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7+ Best BigCommerce SEO Apps from hundreds of the SEO reviews in the market (BigCommerce Apps Store, BigCommerce Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about SEO does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best SEO app collection is ranked and result in April 2024, the price from $0. You find free, paid SEO apps or alternatives to SEO also.

7 Best SEO Apps for BigCommerce

FavSEO by Favseo

BigCommerce SEO Apps by Favseo

FavSEO is an all-inclusive application in the BigCommerce that offers eCommerce business doers bulk title, meta description editor, and more powerful tool to optimize your online marketing system. This first-class platform is trusted and interested in multiple users and advanced merchants.

First, FavSEO enables you to modify the titles and meta descriptions of all the products, categories, pages. Then, site owners can sync all titles, meta descriptions, and other crucial documents utilizing Fav Editor. You can also make use of SEO Audit inside Fav Editor to test which products are lacking good SEO, utilize SEO Score Card to test the SEO score of all the products, and identify the factors causing them the low score. More than that, FavSEO empowers store owners to fix the title tag and customize your brand name or other necessary phrase, keywords to all the title tag of all the products, categories, or pages utilizing Bulk Editor. Besides, you can easily determine the new keyword opportunities after integrating with Google Webmaster Tools and updating their Google positions. Business managers can reduce the crawling errors making your website rank low by submitting the sitemap.

Hence, this app is an ideal solution for the marketing management operation of an online store. Let download this app right now to discover more interesting functions.

Highlight features

  • Allow to modify the titles and meta descriptions of all the products, categories, pages
  • Test the SEO score of all the products and identify the factors causing them the low score
  • Determine the new keyword opportunities after integrating with Google Webmaster Tools
  • Provide bulk editor and fix the title of all the products
  • Submit the sitemap and search for the crawling errors

Price: $19.95/month, 10 days free trial

Rating: 139 - 5.0 / 5

ProSEOTracker by Proseotracker

BigCommerce SEO Apps by Proseotracker

ProSEOTracker offers different types of helpful SEO tools for business. It helps you learn your insight and improve ranking and working of your websites on search engine result pages by optimizing metadata, researching keywords, monitoring google analytics, etc. all in one place.

The Optimize Store feature allows eCommerce stores to improve the On-page SEO of your store by optimizing metadata. And ProSEOTracker not only allows you to update the meta settings, but it also checks for SEO issues of any page of your site by using its amazing scanning and issue detection algorithm with accurate results. It specifies the target keyword, shows the correct result on top and issues below it, and fixes those issues, which will help you improve your website SEO. The app provides you with a great keyword planner, which functions as a single stop to research and plan keywords for your store. It is powered by Google, once you connect Search Console, AdWords, and Analytics, it also includes results from them. In other words, it includes keywords that users are typing to reach your site so that you can better plan and optimize those. If you want to see how your website is performing in the Google search result page, just simply connect the services inside the app and get easier, faster, and more understandable versions of data and reports which are once complicated. In case you want to monitor your website traffic and traffic sources, as well as your stores’ revenue and most sold items, ProSEOTracker links with Google Analytics and Google Adwords. It gives you insights into how users find and use your websites, and which products are being targeted more on your stores.

ProSEOTracker is the real deal. It offers good, stable SEO tools and trustworthy rank trackers that help you do SEO in the easiest way possible. In the coming years, the ProSEOTracker team will continue to improve and support the app and its users.

Highlight features

  • Optimize the On-page SEO of your store by updating metadata
  • Perform SEO issues scan of any page of your website
  • Discover or plan your keywords at keyword research central
  • All-in-one tool for tracking and reporting your google data
  • Monitor your site SEO performance with simple previous sales’ compared data

Price: $16.95/month, 10 days trial

Rating: 16 - 5.0 / 5

SEO Rich Snippets by Web-site-advantage

BigCommerce SEO Apps by Web-site-advantage

BigCommerce Plugin’s SEO Rich Snippets is the wise option when it comes to having Rich Snippets for your BigCommerce shop. SEO Rich Snippets can help you gain valuable snippets for your goods, company, and blogs quickly & efficiently and constant development of new apps at BigCommerce & Google Rich Snippet. Not only that, but SEO Rich Snippets can also be installed easily, with the complete suite of Google Rich Snippets in as little as 5 minutes, you can now make your web search stand out from the competition!

Google & other search engines can show additional features on your search result to boost your search result’s utility & aesthetic value, resulting in more clicks on your website. SEO Rich Snippets enforces Structured Data (often referred to as Schema Markup) on your pages which can receive: Stars for product analysis, price, availability (in stock); breadcrumbs, site links, logo / Corporate Contact / Knowledge Map or Executive Committee, FAQ, Rich Snippets How-To & Video.

So, how does it work, you may ask? SEO Rich Snippets installs custom scripts that build Google-compliant, JSON-LD Structured Data into your Script Manager on your BigCommerce sites. Many information comes from information about your Store & Service but offers you extra customizations taking full advantage of Google Rich Snippets.

Highlight features

  • Get the complete suite of Google's Rich Product Snippets including Review Stars, Cost, Currency and Quantity
  • Clear Structured Data Searchbox added for Breadcrumbs, Logos, Organization & Sitelinks
  • FAQ, How-To & Structured Audio
  • Structured Data Customisable

Price: $22/month, 30 days free trial

Rating: 7 - 5.0 / 5

ReloadSEO by Reloadseo

BigCommerce SEO Apps by Reloadseo

ReloadSEO is an application with all the SEO tools to assist you in increasing your search traffic and the company’s revenue. It can help you pass all your competitions by always appearing as the top result on Google. ReloadSEO gives you specific product-level feedback and indicates where you can insert extra keywords for better findability and increased traffic.

To understand your search marketing performance, ReloadSEO provides a real-time dashboard for you to stay updated. It is crucial to measure SEO metrics, and track changes continue to be optimized. With just a few clicks, it pulls your data automatically with the KPIs dashboard. Not only that, but ReloadSEO also combines data from Google Analytics, Search Console, and your shopping platform for your benefits. You can discover your top-performing pages, keywords, and areas of your website and focus on them. Position tracking allows you to monitor your rankings over the same and your performance against your competitors. It lets you track Google rankings on any device across 170 countries. From there, you can also discover money-making keywords. Lastly, ReloadSEO can write to people and search engines with API integrations. It assists in optimizing your content and syncs real-time with all major shopping sites.

Overall, Reload SEO is the perfect SEO platform. Besides the features listed, it can also fix issues fast, find link opportunities, backlink prospecting, and backlink monitoring. It is the all in one SEO tool for E-commerce.

Highlight features

  • Real time SEO dashboard to stay updated
  • Combination of analytics from different sites to increase credibility
  • Position tracking to monitor your rankings
  • Discover profitable keywords
  • Optimize content and synchronization with API integration

Price: $19.95/month, 14 days free trial

Rating: 7 - 4.5 / 5

Schema Markup by Schema-app

BigCommerce SEO Apps by Schema-app

Schema Markup by Schema App is the world’s leading software for automating and scaling schema markup. It helps store owners optimize their businesses with schema markup with no coding to get rich organic search results, which results in a higher click-through rate and more sales.

Schema App Editor feature helps generate schema markup one page at a time with no coding experience required to provide the search engines with a greater understanding of your content. It contains the entire vocabulary and highlights the properties required and recommended by Google to be eligible for rich results. Scale your schema markup is easier thanks to the Schema App Highlighter. It empowers you to mark up ten or ten thousand pages in minutes. It enables digital marketers to do complex schema markup without writing code, delays, and an IT development team’s dependencies. Schema Highlighter has all of the vocabularies, including extensions (Health, Automotive, Finance, etc.), to optimize any page content. The app’s Analyzer feature will crawl a site to determine if schema markup is present. The size of the website (minutes to several hours) determines the time to complete a crawl. The Analyzer’s Health report will tell you if there are errors or warnings for Google required and recommended properties. Then, you have the Schema Markup Trend Report to track your structured data coverage over time. There are 3 viewing options:

  • Trends (Overall items and errors)
  • Trends by “Data Item” (View the item count, warning and errors)
  • Details for the most current crawl The Schema App also provides the WordPress Plugin to help you automatically deploy schema markup from the Schema App creator tool into your WordPress site. The plug-in can be used as a standalone solution or in conjunction with our other Schema App tools to create comprehensive schema markup coverage.

Schema App is ideal for those who want to optimize their business with detailed schema markup to get a rich result in Google search, but not a techie. Our team is very dedicated and always there to help in a timely and professional manner.

Highlight features

  • Generate schema markup one page at a time without writing code
  • Deploy schema markup to 100s or 1000s of pages in minutes
  • Crawl a site to determine if schema markup is present
  • Tracks your schema markup coverage over time
  • WordPress Plugin auto-deploys schema markup into WordPress sites

Price: $45.00/month

Rating: 4 - 2.0 / 5

Product Description Writing by

BigCommerce SEO Apps by

Product Description Writing is another marketing solution for an eCommerce business to promote its products and store. This app is created by HotShp to present rich and detailed descriptions of your product for your customers’ searching.

First, Product Description Writing helps online merchants present specific descriptions handwritten from scratch, saving business managers more valuable time writing professional content. This app empowers you to easily populate your store catalog without having to do it in a house or hire expensive external content writers. Also, you can write a description according to best practices around maximizing conversions and SEO. It relies on the product title, current description, images, category, and tags to show each suitable description. Furthermore, Product Description Writing acknowledges the importance of the title for a product, so it supports your business with specified titles for your products according to best practices to gain it ranked higher and collect more clicks. Your customers will feel comfortable and satisfied when deciding whether to click on your link or not in search results or social feeds. That leads to the boom of traffic and conversions on your product pages.

In conclusion, Product Description Writing of HotShp not only saves your business more time, money, and efforts to display your products’ description, but it also levels up your online store’s performance to entice more customers. Install this awesome app right now to take advantage of all these features.

Highlight features

  • Present specific description handwritten from scratch
  • Write description according to best practices around maximizing conversions and SEO
  • Show unique titles for your products according to best practices to gain it ranked higher
  • Allow stores to add many products in bulk
  • Import and export directly using BigCommerce API's without copy-pasting, or data entry

Price: $3+ per product

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

Google-Maps by Elfsight

BigCommerce SEO Apps by Elfsight

The Elfsight Team is delighted to bring a completely customizable and stunningly responsive Google Maps app to BigCommerce consumers. To view a map of your position on your BigCommerce site using the awesome Elfsight Google Maps app, only one step you need is to paste your address into the address field.

You can set the maximum number of markers you need. With the vast selection of predefined place markers, you can be guaranteed that you will pick the right for you. So, if the company’s logo wants to be shown on the label, you can do that too! The software has an exceedingly easy way of attaching a custom marker to the list!

You can easily put the map’s information in card to show the most appropriate business information – location, name, telephone number, operating hours, etc. That means the guests will find in a comfortable way the details you need to offer. Not only that, but with the Elfsight Google Maps app, your guests can also set the addresses from any location to your house. And they just need to press one button to do it!

Here are four simple steps you need to do to insert Google Maps to BigCommerce website. First, press the button “get this app” and install the map to your web. Next, add your locations and choose how the map will appear. Then, paste the provided installation code and insert the map code into the desired spot on your web.

“It’s the first time I see a product to be perfect at all points” is what has been said about Google Maps by Elfsight. So, what are you waiting for?

Highlight features

  • Shape your map to make it easy and clear to navigate
  • Handy info card to show your customers your addresss, number, working hours,..
  • Detect the current position and show the direction to any required place marked on your map
  • Layers and controls, you can customize the map your own way
  • Show the list of your addresses and includes all the necessary on the side panel

Price: 0

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

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