Shopify Analytics & Reporting Apps 2024

18+ Best Shopify Analytics & Reporting Apps from hundreds of the Analytics & Reporting reviews in the market (Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Analytics & Reporting does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Analytics & Reporting app collection is ranked and result in July 2024, the price from $0. You find free, paid Analytics & Reporting apps or alternatives to Analytics & Reporting also. The Top 50+ Shopify Free Apps for Every Store.

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Analytics & Reporting Apps for BigCommerce

18 Best Analytics & Reporting Apps for BigCommerce

Shogun Page Builder by Shogun

BigCommerce Analytics & Reporting Apps by Shogun

If you are running your store on BigCommerce and looking for a solution to manage your store, Shogun Page Builder will be a potential suggestion. The app integrated with BigCommerce helps you to build your page easier and simpler.

First and foremost, Shogun Page Builder allows you to create landing pages, blog pages, and product pages. You are free to optimize elements in those pages such as sliders, tabs, product gallery, accordion, video, templates, etc. You can also build a custom page with a powerful editor. No more coding; you need to drag and drop to build your page. Pre-designed page templates are available to simplify the page building more. Shogun Page Builder helps you keep track of your marketing campaign with a page performance measure. It is even more intuitive when you can observe critical metrics like sales, add to carts, bounce rate, sessions, or form submits in visual analytics. The app compares page to page so that you can see how each metric differs in different pages. Moreover, Shogun Page Builder provides AB testing. In this way, you can manage which variant produces a higher conversion rate to different key metrics. The app allows you to control the length and reveals the number of visitors who see the test ưas well.

Besides, Shogun Page Builder gives you world-class technical support from a USA and Australia team. You can receive a reply email for all plans on the same day or live chat priority email for higher plans.

Highlight features

  • Customize your page without coding
  • Provide pre-designed templates of pages
  • Provide tools for page analysis
  • Run AB testing for better conversion
  • Create landing page, blog page and product page

Price: 0

Rating: 268 - 5.0 / 5

Lucky Orange by

BigCommerce Analytics & Reporting Apps by

A low conversion rate might be the concern of many eCommerce businesses. It is necessary to find out the reason to solve the problem. Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Session Recordings is the solution for that concern.

Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Session Recordings creates heatmaps that describe the customer journey on your site. It navigates through your website like a real visitor and moves, watches, clicks, scrolls, etc. In this way, Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Session Recordings can identify potential pain points of visitors and which areas have problems. You can also watch the real journey of visitors on your site via “videos” recorded by Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Session Recordings. Where visitors clicked, moved, and checked out are filtered to find out key points where visitors leave your site. If visitors are lingering on a page too long, a time-based chat will trigger them to ask them for help. This live chat stops visitors before they leave your site and also a response to visitors’ questions. Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Session Recordings can create pop-up polls and surveys on your site. You can choose specific pages or targeted customers to trigger polls. You can observe the response later for further insight. Last but not least, Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Session Recordings analyzes your forms to reports potential issues. If your form takes it too long to finish, you can find out if your form was repeated or caused abandonment to fix it as soon as possible.

Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Session Recordings requires no coding for the installation so you can be at ease getting the app. It is supportive for any business finding solutions for the low conversion rate.

Highlight features

  • Create dynamic heatmaps
  • Record sessions of visitor on your website
  • Support live chat
  • Provide pop-up polls and surveys
  • Analyze and report issues on your forms

Price: 0

Rating: 19 - 4.5 / 5

Spring Metrics by

BigCommerce Analytics & Reporting Apps by

It is essential to be on time with any trends in the market. Hence, it would help if you had a tool like Spring Metrics to track the real-time conversion, which helps the in-time decision.

First and foremost, Spring Metrics provides a dashboard of real-time conversion of your site. You can see who is buying and where your customers come from in real-time. The app also lets you know the traffic sources of your website. Whether it is via a search engine, embedded links, or affiliation, you can observe which source performs well. Based on all of these real-time conversions, Spring Metrics provides analytics about your conversion. It includes details about the conversion on your website and points out which channel(s) is less effective. An analysis of keywords used on your site is also equipped. Accordingly, you can improve your content for better SEO and reach more customers. Besides, Spring Metrics allows you to adjust and configure the app just by clicks. It is user-friendly that you do not need to be a professional to install and use it the way you want.

Spring Metrics is evaluated as simple, clear, and worth your money. Do not hesitate to install the app now and let Spring Metrics helps you increase sales.

Highlight features

  • Provide real-time dashboard of conversion
  • Create analytics for conversion
  • Support analysis for keywords
  • Support settings via clicks
  • Provide access of traffic sources

Price: 49

Rating: 3 - / 5

PayHelm Reporting by

BigCommerce Analytics & Reporting Apps by

If you are looking for an app that helps with reporting on your business performance, PayHelm should be at the top of your list.

First and foremost, reports on your sales are the essence that PayHelm provides. It analyzes your sales by total sales, orders, average price, gateway fees, product cost, profits, variant, SKU, brands, etc. PayHelm supplies filters by various time frames, performance comparison, and product details (size, mix, model, brand, ounce, etc.). PayHelm also reports on your customer behavior. You can see which type of customers purchases the most or drives the most profits. The app lets you dive into any aspects of your customer data and see the trend in purchasing behavior in a 5-year period. Besides, PayHelm gives you the solution for the tax report. Taxes paid, trend taxes over time for customers, customer groups, marketing campaigns, and so on are all reported. You can see which product is the most profitable over any tax rate with the help from PayHelm. The app is powered with custom filters given. It allows you to see sales, fees, profits by payment status, currency, buyer country, buyer state, and analyze inventory based on tags, collections, or account. Drilling into product options, custom fields, brand, SKU, vendor, product type is no longer impossible with PayHelm. Last but not least, PayHelm is a solution to keep track of marketing performance. PayHelm reports on your referral and paid search performance, most convertible and profitable campaigns, unrealized referral sources, and customer loading into different campaigns.

PayHelm is available for multi-account management. Get PayHelm today; you can find out key elements to focus on your business.

Highlight features

  • Provide reports of your sales and product details
  • Create reports about customers
  • Support tax reports
  • Provide custom filters for different elements
  • Support marketing performance monitoring

Price: 0

Rating: 3 - 5.0 / 5

Brightpearl by

BigCommerce Analytics & Reporting Apps by

Brightpearl is an ideal suggestion for omnichannel management on BigCommerce. With this app, you can handle high order volumes and any retail or wholesale business complication.

To begin with, Brightpearl is a retail operation platform. It integrates all your sales channels tightly. Sales orders, fulfillment, inventory management, accounting, reporting and planning, warehouse management, and replenishment are all connected with Brightpearl. In this way, the app provides a full solution for operation management. In detail, Brightpearl is flexible in order routing and fulfillment. It handles all logic to orchestrate the shipment automatically no matter that order is shipped via 3pl, drop shipment, or backorder. You need to set rules into Brightpearl, and the automation will shorten the drop-ship process down to seconds. With Brightpearl, your business can optimize potential sales by coordinate the product available in warehouses. A merchant by Brightpearl can select exactly which warehouse should be considered for fulfillment per website. Hence, location fulfillment is optimal. When you invoice sales, take payments, or so on, Brightpearl creates journals automatically with data entry. Therefore, reports are real-time up to date to provide you with a second view on business performance. Last but not least, Brightpearl is omnichannel-native. If you are operating multiple BigCommerce web stores, Brightpearl can sync all marketplaces and sales channels to manage orders, inventory, and reports.

When connected with BigCommerce, Brightpearl can manage a big volume of orders to create efficiency. This driven can increase revenue, order volume, and reduce shipping time remarkably. If you are seeking an effective solution, don’t forget to put Brightpearl in the list.

Highlight features

  • Provide flexible order routing and fulfillment
  • Support multi-location inventory management
  • Provide automatic accounting
  • Allow multi-channel management
  • Connect different sectors of retail process together

Price: 0

Rating: 3 - 5.0 / 5

Clearbanc Growth Capital by

BigCommerce Analytics & Reporting Apps by

Clearbanc Growth Capital is the solution for eCommerce businesses that need to cover repeatable and scalable fee. It is also the belief of Clearbanc that businesses should retain their ownership while still get capital support instead of give up a piece of company.

Clearbanc provides D2C – Direct to customer entrepreneurs capital for business growth. Customers of BigCommerce often use this Clearbanc’s equity-free capital to cover marketing cost, inventory expense or to fund their new product launching. Clearbanc looks at your online sales in 48 hours to assess your business performance. There is no equity, personal guarantees or credit checks here. Once you are qualified, you can access the capital in 2 to 5 business days. When Clearbanc sees your business grows, more capital will be unlocked for you to access. The capital to access can reach 2 million USD per month. The app use peer benchmarking and revenue projection. Hence, you can get the revenue forecast to support your growth planning. Clearbanc keeps track on your key metrics and reports it. You can use these reports to support future planning.

The investment of Clearbanc is from $10,000 and charge a small flat fee for its capital. There is no set repayment date and online businesses can pay back over a 6-to-8-month period. Instead of spending your own capital, spend Clearbanc’s and your brand growth is more potential than ever.

Highlight features

  • Provide D2C entrepreneurs capital
  • Provide funding based on business performance
  • Fast-track your business growth objectives
  • Forecast your business future revenue
  • Keep track on business key metrics

Price: 0

Rating: 2 - 5.0 / 5

Wishlist Analytics by

BigCommerce Analytics & Reporting Apps by

One of the essential points, when your products are back in stock, is offering them to the right customer. By using Wishlist Analytics to know which customer added your products into their wishlist, you can increase sales in a better way.

To begin with, Wishlist Analytics lets you know how many wishlists created in your store. The number is shown clearly on the top of the customer list when you open the app. Wishlist Analytics sorts your customers into lists by each product they put in their wishlists. Hence, you can see how many and who is paying attention to your products. There are filters available for better searching of the customer list. You can sort customer lists by product ID, product name, number of customers in the list, or the customer name. With each customer list, you can download them to your device. You can find customer name, customer ID, and email addresses in the list of a specific product. Therefore, it is easy to contact them to remind the offer when the product is restocked. Wishlist Analytics creates a report about products in wishlists. Accordingly, you can compare the wishlist with the actual purchase to see who never buys products in their wishlists.

Basic, easy to install and to use, Wishlist Analytics is definitely the solution for any eCommerce business. The app is available for free, go and grab it right now!

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Highlight features

  • Sort customers by product wishlist
  • Download customer lists according to each product
  • Provide reports about customer of products in wishlist
  • Inform the total number of wishlists
  • Provide filters for better sorting

Price: 0

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

OrderMetrics by Ordermetrics

BigCommerce Analytics & Reporting Apps by Ordermetrics

Knowing the true profit after variables cost is vital for later decisions of every business. OrderMetrics will help you simplify this process, save your time, and smooth up the decision-making process.

As the purpose of the app, OrderMetrics provides tools to track different types of costs in your business. Firstly, the app allows you to enter the cost of goods sold of each product, variant, or SKU one by one and via a spreadsheet. You can also estimate product cost as a proportion of each product sale’s price, and OrderMetrics will track the history of this cost over time. Secondly, shipping costs are also collected by OrderMetrics to analyze profit. OrderMetrics pulls in data from Shipstation, Shipping Easy, Shippo, Shipwire, ShipHero, and AliExpress. If your shipping integration is not included, OrderMetrics can offer other ways to import your shipping cost for a complete report. Another feature of OrderMetrics is to pull in all of your payment gateways. Accordingly, you can edit the transaction fee for each gateway. Other fees like influencer marketing expenditure, app/software fee, payroll, and so on are allowed to be added as well. OrderMetrics then calculate your net profit in real-time after all types of cost.

With OrderMetrics, you do not have to update data via manual spreadsheets anymore, and it is easier to see which campaigns, orders, or products are making more profit. Get OrderMetrics and enjoy complete analytics on your business!

Highlight features

  • Track accurate cost of goods sold
  • Report real shipping cost
  • Report real-time ads data
  • Allow you to edit transaction fees
  • Monitor profit in real time

Price: $59/month

Rating: - / 5

HiConversion by Hiconversion

BigCommerce Analytics & Reporting Apps by Hiconversion

When it comes to customer experience optimization, businesses may find it hard to solve, especially when consumers are spending more time on mobile platforms. HiConversion is developed to be the solution to this concern of many eCommerce businesses.

First and foremost, HiConversion gives you tools to optimize customer experience on your site. They can be scalable with your business and learn from other merchants. Hence, HiConversion can create a unique customer experience. HiConversion can also adapt different algorithms and an ever-changing marketplace. The app personalized to your visitors’ needs for better experiences and tracks visitors’ actions and reactions on your site. Accordingly, it unifies your analytics from a single platform to see clearly and reduce friction points on your website. Besides, HiConversion allows you to test multiple variations simultaneously. Even when you have thousands of variations, HiConversion can still run A/B tests with fast and simple deployment. Last but not least, HiConversion delivers dynamic content to your customers. It engages customers on a deeper level while accelerating time for more value-added.

HiConversion supports conversion in your site, drives your revenue with compounding lift, and connect fragmented processes into one. If you are seeking for Mobile Optimization Initiative solution, HiConversion is one of the best solutions.

Highlight features

  • Provide scalable optimization tools
  • Be able to adapt to ever-changing marketplace
  • Track customer actions and reactions
  • Allow multi-variation testing
  • Support dynamic content for personalization

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

StreetPricer by

BigCommerce Analytics & Reporting Apps by

If your business on eBay is struggling with low sales and inventory flow, a repricer might be your solution. Then let take a look at StreetPricer – a useful tool that works with the eBay site.

Just as the name of the app, StreetPricer reprices your listing on eBay. It keeps your listings always price-competitive for higher turnover. StreetPricer uses two different pricing rules: competitor-based and velocity-based repricing, and is flexible in applying them for a higher profit. The app automatically tracks your competitors’ prices and updates when an AutoPrice job is run. Algorithmic scanning of StreetPricer is a combination of catalog and non-catalog data like UPC, EAN, MPN, ASIN, ePID, ISBN, Brand, MPN, SKU, and so on. StreetPricer also monitors your sales velocity to decide which pricing rule to use in the next repricing. Besides, no matter how many stores you have, StreetPricer can support all of them. If you own a global business, it is also supported as well with multiple currencies available. Another convenience of StreetPricer is no lock-in contracts. You subscribe to the app monthly and can stop whenever you want.

StreetPricer can also connect to different eCommerce platforms and reprice concurrently to all of them. Grab StreetPricer; then, you can enjoy the ease of repricing without a bunch of manual trackings.

Highlight features

  • Reprice your listing on eBay
  • Find and track your competitors
  • Monitor your sales velocity
  • Support multiple stores and currencies
  • Require no lock-in contracts

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Google Analytics by Google

BigCommerce Analytics & Reporting Apps by Google

If you have ever done some searching about analytics and reporting tools, Google Analytics should be a familiar name. There are reasons for that popularity: it is flexible, powerful, and easy to use.

To begin with, Google Analytics lets you know how your advertisement performed in terms of ROI. The app provides reports on how much you earn back over the investment of your ad. You can track your cross channel and multimedia. No matter how many channels you own, it is easy to access your site’s index with Google Analytics. The app keeps track of your eCommerce as a whole. Collected data will be visualized for a more intuitive display. They are in the form of charts that can be used in comprehensive reports as well. Moreover, Google Analytics gives you the freedom to customize the report you will get from it. Based on the purposed of the report, you can now make it as appropriate as possible.

In the dashboard of Google Analytics, you can find out inventory, order information, comments, live chat affiliate conversion tracking, etc. It is so powerful and flexible that every business can take advantage of. Do not hesitate to grab Google Analytics now!

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Highlight features

  • Report on advertising ROI
  • Track cross channel and multimedia
  • Provide customization for reporting
  • Visualize your data
  • Keep track on your eCommerce


Rating: - / 5

Daton by Saras analytics

BigCommerce Analytics & Reporting Apps by Saras analytics

The data warehouse plays a vital role in any enterprise as a source of relevant information. It provides reports that assist in marketing, sales, inventory, and more. To build your data warehouse, let Daton give you a hand.

Daton by Sara Analytics is standing out with the ability to scale with your business. It results from the latest cloud and serverless ETL pipeline to keep your data fresh and low-cost. Once you install Daton, no more coding development is needed. The ETL development of Daton is fully ready to bring your data to your favorite warehouse. The app will automatically and periodically update the data loads based on schedules you set up. Whether it is full or incremental loads, Daton will take care of all of them without additional manual action. Daton by Sara Analytics gives you the ease of use when its ETL pipeline is fully transparent. You can track the in-depth logs of data loads any time you want. If there is anything wrong, Daton will send you an alert immediately. Hence, you can catch up with what happens in the pipeline in real-time.

By leveraging cloud technologies advancements, Daton by Sara Analytics is a useful tool for small to medium size businesses. If you seek a solution for your data warehouse, do not forget to add Daton on the list.

Highlight features

  • Able to scalable with your business
  • Provide instant ETL development
  • Support automation of updates
  • Equip fully transparent pipeline
  • Send alerts in real time

Price: 150

Rating: - / 5

WebLink Connect by

BigCommerce Analytics & Reporting Apps by

Management is the core element of any business. The more efficient and effective the management is, the higher productivity your business can reach. WebLink Connect is developed to combine many different factors of management for better empowerment toward your team.

To begin with, WebLink Connect combines and connects all marketing and management functions into one place. This seamless solution ensures the consistency, reliability and measurable growth of your business when your members can work more efficiently. Their memberships are integrated in real time no matter they are Board members or stakeholders. This real-time integration is also available for financials, events, project management and websites so your members can find out what they need faster. WebLink Connect allows credit card payment at the door and the mobile-friendly online registration. This quick process saves your time for more memorable events. The app collects data about your events to give an insight. Other reports are provided as well. Last but not least, the on-site payment would empower your members remarkably. Member self-service options like secure payment or invoices then need no log-in. The flexible billing is another incentive to engage your members sooner and more efficient.

The team of WebLink Connect is always ready to support any clients. Once you get WebLink Connect, you can get good results in reports in your inbox about marketing and management. Do not hesitate to have WebLink Connect empowered your staff now!

Highlight features

  • Integrate your membership in real time
  • Support credit card payment at the door
  • Allow on-site payment
  • Provide insight and reports about events
  • Integrate marketing and management functions in one place

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Greyferret by

BigCommerce Analytics & Reporting Apps by

A tool for optimizing online customer engagement and marketing return on investment is essential for many eCommerce businesses. Greyferret is that bridge between your business and your marketing service platforms.

Greyferret connects your BigCommerce store to different marketing platforms. Popular platforms like MailChimp and Oracle Responsys are all in connection circle. With Greyferret, you can access your own customer behavior data from what they purchase to how frequently and how much they spend. The app also helps you build a data about your customer behavior for further plans. You can discover potential customer to engage them. Greyferret filters them out with inactive customer so you can have specific tactic to attract them. From the customer data, Greyferret can give prediction of shopping trend. You can see which segments are ideal for a product cross sell to make a decision. Additionally, Greyferret can look for customers that are similar with your targeting ones. Based on its recommendations, you can consider for new target customer as well.

For your information, Greyferret gives the tip for conversion that you should engage customers who intend to buy but have not been afford yet. With powerful algorithms, Greyferret is a great tool to make your marketing plan more efficient and effective.

Highlight features

  • Build vital consumer behavior data
  • Identify and engage customers
  • Predict propensity of the purchase
  • Give recommendations for new targeting
  • Connect Bigcommerce to multiple marketing platforms

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Feedvisor by

BigCommerce Analytics & Reporting Apps by

You want to sell on other eCommerce platform but still hesitate due to product synchronization? There is a solution for you to add in the list: Feedvisor.

First and foremost, Feedvisor is the bridge bringing you from BigCommerce to Amazon. Your online store is in BigCommerce but now you can sell on Amazon as well. Feedvisor is equipped with algo-repricer. It means the app enable merchants to win the Amazon Buy Box. Your products can reach to the highest price as possible. Feedvisor synchronizes all price adjustment on both platforms BigCommerce and Amazon. Hence, you can be assured about the consistency in the product price. By using big data, Feedvisor provides insights and reports about your sales performance. You can find them in Revenue Intelligence dashboard of Feedvisor to empower merchants for better position in the competition. Consequently, related inventory and other real-time decisions can be smarter and more critical, which support better sales performance and your position in the market.

After years of development, Feedvisor witnessed the increase up to 34% in revenue, 28% in sales and 37% in profit margins form its clients. Do not hesitate and become the next successful client of Feedvisor right now!

Highlight features

  • Help BigCommerce businesses to sell on Amazon
  • Optimize product price on Amazon
  • Provide price synchronization between two platforms
  • Support inventory related decisions
  • Provide insights and reports

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

AddShoppers by

BigCommerce Analytics & Reporting Apps by

You are looking for a solution for better insight about your customer but do not want to pay much? Then AddShoppers should be in your list to thoroughly consider.

First and foremost, you can access social commerce apps with AddShoppers. By this way, apps that help increase your sharing, return on investment and so on are available. AddShoppers also gives you social analytics of your customer. You can access these analytics at the SKU-level insights. Based on all reports about sharing, product, return on investment, etc. AddShoppers helps you identify your big influencers. You can look at who is the biggest influencer for better tactics in the future. The app equips your site with Facebook “Want” and “Own” buttons. It allows to reward sharing with coupon codes. Hence, visitors do not need to leave your site to search for a coupon and help increase shares of your site. With all powerful features, AddShoppers still supports your website speed. The app does not slow down your website but maintains its normal speed.

AddShoppers gives you the access to API as well. The installation is easy if you are not a professional so do not hesitate to get AddShoppers for free now!

Highlight features

  • Provide social commerce apps
  • Equip Facebook “Want” and “Own” buttons
  • Provide social analytics at SKUs
  • Identify your potential influencers
  • Support website speed

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Slemma by

BigCommerce Analytics & Reporting Apps by

Data analysis is essential for any business. By getting insights from your BigCommerce data, it helps generate solutions for crucial issues. That is the reason why Slemma is developed.

First and foremost, Slemma gives you direct access to your raw BigCommerce data. Your KPIs are depicted in charts, and your team can build a data-driven online store without programming or SQL knowledge. Slemma helps you to observe data from other company data alongside your own KPIs to have a complete view of your BigCommerce store. Full history with long-term trends and growth is shown by gathering data from different sources. Slemma provides filters in the dashboard setting. Your teammates can use them to filter and segment reports for specific viewpoints that answer their questions. The app also allows you to customize the dashboard access via collaboration features. You can involve the right teammates in the right reports for better productivity. Besides, you can set a schedule for data refreshing with Slemma. Your dashboard will include your recent data only.

Answering hard questions that require insight is no longer impossible with Slemma. Grab the app right now, and you can have a full view of your business operation.

Highlight features

  • Directly connect to raw data of BigCommerce
  • Provide a full history of your BigCommerce store
  • Provide filtering for teammates
  • Allow managing the access to the dashboard
  • Support scheduling for data refreshing

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Price2Spy by

BigCommerce Analytics & Reporting Apps by

It is necessary to know your position in the market by monitoring competitors and making relevant comparisons. Price2Spy is the solution when you need a significant amount of data for this process.

The most noticeable feature of Price2Spy is the unlimited number of sites that you can follow. Price2Spy can handle any number of competitors and products. The pricing plan changes when the number of URLs you want to monitor changes. When the price has changes, Price2Spy will send you an alert email. Once a new price is set, or a new item is available, you can know it as soon as the app detects the change. Price2Spy supports you in smart pricing and repricing decisions via the Repricing module. You can integrate the repricing mechanism with your online store directly or indirectly based on your implementation preference. Via reports of Price2Spy, you can observe the movement of the market. It shows changes in your prices as well as competitors’ prices as they increase or decrease. Besides, no need to worry about site banning, Price2Spy has been developed to monitor websites even if they are built to shield off monitoring.

If you are an online retailer, Price2Spy is one of the world’s leading price monitoring tools to consider. Once you get Price2Spy, monitoring your prices and competitors’ prices for better pricing strategies is no longer problematic as before.

Highlight features

  • Allow unlimited number of sites to monitor
  • Send alert emails about price change
  • Support repricing decisions
  • Provide in-depth report about market
  • Provide smart spidering for monitoring

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Even though you’re mal-functioning people or hire a person who can do multi-tasks, it’s still challenging to effectively manage and control all aspects of your business. One of those things is tracking your business’s performance, analyzing the figures, and making the right business decisions.

Similarly, if you are a marketer, you will want to look at the data to ensure your marketing campaigns and ad spends are actually generating users and new revenue.

It would be much easier for you if all the critical data related to your business is recorded accurately. And all things you need to do is looking at those figures and forecast the next steps of your business.

If you are still tracking your business manually, there have intuitive analytics & reporting apps to help. For BigCommerce stores, there are many available analytics and reporting apps that you can use to enhance workflow. Let’s explore!

Main features of BigCommerce analytics & reporting apps

Product reports

You will need an analytics and reporting app to access all the critical statistics about your products. A good analytics and reporting tool will help you analyze your products by different important metrics, such as total sales, orders, product cost, profits, and many more.

It’s important to know if your products are getting positive responses from customers. If one has a bit slow-down in sales, it’s time for you to find the problem, resolve it, and improve the situation.

With the product reports, you can filter your sales data and products by product details to quickly find the data from the products you want to track. It should be the focused features as an unorganized report just waste your time rather than help.

Customer reports

You can only know how to serve customers when you understand them. That’s why an insightful report on customers is indispensable in your business. Find and make sure your BigCommerce analytics and reporting app offers this feature. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to dig deeper into your customers’ behaviors.

In general, a BigCommerce analytics and reporting app will help you keep track of:

  • Which customers purchase the most
  • Which customers drive the most profits
  • Customers’ purchasing behavior over a specific period of time
  • And more

Track marketing performance

Another essential feature of an analytics and reporting app is tracking your website’s performance and marketing efforts. Based on the key metrics reported on each of your marketing campaigns, you will know which campaigns convert best and bring the most profits.

You no longer have to pay a huge amount of money to collect and analyze data on active users or traffics through your campaigns. Knowing which group of customers come through your marketing campaigns also helps you target your next campaigns to the right group of customers.

You will know your unique page views, the average time people spend on your page, and more. In this way, it’s easier to improve your campaign, make people delve deeper into your site, and gain more engagement.

Cross channel tracking and connecting

Selling on multiple channels is popular. It’s effective to expand your business and increase sales. But if you can’t track the performance of all the channels you are selling in, it’s difficult to know if you are doing right with multiple channels or wasting time on a certain one.

Most BigCommerce analytics and reporting apps enable you to track the data from all the channels you step in. Hence, you can easily identify your best acquisition sources.

Automated data sync

No more hours of manual work; with a BigCommerce analytics and reporting tool, you can sync all the data once superfast and streamline forever. Then, acquire and combine data and customer insight through automated analyzing huge data-sets to have a deeper understanding of your customers.


Credible data-backed insights enable you to determine your future’s focus. Based on the monthly data analyzed, you can forecast your next sales and predict the outcomes of the projects you are working on. Then, it’s easier to get a whole picture of your business’s future growth.

Ease of use

The apps effortlessly integrate with your BigCommerce store. It’s easy to set up and configure without a required code solution. You can access all the data you want without any waiting from a single comprehensive dashboard.

Why should use BigCommerce analytics & reporting apps

Analytics and reporting apps optimize your work with data and bring a lot of benefits to your business:

Increase productivity

In order to remain productive in today’s ever-changing and competitive landscape, businesses need to swiftly respond to the changes in the market. An important point has been emphasized at the meeting of the targeted customers’ demands and continuously create innovative solutions to better customer experience.

That’s why analytics and reporting apps come into play to streamline the data crunching process and bring a more thorough approach to customer insight for the businesses. There’s no waiting. All the critical data will be recorded, analyzed, and reported automatically to those who need it in a timely manner.

Better data accuracy

Data accuracy is the most important factor that determines the accuracy and completeness of the whole process of business operations. A wrong data record will lead to a string of wrong decisions, which is more likely to happen during manual data handling.

By having an automatic analytics and reporting system, all the data will be synchronized and get crunched properly superfast. This minimizes the risk of missing a critical piece of data as well as save the man-power.

Deeply track marketing performance

BigCommerce analytics and reporting apps help you gain insight into customer data to track and evaluate your marketing efforts properly. You will get to know the responses of customers to your campaigns, both good and bad.

Through data-backed analytics, you can figure out the aspects that capture customers’ attention the most and which one flops. Analytics and reporting apps visualized your marketing efforts into reliable data from the real-time record. It’s a necessary part of your marketing strategy.

Easy to create personalized marketing

With in-depth customer data at your disposal, it’s possible to create customer-focused marketing strategies that emphasize more the personalization in customer experience. You will know what your customers are actually interested in and then create targeted strategies, dynamic content, and engage with them on a deeper level.

Simple and friendly user interface

With an intuitive and mobile-friendly interface, you will be able to view and access all the data quickly.

Moreover, you can access the data and view all the details of the analytics results from different types of screens without any interruption.

Things to consider when choosing a BigCommerce analytics & reporting app

Your business demand and objective

Before deciding on a final app for your business, put your business objectives in the discussion first. You need to identify your existing and future business requirements that help you know which type of analytics and reporting app can satisfy your business needs and has the scalability to grow with your business.

Break down the core objectives of your business into measurable goals and find an app that can help you achieve these goals. Pricing

BigCommerce analytics and reporting apps offer different pricing plans. Before choosing an app, you must be fully aware of the costs associated with the solutions it provides, including subscriptions, growth, customization, and any hidden fees. It’s important to understand each of them before spending your money.

User interface

Your analytics and reporting app should have a user-friendly interface and be easy to use for even non-technical users. No need to find an attractive-designed app; it’s better to focus on the intuitive and understandable dashboards and reports. Plus, a visually appealing user interface will have a positive impact on the user experience.


Every business has unique requirements, so it’s important to choose the analytics and reporting apps that meet your specific requirements, including a custom set-up. You must assess if the app can extend its solution to meet your future needs.


Mobile analytical capability is crucial for your business, which allows you and your team to make data-driven decisions from anywhere. Mobility in the analytics app keeps everyone in your company connected and acknowledged any changes in data analytics at the same time. Therefore, it speeds up the internal communication within your company. Mobility also improves the speed of information access and user adoption.


Related to your business data, so security must be the top priority. Make sure the BigCommerce analytics and reporting app has no problem with data security.


In order to stay relevant in an increasingly global and competitive marketplace, business owners must have valuable information available to them anytime. By leveraging an analytics and reporting app, your business can increase data accuracy, productivity, management, and communication. You can easily make data-driven decisions for your BigCommerce business.

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