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1 Best Bulk Pricing Apps for BigCommerce

Here is a list of 1 best BigCommerce Bulk Pricing apps:

  1. Pricing Table by Elfsight

Pricing Table by Elfsight

BigCommerce Bulk Pricing Apps by Elfsight

Pricing Table is one of the most essential and powerful tools for eCommerce business doers to present the most attractive and beautiful look of their online store in the market. This app of Elfsight helps merchants show payment plans on a website clearly and strategically.

Pricing Table allows you to display all the documents about the offers and help your website clients instantly visualize and compare your pricing plans. Also, you can easily build the most suitable for your website Pricing Table by selecting a columns layout to show pricing plans as separate columns, grid layout to display columns. Moreover, you can simply pick any number of columns you need and specify the one with the best deal for better visibility, so your perfect pricing table will attract more customers on any device. Besides, Pricing Table provides predefined skins to design your pricing table with the color you can choose. Also, you can arrange the column elements, build their font size and weight, and select button type, design, color, and style. And, your price will be performed with the features, and price caption by clicking on the button to redirect the user to the payment page, and you can insert any details of the deal. Your customers will be enticed by the eye-catching pictures in your featured column.

Highlight features

  • Select columns layout to show pricing plans as separate columns, grid layout to display columns
  • Provide predefined skins to design your pricing table with color you can choose
  • Arrange the column elements, build their font size and weight and select button type, design, color and style
  • Present features, and show the price and price caption
  • Decorate your columns with eye-catching pictures

Price: 0

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

One of the most important reason to win online shoppers’ hearts and turn them into true customers. Online businesses will have their own pricing strategy to both satisfy customers and protect their profit margin. But only a transparent and straightforward pricing plan can bring benefit for your business.

If you find it hard to manage the pricing of your BigCommerce store, especially bulk pricing, you will need a tool that definitely makes your life easier. It’s a BigCommerce bulk pricing app.

Now let’s learn more about the apps to determine if it’s a go-to solution for your business. We introduce features, advantages, and some tips to choose a good BigCommerce bulk pricing app.

Outstanding features of BigCommerce Bulk Pricing apps

Smart pricing table

If your product prices are public, show them clearly to your customers. By using BigCommerce bulk pricing app, you will be able to organize your product pricing plans in a neat table with all the price details along with included offers. You can display different pricing plans at the same time in a table or a widget. This enables your customers to easily visualize all the pricing plans and make a comparison.

Create bulk pricing rules for a product

Using discounts is an effective tactic to increase sales. BigCommerce bulk pricing apps help you show price after discount along with initial prices to attract your customers. You can easily create discount rules for each products. Choose the type of discounts you want to assign for a specific product. All the settings you complete from the bulk pricing sections will be updated automatically on the price column of the products.

Bulk edit price list

You can edit bulk price lists or create a new one with ease. If you already have price lists in use, you can edit, import, or export them to updates everything at once.

The apps also offer you pre-made price list templates so that you can quickly create a new price list, no need to search for a guide or call a tech-savvy for help.

Bulk import & export prices

Another outstanding feature of BigCommerec bulk pricing apps is the ability to import and export bulk price via a CSV file. After you’ve created your price lists and make sure you’re using the accepted format, you can upload your file and get ready for bulk updates. You can download the default template and use it right away to avoid using the wrong format.

Why should you use BigCommerce Bulk Pricing apps?

Easy set up

You can easiy install and set up BigCommerce bulk pricing apps into your BigCommerce store with a few simple steps. You can follow the installation instructions from the apps’ providers to quickly install the app. An one-time installation process can be completed within your hands.

Better price for bulk orders

For wholesale buyers or people who regularly purchase in bulk, you need to treat them well with a reasonable price. It’s necessary to offer a bulk pricing which is different from the retail price and flexible to change based your customers’ order value.

Customizable price table

BigCommerce bulk pricing apps upgrade your store with an intuitive price table that shows all your pricing plans with relevant offerings. The important thing is that you may need to change the products’ prices due to a sales campaign or feature upgrade in the future. Now, a customizable price table is what you need. Make sure the app allows you to modify the pricing rules and change products’ price anytime you want.

Things to consider when choosing a BigCommerce Bulk pricing app

Ease of use

Think. If you can’t use an app well, how will you know if it’s good or bad? It’s important to choose an app that causes no difficulty for you to set up and use. Only when all the app’s features are set up and operated smoothly can you make sure that the app is appropriate for your BigCommerce store. The results can be tracked later, but the ease of use needs to be guaranteed first.

Pick up one app and skyrocket your sales!

Now it’s a high time to consider a bulk pricing app for your BigCommerce store. We’ve make a list of the best BigCommerce bulk pricing apps below, may it be a handy guide for you to make the right decision to upgrade your BigCommerce store.

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