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8 Best Referral / Affiliate Programs Apps for BigCommerce

LeadDyno by Leaddyno

BigCommerce Referral / Affiliate Programs Apps by Leaddyno

LeadDyno acquires its reputation for the most powerful and professional affiliate management application that promotes over 10000’s of brands across a huge of industries launch and boost successful affiliate programs since 2014.

First, this #1 customer service support provides merchants a tool to feature your dashboard by presenting real-time click and commission tracking. Then, you can control the performance of all of your marketing efforts with the tracking software, build your campaigns with tracking codes to utilize in Adwords and email campaigns, manage social shares of your products or content with the sharing widget. Also, you can show each affiliate of yours with their Affiliate Dashboard, therefore LeadDyno allows Affiliates to use a mobile app to monitor their sales or share content, reach shareable content and banners with social tracking. Moreover, LeadDyno ensures to stay your affiliates engaged and generates with these features such as affiliate newsletters, trackable coupon codes for individual affiliate and temporary incentives according to start/end windows. Further, affiliates can easily access a library of shareable content to promote your brand such as email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, banners. Specifically, your affiliate marketing will be automated to invite new customers to join your affiliate program, deliver automated emails to stimulate customers or leads, and generate email marketing drip campaigns for actions such as post-purchase or inquiry after cancelation.

Overall, download LeadDyno right now to leverage all its incredible features.

Highlight features

  • Present real-time click and commission tracking to track affiliates
  • Provide a mobile app to track the sales or share content
  • Offer affiliate newsletters, trackable coupon codes for individual affiliate
  • Automate your affiliate marketing
  • Build email marketing drip campaigns for actions

Price: $49.00/month, 30 days free trial

Rating: 107 - 4.5 / 5

Affiliatly by Overcode

BigCommerce Referral / Affiliate Programs Apps by Overcode

Affiliatly is one of the most first-class applications in the marketing solution field that supports eCommerce business managers and their team with multiple outstanding marketing strategies. This platform is a modern method to entice more customers to come to your site.

Primarily, Affiliatly helps merchants have an entirely functional affiliate program and panel for their BigCommerce store to track and monitor your affiliate partners. You can also enable people to create links, market, and promote your shop; then, you can keep track of visits and orders of users who enter your site from affiliate links. Thus, it is easier to manage referrals with different solutions such as links, QR codes, coupon codes, and client’s emails. Moreover, Affiliatly helps you fix the tracking link’s template, build custom tracking codes for your affiliates, and create custom commissions for specific products.

Therefore, you can use the banners for your affiliates to promote your store, manage and keep track of affiliates stats. Instantly, Affiliatly monitors affiliates earning percentage and cookie duration globally or for a unique partner to select the way of affiliates earn money by user visit, by commission based on purchase amount or a flat rate per purchase. Besides, merchants should write and modify the texts for the login, registration, faq pages of the program with the basic formatting and images. Finally, you can present affiliate or order stats in a spreadsheet, a popup in your checkout to attract your customers to become your affiliates.

Thereby, this awesome application Affiliatly is a highly-recommended marketing solution for any eCommerce business.

Highlight features

  • Track visits and orders of users who come to your site from affiliate links
  • Offer links, QR code, coupon codes and/or client's email
  • Post banners for your affiliates, affiliates stats, and control affiliates earning percentage
  • Fix the texts for the login, registration, faq pages of the program
  • Present a popup in your checkout to invite your customers

Price: $16.00/month, 90 days free trial

Rating: 10 - 4.5 / 5

Goaffpro by

BigCommerce Referral / Affiliate Programs Apps by

Goaffpro is a full affiliate marketing tool and an influencer for your e-commerce shop. With Goaffpro, in less than 5 minutes, you can set up a custom branded partner portal to your Bigcommerce shop.

To register and become an affiliate, the clients are given a custom-designed affiliate portal. They are provided with a reference link after registration, which they use to advertise your products on their blog, Instagram, etc. Then they are honored for every purchase made through their reference link. By that way, you can have more consumers who wouldn’t have heard about the goods otherwise, eventually increasing your store’s exposure and reputation with every shared connection, which in turn increases organic visits. You can even enable your affiliates to hire others under their affiliates. You can set up to 10 Affiliate fee rates, so if an affiliate gets you a client, the whole chain earns bonuses above the affiliate.

With Goaffpro, you can personalize your affiliate site with your logo, your store’s theme, and fonts. The platform is modern in style and perfectly adapted to both mobile and desktop use. Not only that, but you can also integrate it with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Omnisend to synchronize your email campaigns with the affiliate info. Integrates with Facebook Pixel to allow affiliates via their Facebook Pixel to monitor page views and conversions.

“Very well-made app. Has lots of options and settings, but everything is quite clear. Support tends to be very responsive and helpful. The landing page/sign up page for affiliates and the affiliate portal is clean and looks great!” Is what has been said about Goaffpro. So, what are you still looking for.

Highlight features

  • Customize affiliate portal with your logo, your store's theme, fonts
  • Tailored Commissions: =set different commissions for different products, categories or affiliates.
  • Automatic Vouchers: give affiliate discount coupon when they signup for your program
  • Multi level marketing: Allow your affiliates to recruit other affiliates below them
  • Integrations with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Omnisend, Facebook,...

Price: 0

Rating: 7 - 5.0 / 5

Refersion by Refersion

BigCommerce Referral / Affiliate Programs Apps by Refersion

BigCommerce includes multiple powerful affiliate marketing platforms that support all types to increase their marketing solution’s effectiveness and drive more sales. ECommerce business doers should consider Refersion - a creative affiliate marketing software that can handle all the difficult issues.

First, Refersion helps you concentrate on building partnerships with your affiliates by recruiting, tracking, and paying affiliates via an intuitive, simple platform. You also have a Setup Guide to start using this app to integrate your cart, add branding, and modify your account settings in less than 10 minutes. Further, Refersion helps stores across unlimited platforms, sizes, and currencies. Specifically, most of the Refersion’s merchants come from ABC’s Shark Tank. Moreover, merchants can design your signup page with colors and content that perform your branding, share your program link on social media, or embed it straightaway onto your website. Your customers can also join your program and earn rewards with one click by utilizing the Port Purchase widget; then, you can convert them into affiliates. Refersion presents affiliates’ dashboards to view their performance, generate custom links, update details, run reports. Additionally, you can easily pay unlimited affiliates at a time with PayPal Mass Payments with FAQs’ support for alternative payment options. Refersion provides three conversion trigger types to control but still keep coupon codes favorited.

Hence, install this app now to discover more attractive and efficient features.

Highlight features

  • Help stores across unlimited platforms, sizes, and currencies
  • Design your signup page with colors and content that reflect your branding
  • Allow customers to join your program and earn rewards with one click utilizing the Port Purchase widget
  • Present affiliates' own dashboards to view their performance, generate custom links, update details, run reports
  • Pay unlimited affiliates at a time with PayPal Mass Payments

Price: $89.00/month, 14 days free trial

Rating: 5 - 4.0 / 5

Coopt by Get-coopt

BigCommerce Referral / Affiliate Programs Apps by Get-coopt

Coopt is a fully automated worth-of-mouth referral solution for increasing shares. In other words, it turns your customers into social media advertisers and helps reach new customers for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

It is said that 74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions, so you may need Coopt to generate trusted referrals. It is an easy referral program where your customers can share your store with their friends organically without much hassle, and get a small reward. The entire process may take less than 5 seconds and is guaranteed to drive high quality, targeted visitors to your website. Customers and visitors automatically make referrals so you won’t waste time managing campaigns like other apps. Coopt knows from experience that the right referral program can make a huge impact on sales and profit. That’s why we offer unlimited referrals included in each of our paid plans. This will help attract shoppers with similar interests to your store and convert more customers because they are 7X more likely to buy when referred by a friend. Coopt allows customers to get a partial refund instantly by sharing your store on Facebook. We don’t use coupon codes because it adds another step in the checkout process, and we make sure the entire process takes as little time as possible to complete on the customers’ end. This also helps the eCommerce store owners save thousands of dollars on paid advertising to reach high-quality business leads through word of mouth referrals.

Coopt is an effective solution to substantially increase traffic and boost conversion rates through word of mouth referral marketing. More importantly, it costs a fraction of what a similar Facebook sponsored post would cost, so why don’t you give it a try?

Highlight features

  • Easy referral program that generates trusted referrals
  • Automated referrals that doesn’t wasting your time on mananaging
  • Unlimited referrals included with each paid plan
  • Allow customers to get cash back instantly when sharing your store on Facebook
  • Help store owners get increased exposure without spending so much on advertising

Price: $39.00/month, 14 days free trial

Rating: 4 - 5.0 / 5

Impact by Impact

BigCommerce Referral / Affiliate Programs Apps by Impact

Impact is an integration of leading solutions to stop ad fraud, enable more confident decisions through media measurement, attribution, and mix optimization, and create new performance partnerships, including with influencers and strategic partners.

Impact lets businesses browse a rich partner universe and discover perfectly aligned partners and recruit them with automated nurture campaigns. All of your outreach is automatically tracked as well, so you can save time finding partners while ensuring optimal collaboration. Then contract newcomers and negotiate payout terms to credit them for the incremental value they drive, Impact will automatically settle payments in 70+ currencies. Impact’s Participation Bonuses reward all contributions. You can compensate upper-funnel partners for their contributions, without taking away another partner’s well-earned prize. With Impact, you can accurately track partners across web and app properties and attribute performance, no matter how many devices customers use. You can either plug into Impact APIs, or add its universal tracking tag to your site’s header, then tracking conversions, credit app installing, and identifying users across their devices is never easier. Impact’s cross-device identity graph figures out which devices belong to the same user and links them to help you see the whole picture of your consumers’ behaviors and your partners’ participation. Our proactive messaging and automated workflows keep your partners informed and engaged so that they can get productive quickly. You can drive awareness and revenue with consistent, scaled partner marketing about new products, creative, and incentives. Impact helps you fortify your partnerships by purging affiliate fraud, influencer fraud, and traffic abnormalities, cutting out invalid traffic, and reinvesting in high-quality partnerships. It also monitors that all your partners comply with your guidelines by leveraging layered detection methods to find and flag suspicious sources.

With Impact, you can put your partnership discovery and nurturing process on autopilot, while still seeing the positive incremental results. Impact is really transforming the way enterprises manage and optimize all types of partnerships.

Highlight features

  • Discover global partners and recruit them with automated nurture campaigns
  • Create contracts and pay partners automatically
  • Track partners’ traffic on all your properties, across any device
  • Keep your partners engaged and measure their performance
  • Purge flawed and traffic abnormalities, spend to legitimate partners only

Price: 0

Rating: 1 - 1.0 / 5

OSI-Affiliate-Software by Omnistar

BigCommerce Referral / Affiliate Programs Apps by Omnistar

By launching a referral system, OSI Affiliate Software helps you raise your traffic and sales. You can get your regular customers to help you advertise your Bigcommerce store by offering a referral system, and you’ll honor them with cash, a gift card, or some incentive that will inspire them to support your shop.

The user-friendly OSI Affiliate app allows you to set up in seconds with a user-friendly setup wizard that guides you through all the major setup steps. When you have done your setting up, you can send an email to all of your clients using your email list system and include a special “Special Registration Link” for your referral program. The link allows your subscribers to join your referral program and select a password to get started.

You will also be able to provide social media advertising resources for your associates so they can share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks. You can also offer them headline graphics, pre-written email templates, and much more. OSI affiliate software provides an interactive affiliate sign-up page that you can install and connect to your store.

“This app was super simple to setup. I was able to get it setup in just a few minutes and was able to reach their helpful support team on the phone to answer any questions I had.” Is what has been said about OSI Affiliate Software. So, what are you waiting for? a 15-day free trial is readily available.

Highlight features

  • Promote your products from affiliates' dashboard on Facebook, Twitter, LinedIn
  • Friendly User Login Site via a built-in affiliate sign up
  • Enroll Your Customers Easily
  • Set-up the program quickly in minutes

Price: $47.95/month, 15 days free trial

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

SocialBug by Socialbug

BigCommerce Referral / Affiliate Programs Apps by Socialbug

SocialBug is a simple affiliate marketing tool for your online shop. It can help multiply the revenue by building a strong network of referrals and building starter kit items for affiliates to auto-enroll after purchasing. Affiliates have their portal at the BackOffice to manage their company. This software can be tailored to suit your particular needs and highly designable to accommodate huge delivery volumes.

SocialBug has conveniently built-in documentation. Most admin pages have a question mark icon for extra info relevant to the page to be clicked on. Many pages may have step-by-step tours on how to use the website, while others will provide links to KB articles on using the website/feature. Some pages can have ties to tours and KB. All settings offer comprehensive tool-tips for detailed descriptions that can be clicked on.

The BackOffice has no mention of SocialBug. They also provide you with enough configurations and functionality to market the BackOffice to your business and make your affiliates a fast and efficient experience. Affiliates can use the same account they have on your BigCommerce site to access the BackOffice, so no need to learn new login details. BackOffice contains personal sales data, team sales data, charts, downline, commissions, and sales recruitment and reference tools for the affiliate.

Highlight features

  • Support all major types of compensation plans
  • Built In Documentation
  • White Label And Branding
  • Allow affiliates to access BackOffice with the same account on BigCommerce site
  • Edit lables in the BackOffice easily

Price: $25.00/month, 7 days free trial

Rating: - / 5

BigCommerce is a powerful platform that integrates with multiple eCommerce solution providers. If you want to open and run a BigCommerce store, BigCommerce provides all the tools you need to start, manage, and turn your store into a powerhouse. In case your existing BigCommerce store needs an upgraded affiliate program to promote your website in a way more useful, you can grab an intuitive affiliate program app easily on the BigCommerce app marketplace.

To know more about BigCommerce Affiliate Program apps, let’s talk about the features, advantages, and how to choose the right solution to grow your affiliate program.

Main features of BigCommerce Affiliate Programs apps

Automated affiliate marketing

BigCommerce Affiliate Programs apps help you automate your affiliate marketing so that you can quickly sell more with the results of your affiliate programs. You can automatically invite new customers to join your affiliate programs and send automated emails to engage customers and generate new leads. It’s easy to set up the emails with appropriate messages and offerings before automatically sending them to your target customers. The process is automated but you can totally personalize your emails to capture your customers’ interest effectively.

Smart and detailed tracking

With BigCommerce Affiliate Programs apps, you are given a clear view of how things are going with your affiliate programs. It’s no more difficult to view the success of all your affiliate marketing efforts.

You will get to know real-time clicks, visits, orders, and cancellations made by people who come to your site from affiliate links. The intuitive tracking system will tell you which links and marketing channels are the most profitable in your business. Also, when a new affiliate signs up for your program, you will get a notification via email.

The apps also make commission tracking easy. Accordingly, you will know when your affiliate makes new affiliate sales and from which affiliate program. A smooth and transparent commission tracking system releases the worries for both you and your affiliates, and helps you remain a long-lasting and effective relationship with your affiliate.

Exit-intent popups to capture visitors’ emails

Using email popups is one of the simplest and most effective ways to capture and build your email list and create sales opportunities. Many apps provide you with ready to use themes powerfully designed to help you win back potential customers. All these pop ups are designed to be mobile and SEO-friendly, so it will not negatively affect your website’s performance while creating a seamless experience for people who access your store from mobile devices.

Access to multiple affiliates

BigCommerce Affiliate Programs apps allow you to approach a huge ecosystem of affiliates. There are apps that give you opportunities to work with over 5000 affiliates. You can easily expand your affiliate network to increase your business’s visibility to multiple potential partners and quickly start up a new affiliate program.

Prevent cart abandonment

BigCommerce Affiliate Programs apps also provide you with tools to reduce cart abandonment. You can display targeted offers to attract shoppers and convert them into customers. For example, you can display single-use or multiple-use coupon codes on your website and allow shoppers to apply them for their purchases right away. They can be displayed in banners, pop ups, or in follow-up emails where you are most likely to have your shoppers’ attention.

Why should use BigCommerce Affiliate Programs apps?

Simple, powerful & customizable

BigCommerce Affiliate Programs apps provide you with a simple and powerful affiliate management system. It’s easy to install and set up the app on your BigCommerce stores. You can keep all your affiliate programs and members under control even if there are multiple affiliates joining your programs. You can create your own commission plan to reward your affiliates and bulk pay them commissions via Paypal, Coinbase, and many other payment integrations.

Features added constantly

BigCommerce app providers listen to the users’ feedback, requests and constantly update as well as add new features to the app to always bring the best experience for users. They also catch up with the BigCommerce updates, industry trends, and technology innovations to make their apps remain functional and exceptional. The ultimate goal is to bring the greatest functionality to grow your business.

Broaden your audience

BigCommerce Affiliate Programs apps make affiliate marketing creation easier. It helps you expand your marketing efforts beyond your business’s existing bandwidth and utilize affiliate marketing to the fullest. The more affiliate programs you execute with multiple affiliates, the wider range of audiences you can around your business. You will be able to build and grow a stronger online presence for your brand when it’s backed up by a huge customer base.

Effectively boost traffic and sales

Getting more affiliates to your programs means getting more links to your website, which enables you to scale your traffic faster. You have more opportunities to convert visitors who access your website from those links into paid customers.

Affiliate links do not directly have a certain impact on your SEO rankings. However, the way many people search for your products and navigate to your website will significantly boost your online presence, then take your website or pages to the new height. You can peacefully wait for an increase in direct or organic traffic.

What to consider when choosing a BigCommerce Affiliate Programs app?

Ease of use

Ease of use is important as you can’t take the best out of an app to support your website if you can’t use it well. Find an app that’s a piece of cake for you if you do not have someone to deal with the app on your behalf.


First, you need to identify what your business needs in an affiliate program and then list the features that match your business needs. Look for the essential features which are indispensable factors to make your affiliate program work. After that, you can consider the apps with extra features to add more functionalities to your BigCommerce store and upgrade your affiliate programs.


These are critical factors to consider when choosing a BigCommerce app. Make sure the app is seamlessly integrated with your BigCommerce store and well compatible with the existing apps or plugins of your store.


Once you get the benefits from your affiliate marketing, you will want to expand your affiliate programs to scale up your traffic and sales. Hence, right from the start, it would be best to use an app that can scale up with your business. For example, it allows you to broaden your affiliate network and nurture new targeted markets. You should consider the volume of affiliates that the app allows you to work with to get your affiliate program start off the right track.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do affiliate sales mean?

A: Affiliate sales are the number of orders placed that were referred by affiliates.

Q: Which currencies do BigCommerce Affiliate Programs apps support?

A: BigCommerce Affiliate Programs apps support a wide variety of currencies. If the currency you use are not included in the list, you can contact the provider directly to request and call for help.

Q: Which payment methods can be used to pay affiliate commissions?

A: You can pay affiliate commissions via multiple well-integrated payment methods. Paypal is a popularly used payment. Besides, you can choose to pay commissions with a store credit, checks, money orders, and more.

Choose the best app for your business!

It’s high time for you to use an Affiliate Program app to take your affiliate marketing to the new level. There are multiple choices in the BigCommerce app marketplace. If you find it challenging to choose one, what has been mentioned above may be a useful guide for you. Consider the factors that determine a good affiliate program app for your BigCommerce store.

Here’s a list of the best Affiliate Program apps for BigCommerce stores. I hope that you can pick up a suitable app for your business from this list.

The list of the 8 best BigCommerce Referral / Affiliate Programs apps is kept up-to-date on a regular basis by our team. Please feel free to reach us out if you have any questions related to this app review.

Don’t see your app on the list? Wanna contribute more content to this review? Contact us

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