you have or how manywide a range of products you have in store, you should be able to swiftly and simply track down each item. This is extremely useful in the event of a recall (or if you only need to locate a single particular).

Linnworks maintain correct inventory levels and better stock traceability throughout your production process to avoid inventory stockouts and to overstock by tracking low stock levels and anticipating demand. It will scale with your business as it grows. Managing numerous warehouse sites to ensure that the required stock levels for the same item are maintained regardless of geographic location.


  • Linnworks’ pricing starts at $150 per month per user.

5. Ecomdash


Ecomdash is a multi-channel inventory control, sales order, buying, listing, drop shipping, and shipment management software for expanding enterprises that is web-based. Data and information are synced to and from vendors, sales channels, POS systems, providers, fulfillment centers, and warehouses using this easy-to-use software solution. It enables businesses to quickly extend new distribution channels and goods without having to rewrite their entire website.

Ecomdash is good for Smaller Retailers

Key features:

Inventory Control in Multiple Warehouses

When a customer orders your goods, we’ll immediately sync stock levels across several warehouses and sales platforms in near real-time.

  • Create reorder rules for inventory at the product or warehouse level.
  • Track the locations of aisles and bins, as well as serialized inventory, across each warehouse.
  • Set order fulfillment priorities, and we’ll send sales orders to the warehouse of your choice.

Keep track of items that have been manufactured.

Our online inventory software allows you to distinguish between produced and handmade items, as well as the resources required to create the final product.

  • To successfully price your completed item, keep track of the costs for each item.
  • Create work orders to keep track of the progress of your eCommerce products that have been made.
  • Ensure that the quantities of components and final goods are properly synced across all sales platforms.

Sell Bundles and Multipacks with Confidence

From a single platform, manage complex inventories like bundles and multipacks across all of your sales channels.

  • Keep track of individual components as well as combined items.
  • Keep track of the bundles, kits, and multi-packs you’re planning to send to Amazon.
  • Once a component has sold out, bundles and multipack listings are automatically disabled.


  • Free Trial: 15 days

  • Upfront Fee: Free

  • Recurring Fee: $25.00/mo.

6. SKULabs


SKULabs is an inventory, barcode, and shipping solution that works across many channels. In one cloud-based system, you can keep track of all of your sales, deliveries, and inventory. Contact one of our brand success professionals now to get started!

SKULabs is good for as well as larger businesses, but smaller business retailers might find it’s priced too high for them.

Key features

  • Take a look at inventory levels for all of your products at a glimpse

Take the guess and hassle out of the inventory system. Rather, obtain a single, up-to-date count for all of your goods across all of your service offerings. Keep lowering stock notifications and see how many units have been purchased by searching or scanning for an SKU’s count.

  • In real time, keep track of what’s going in and out.

Inventory changes dramatically as you place buy orders and ship goods. That’s why, for each of your SKUs, we offer you what’s going out and what’s coming in. Use this quick glimpse of the inventory flow for your product to plan ahead for upcoming purchases and sales.

  • Inventory should be synchronized across all of your sales channels.

Keep all of your listings’ inventory counts updated without effort. SKULabs can seamlessly push the available inventory of an item to all of the listings that the item is connected to by serving as the master of inventory.

  • Inventory management for many warehouses and locations

You can track and sync quantity changes in real-time, no matter where your inventory is located. Examine how an SKU’s stock is distributed among your warehouses, distribution centers, and Amazon’s FBA service.

  • Cycle counting, refunds, and transfers are all used to update stock.

Are you intimidated by the prospect of counting all of your stock? To count stock for one section of your warehouse at a time, build cycle counts. Make your returns and location transfers more accurate by scanning barcodes.


  • Upfront Fee: Free

  • Recurring Fee: $499.00/mo.

7. Sparkshipping


Sparkshipping is an order fulfillment software that automates dropshipping activities like order tracking, inventory synchronization, and product management.

Key features

  • Inventory Control Software

Spark Shipping will automatically update your inventory by processing feeds from your vendors. It also keeps all of your merchants’ inventories up to date. Feeds can be processed through CSV, FTP, XML, API, manual upload, and other methods.

  • Routing of Orders by Computer

Orders can be sent to suppliers, distributors, suppliers, or fulfillment facilities automatically. Spark Shipping will automatically send orders to the relevant vendor as they come in.

  • Automated Monitoring

At the present moment: When vendors send you tracking changes, Spark Shipping will instantly update tracking in your Bigcommerce business.


  • Custom Price: $249 - $999 / month

8. Fishbowl


Fishbowl is a production and inventory management system for small and medium-sized enterprises. Inventory management, material requirements preparation (MRP), job shop floor monitoring, task order management, manufacturer orders and bills of materials, barcoding, and much more are among the main features. The application may be installed on-premises or in the cloud.

Fishbowl is the #1 inventory management software for QuickBooks

Key features

  • Inventory Management Expiry dates, lot numbers, serial numbers, and other parameters may be used to monitor individual product products through various warehouses.

  • Reordering by itself Create automatic reorder points for all of your parts and goods to ensure that they are still in stock and that you know when it’s time to order more.

  • Integration of QuickBooks By combining Fishbowl and QuickBooks and arranging daily updates between them, you can avoid double data entry and keep your accounting and inventory management records in sync.

  • Order Processing Select tickets, batch picks, automatically created packing lists, and integrations with a variety of shippers and shipping solutions will help you accelerate your selection, packing, and delivery.

-Buying and Selling Process incoming sales orders rapidly, convert price quotes into sales orders, and established promotions and adjustable prices for targeted consumers and customer segments.


  • Upfront Fee: $1,995.00

  • Recurring Fee: None

9. Order Desk

Order Desk

Order Desk is a cloud-based order management system that enables users to simplify their entire order process while also integrating with third-party suppliers. Users may categorize all orders, see order overviews at a glance, build custom files to fit their business process, and configure the folder columns to meet their unique needs.

Order Desk is best for small stores with low volume.

Key features:

  • Inventory Syncing Pull product from your warehouse and update stock counts on your e-commerce websites automatically.

  • Refunds Refunds can be processed in full or in part right from your dashboard. You can also catch payments that have already been signed.

  • Order Splitting Separate various sections of an order automatically for split fulfillment.

  • Picklists & Reports To make picking and packing easier, create a report of your orders by SKU. Learn more about your best-selling items.

  • API Use its API to add and modify orders, shipments, and inventory from your own tools if our built-in tools are just not enough.


  • Order Desk pricing starts at $12.00 per feature per month.

  • They do not have a free version. Order Desk offers a free trial.

10. Vesta eCommerce

Vesta eCommerce

Manually handling product data is no longer an issue with Vesta eCommerce. Vesta can simplify the collection and cleaning of product data from suppliers, allowing you to sync more full and reliable product data into your PIM or BigCommerce shop. Vesta will help you save up to 90% of the time you spend handling product data while also allowing you to greatly extend your product catalog online

Key features

Collect product information

Vesta will create automated workloads to continually collect product data from and of the vendors. Vesta works closely with the vendors to connect to their data source, whether it’s an API, an FTP server, or a basic spreadsheet. Not only will you have access to their entire collection, but all potential updates and improvements will be sent directly to your PIM or BigCommerce account.

Clean product data

In the following three stages, Vesta will clean the incoming information from vendors.

  • Vesta transforms the incoming data into a normalized format.
  • Vesta’s transformation engine can convert your data into an optimized format for your web retailer based on rules specifically created for your company.
  • The Validation Engine in Vesta detects mistakes, including incorrect formats, missing fields, and duplicates.

Connect product data

Vesta connects the dots in the e-commerce data system ecosystem. The cleansed data will flow with updating information from Vesta straight into your shop, as well as ERP, POS, and PIM systems, thanks to built-in connectors. This orchestration ensures that data is consistent throughout the organization.

Product data that is more complete and reliable at the online store increases the consumer experience, resulting in higher conversions and fewer returns.

Vesta will shorten the time it takes to populate new e-commerce sites by months, allowing for a larger product selection to be stocked online.


  • Contact for pricing

11. Katana

Katana is a manufacturing ERP software designed to provide optimal visibility and management control over all the moving parts of your operation. You can access all key insights for product management and decision-making in one place; live inventory management, real-time master planning, total shop floor control, omnichannel order management and end-to-end traceability - Katana has it all covered.

Key features:

  • Advanced inventory optimization and control

Total inventory control for both finished products and raw materials. Prevent stock-outs by setting reorder points and automating inventory transactions; you can also track all stock levels in real-time to ensure availability and manage projections. With Katana, you can monitor inventory across multiple warehouses, using barcodes to receive and count stock for real-time accuracy.

  • Access real-time visibility to optimize master planning

The viability and scalability of any operation is dependent upon accurate master planning. With Katana, you can access real-time inventory data to inform management decisions, such as product prioritization based on the availability of raw materials, ensuring that optimal inventory levels are maintained at all times, and implementing task-level control for heightened shop floor management efficiency.

  • Optimize order fulfillment with synchronized sales channels

Omnichannel selling success depends upon optimal sales order management across all channels. Katana enables you to sync your sales channels, unifying B2B and e-commerce sales order management for optimal order fulfillment.

  • Easy end-to-end traceability

Efficient inventory management relies upon effective traceability beyond the warehouse itself. With Katana, you can keep a close eye on inventory from one end to the other, tracking expiry dates, batches and more for ultimate control over your stock at every level.


  • Free trial: 14 days

  • Upfront Fee: Free

  • Recurring Fee: Packages between $99 - $599 per month

💡 Note: For more detailed insights and step-by-step processes on managing your inventory effectively, check out our comprehensive inventory management guide.</a>

How to Choose the Right Inventory App for your BigCommerce Business?

To choose the Right Inventory App for your BigCommerce online store, here are several main features that you should consider:

  • Stock Management

When you have multiple stock sites, it is better to have inventory management software that allows you to keep track of all of your stock and where it is stored. There are a number of reasons why doing this is advantageous. To begin with, it simply simplifies the process of providing the appropriate amount of stock to your customers. Second, it enables you to keep track of your products’ location. If you need to locate a specific object for some purpose, you’ll be able to do so easily.

However, it can be extremely beneficial in terms of providing faster shipping to your customers. If you have stock in multiple warehouses, some inventory management systems will automatically select the warehouse closest to your customer. This enables the item to arrive faster and may save you money on shipping charges. Because not all services provide this, it is worthwhile to investigate this further.

  • Cross-Platform Selling Integration

As previously stated, inventory management software makes selling on various channels much simpler. It keeps you from selling a product that you have already sold out of on another platform. It also allows you to complete work more easily.

Several other inventory management systems enable you to update product descriptions, pricing, and upsells from a single dashboard integration. This will save you a lot of time logging in and out of eBay, Amazon, and other selling platforms to repeat the same duties.

  • Shipping and Fulfilment (Order Management)

Inventory management software can help your online store with shipping. Because of partnerships with third-party shipping companies, some inventory management systems provide discounts. This means you could save a significant amount of money. Different services offer different discounts, so it’s worth shopping around to find the best deal for you.

You can also appear to be able to execute shipping and fulfillment tasks in bulk. These include things like mass-printing shipping labels or packing slips, marking a purchase order as dispatched, and so on. This will be incredibly beneficial if you have a small group trying to deal with huge quantities of orders, as these tiny repetitive tasks can add up to a lot of time.

  • Merchant Reporting on BigCommerce

Better reporting should be provided by inventory management software. This is due to the fact that they provide you with access to data from all of your sales channels in one location. As a result, if you sell through various channels, you can view sales data without having to log in to each one individually.

Having a system that syncs all of your selling channel networks (marketplace) at the same time makes it easier to access current information.

In this regard, some service providers outperform others, with some providing knowledge and insight into your greatest products and seasonal trends. This will permit you to make more informed decisions about restocking and bringing new products to your customers.

Final words

For both large and small online businesses, getting the Best BigCommerce Inventory App is essential. Whether you manage your own inventory or work with a dropshipper, inventory requires a considerable financial investment — both in terms of the initial price and the cost of having to store it. Therefore, make sure that you take what we represented in this article into consideration to choose the proper one for your online store.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.

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