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11+ Best BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Apps from hundreds of the Abandoned Cart reviews in the market (BigCommerce Apps Store, BigCommerce Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Abandoned Cart does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Abandoned Cart app collection is ranked and result in May 2024, the price from $0. You find free, paid Abandoned Cart apps or alternatives to Abandoned Cart also.

11 Best Abandoned Cart Apps for BigCommerce

Privy by Privy

BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Apps by Privy

About 500,000 small and large companies rely on Privy to catch and turn website users into regular customers. With Privy, you will never again need a new preview, coupon, discarded cart, or email marketing app.

Integrating Privy with BigCommerce helps you to set up your account in seconds, and have your first campaign live immediately, free of charge. Anything is possible without the necessary coding or production skills. Privy helps you to: create high converting welcome messages and offers; reduce dropouts with cart saving popups and flyouts; recover carts and bring automated emails to return visits; submit updates and follow up emails on automated order; aimed at advertising and promotions; guide visitors to the items in question.

Users using Privy has said that they can easily expand the email list and shop purchases with fast conversion popups, spin to win, and bulk and exclusive coupon codes. Privy also allows you to develop and distribute Special and Master Coupons that synchronize with your BigCommerce store. You can also recover further missing purchases with instant text messaging sent to someone who has not finished checkout on your SMS list. Privy also has A/B research strategies for ongoing efficiency optimization. Privy has been proven to generate $2.5 billion in merchant revenue in 2019; catch more than 25 million emails; garner checkouts above 3MM per month.

Highlight features

  • Thousands of high-converting models, easy-to-customize styles
  • Robust on-site targeting tools and segmentation
  • High-Converting Campaign Triggers
  • Marketing and Production by email
  • Fully integrate with Top suppliers of email services

Price: 0

Rating: 102 - 4.5 / 5

smartrmail by Smartrmail

BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Apps by Smartrmail

SmartrMail is the easiest way to send out professional-looking emails to your customers and increase sales. It is an email marketing application suitable for small to medium businesses. SmartrMail is the perfect alternative from MailChimp as it is currently offering new stores free migration and one to one demo.

SmartrMaill allows you to send out beautiful and professional email newsletters within just a minute. It looks up the product you want to market and then adds your products with images, descriptions, and prices. This way, it is customizable and convenient, as it does not take a lot of time. SmartrMail enables you to recover lost sales with up to 3 abandoned cart emails. Everything on SmartrMail is automated. It sends out welcome emails, post-purchase, and wins back campaigns for you. It automatically emails the products your customers are most likely to buy with SmartrMail unique learning-powered recommendation emails machine. This can increase the revenue of your business. Lastly, it seamlessly integrates big commerce email, so you don’t have to enter customer contact manually. You can start sending better emails as soon as possible.

In conclusion, SmartrMail is the best email marketing platform you can find. It also composes email newsletter 5x faster with in-app product lookup and helps grow email contact list faster with its email capture popup. With a world-class support team, you don’t have to waste unnecessary time or resources to become an email marketing expert.

Highlight features

  • Send out email newsletter
  • Smarter abandoned cart emails to increase average order value
  • Assist in sending out automated emails
  • Sends out product recommendation emails
  • Can integrate BigCommerce store

Price: 0

Rating: 11 - 4.5 / 5

Quotes by FreshClick by Freshclick

BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Apps by Freshclick

FreshClick Quote is built for online business runners to submit one or many product quote requests right from a product page or to generate a new quote using Quote Manager. A bespoke/discounted quote for customers can also be created and sent via email with a checkout link that allows them to load both the quote and the purchase.

To be more specific, right after the FreshClick Quote app is launched, an Add To Quote button will be added to your product detail page immediately and automatically. This button is for customers to contact you for any questions about products or pricing with a click. Sales representatives, of course, are able to respond to these questions, make amendments or add a discount to the quote with a professional quote. Furthermore, you are allowed to get access, review and keep track of quote requests using our provided quote manager whatever their status is: New, Draft, or Sent. Any quotes can be modified and amended here with the admin access while sales representatives can only view their own quotes.

A quote can be sent to customers in the form of a PRF. attachment so that it is downloadable, printable, and can be saved for later use. Install the app now to better your potential buyers’ experience

Highlight features

Price: $14.99/month

Rating: 11 - 5.0 / 5

CM Commerce by Cm-commerce

BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Apps by Cm-commerce

CM Commerce is an email marketing platform that leads you to marketing automation. Having 20,000+ customers worldwide, CM Commerce is best trusted with its powerful tools over email content and visuality, which support email creating and sending processes.

CM Commerce allows you to automatically send abandoned cart emails after integrating all customers’ data with Bigcommerce. In this way, you can remind your clients about any new products, coupons, special offers, and start driving revenue. Moreover, CM Commerce provides visually-appealing templates, cross-sell messages, and shipping coupons to impress your audience and call to action. With its automation tools, CM Commerce makes sure that you can engage your customers, trigger their continuous orders, and prolong customer loyalty with rewards. Clients can especially post pictures and reviews of your products, which allows you to do marketing based on their experience and build trust with others. To increase the conversion rate, you can compose and send out customized emails as newsletters with CM Commerce.

CM Commerce will make your job much easier with its useful automation recipes. If you have CM Commerce in your hand, you don’t have to worry about targeting and segmentation to generate leads. All you have to do to upgrade your game is to sign up for CM Commerce today.

Highlight features

  • Send reminding emails of new products, abandoned carts, and so on
  • Choose from hundreds of good-looking templates
  • Send customized emails to engage more customers
  • Allow posting pictures and reviews
  • Target and segment your audience

Price: $9/month

Rating: 10 - 4 / 5

Remarkety by Remarkety

BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Apps by Remarkety

Remarkety is an email marketing automation platform for businesses. It sends smart data-driven emails to customers and increases your sales by campaigns.

Remarkety can track customer behavior and use it for our benefits. It analyzes customer shopping behaviors in terms of what they buy and how. From there, they send personalized emails that best for the customers leading to more sales. It also automatically segment customers based on their past orders and shopping behaviors. You can have a better understanding of your customers through this feature. Adding onto the list of features makes product recommendations automatically without you coding and suggesting the most relevant products for your customers, just like sending personalized emails. To help you increase sales, it engages customers by sending highly targeted personalized emails with product recommendations, coupons, and campaigns. Of course, the process of sending emails and responses is automated. This way, you can save time and money on labor.

To sum up, Remarkety is an automated email marketing software that does more than sending emails to you. It has other high-quality features like tracking customer behavior, segmenting customers, making product recommendations, expanding email contact lists, nurturing leads, and many more. All of the features are going to lead your business to become a better version.

Highlight features

  • Track customer behavior and analyze it
  • Engages customers by send personalized emails
  • Automated categorization of customers
  • Provide product recommendations
  • Automated email and responses

Price: $25/month

Rating: 6 - 5.0 / 5

Abandoned Cart Recovery by

BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Apps by

Data indicates that around 67 per cent-75 per cent of shopping carts are forgotten before they are finally checked out which suggests that nearly $200 - $300 of sales are gone “abandoned” for every $100 sales you have achieved. The statistic really seems alarming because too many future buyers and prospects did not reach the finish line. There are various explanations for people who haven’t checked out like they’d like to give a second consideration before ordering, or simply forget to place it in the shopping cart. For’s Abandoned Cart Recovery, you can personalize and arrange up to 3 emails and send them to potential clients who have left their cart behind. This nice reminder will get your customer back and definitely raise sales from your shop.’s Abandoned Cart Recovery can help customize abandoned email cart template. The app is up and running thanks to the brilliant designers and developers until the users have given the app permissions to enter their website. With the quick settings tab, you can conveniently configure the content of your email into the colors and languages you want with clicks.

When you have the software enabled, it continues to download discarded carts from your stores and send emails. With adjustable delay, you can send up to 3 abandoned cart emails per departure. By having the data on the discarded cart list, you will get a good picture of how many emails have been received, opened, and clicked, and how successful these emails are getting back the clients.

Highlight features

  • customize abandoned cart email design
  • Send out several abandoned cart emails with flexible delay
  • Understand how your customers respond

Price: 0

Rating: 5 - 2.0 / 5

Facebook Chat by Powr

BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Apps by Powr

To assist you in communicating with customers and maintain the live support between you and them, POWr generates a platform named Facebook Chat. With it, you can connect to their Facebook account directly from your website.

With the help of Facebook Chat, you can communicate with your visitors in real time through Facebook - a most worldwide popular social network. It will connect to their Facebook accounts and chat with them via Facebook Messenger. You can create as many conversations as possible, which helps you approach your leads effectively without worries about the limit number. Furthermore, you can increase your brand personalization by changing the color, button text, fonts, and adding custom welcome messages. It plays an important role in maintaining your store’s profession in your visitors’ mind. Regardless of your visitors’ language, Facebook Chat of POWr will customize your app to help them remove the barrier of language. You, then, will be confident to advertise and sell your products to international customers. In addition, understanding that these days are the age of mobile devices, it creates Facebook Chat with high responsiveness to mobile devices, which makes your customers feel more convenient to connect with you.

In conclusion, trusted by more than 12 millions websites, Facebook Chat is a good option for your eCommerce stores.

Highlight features

  • Communicate with your visitors in real time
  • Customize the design easily
  • Support text in multiple languages
  • Suit with any mobile devices

Price: 0

Rating: 1 - 5 / 5

HubSpot-Integration by Cedcommerce

BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Apps by Cedcommerce

Half of the advertisers see digital automation as a top priority. It helps to accomplish sales encouraging, raise revenue from current clients, show the Return on investment of their marketing practices, and decrease acquiring consumers’ expense. The Hubspot BigCommerce Integration technology is aimed at doing exactly that. It creates a smooth integration between your BigCommerce store and Hubspot to facilitate client, request, line-item, and other sales-centric data transfer.

Hubspot BigCommerce Integration reduces the churn rate. RFM segmentation helps merchants to detect those consumers who are just about to leave soon. Therefore, via speak, polls, or coupons, they will get in touch with them again to discourage them from leaving.

Hubspot BigCommerce Integration also helps to prove the Return on investment in marketing operations. The present knowledge helps advertisers create various consumer personas, to predict their behavior, and to produce predictions within a budget for acquiring consumers. Also, since the app divides all purchase-related details into consumer categories and customer resources, it becomes easier to analyze the exact buy characteristics precisely. And as a result, the cost of attracting consumers becomes easier to get down.

This app also compels customers to make a repeat purchase. The BigCommerce store’s RFM segmentation helps you to create workflows at Hubspot. After that, map the two, so the best offers are delivered to consumers at the right time to maximize repeat buy.

Last but not least, the software lets merchants synchronize orders, contacts, goods with Hubspot at the BigCommerce shop. As a result, the high spenders, low spenders, or spenders with regular but limited AOV transactions can be easily identified. Then you can devise a strategy-create a system-for attracting, communicating, and making them buy more.

So, what are you still waiting for? Try now for free.

Highlight features

  • Efectively identify in-leaving customers and contact them soon to reduces churn rate
  • Prove the ROI of marketing activities
  • Reduce Customer Acquisition Price
  • Compel customers to make a repeat purchase
  • Sync, Analyze, and Automate BigCommerce orders, contacts, products

Price: $40/month

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

Klaviyo Cart Rebuilder by Arctic-leaf

BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Apps by Arctic-leaf

Klaviyo Cart Rebuilder is a perfect tool to rebuild customers’ abandoned carts. With this app, you don’t have to worry about sending email reminders to your customers ever again. It allows you to track and save all users’ cart data, so even when your customers switch to another device, they still can restore their previous carts.

With help from Klaviyo, the data about all visitors’ activities, including updates, removals of items are saved. After that, an email will be sent with a link to the exact abandoned cart that your customers have left. In this way, they can quickly jump back into the purchase process regardless of changing devices. Next, you can leverage any applicable flow filters with information such as the cart URL, cart items, isEmpty boolean, brands, categories, and item count. More importantly, your email marketing game will undoubtedly be improved by cart details collected. You can create personalized emails that increase the click-through rate. Your customers will also stay up to date with any quantities or change a variant with the flow of their app.

Lastly, all emails will include cart items to remind your customers about forgotten products along with the dynamic cart URL. This allows your customers to recall their recent activity and make decisions. Why don’t you try Klaviyo for yourself?

Highlight features

  • Save data about all visitors’ activities including updates, removals of items
  • Email will be sent with a link to the exact abandoned cart regardless of changing device
  • Leverage any applicable flow filters
  • Create personalized emails that increase click through rate
  • Include cart items in emails to remind your customers

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Abandoned Cart Rescue Bot for Messenger by Maisie

BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Apps by Maisie

Abandoned Cart Rescue Bot is a perfect tool to recover your store’s abandoned carts. Customers often leave your website without a successfully purchased cart. And this will be too wasteful of your marketing efforts. With Maisie, you don’t have to worry about that anymore!

The Rescue Bot for Facebook Messenger will notify your customers about their abandoned carts for you, so you don’t have to. All messages are automatically so that you will not miss a single one. By having this tool at your disposal, you can increase your recovery rate and sales. Moreover, you can also send order and shipping information straight to your clients’ inbox. The confirmation and shipping process will help your customers to gain a better experience with your service. Therefore, they are likely to repurchase. You can also create and update a subscriber list with powerful tools for full control of your audience. Such tools include product page Messenger opt-in checkbox, checkout page Messenger opt-in or website, and Facebook live chat.

Finally, what’s left to do is super simple. You can instantly install the Maisie app on your BigCommerce store, connect your Facebook Messenger, link your Facebook account, and set up preferences. After doing this, you are ready to go and explore unlimited possibilities!

Highlight features

  • Notify your customers about their abandoned carts
  • Send order and shipping information straight to your clients’ inbox
  • Create and update a subscriber list with powerful tools
  • Opt-in Checkbox is automatically installed beneath your Add to Cart button on all product pages
  • Simple to set up and fully automated

Price: From $19/month, 30 days free trial

Rating: - / 5

pop-ups-contact-forms by Poptin

BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Apps by Poptin

Poptin develops Pop-ups & Contact Forms to help eCommerce business managers of any online store to improve your sales utilizing smart popups and forms, boost your email list, and attract more customers to engage your website. This app is perfect for businesses of any kind to polish their brands and marketing solutions.

Firstly, Pop-ups & Contact Forms allows store owners to generate popups and inline forms utilizing a drag and drop popup editor without any coding skills. You can then select multiple fully responsive and well-designed templates consisting of Popups, Inline Forms, Welcome Screen, Floating Bar, Side-bars, Slide-in, Mobile Popups, and more. Further, Poptin enables you to present after time spent on the website, page Scrolling trigger, show after a certain number of pages were pages viewed, show after X clicks on the page, JavaScript trigger. That drives you to choose various targeting options, including URL targeting, device targeting, geo-location (by country), days and hours, cookie targeting, JavaScript variables targeting, page title targeting, new vs. returning visitors, traffic source, and more. This app also has the autoresponder feature that helps you deliver emails automatically to website clients that submitted their email on your popups and form. The autoresponder ranges from a discount coupon code for clients who want to exit the checkout page, a “Thank you” or a “Welcome” email when customers fill out their information to a discount coupon for the next purchase, and more. Pop-ups & Contact Forms connects your popups and forms to your preferred emailing system, CRM, or marketing automation software. You always manage your popup analytics, track the number of clients visit your site, and your poptin and converted.

Hence, download this app at present for your online store to increase more leads, reduce cart abandonment with exit-intent popups, and boom your sales.

Highlight features

  • Generate popups and inline forms utilizing a drag and drop popup editor
  • Provide multiple responsive and well designed templates
  • Present after time spent on the website, page Scrolling trigger, show after certain number of pages were pages visited
  • Deliver automated emails to website clients that submitted their email on your pop ups and form
  • Connect your popups and forms with your preferred emailing system, CRM or marketing automation platform

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Cart abandonment is when customers leave without buying after adding an item to their cart. In 2020, online stores continued seeing a large number of abandoned carts, which leads to a significant loss of sales.

As a BigCommerce store, you’re not an exception, suffering from abandoned carts. Now we’ll talk about a powerful weapon that helps you battle with cart abandonment and win it: BigCommerce Abandoned Cart apps. It’s all about the apps’ definition, advantages, and ways to choose the best app for your BigCommerce business.

Let’s see!

Outstanding features of BigCommerce Abandoned Cart apps

Increase customer lifetime value & retention

BigCommerce Abandoned cart apps enable you to engage with customers easily to increase customer lifetime value and retention. You can say goodbye to cold emails or bulk emails sent without a small percentage of respondents. Instead, BigCommerce apps help you create and send highly targeted personalized emails to your customers. You’ll get a higher chance to win back your inactive customers by hitting the spot.

In the emails, you can offer your customers discounts or coupons to appeal to them to your products that they abandoned before. Suggesting relevant products is also a great way to facilitate customers’ interest and retain them.

Customizable abandoned cart email design

BigCommerce abandoned carts apps are designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind to assist you in recovering and reducing abandoned carts. It’s easy to set up, leverage, and customize.

With a simple settings page, you can easily customize the email content and email templates. Change the color, languages, and design to best fit your needs as well. You can run your email campaigns anytime once you are satisfied with everything set up through the app. Before that, the app can access your store only when you give it the permissions.

Track abandoned cart recovery

Not only help you save abandoned carts by sending targeted emails to your customers, but BigCommerce abandoned carts apps also provide you with real-time statistics on the abandoned cart email. You will have a clear view of exactly how many emails have been sent, opened, and clicked. The real-time statistics will tell you how well your abandoned cart emails can increase the conversions and recover your lost sales.

Reduce abandoned carts via Facebook Messenger

Emails are not the only cart saver. You can reduce the number of abandoned carts via Facebook Messenger. BigCommerce Abandoned Cart apps will help you get your shoppers to complete checkout by sending reminders through Facebook Messenger after abandonment. It’s easy to create and execute Facebook Messenger abandoned cart campaigns. Simply set it up and let it convert for you. There are multiple ways to get shoppers returning to your store by sending restock messages to people on your out-of-stock or pre-sale inventory waitlists or sending browser abandonment messages. The apps also allow you to seamlessly integrate Facebook Messenger directly into your store to communicate with customers more effectively. This is also convenient for them to reach you anytime as Facebook Messenger is more likely to be available to them.

Make product recommendations

Abandoned cart email is a great place to send product recommendations. Your ultimate goal may be getting customers back to your store and complete the checkout. However, if they are not interested in the products they added to carts anymore, suggested products now are your lifesaver.

Adding products they may like is a great way to evoke the new interest of your customers in your products and persuade them to make a purchase. Make sure your suggestions are relevant and appealing enough to your customers. To do that, you need to understand their needs and wants thoroughly to battle their second-thoughts this time.

Why should use BigCommerce Abandoned Cart apps?

Ease of use and customization

BigCommerce Abandoned Cart apps require no complicated coding skills to set up or configure. Everything is set up and works with a simple and straightforward process. Many apps provide you with easy to use and customizable pre-made email templates that waste you no much time to redesign or modify to be able to work for your store.

Automated integration and synchronization

The apps seamlessly integrate with your BigCommerce store and automatically sync your orders, customers, products, and categories from your BigCommerce store without you having to set anything up. Therefore, you will get all the data and information you need to create highly targeted and personalized email campaigns via the app.

Quicker abandoned cart emails

Another good point is that you can capture your visitors’ email addresses by using intuitive custom popups on your website. When you have the email lists on your hand, it’s easier and quicker to send abandoned emails to your customers after they leave their carts without completing their purchase.

Effectively recover abandoned carts

BigCommerce Abandoned Cart apps help you create emails faster with useful tools and send them to your customers with a higher chance to capture their attention. You can send automated emails with the products your customers are most likely to buy weekly, bi-weekly, or on multiple days to generally delight your customers and win them back.

Things to consider when choosing a BigCommerce Abandoned Cart app

The app’s ease of use

You can leverage an app to best support your store when you know how it works and how to use it to the fullest potential. So make sure the app you choose causes nothing complicated for you. Check if the interface is too confusing and the features don’t resonate with your needs. It’s crucial that you can control everything on the app to make it work in tandem with your BigCommerce store. If the app can’t support your email campaigns, you should consider another.

User-friendly interface

Choose an app with a user-friendly interface unless you will have to deal with a lot of technical issues that take you a lot of time to get things smooth again. A responsive and friendly interface also boosts up your experience when using the app; therefore, maximize the effectiveness of your works.


BigCommerce Abandoned Cart apps provide a wide variety of features and tools that effectively reduce and recover your stores’ abandoned carts. Some apps focus on utilizing Facebook Messenger to send more personalized messages as abandoned cart reminders, product recommendations, or restock announcements. Many others help you create and deliver the best-abandoned cart email campaigns. To choose the most suitable app for your business, you need to be crystal certain that what method is best for your business, what channel is the best way to reach your customers. Hence, when considering an app, learn more about its features, offerings, and scalability to flexibly level up with your business.


Some BigCommerce Abandoned Cart apps offer different plans for stores based on their subscribers. For example, SmartrMail has a free plan for stores that have less than 1000 subscribers, and recurring paid plans start at $19/month. Stores with fewer than 1000 subscribers can use a free email marketing place that allows sending up to 5000 emails monthly and provides standard features and email support.

The point here is that it depends on your needs to select a suitable plan for your business.

Choose the best app for your business!

A good Abandoned Cart app is all you need to deal with frightening cart abandonment. You can see multiple options on the BigCommerce app marketplace. The final advice is to consider a provider who not only creates a useful and feature-rich app, but they are also available anytime to address your issues. The next section is a list of the best BigCommerce Abandoned Cart apps that you may need right now.

The list of the 11 best BigCommerce Abandoned Cart apps is kept up-to-date on a regular basis by our team. Please feel free to reach us out if you have any questions related to this app review.

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