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10 Best Rewards & Loyalty Program Apps for BigCommerce by Smile-io

BigCommerce Rewards & Loyalty Program Apps by Smile-io

The app providers with thousands of live programs for different-size stores, the provides multiple outstanding features for their shops. Even for billion-dollar businesses, this Smile loyalty program also can help them to boost their customer’s shopping experiences as well as their sales with the attractive promoting campaign.

When you plan for your loyalty points program, Smile will help you to customize it because of business-friendly, meaning features. It is easy for online sellers to get access to this powerful referral. Moreover, the design customizations allow them to create free plan depending on their needs without paying a lot of money for third parties. The beautiful rewards program will impress any visitors when they log on your website. Besides, the exclusive perks and attractive discounts are the best way to engage your customer’s experience. During the checkout, the Loyalty Points Program helps the users to create a customer account, and then place an order automatically. It also allows them to share them on social media. Therefore, it is possible for online sellers to create social proof and word-of-mouth marketing. To reduce the number of abandoned carts, points reminders will send a notification to customers about their redeem points as well as coupon codes. Last but not least, the VIP Program will be the best wat to strengthen customer’s retention. They will VIP statuses and their advantages when becoming VIP accounts.

Launching a powerful loyalty program from Smile-io will leverage your store’s revenue a lot. Within minute to install this real-time rewards panel, why don’t adding it now to empower your online shops?

Highlight features

  • Allows users to build custom reward programs
  • Match customer's expection and the design by analyzing their history
  • Support customers to log in both website and loyalty program
  • Strengthen customer's retention with the VIP Program
  • Create social proof to boost WOM Marketing campaign

Price: custom pricing

Rating: 461 - 4.5 / 5

S Loyalty by Sloyalty

BigCommerce Rewards & Loyalty Program Apps by Sloyalty

S Loyalty is one of the most powerful marketing applications that lets you manage your BigCommerce products, orders, customers, inventory, picking-packing-shipping, returns, customer support, and more. This marketing solution helps eCommerce business doers take care of storefront aesthetics and thoughtful customer engagement.

S Loyalty provides a sleek rewards program in your online store to build connections with customers. Also, you can easily personalize your designs for desktop and mobile to notify you about the latest reward offers for shoppers. Further, S Loyalty allows you to utilize scheduled expiration for unused rewards points and discount codes and automates customized rewards like “Welcome” and “Birthday” bonuses that are available to all S Loyalty merchants. Moreover, this app ensures the relationship with customers by offering special promotions during weekends and holidays, 2x/3x points, special events bonuses, and more. S Loyalty also enables your team to join S Loyalty’s admin console for desktop and mobile, hence they can simply access to customer support. Besides, this platform aims to boost your business thanks to referrals by rewarding loyalty points to customers who make successful referrals. And, it is easier to fit the store’s languages for enhanced localization by showing a polished loyalty program and integrating seamlessly with Weglot App to power loyalty programs in different languages.

Highlight features

  • Personalize your designs for desktop and mobile to notify about the latest reward offers for shoppers
  • Utilize scheduled expiration for unused rewards points and discount codes
  • Offer special promotions during weekends and holidays
  • Allow your team to join S Loyalty's admin console for desktop and mobile
  • Show a polished loyalty program to fit the store's languages for enhanced localization

Price: 0

Rating: 246 - 4.5 / 5

Lily Loyalty Points and Rewards by Lily

BigCommerce Rewards & Loyalty Program Apps by Lily

Lily is an app that can help you instantly add a Loyalty and Rewards program to your store. Delight your customers by offering rewards based on how many points a customer has earned. The app will set up and display a loyalty program widget on your store that handles all of this automatically.

The simpleness and easy-to-setup logic will save you time and start your loyalty program within a few minutes.

Our main concept is that every shop on BigCommerce, no matter the size and order number can create and start an efficient loyalty program in a few clicks.

Highlight features

  • It's totally FREE
  • Simple installation. No coding is needed! Takes less than 3 minutes to get set up.
  • The app is built exclusively for BigCommerce. No hacks or workaround - it just simply works
  • Doesn't affect your speed performance
  • All actions are designed to drive high-value purchasing behaviors. Increase engagement with your community by rewarding customers with convertible points on your store.
  • Offer exclusive rewards for the most valued customers
  • Check and evaluate your loyalty performance

Price: FREE

Rating: 19 - 5 / 5

ReferralCandy by Referralcandy

BigCommerce Rewards & Loyalty Program Apps by Referralcandy

ReferralCandy is a referral marketing strategy that helps you drive more revenues effectively without having to do all the hard work. More than 3000 online stores have chosen ReferralCandy and seen incredible success. With the help from ReferralCandy, you can design referral programs of your choice that are 100% customizable.

You can encourage your customers to address your brand to their friends and family. While this is a spontaneous reaction, you can definitely trigger it with ReferralCandy. After signing up, you are only a few clicks away from completing your set up. The program is super easy to work with even though you don’t have much coding experience. Next, you can rest assured that you will have full control over rewards and incentives. Referral helps you to reward customers for desirable actions automatically. The rewards vary from cash, coupon codes to custom gifts so that you can decide for yourself. Moreover, you can design every detail as you wish with ReferralCandy’s Theme Editor. If you have anything in mind, you can contact them online 24/7. I have never seen such great customer service like that!

All you have to do is start your free one-month trial today. ReferralCandy surely can make you satisfied. Even if you don’t like it, the trial is completely risk-free and no extra charges unless you decide to purchase the programme. With such a deal at hand, why don’t you try ReferralCandy?

Highlight features

  • Require no developer input or code
  • Encourage your customers to address your brand to their friends and family
  • Automatically reward customers for desirable actions
  • Design details to meet your brand’s vision with ReferralCandy’s Theme Editor
  • 30-Day Risk Free Trial available

Price: $49/month

Rating: 18 - 5 / 5

Zinrelo by Zinrelo

BigCommerce Rewards & Loyalty Program Apps by Zinrelo

There is a wide range of marketing applications in the BigCommerce that efficiently support an eCommerce business to maximize their profits, increase sales with more creative strategies. And, Zinrelo is one of the ideal options for businesses of all types.

First, this Zinrelo is received multiple high rates for a modern-day loyalty rewards platform to boost repeat sales and per-customer revenue via 360-degree customer engagement, data sciences, and machine learning. Detailed, merchants can easily reach their customer loyalty across unlimited dimensions containing transactional, social, referral, engagement, behavioral, and emotional loyalty. Moreover, Zinrelo increases 80% in repeat sales, 50% in profitability, and 2.4X per-customer revenue. Therefore, you can make use of its data sciences team to identify past purchase data to send a perfect match rewards program operated for your business, separate loyalty members into actionable clusters. Zinrelo provides the white-glove service handholds visitors via the launch process. You can instantly determine loyalty campaigns such as tier upgrades, bonus points, double points, and other point’s incentives. Also, you can use the Quarterly Business Reviews to explore performance and review success plans.

Overall, this 5-star reviewed platform that is favorite on all major review sites is a must-have choice for any business to level up its performance.

Highlight features

  • Identify past purchase data to send a perfect match rewards program operated for your business
  • Use mchine learning techniques to separate loyalty members into actionable clusters
  • Provide the white glove service handholds visitors via the launch process
  • Determine loyalty campaigns such as tier upgrades, bonus points, double points, and other point's incentives
  • Fasten the enterprise grade platform

Price: 0

Rating: 18 - 5.0 / 5

Gratisfaction by Appsmav

BigCommerce Rewards & Loyalty Program Apps by Appsmav

Gratisfaction is an all-inclusive platform that offers loyalty, referral, giveaways, sweepstakes, instant win, events, and rewards to enhance leads, referrals, followers, purchases, and repeat sales. This app will support your business’s performance with creative marketing solutions.

First, Gratisfaction builds your customized loyalty rewards program, uses the Referral Program to activate unlimited types of single or double-sided referral programs. Also, business doers can offer purchase-points for your customers for offline or marketplace purchases. Moreover, Gratisfaction helps you honor your Etsy customers and keep them into loyal customers purchasing from your BigCommerce store when you are selling on ETSY. Further, this app also operates Quiz and Surveys to collect a great response to stimulate more visitors to come to your website or a webpage, your Facebook page, Instagram profile, or Google+ page. Besides, Gratisfaction builds custom forms including reservation form, attend an event form, webinar form, and reward participants who join in. Additionally, Gratisfaction presents referrals for getting their friends to log in to your campaigns, allows members to spend their points by claiming rewards, from coupons to physical rewards. Finally, Gratisfaction encourages you to organize multiple viral giveaways, sweepstakes, instant win, and referral campaigns.

Let install this app to gain more benefits from professional marketing system for your online store.

Highlight features

  • Offer the purchase-points for your customers for offline or marketplace purchases
  • Honor your Etsy customers and keep them into loyal customers purchasing from your BigCommerce store
  • Support points and instant prizes on birthdays, anniversaries and more
  • Present referrals for getting their friends to log in to your campaigns
  • Allow members to spend their points by claiming rewards, from coupons to physical rewards

Price: 0

Rating: 14 - 5.0 / 5

Marsello by Preferred

BigCommerce Rewards & Loyalty Program Apps by Preferred

Preferred Apps are popular on BigCommerce because it provides outstanding features. The shop owners could have both veterans and up-and-coming partners; the users can optimize these outstanding features when using their apps. Known as a data-driven automation and loyalty program tool from Preferred, Marsello helps online sellers to send their email, SMS, and loyalty programs.

First of all, this tool gives the customer a loyalty rewards program that can encourage them to spend and not leave the referral products or give other clients comments. It also can make their online buyers more attention with their email flow templates. Moreover, that beautiful appearance of these emails will make their shops stand out comparing to other merchants. The retailers who are using Marsello will personalize their messages to each of the customers. The email campaign will run promotions with dynamic discount codes, product recommendations, or loyalty program status. Another feature is the signup form that helps you to collect customer feedback and product recommendations. That can strengthen your brands easily. More importantly, the shop owners could choose the best design for their marketing brands.

The online sellers could change their boring performance with this loyalty tool. Because of its SMS or email customization integration, shop owners could bring the best online shopping experiences for shoppers. It is easy for store owners to install it now. Let’s install this tool now.

Highlight features

  • Encourage customer's loyalty by spending on rewarding programs
  • Automatically send the emails or SMS and count them
  • Integrate with multiple marketing tools
  • Create campaign with beautiful templates
  • Customize the messages designs

Price: Pro plan starts at $49/month, 30 days free trial

Rating: 13 - 4.5 / 5

Lootly: Loyalty & Rewards by

BigCommerce Rewards & Loyalty Program Apps by

Lootly is a Loyalty & Rewards, Referrals, and VIP Platform, which helps eCommerce brands create great customer relationships.

Lootly makes it very simple to start your own Loyalty program in just a few minutes. At Lootly, Loyalty programs should be rich in features, easy to use, fully personalized and reasonably priced for all business sizes. Best of all, Lootly does not require a different account for consumers. Lootly checks when a customer is signed in and then automatically shows its loyalty information inside their on-site app.

With Lootly, you can develop earning acts that allow your brand to interact extensively with clients, which will ncrease your visibility on social media, analysis, and forum engagement by enabling people to connect with you. Lootly provides 12 + forms to win points now, with its Zapier application promising thousands of possibilities.

You can also easily build VIP Tiers to give the most loyal customers, unique rewards & benefits. Lootly can help you define tier milestone criteria, create custom incentives, and tailor any design aspect to suit the brand. Lootly is a perfect way to thank your current customers for encouraging their friends to order from your shop. You can also turn your existing customers into brand ambassadors by establishing special incentives that both the sender and the recipient have access to for your Referral Program.

Lootly makes customizing any interface element of your loyalty program simpler than ever, including On-site View, Contacts, Incentive Page, etc. Looking for something technical? Lootly has full HTML Editors, allowing you 100 percent freedom to develop your company’s ideal reward program.

Highlight features

  • offer 12+ ways to earn points, allowing customers to heavily engage with your brand
  • Drive Revenue with customized VIP Tiers
  • Turn customers into Brand Ambassadors
  • Customize every design aspect of your loyalty program
  • Support unlimited orders & unlimited customers

Price: 0

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

LoyaltyLion by Loyaltylion

BigCommerce Rewards & Loyalty Program Apps by Loyaltylion

LoyaltyLion is a commitment and communication network powered by data that fuels development in e-commerce. You can unlock practical information to develop a deeper understanding of what fuels long-lasting consumer relationships, and use those experiences to communicate and pace up the current marketing activities. LoyaltyLion has been proven to improve profitability and investment; thousands of fast-growing e-commerce retailers around the world depend on LoyaltyLion.

You can use LoyaltyLion to add minutes to your loyalty plan and receive useful feedback from your clients, increasing activity, and customer loyalty by providing engagement points, including sign-ups, orders, and referrals. LoyaltyLion also manages adds and accepts customer points, blocks past points, and inserts current customer points. Points can also be exchanged to use at your shop for bonuses, which promotes the long-term.

LoyaltyLion also helps you create tiers (for example, bronze, gold, diamond, platinum, etc.) to encourage the best customers and inspire them to buy more. You can easily adjust the text, colors, fonts, and photographs to match your shop’s branding, satisfaction, dedication, and increased sales. LoyaltyLion has advanced built-in analytics to help you achieve more significant insights; you’re your consumers by identifying the most loyal clients, who are at risk and who need to win back.

LoyaltyLion also provides users with on-board experts. You can talk to one of our helpful professions to help set up the app on your store and grow your brand.

Highlight features

  • Customise everything (text, color, image, etc)
  • Points for a wide variety of activities
  • Encourage referrals via Facebook, Twitter, email or Whatsapp
  • Fully customisable email notifications
  • Gain valuable customers' insights with advanced analytics

Price: 0

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

Annex Cloud Customer Loyalty by Anex-cloud

BigCommerce Rewards & Loyalty Program Apps by Anex-cloud

Annex Cloud Customer Loyalty complete a better relationship with customers of an online business. This marketing application supports online merchants to boost their management system and drive more sales.

First, Annex Cloud Customer Loyalty honors customers for every purchase when buying via your website, via your third-party retailers online or in-store or on Amazon. Also, by discovering the different demographics of customers respond, this app provides coupons, products, or 3rd party gift cards to attract more customers entering to your loyalty program. Further, merchants can stimulate and reward customers for integrating their social profiles to their loyalty accounts and automatically honer them for sharing and referring friends through social media networks. Then, you can stay social graph data into your loyalty reporting and maintain engagement across channels. Annex Cloud Customer Loyalty connects online checkout redemption for customers to choose their available rewards right at checkout and use them as a discount on their total order. Thereby, you can post batches of coupon codes to handle members’ issues when they claim their rewards automatically. Additionally, the connection of recency, frequency, and monetary (RFM) data into your loyalty segmentation and reporting is important for acknowledging target customer groups.

Hence, let install this powerful app now to develop your business management.

Highlight features

  • Build a strong relationship with your customers and honor them for every purchase
  • Maintain customers actively engaged with your brand
  • Offer CRM and marketing automation connection streamline communication
  • Corporate recency, frequency, and monetary (RFM) data into your loyalty segmentation
  • Use reporting and analytics to have an insight into your loyalty program

Price: contact for pricing

Rating: - / 5

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