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Are you looking for BigCommerce ProSEOTracker App Reviews or Alternatives? You are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss about ProSEOTracker reviews, rating, price and its alternatives. ProSEOTracker app has been developed by Proseotracker with rating: 5.0/5 based on 5.0 reviews. ProSEOTracker price starts $16.95/month, 10 days trial.

ProSEOTracker offers different types of helpful SEO tools for business. It helps you learn your insight and improve ranking and working of your ... . read more.

ProSEOTracker Information

  • Price: $16.95/month, 10 days trial
  • Rating: 16 - 5.0 / 5
  • Vendor: Proseotracker

Features of ProSEOTracker

  • Optimize the On-page SEO of your store by updating metadata
  • Perform SEO issues scan of any page of your website
  • Discover or plan your keywords at keyword research central
  • All-in-one tool for tracking and reporting your google data
  • Monitor your site SEO performance with simple previous sales’ compared data

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About ProSEOTracker

ProSEOTracker offers different types of helpful SEO tools for business. It helps you learn your insight and improve ranking and working of your websites on search engine result pages by optimizing metadata, researching keywords, monitoring google analytics, etc. all in one place.

The Optimize Store feature allows eCommerce stores to improve the On-page SEO of your store by optimizing metadata. And ProSEOTracker not only allows you to update the meta settings, but it also checks for SEO issues of any page of your site by using its amazing scanning and issue detection algorithm with accurate results. It specifies the target keyword, shows the correct result on top and issues below it, and fixes those issues, which will help you improve your website SEO. The app provides you with a great keyword planner, which functions as a single stop to research and plan keywords for your store. It is powered by Google, once you connect Search Console, AdWords, and Analytics, it also includes results from them. In other words, it includes keywords that users are typing to reach your site so that you can better plan and optimize those. If you want to see how your website is performing in the Google search result page, just simply connect the services inside the app and get easier, faster, and more understandable versions of data and reports which are once complicated. In case you want to monitor your website traffic and traffic sources, as well as your stores’ revenue and most sold items, ProSEOTracker links with Google Analytics and Google Adwords. It gives you insights into how users find and use your websites, and which products are being targeted more on your stores.

ProSEOTracker is the real deal. It offers good, stable SEO tools and trustworthy rank trackers that help you do SEO in the easiest way possible. In the coming years, the ProSEOTracker team will continue to improve and support the app and its users.