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4 Best Product Customization Apps for BigCommerce

Zakeke Product Customizer by Zakeke

BigCommerce Product Customization Apps by Zakeke

Zakeke Product Customizer assists in designing products for any e-commerce field, from clothing, swimwear, accessories to mugs, stickers, and posters. It has tools to help you design easily and help you publish the products you create and get customers buying from you.

First of all, Zakeke Product Customizer allows full customization of texts and images. You can add text, clipart, and images to your products and change its color, size, orientation, rotation, and choose the fonts you want. With Zakeke, there are large product variations you can choose from. Customers of yours can even change colors, sizes, and styles themselves to become even more personalized. There is also the option to view the product in a real-time 3D view. You and your customers can rotate, zoom, and move it around to see how it fits. Adding on, the use of Augmented Reality allows anyone to see a 3D version of how their products look like in a specific environment. Finally, customers can use product configurators as they can build their versions of your products, choosing components, changing elements, and customizing colors.

In conclusion, Zakeke Product Customizer makes product personalization to another level and way easier. With Zakeke, customers can never complain about your product designs because they can create it themselves. Start using Zakeke Product Customizer now to save time, increase sales, and customer satisfaction.

Highlight features

  • Customization of text and image
  • Allow visitors to change product variation
  • Provide real time 3D view
  • Augmented reality available to show a 3D replica
  • Assist in product configuration

Price: $5.99/month, 14 days free trial

Rating: 10 - 4.5 / 5

Product Customizer by Inkbay

BigCommerce Product Customization Apps by Inkbay

Product customization is a software design to give outstanding customization experience. It allows your customer to create and view their products as well as print their design.

First of all, Product Customizers allow your customers to view their product in real-time as they are designed. It is suitable for any device, including mobile devices. Also, Product Customizer provides a print-ready source. Production can happen as soon as your store admin files with product configuration and design details. As an admin, you can set up product customization pricing and control everything from the powerful admin panel. You can set up product customization additional pricing based on printing types from the admin panel. The system generates a dynamic custom price based on the design. You can set up customization pricing with a setup fee based on photo price, tex, size, etc. Basically, you can set up product customization additional pricing based on any characteristics. The admin panel assists in custom products, clipart, templates, fonts, order, and quotes, etc.

In conclusion, product Customizer introduces new customization experiences to your customers through real-time product visualization and print-ready vector output. As the owner of the business, Product Customizer assists in managing your store and increasing sales. Not only that, but it also helps to customize and sell any custom products. Use Product Customizer to provide your customers with the best customization experience.

Highlight features

  • Real time product visualization
  • Suitable to use on mobile devices
  • Print ready vector output
  • Can setup product customization pricing
  • Admin page to help manage everything

Price: $19.99/month, 7 days free trial

Rating: 8 - 4.0 / 5

Doogma Designer by Doogma-designer

BigCommerce Product Customization Apps by Doogma-designer

Doogma Designer is an application that enables a powerful interactive product customization experience on your eCommerce website. It helps customize products easier and faster.

Firstly, Doogma Design integrated real-time visualization. The visualizations update instantaneously as users select their products’ characteristics like color, add texts, and upload images. It supports full product customization and personalization using specific standards. Also, it provides full support for the configuration of product forms and visual design. Whatever the product is, there are unlimited custom color areas, advanced text rendering, and uploading many images by users. Upon adding to Cart, Doogma Design allows your user to save all the information and design. It stores the design as a unique URL so that it can be used for marketing, sharing, and reordering if needed. As an additional feature, users can choose to print the output. This feature is an option, but it is a link to high-resolution print-ready images provided.

In conclusion, Doogma Design is a fantastic product with great service. It allows real-time visualization, product customization, and personalization as well as interactive product bundling. The Doogma team provides 24/7 customer support and can assist special requirements. USe Doogma Design to increase sales and make customers experience greater.

Highlight features

  • Integrate real time visualization that updates as you edit
  • Support full product customization and personalization
  • Saves all information and design before check out
  • Stored the personalized design as a unique URL
  • Allow to print the design output

Price: $299/month

Rating: 6 - 5.0 / 5

Visual Merchandizer for BigCommerce by Smartsheet

BigCommerce Product Customization Apps by Smartsheet

Visual Merchandiser for BigCommerce is a software in the marketing field to support any merchant utilizing BigCommerce with catalogs of up to 5000 products. Your online store will level up sales and drive more benefits.

First, Visual Merchandiser for BigCommerce provides Category Merchandiser to manage your products’ position by category and subcategory. Moreover, you can make use of Catalog Sort to reorder your products catalog wide without any customizations to your frontend theme. You can also easily use this tool to customize the standard Sort Order field in the product catalog for both Stencil and Headless Commerce frontends. Specifically, Visual Merchandiser for BigCommerce facilitates a simple drag and drop interface to control your products’ order, present your products in list and grid view to personalize how your products will appear on product listing pages. Plus, Category Merchandiser instantly injects a script into your Stencil theme, no need setup, so you can start launching the app and start merchandising your website. Visual Merchandiser for BigCommerce works perfectly with themes built on Cornerstone, configure custom themes on request.

Overall, this app is a must-try application for businesses of any type to leverage its amazing features to boom sales.

Highlight features

  • Use Category Merchandizer to manage the position of your products by category and sub category
  • Reorder your products catalog wide without any customisations
  • Provide a simple drag and drop interface, present products in list and grid view
  • Allow any of your BigCommerce users to use this app
  • Inject a script into your Stencil theme no need setup

Price: $14.00/month, 14 days free trial

Rating: 2 - 5.0 / 5

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