Shopify Mobile Apps 2024

13+ Best Shopify Mobile Apps from hundreds of the Mobile reviews in the market (Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Mobile does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Mobile app collection is ranked and result in July 2024, the price from $0. You find free, paid Mobile apps or alternatives to Mobile also. The Top 50+ Shopify Free Apps for Every Store.

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Mobile Apps for BigCommerce

13 Best Mobile Apps for BigCommerce

Mobile Converter by Beeketing

BigCommerce Mobile Apps by Beeketing

Mobile converter is commerce open to assist the new area of online shopping. Nowadays, smartphones play a big part in your life, and therefore, it is essential to pay careful attention to how your brand looks on a mobile device. Mobile Converter is designed to improve the shopping experience on a small screen and optimize conversion rates on the mobile web.

Mobile Converter can convert your web page into a mobile version with a fully functioning Mobile Gallery. The Mobile Gallery feature allows customers to see your products in a full-screen view and swiping to view details of your product. On the Mobile Gallery screen, customers can add to cart the items they want with just a simple click. This way, it is convenient and easy, which can motivate customers to buy. The conversion driver feature sets a fixed Buy Now bar on either the top or bottom of the mobile screen. So the customers can continue to scroll, but as soon as they want to buy it, the Buy Now button stands out. It is always available, encouraging them to hit the button and start buying from your brand. Furthermore, Mobile Converter allows 100% customizable design. You can design the Conversion Driver banner and Mobile Gallery, so they fit more with your brand and go well with your web page. You can select the theme by customizing color, size, the position of text, and button.

In conclusion, Mobile Converter is the perfect solution for any brand. Despite the use of mobile internet use is increasing, the conversion rate on mobile is much lower than desktop, and Mobile Converter can help solve this concern. Mobile Converter can help you to optimize sales on mobile devices.

Highlight features

  • Mobile converter to optimize sales
  • Conversion driver to call for action
  • Accessible Mobile Gallery for better visual
  • Allow customization of design

Price: 0

Rating: 36 - 5.0 / 5

Unbound Commerce by Unboundcommerce

BigCommerce Mobile Apps by Unboundcommerce

Unbound Commerce is a highly-recommended mobile application in the BigCommerce that helps eCommerce business doers easily corporate commerce-enabled native iOS and Android mobile apps with your BC online store. This platform is necessary for enhancing customers’ experience and driving more positive results for an online store.

Unbound Commerce helps online merchants send a richer, more in-depth mobile app experience for your BEST customers, which sharply accelerates mobile customer engagement and conversion rates. Moreover, you can make use of Unbound Commerce to gain on-time and on-budget project delivery, world-class customer service, and a rapid ROI. Detailed, Unbound Commerce sets up the function to customize and operate your store’s most attractive design to match your specific needs. This app also provides you with wireframes and interactive mocks for your approval, and you can also organize iOS and Android commerce-enabled apps (2 apps) in a single project. By connecting API-integrated with your BC store, Unbound Commerce increases your business’s flash sales and in-app messaging; thus, you can manage the dashboard panel. Besides, Unbound Commerce coordinates with Apple Pay, GooglePay, PayPal to improve your customer’s shopping experience and speed up app development, time-to-market. This add-on also targets reducing the total cost of ownership and minimizes IT workload without rev-share.

Highlight features

  • Create custom apps on a platform to increase conversion rates and speed up ROI
  • Offer wire frames and interactive mocks for your approval
  • Connect API-integrated with your BC store
  • Use dDashboard to control the panel
  • Reduce total cost of ownership, with no% revshare


Rating: 9 - 4.5 / 5

SMSBump by Smsbump

BigCommerce Mobile Apps by Smsbump

SMSBump is a simple but powerful and modern text marketing and automation platform that supports eCommerce business managers of any type to promote your BigCommerce store. This app is necessary for text marketing solutions and driving more customers’ engagement.

SMSBump is an all-inclusive app that fastens the delivery of your messages with high-quality direct routes. It also helps you deliver messages at the right time, according to your customer’s local timezone, remind your campaigns with an eye-catching image or a GIF. Thus, you can easily gain sales with abandoned cart reminders, boost customer value with upselling and cross-sell promotions. Your customers always keep track of order confirmation, shipping updates, and more thanks to the immediate text messages. Besides, merchants can use multiple subscription solutions to get more subscribers and generate dynamic segmentation groups for customized targeting. To develop your list, SMSBump provides your business with mobile-first pop-ups, embed forms or floating buttons, and fully-personalized signup forms that match your store style. Moreover, SMSBump corporates with your BigCommerce customer filters to accelerate conversion by creating segments according to unlimited characteristics. You can utilize monthly reports to monitor, evaluate, and update your orders; link clicks, SMS by country, the amount spent, and other important metrics to increase your conversion, ROI, and total revenue.

Overall, there is still multiple awesome featured of SMSBump that are waiting for you to explore.

Highlight features

  • Fasten the delivery of your messages with high-quality direct routes
  • Remind your campaigns with an eyecatching image or a GIF
  • Provide multiple subscription solutions to get more subscribers and build dynamic segmentation groups for customized targeting
  • Use mobile-first pop-ups, embed forms or floating buttons to improve your list
  • Control, evaluate and boost your conversion, ROI and total revenue with monthly reports

Price: Custom Price

Rating: 8 - 3.5 / 5

Drobile by

BigCommerce Mobile Apps by

Drobile is a modern and professional mobile app builder application in the market with the target to update any latest trends and comfort your customers what they need with your iPhone and Android mobile app. This app eases the process of converting your BigCommerce store into an iPhone and Android mobile app.

Drobile is fully responsive for both iPhone and Android, enabling your customers to have a satisfying experience every time they shop on your mobile app. Your customers will also feel pleasant to receive push notifications when they have your application rather than an email. Thus, you can keep them coming back for further orders to increase more sales. Moreover, Drobile helps online merchants easily attach deep links to products, collections, or simple messages. You can make use of the “call to action” buttons of Drobile to direct on each push notification where your customers can insert products to their cart straightaway from the notification. Besides, you are free to set up push notifications planned later or delivered instantly as desired. Plus, you and your online team can have an insight into the number of views by product, cart visits, purchases, and more in LIVE time with the real-time analytics to monitor your online store’s document and metrics effectively. You can also utilize the easy-to-use and straightforward drag and drop system to build your mobile app without any coding or technical skills.

Therefore, installing Drobile will boom your online sales soon and develop your online store to a higher level.

Highlight features

  • Deliver push notifications to everyone who has your application
  • Work perfectly on both iPhone AND Android significantly to increase your audience
  • Provide real time analytics on the number of views by product, cart visits, purchases, etc
  • Personalize your platform with colors, borders, fonts, pre-selected themes and more
  • Facilitate with the drag and drop interface to create your application

Price: $50.00/month, 14 days free trial

Rating: 4 - 3.0 / 5

AppNotch by Appnotch

BigCommerce Mobile Apps by Appnotch

AppNotch is a powerful integrated mobile platform for DSI Enterprises that enhances customer engagement and boosts repeat orders with your mobile app store. This app lets eCommerce business doers bring in multiple powerful solutions for your direct selling enterprise.

AppNotch helps online merchants turn your BigCommerce website into an incredible mobile app that incorporates all your web store customization and functionality with the creative AppNotch mobile app features. Also, AppNotch makes your app available in the Google Play Store easily, and you can instantly allow your users to call, email, text, and even locate you. Moreover, AppNotch encourages your customers to stay with unlimited Geo (location-based), categorized, and planned push notifications. You can deliver push notifications, including pictures and links, insert and eliminate app features as often as desired without republishing. Besides, whenever you modify your site, these changes will be synced automatically in your app. Connecting with your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages, and more supports your business to control your online store efficiently. AppNotch provides the app sharing features to show your product and app go Viral to attract multiple types of customers from any social network. You can also make use of the in-depth Google Analytics report to keep track of the way your users utilize your app, so merchants can uplevel your site’s SEO ranking.

There are unlimited amazing features of AppNotch that you can not ignore to develop your online store. Download this app now to discover more.

Highlight features

  • Allow users to call, email, text, and even locate you
  • Provide multiple Geo (location based), categorized, and planned push notifications
  • Integrate your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages and more
  • Insert or eliminate app features as often as desired without republishing
  • Track the way your users utilize your app with an in-depth Google Analytics report

Price: $99.00/month, 30 days free trial

Rating: 3 - 3.5 / 5

JMango360 Mobile by Jmango360

BigCommerce Mobile Apps by Jmango360

JMango360 Mobile is an easy-to-use and professional application that provides an easy, fast, and incredible shopping experience for an online store. This powerful app makes a significant contribution to customers’ better shopping experience and the development of revenue of an eCommerce business.

JMango360 Mobile helps you operate a seamless working mobile shopping experience connected with your BigCommerce backend. Moreover, this app ensures maintaining your customers with a mobile/responsive site with a better mobile shopping experience. Therefore, your online store can adapt any demands of market developments and provide these customers with the best shopping experience available on mobile. Detailed, online merchants can easily build an app suitable for iOS and Android devices, covering 98% of the global mobile devices. Your customers always know your customers about new products, a promotion in case they abandon some products in their shopping cart. JMango360 Mobile does not have any limitation on the number of products you want to sell. Hence, you are free to use this integration to update and track all your products and coordinate with your preferred payment and shipping methods. Besides, JMango360 Mobile facilitates your online system with an easy drag-and-drop tool to generate a shopping app that fits your style. And, you can post your sliders, modify the background colors, and customize the layout.

Install this amazing mobile experience application for your online site to attract more customers’ attention and get more benefits.

Highlight features

  • Build an app suitable for both iOS and Android devices
  • Notify your customers about new products, a promotion
  • No limitation fot products you want to sell
  • Update all your products and provide your preferred payment & shipping methods
  • Utilize easy drag-and-drop tool to generate a shopping app that fits your style


Rating: 2 - 5.0 / 5

Apptuse by Apptuse

BigCommerce Mobile Apps by Apptuse

Apptuse is an easy-to-use but creative eCommerce mobile app builder that helps eCommerce business doers control their online store effectively and entice more customer engagement thanks to the stunning online site performance.

Apptuse targets to increase your Revenue and Sales on Mobile devices, and earn more customers’ attention. Detailed, Apptuse helps merchants present your products with high-resolution images and unlimited images in a comprehensive tile format. Plus, this app does not require online store owners any knowledge of additional configuration or coding to generate your store and work with your existing site and payment gateway. You can also easily operate the mobile app for Android and iOS and access to customers on both platforms. By having an insight into your Mobile app, you can connect Google / Flurry analytics with your mobile app, and collect advanced document on which user does what within you app, then decide according to your customer’s activity or inactivity. Clever Campaigns of Apptuse allows you to deliver customized messages to your users as they onboard and engage with your app. Your customer can also call, email, or drop a message to store merchants on social platforms, no matter store or product-related queries. Your clients are free to choose and shorten their preferred products among all the products in your store with the Favorites option.

Therefore, Apptuse is an ideal solution for any eCommerce business doer to organize a professional mobile app for their online store.

Highlight features

  • Present your products with high-resolution images and unlimited images in a clear tile format
  • No need additional configuration, coding to generate your store
  • Provide advanced document on which user does what within you app and decide according to your customers activity or inactivity
  • Deliver customized messages to your users as they onboard and engage with your App
  • Allwo clients to directly call, email or drop a message to store merchants on social platforms

Price: Free - $99/month

Rating: 2 - 1.0 / 5

Mobile App Builder by Sandbox-commerce

BigCommerce Mobile Apps by Sandbox-commerce

This is the Mobile App Builder of Sandbox Commerce to help eCommerce business doers of any type build and develop a mobile app to strengthen your brand and grow sales. This application is also perfect to control your mobile store efficiently with multiple powerful customer service.

Sandbox Commerce creates Mobile App Builder to keep you and your online team interact with your customers, maintain their attention, and generate new sales opportunities utilizing rich push notifications. Detailed, you can use this Mobile App Builder to design an app to fit your brand with the drag-and-drop App Builder. Also, this platform allows you to automatically sort your app to feature new collections, items, and promotions. And, you can instantly post your apps to both iOS and Android marketplaces. Thereby, your customers always keep track of new promotions, collections, and items to make their instant purchase. That leads to the boom of sales and new growth opportunities. Besides, Mobile App Builder facilitates your online store with the segment groups by fields like ‘items viewed’ or ‘location’ to deliver push notifications from the Marketing Dashboard. This app also ensures checkouts and pre-populated fields, connects with Apple Pay and Google Pay to enhance immediate payment, and reduce cart abandonment.

So, there is not any reason that you can not install this amazing application right now for your mobile store’s progress and customers’ satisfaction.

Highlight features

  • Design your app to fit your brand and launch to both iOS and Android marketplace
  • Notify customers a promo, restocking an item or launching a collection by delivering push notifications
  • Provide segment groups by fields like items viewed or location
  • Secure checkouts and pre-populated fields
  • Boost immediate payment with Apple Pay and Google Pay

Price: $99.00/month, 7 days free trial

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

Reporting Agent by Reporting-agent

BigCommerce Mobile Apps by Reporting-agent

Reporting Agent is an exceptional app that connects to your BigCommerce store and provide you with insightfull data analysis about your store.

The app gives you all features so that you can track and manage your store from your phone while having time focusing on what’s critical for your businesses. The app is easy to use with straightforward and user-friendly interface. You will be able to view and keep track of real-time orders, inventory, revenue, and more right from the app dashboard. Through the app, you can also view your products and customers of your BigCommerce store. Therefore, you can track and monitor your business anytime, anywhere on the go. Reporting Agent charges you $15 to use its cutting-edge features, including: key performance indicators, track top selling products, stock estimate report, customers details, and more.

Highlight features

  • A comprehensive and easy to use dashboard
  • Easy to view orders, customers, products, and inventory
  • Insightful and smart reports
  • Get extra data and advanced reporting with Google Analytics

Price: 7 days free trial. $15/month

Rating: - / 5

Shopgate by Shopgate

BigCommerce Mobile Apps by Shopgate

Shopgate is an ideal mobile app builder solution for any eCommerce business doer to present the most attractive and beautiful mobile app store to catch multiple customers. This platform is a powerful SaaS platform allowing BigCommerce merchants to publish revenue-driving native apps for iOS & Android, all with a seamless BigCommerce connection that does not require any coding.

Shopgate helps eCommerce merchants build long-term customer loyalty, higher conversions, and more revenue for your business. Detailed, Shopgate provides creative built-in features like segmented push notifications to keep your users wherever they are, driving to 7x higher retention rates. Your customers will feel satisfied when finding your products effectively with Spotlight search integration, and AdScanner, utilizing intelligent scanning technology. Moreover, merchants can take advantage of push notification campaigns personalized by demographics, user behavior, or both, or from Facebook login, to Daily Deals and coupons, to one-touch payments through Apple Pay. Further, Shopgate facilitates your online site with modern analytics tools consisting of the Shopgate platform, a built-in AppsFlyer integration, and seamless Facebook Analytics plug-in to have an insight into customer behavior and app performance. You always know to keep your loyal app users back to purchase again and again thanks to Shopgate’s comprehensive widget to determine your app whenever you.

With over 30 million monthly specific visitors, 25 million products, and 17.5 million app installations, Shopgate is perfect for all eCommerce businesses.

Highlight features

  • Update real-time products, inventory and orders with your BigCommerce account
  • Utilize the easy-to-use widgets to customize the design
  • Offer payment options such as Apple Pay and Gooogle Wallet for faster checkout
  • Corporate with leading analytics platforms containing Appsflyer and Facebook for Apps
  • Provide advanced push notification engine, containing user segmentation

Price: Custom Price

Rating: - / 5

Plobal Apps by Plobal-tech

BigCommerce Mobile Apps by Plobal-tech

Plobal Apps is one of the most creative and powerful mobile app builder platforms in the market that helps eCommerce business doers of any type to increase their sales by converting your BigCommerce Website into Mobile App. This app will uplevel your online management system and entice more potential customers.

Plobal Apps is a highly scalable mobile commerce solution for BigCommerce stores that are struggling with their customer service. This software lets you and your online eCommerce team build and personalize your mobile app. Moreover, this app is perfect for organic mobile app marketing strategies especially specified for your business to bring in multiple innovative strategies and plans for the ideal mobile app. Also, you can easily set up your mobile app store without any transaction fee to remove all the burden of cost. Further, Plobal Apps helps your online store connect with third-party integrations with products – product reviews, loyalty, local delivery, subscription billing, and more to ensure checkout with all supported payment gateways. Plobal Apps is also responsive for multiple languages and currencies, so you can make use of this platform with any country your business is built in. Plus, Plobal Apps offers engagement tools for Mobile Apps, conversion and retention tools, and mobile app discovery tools for your BigCommerce store to boost conversions utilizing mobile apps.

Therefore, install this awesome application for your online store now to accelerate your revenue instantly.

Highlight features

  • Provide highly scalable and quick mobile apps – iOS (iPhone) & android mobile devices
  • Not require any transaction fee
  • Connect with third party integrations with products – product reviews, loyalty, local delivery, subscription billing
  • Offer engagement tools for Mobile Apps, and conversion and retention Tools
  • Responsive for multiple languages and currencies

Price: $999.00/month

Rating: - / 5

Mobile Mall by Wordpress

BigCommerce Mobile Apps by Wordpress

Mobile Mall is one of the most ubiquitous and creative mobile app builder platforms in the BigCommerce that supports eCommerce business doers to level up their mobile store management system. This powerful application will boost your online sales efficiently and get more customers’ engagement.

Mobile Mall is a Mobile Shopping engine that provides a mobile marketplace for brands and retailers. Sellers can improve their technology capabilities and offer a premium mobile shopping experience with no need to invest in app development and maintenance. Also, merchants can easily convert your online store into a powerful mobile app and integrate it into the Mobile Mall Marketplace available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Moreover, Mobile Mall enables you to customize a product catalog with your banners and branding and instantly tracked to your BigCommerce store. Plus, Mobile Mall provides your online store with native payment directly through the app and updates orders to your BigCommerce store. So, you can control all the changes in your store’s orders effortlessly. Besides, your customers will feel satisfied to get Apple Pay, Face-ID, or Touch-ID to select their favorite way to pay, containing all major credit cards. Last, Mobile Mall eases your business process by providing Stripe payment gateway installation.

Overall, Mobile Mall is the right choice for any eCommerce business doers to accelerate their online revenue.

Highlight features

  • Customize product catalogue with your banners and branding
  • Offer native payment directly via the app
  • Update orders to your BigCommerce store
  • Allow your customers to select their favourite way to pay, containing all major credit cards
  • Provide Stripe payment gateway installation

Price: Free: 6% Commision

Rating: - / 5

Mapplico by Mapplico

BigCommerce Mobile Apps by Mapplico

Mapplico is one of the most popular mobile app builder platforms for any eCommerce business doer to build its mobile app for their BigCommerce store. This app will do its best to boost your sales and revenue by operating a seamless mobile experience.

Mapplico targets to help you entice more customers instantly with push notifications and promote your campaigns and products. So, you can initially create your native iPhone and Android mobile apps without a technical background. The simple widget of Mapplico will ease the process of tracking your native iPhone and Android mobile e-commerce applications, and you can have your iPhone and Android native apps at the same time. Moreover, Mapplico allows online merchants to personalize your mobile apps for your brand with your colors and design. It is easier to connect and update any change in your BigCommerce store with your mobile apps. Also, you can deliver multiple push notifications and interact with your customers immediately. Mapplico empowers your management system with a user-friendly admin-panel; facilitates your customers with a seamless mobile user experience. Thus, your customers are free to access a unique product with a powerful search option and reach listing, searching, and many features. You do not have to worry about the expensive cost thanks to the affordable monthly or annual price models of Mapplico.

Highlight features

  • Create your native iPhone and Android mobile apps without technical background
  • Design your mobile apps for your brand with your colors, your design
  • Update your BigCommerce store with your mobile apps
  • Deliver multiple push notifications and interact with your customers
  • Enables customers reach products easily with search options

Price: $49.00/month, 30 days free trial

Rating: - / 5

Mobile app development is thriving like never before. With a dramatic increase in mobile users and its impact on their shopping habits, it has now become imperative for every business to create mobile apps presenting their products and services.

Developing a mobile app that embraces eCommerce functionality might not be an easy task because it requires technical expertise and developer support. However, if you are running a BigCommerce store, it has become much easier to convert your store into a native-like app. In this post, we are going to highlight some key points about BigCommerce mobile apps and how to choose the right one for your business.

Let’s dive in!

Outstanding features of BigCommerce mobile apps

Push notifications/messaging

A BigCommerce mobile app enables you to send out unlimited push notifications to reach out to customers and engage with them like never before. Push notifications can be used to inform your customers about new products, promotions or remind them about their abandoned carts. This is absolutely effective to re-engage with customers after they left some items in their shopping cart and leave your website without checking out. Thus, it provokes higher conversion rates.

Customizable design

With the no-code required setup and configuration, you have the easiest way to build out your mobile app and have total design control over it. Many apps provide easy to use drag and drop builder so that you can create an app suitable for your business without having technical expertise. Most BigCommerce mobile apps support both iOS and Android devices, so it makes sure your users will be able to access and use your app from different devices.

Real-time analytics

With real-time analytics and reports, you can update all the important information related to your BigCommerce store and products, such as the number of views of products, cart visits, top-selling/out-of-stock products, purchases, and more. Besides, many apps integrate with Google Analytics and leverage its in-depth report providing you with an intensive view of how users are using your app, an extra layer of data about visitors, goals, traffic, and more right in your app.

Launch to iOS and Android

With the help of BigCommerce mobile apps, you can create your mobile app and publish it to both iOS and Android marketplaces. More users can download and use your app seamlessly on their mobile devices no matter what mobile operating system they are using.

SMS chat with customers

You can contact and communicate with your customers via SMS chat right in your app. It’s possible to reach customers, receive and answer their inquiries directly in the app. This is an effective way to engage with your customers in a conversational manner that helps to provide better support and a more personalized experience.

Why should use BigCommerce mobile apps

Higher performance and engagement

It’s estimated that mobile sales will make up more than half of all online sales in 2021. Mobile shopping app improves your page loading speed, which makes it seamlessly runs on customers’ devices. It also brings many practical features to boost your BigCommerce store’s performance, like using push notifications to get in touch with customers consistently. Therefore, your mobile shopping app can be a powerful tool to attract and convert mobile shoppers into repeat customers. This will definitely, in return, increase conversions, sales, customer loyalty.

Fast, intuitive, and native

With the help of BigCommerce mobile apps, you can build out a fast, intuitive, and native-like mobile app for your BigCommerce store. Drag and drop editor, as well as a customizable design system, will help you create a mobile app according to your business requirements. The automatic synchronization also ensures your mobile apps are always up-to-date so that it’s time-saving for you to get the latest information about how your store is performing.

Easy to use

BigCommerce mobile apps provide you the easiest way to create your native mobile apps integrated with your BigCommerce store. From the setup to the management, you do it easily with a user-friendly admin panel without any special configuration and technical skill required.


It’s easy to showcase your products on mobile with multiple images in high-resolution and a clean title format. With a powerful search option, your customers can reach a specific product that they want quickly.

Factors to consider when choosing a BigCommerce mobile app


The selected app should be intuitive and easy to use. It would be best if the provider allows you to test the app or offer a free trial, so you can have time to understand the app before making a purchase.

Know your budget

It’s important to choose an app that fits your budget. Many BigCommerce apps offer subscription pricing plans, so if the app is too expensive and over your budget margin, it’ll be challenging for you to keep up with the app.

Besides, you also need to ensure that the app can do what it says, and the pricing is predictable as you scale.


Mobile development brings a lot of benefits to your business. It streamlines your store’s performance, creates an easier way for your customers to reach your products, increase conversions, and boost sales. But security always plays a pivotal role in your business. It’s good to consider the security controls and factors of the app you are going to use.


To run an eCommerce store effectively, you will need to use different tools and software to maximize your business’s efficiency. That’s why it’s crucial to think about the selected app’s integration ability. You need to know how well the app integrates with the systems and services that touch the application through its lifecycle.


Last but not least, the app you use should be able to upgrade, update, and scale up with your business. It depends on your business’s future growth and changes, but it’s important to make sure that the app can meet all your existing and predictable needs and growth plans.

The bottom line

This is essential information to know before choosing a BigCommerce mobile app. Besides, you can get a lot of useful information about the apps on the BigCommerce marketplaces to solidify your choice better. A mobile app will boost your eCommerce store’s performance and your customer experience, so let’s find the right solution and start testing.

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