Shopify B2B & Wholesale Apps 2024

28+ Best Shopify B2B & Wholesale Apps from hundreds of the B2B & Wholesale reviews in the market (Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about B2B & Wholesale does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best B2B & Wholesale app collection is ranked and result in June 2024, the price from $0. You find free, paid B2B & Wholesale apps or alternatives to B2B & Wholesale also. The Top 50+ Shopify Free Apps for Every Store.

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B2B & Wholesale Apps for BigCommerce

28 Best B2B & Wholesale Apps for BigCommerce

Rewind Backups by Rewind

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Rewind

Rewind Backups is a platform that helps BigCommerce store owners backup all types of data in any kind of format instead of getting them removed forever.

Getting this tool must be the shortest way to have your data backed up and to undo unexpected changes immediately. It takes only a few seconds with some buttons to save your necessary information automatically to the backup storage and takes just several minutes to restore your data. You are allowed to rewind an item individually, a bunch of items, or your whole store at a time.

Save-able data could be Products, Product Reviews, Product Images, Categories, Customer Info, Inventory, Configurable fields, Blog Posts, BigCommerce brands, brand images, and a lot more. Please remember that all of these processes are completely automatic so you will save a huge amount of time with this tool!

Highlight features

Price: $3/month, 7 days free trial

Rating: 373 - 5.0 / 5

Quote Ninja by Quoteninjacom

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Quoteninjacom

Aptly named, Quote Ninja is a quoting app that can help you generate quotes within several minutes right from your frontend with a centralized dashboard only. Quote Ninja is made for B2B stores to help gain more revenue without extra time spending.

With Quote Ninja, your customers are able t submit as any quote requests as possible right from your product page. What’s more? Feel free to generate quotes just from the given dashboard with no product import or maintenance concern. Also, a quote can be quickly converted into an order with just a click & there is no need for double data entry. Your customers are enabled to finish their payment through your shopping cart with a checkout link that quotes are sent with. You can track your quotes’ status, have a review over the history and restore features.

On top of that, HTML quotes can be sent in PDF format as an attached file with the email. It is also possible to download, save, or print these quotes as PDF. Quote Ninja is specially made for B2B enterprises with a clear understanding of how quoting is needed these days for companies. Click Get this App now to get the app downloaded!

Highlight features

Price: 0

Rating: 26 - 5.0 / 5

Quick Shop by Capacity-web-solutions

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Capacity-web-solutions

Quick Shop is built as a user-friendly app to help shoppers bulk add products. It offers a straightforward way to order a variety of products at a time within a few seconds.

So why QuickShop? Wholesale nowadays is becoming more and more popular as it comes with huge profits, so betting B2B customers’ experience is always considered important. QuickShop allows customers to add many products with the Add All to Cart button by going to Quick Shop Page and modifying Quantity. You are permitted to select categories or any products you want to display in Quick Shop Page. 50 Products are allowed to be displayed per page. Also, product image effect setting and fly-out image speed management are available. The quantity status can be hidden/displayed and managed as well.

Customers’ wishlist can be configured in the category dropdown. When a customer selects this option in the dropdown menu, all products in his / her wishlist will be shown. On top of that, category wise products can be sorted by alphabetical order and price (Ascending or Descending), Newest items, and Highlighted items. Also, searching for exact products has never been easier with the given Ajax autocomplete search feature.

Highlight features

Price: $29/month, 7 days free trial

Rating: 24 - 5.0 / 5

Quotes by FreshClick by Freshclick

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Freshclick

FreshClick Quote is built for online business runners to submit one or many product quote requests right from a product page or to generate a new quote using Quote Manager. A bespoke/discounted quote for customers can also be created and sent via email with a checkout link that allows them to load both the quote and the purchase.

To be more specific, right after the FreshClick Quote app is launched, an Add To Quote button will be added to your product detail page immediately and automatically. This button is for customers to contact you for any questions about products or pricing with a click. Sales representatives, of course, are able to respond to these questions, make amendments or add a discount to the quote with a professional quote. Furthermore, you are allowed to get access, review and keep track of quote requests using our provided quote manager whatever their status is: New, Draft, or Sent. Any quotes can be modified and amended here with the admin access while sales representatives can only view their own quotes.

A quote can be sent to customers in the form of a PRF. attachment so that it is downloadable, printable, and can be saved for later use. Install the app now to better your potential buyers’ experience

Highlight features

Price: $14.99/month

Rating: 11 - 5.0 / 5

MinMax Order Limits by Spurit

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Spurit

Created with its vendor’s full awareness of the demand for an inventory / order-managing app, MinMax Order Limits comes with the ability to set minimal and maximum values for any specific customer’s order.

To go more into detail, with MinMax Order Limits, you can set limits to the quantity of a certain type of product, variant, collection, vendor, or tag so that customers will be forbidden from adding more than the valid number of a product. On the base of the total price, total quantity, weight, the number of different items, or customers, you can adjust these limits. You may wonder why so here is the answer: It can help you take control over the way your customers purchase for their order and avoid those orders that bring no profit or may cause revenue cuts. Please note that it is possible to add exclusion to rules according to product types, collections, vendors, target customers, non-customers, or certain customer tags.

Please keep in mind that it requires no coding skills or acknowledgment about tech things. Feel free to customize all popups and warning texts to match your website’s theme and highlight them so that you can inform the rules and limits to your web’s visitors.

Highlight features

Price: $12.95/month 14 days free trial

Rating: 9 - 4.0 / 5

Skubana by Skubana

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Skubana

Skubana is known as a system that helps you with order management, including fulfillment and inventory. Also, this platform does offer data synchronization from multi-channels, warehouses, and many more so backup is now not a problem!

This tool comes with a dashboard that allows you to track, monitor and manage product listings over marketplaces, big-box retailers, and wholesalers. You can consider Skubana a warning alarm as it helps avoid overselling and marketplace penalties with its demand forecasting system and warns you if your inventory is becoming low. Furthermore, feel free to manipulate product quantities to generate scarcity on purpose, which could lead to a rise in the number of your orders. Also, no worries about difficulties with shipping from different locations and fulfillment because this app will determine the most cost-effective scheme and complete any tasks associated to inventory or fulfillment over multi-channels using Orderbots. That is to say, it also takes charge of replenishing inventory on the basis of lead times & purchasing variables.

You are now risk-free with Skubana as it can forecast future demand by analyzing data and insights across multiple channels. Cut down costs and raise your profits with inventory shortage and profitability predictions right from the one and only Analytics Dashboard today!

Highlight features

Price: Start at $1,000/month

Rating: 5 - 4.0 / 5

Sufio Invoices by Sufio

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Sufio

Sufio Invoices is a high-level invoicing app made by the Sufio team, coming with a bunch of easy-to-use features, such as issuing invoices in compliance with legislation in half a hundred countries over the world. With this online payment method, you will get paid faster and avoid a high cart abandonment rate.

To be more specific, when a purchase gets finished, invoices are automatically created by Sufio. Then, invoices will be sent to purchasers via emails and available to be downloaded online. Also, VAT and GST numbers from your business customers can be easily captured and validated. EU business customers will be set as tax-free by default. Invoices can be in the PDF format so that they are downloadable and can be printed in bulk. Furthermore, feel free to generate other document types like credit notes, pro forma invoices and quotes. Regarding currency, currency will be set according to customers’ country or location; it depends. All documents are completely in compliance with accounting legislation in many countries like the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Ireland and other EU countries.

Everything goes online now so an e-invoice is a must for your shop if you want to retain customers with convenience and comfortable experience. Hesitate no more because Sufio is the key!

Highlight features

Price: $19/month, 14 days free trial

Rating: 4 - 5.0 / 5

BundleB2B by Bundleb2b

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Bundleb2b

BundleB2B is a comprehensive application that comes with B2B features and functionality for any business type and scale. With BundleB2B, you can better your B2B operations and offer transactions with no seams and self-service account capabilities to B2B customers.

More specifically, sales representatives can access shopping lists made by shoppers in the company, add more products to cart, and place orders. They are also allowed to generate a quote for the customer they are assigned to and add discounts. For tracking purposes, an open key reference number field is available. Furthermore, buyers are allowed to create, manage, and save many shopping lists for later use. Senior Buyers or Company Administrators may make approval for a purchase. You can also do some address management such as pre-approved Billing and Shipping addresses set up, lowering the risk of mistakes in open-keying addresses, and both Company Administrators and Sales Reps can change addresses if permitted.

Regarding roles and permissions of users, corporate accounts are manageable, and so are multiple tiers of buyers with assigned roles and permissions. The Company Administrator can manage addresses, and users, approve shopping lists, purchase orders, and view company order history. To take control over them all, install BundleB2B today!

Highlight features

Price: $100/month

Rating: 3 - 5.0 / 5

Quotilio Quote Manager by Powr

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Powr

Quotilio is a quote amanager app that allows you to create a new quote from the app dashboard and send the invoice email to customers for checkout.

The app provides you with various leading-edge features to streamline your BigCommerce store’ quote function and create a better experience for your customers. You can add a quote request button on the cart page with a simple one-click option to make it more conveninent for your customers to send you a quote request for their orders. When customers send their quote request, a draft quote will be automatically available on the app dashboard. From that, you can modify the requested quote and send the final checkout link to your customers.

Besides, you can customize quote form and email template to change the look and feel of your quote popup or email template. The app gives you a built-in customizable option for quote form and quote email.

Highlight features

  • Send unlimited numbers of quotes
  • Enable one-click request quote button
  • Customizable request quote button on cart page
  • Create Quote for existing or guest customers
  • Hide buy now and checkout button settings

Price: 7 days free trial. $15/month

Rating: 2 - 4.5 / 5

Payment Groups by Spring-merchant

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Spring-merchant

Payment Groups is an all-inclusive app created by the Payment Groups team to handle the issues relating to your store’s payment methods by giving you complete control over displaying them. To go more into detail, you can display Bank Deposit and Cash on Delivery for wholesale customers, for retail customers, PayPal, and Braintree. This app is fully integrated with Stencil themes, Blueprint themes, which means it completely works so well with Stencil themes, Blueprint themes, using the new checkout, the legacy express checkout. Please feel free to make changes to the payment group settings with the Payment Groups app without editing any files.

The Payment Groups app from the Payment Groups team is a perfect choice for wholesalers or any online stores serving B2B and B2C customers. They need segmenting payment options and eschewing to be charged extra money processing fees. Hence, if you want to offer specific payment methods such as bank deposit or cheque, to name just a few, to your wholesale clients while saving money on processing fees, please kindly remember that you can sign up for a free trial today.

Highlight features

Price: $29.00/month

Rating: 2 - 3.5 / 5

Bulk Order & Wholesale by MINIBC by Minibc

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Minibc

Bulk Order & Wholesale is a functional app created by the vendor MINIBC. This is an app built for bulk order or wholesale, which means it comes with a fair amount of flexibility, raising your chance of getting more orders from potential buyers in the most efficient manner.

With this extension, your users can order with provided search features (List Mode) or a grid view on category pages using a single page only. Some additional functions are available, such as showing real-time inventory, custom sorting options, easy to lazy load your products in list view, filter by keyword or category for better display, and even more. You are also allowed to make a specific page or multiple pages visible to or hidden from certain groups assigned or make pages go public. To make things easier and shorten the order process for bulk buyers for quick modification, bulk product pricing is assigned.

You may find the job of uploading CSV complicated and time-consuming, so bulk CSV upload is the key to solve this problem. If you need to generate customer group discounts, feel free to, discounts can be customized easily. Sounds interesting yet? Get this app and better your bulk order process to retain shoppers!

Highlight features

Price: $49.99/month

Rating: 2 - 3.0 / 5

PunchOut2Go by Punchout2go

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Punchout2go

PunchOut2Go is built with web-based catalogs that enable potential customers to access from within their organization’s procurement application and shop many items at the offered price.

PunchOut2Go integrates your store with a technology platform that helps BigCommerce and your customers’ back-end systems be linked together. Your punchout catalog will get approached when the customer leaves their procurement application. Kindly note that the two apps will still be staying connected when customers browse add various items to their shopping cart. However, there will be no payment information leaked over the checkout process, thanks to the security system. Buyers then need to transfer their cart to the procurement application in which the requisition of the purchase is generated and kept pending for approval. With this app, you are provided with auto user generation, secure authentication, and cart data integration for procurement and ERP systems. Moreover, PunchOut2Go provides the PunchOut2Go Portal to test and simulate each PunchOut Catalog integration and shows real-time data analytics to evaluate conversions and manage performance.

This app is suitable for any store with any cXML or OCI procurement system, including Oracle, Coupa, SAP, Jaggaer, PeopleSoft, SAP Ariba & many more. The data feed consumed for authentication can also be in different formats such as XM, cXML, IDOC, & EDI. With PunchOut2Go, feel free to handle any requests for punchout integration, saving time and price of custom improvement.

Highlight features

Price: $300/month

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

BlackCurve by Blackcurve

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Blackcurve

Running an online store has never been easy as it takes much time to manage products, optimize your store, and take care of customers before and after service (customer service). But pricing should not be missed due to that. Aware of the problem, the BlackCurve team created an app with the same label.

With BlackCurve, you are given complete visibility of your competitors’ price movements right from the moment you sign up. Where is the data taken from? Data is taken from the Google Shopping marketplace - a reliable global source. The more your online business grows, the more features of the BlackCurve ecosystem are available for you to make use of. One of those must be Automatic pricing decision making. All you have to do is just an active product feed and GTINS set for your control panel products. To activate BlackCurve, please Sign up for an account after launching the app. Then, import your products from your online store and start your access to competitor analysis, extract competitor data, and exclude specific competitors with the given dashboard.

All those features mentioned above are enough for an online business runner to have a deep understanding of the market’s pricing. Place your finger on the pulse of the market and be the first runner-up!

Highlight features


Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

Veratad Age Verification by Intuitsolutions

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Intuitsolutions

Veratad Age Verification is an innovative tool for retailers, merchants, or business managers to verify the age or identity of your consumers, to set complicated rules to follow that change on a state by state basis. This app will increase your online store’s sales and reach more benefits.

Veratad Age Verification helps you organize the initial age and identity verification when the customer allocates their order, to reduce the risk of frustration with an age-gate to prevent their order. Also, this app allows you to select to request more details right away or decide to leave that up to your own team as a customer fails the initial check. Moreover, you can manage what you ask for, and what is optional or demanded to try the check again, and rename fields, offer extra document and eases any process for your customers. Besides, you can use DCAMS and DCAMS+ options from Veratad to provide customers that fail your checks the choice of offering their government-issued ID. Veratad Age Verification also enables you to get IDs for manual review, or run their uploads with the automated image verification system that reads the cards for you. And, this platform supports you to build a nationwide minimum age to arrange different ages at the state level to allow the customer to approve at 18 in one state while others need you to make sure that customer is 21.

Overall, this app is a great idea for eCommerce business doers to enhance your online revenue.

Highlight features

Price: $125.00/month

Rating: - / 5

PunchOut Cloud by Punchout catalogs

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Punchout catalogs

PunchOut Cloud is one of the most powerful and modern site tools for eCommerce business doers to make your BigCommerce eCommerce method compatible with most ERP and Procurement applications. This platform helps you sell more products and gain more benefits.

PunchOut Cloud eases the process of operating B2B business with your customers utilizing PunchOut connectivity for a tightly connected experience everyone will love. This app also allows you to run pre-built connectivity with all leading ERPs and eProcurement methods, but exclusively, SAP, NetSuite, Ariba, Coupa, Jagger, and Sage Intacct. PunchOut Cloud enables users to purchase and search your offering through a logo or description of the product or service you offer. PunchOut Cloud transfers the users’ data when starting the punchout connection to your punchout enabled catalog. You can use this message to provide documentation on the source system, user, and credential information to ensure the connection. So, you can make use of these PunchoutCatalogs solutions to evaluate the incoming data and route the user to the accurate catalog in your method. This app then delivers users to co-branded catalogs that show customer unique pricing, product subsets, and more. Besides, users can shop on your catalog and place the goods or services they are finding, and PunchOut Cloud will deliver the cart information back to the user’s system.

Hence, installing this platform will be a great advantage for your online business.

Highlight features

Price: $299.00/month

Rating: - / 5

Skynamo by

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by

An existing customer is always a potential source of consumption, especially with wholesale businesses. In case you are seeking a solution to engage existing customers, Skynamo is ready to give a hand.

The first step to engage customers is to understand them. Therefore, Skynamo gives you access to history and customer information. With full knowledge of interactions and transactions, you will be well prepared to start customer engagements. Skynamo provides the live location of your customer on a map. You can see where they are located to plan a better route for a day to reduce driving time. Even when you notice an overdue customer for a visit, you can give them a priority. Besides, Skynamo is updated with digital catalogues. No more printed catalogues, you can share your latest product with your customers via mobile device with Skynamo. To save time for orders, Skynamo allows you to know the latest pricing, product information, and stock levels. Now you do not have to call the office to check price or inventory anymore. Last but not least, Skynamo supports you with different types of forms to gather customer information. You can spread audits, surveys, scorecards, and so on to collect information from customers while visiting your site.

With Skynamo, you can see better management and productivity of your business. Hundreds of manufacturers trust it, distributors and wholesalers, do not hesitate to become the next one!

Highlight features

  • Access history and customer info
  • Provide live location of customers
  • Deliver digital catalogues
  • Access pricing and product availability
  • Provide forms of information gathering

Price: $46.00/month

Rating: - / 5

Purchase Order Solution by IntuitSolutions by Intuitsolutions

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Intuitsolutions

If you want to create a privilege for a customer group by offer purchase from your BigCommerce site, Purchase Order Solution by IntuitSolutions is absolutely a solution to add to the list.

Purchase Order Solution allows them to make a purchase right from your BigCommerce site by Purchase Order with registered and approved customers. It means not all, but just groups of customers can access this offer of purchase. You can offer the payment method to all of them with Purchase Order Solution. In contrast, you can restrict it to groups of customers you choose as well. With specific groups of customers like regular customers, you can allow them to pay on terms via Purchase Order Solution. You can negotiate for these terms to optimize benefits for both parties. Customers who make a purchase order can enter the PO number to checkout. If you need a custom field for PO entering, Purchase Order Solution can create it for you. It is your choice to create a new one or leverage the comment field to create a field for the purchase order number.

Purchase Order Solution by IntuitSolutions gives the full solution for checkout payment, shipping options, and checkout settings that you do not have to make any changes. The app is also friendly with whom usually uses a smartphone, so do not hesitate to install it now!

Highlight features

  • Allow customers to make purchase from BigCommerce site
  • Offer payment method to customers
  • Allow regular customers to pay on terms
  • Allow checkout by PO number entering
  • Customize comment field

Price: Call for Pricing

Rating: - / 5

Purchase Order by MyIntegrator by Myintegrator

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Myintegrator

Have you ever thought of enabling your customers to purchase right from your BigCommerce store? Then it is the time to think about this idea with Purchase Order by MyIntegrator.

As the purpose of the app, Purchase Order by MyIntegrator enables the Purchase Order so your customers can make a purchase from your BigCommerce store. They can check out right on your site with Purchase Order by MyIntegrator. The app automatically inserts necessary fields for your customers to checkout by Purchase Order. Your customers can attach a PDF file to their purchase order in the created field. Purchase Order by MyIntegrator will send you an email right after that for notification. If you do not want to use this feature, feel free to disable and hide it. Purchase Order by MyIntegrator gives you all control to enable all customers, particular customer groups or specific emails to access purchase order. Hence, you can easily reach to the targeted group you want. Besides, Purchase Order by MyIntegrator is available with custom workflow such as Accounting systems integrations for better credit checking.

Purchase Order by MyIntegrator is designed to work with BigCommerce Optimized One-page checkout so it requires no more coding. Just with one click and you can have Purchase Order by MyIntegrator installation in your store, let’s get it now!

Highlight features

  • Allow customers to purchase from your BigCommerce store
  • Support PDF upload
  • Give you control to set restrictions
  • Insert fields for checkout
  • Provide custom workflow

Price: $79.00/month, 14 days free trial

Rating: - / 5

Product Option Grid by Intuitsolutions

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Intuitsolutions

Selling in bulk can be time-consuming and annoying to customers if your product page is not built appropriately for this type of sale. Product Option Grid by IntuitSolutions is the proper solution in this case.

As the name of the app, Product Option Grid by IntuitSolutions provides the grid format for the product option on your product page. If your product has two options, each will be split into rows and columns. Then your customers need to choose the volume they want to buy for each option. Product Option Grid is perfect for products with one or two options. You can choose which feature to display in the grid format. It may require additional customization if your products have more than two options. With the Product Option Grid, customers can buy multiple products at once with the volume they choose for each option. It makes bulk buying easier than ever. Moreover, Product Option Grid consolidates your product listings. You can see the app optimizes your product management when it cuts down on product database management. Last but not least, your current option pricing and image rules are respected, so you do not have to worry if the Product Option Grid would mess it up.

If you are hesitating to install Product Option Grid by IntuitSolutions, the app is fully responsive, mobile-friendly, and supports all themes of BigCommerce. Just grab it and enjoy the improvement of your product page.

Highlight features

  • Provide grid format for product options
  • Allow customers to order multiple products at once
  • Consolidate lists of products
  • Allow to choose which feature to display
  • Support existing option pricing and image rules

Price: $1495

Rating: - / 5

Minium Advertised Pricing (MAP Pricing) by Intuitsolutions

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Intuitsolutions

If you are under the rules of Minimum Advertised Pricing and seeking for a solution, an app like Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP Pricing) by IntuitSolutions is a good suggestion.

First, MAP Pricing would give you the ease of mind when committing to following the rules set by your vendors. The app will define restrictions and customize your site only appropriate points. MAP Pricing empowers you with the ability to display a price at targeted points across the buying funnel. You can hide product prices until visitors log in, hide prices everywhere except product detail page, or add the product to cart. In this way, MAP Pricing encourages your customers to add to the cart when they see a lower price or do not see the price until the product is added to cart. You have all power to improve the pricing information on the whole site. It is your choice to hide or display price anywhere and how high the displayed price is. Besides, MAP Pricing supports all themes of BigCommerce. Hence, you do not need to worry once installing the app.

If you want to use the app via your smartphone, MAP Pricing is mobile friendly and fully responsive. Powerful and flexible, MAP Pricing by IntuitSolutions is undoubtedly one of the best solutions for your business.

Highlight features

  • Keep you compliant with vendor pricing regulations
  • Allow displaying price at targeted points
  • Encourage customers to add to cart
  • Improve pricing information on the whole site
  • Support all themes of BigCommerce


Rating: - / 5

Quick Order Page by Intuitsolutions

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Intuitsolutions

Quick Order Page is one of the most professional and creative applications of IntuitSolutions that helps eCommerce business doers improve their customers’ experience by searching for products by name or SKU and inserting them directly to the Cart without navigating throughout the site. This smart search page is an ideal solution for better business management.

First, Quick Order Page supports customers with Product Options and Quantity to allow them to insert the exact color, size, and quantity of what they want easily. This intelligent app is suitable for B2B or bulk/wholesale customers by saving them more time for the buying process. You can also insert unlimited Products directly to the Cart at once and determine regular customers who repurchase Products. Moreover, this add-on enhances user experience by getting consumers through the purchase pipeline faster. You can drive more sales to your business by enabling customers to fill their Carts with just a few keystrokes. Quick Order Page always reminds customers not to leave items behind and stimulates them to spend more by easing them to find items and add them to Cart. Therefore, you can increase more order value and get more sales. Besides, this add-on is also perfect for sales reps by letting them create carts based on phone orders. The developers of this app can restrict access to just your sales team.

Finally, installing Quick Order Page now to make use of all its golden features.

Highlight features

  • Find product with a product name or SKU into the Quick Order search bar
  • Allow your B2B and wholesale customers to shop
  • Fasten the purchase pipeline by allowing customers to fill their Carts with just a few keystrokes
  • Boost average order value
  • Create carts based on phone orders

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Customer Group Restricted Shipping Methods by Intuitsolutions

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Intuitsolutions

Customer Group Restricted Shipping Methods is an ideal solution for eCommerce business doers to manage and track shipping methods for online stores. Therefore, as a smart business manager can decide the most suitable shipping method for any type of customer group.

Detailed, Customer Group Restricted Shipping Methods helps customers reach alternative Shipping Methods by Customer Group. Also, this add-on is suitable for businesses that cater to wholesale Customers or provide unique Shipping Methods such as freight shipping. Moreover, you can make use of BigCommerce’s Customer Group functionality to enable you to define which consumers should have access to unique Shipping Methods. B2B and Wholesale can also display and encourage customers to choose the Shipping Options most relevant to them. Besides, you can effectively boost customers’ relationships with an existing relationship with the flexibility to select the method and restrict customers without clearance from reaching certain Shipping Methods. This app is mobile-friendly and responsive to all BigCommerce Themes. It is also supported by an Expert BigCommerce Developer. And, it only takes business managers from 1 to 3 business days to install this creative app of IntuitSolutions.

Hence, this app is a must-have platform for all sizes of businesses to operate their online system.

Highlight features

  • Enable certain customers reach alternative Shipping Methods by Customer Group
  • Cater to wholesale Customers, or provide unique Shipping Methods such as freight shipping
  • Make use of BigCommerce's Customer Group functionality
  • Show customers the Shipping Options most relevant to them
  • Responsive by an Expert BigCommerce Developer

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Customer Group Restricted Payment Methods by Intuitsolutions

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Intuitsolutions

Customer Group Restricted Payment Methods is created by IntuitSolutions to handle the issues relating to customer service by letting them access alternative Payment Methods. Therefore, the shopping experience will be easier and faster and lead to more benefits of online business.

Firstly, Customer Group Restricted Payment Methods is a smart payment management solution for eCommerce business doers to cater to wholesale Customers or provide specialized Payment Methods such as NET Terms or Purchase Ordering. It also takes advantage of BigCommerce’s Customer Group functionality to enable you to mark which consumers should have access to specific Payment Methods. Hence, you can easily prevent Payment Methods to the Customer Groups you select and show them the Payment Options most relevant to them. Moreover, this app is flexible for consumers to pay how they like to complete an existing relationship. Besides, it only takes 1 to 3 business days to install this app, and it is responsive for mobile devices. This innovative app of IntuitSolutions can work perfectly with ALL BigCommerce Themes, and connect with an Expert BigCommerce Developer.

In conclusion, downloading this app is the right decision for your business’s progress. It helps you manage the process effectively and drives more sales and improves customers’ experience.

Highlight features

  • Enable certain consumers access to alternative Payment Methods
  • Suitable fot wholesale Customers or provide specialized Payment Methods such as NET Terms or Purchase Ordering
  • Flexible for customers to pay how they like
  • Protect consumers without clearance from accessing certain Payment Methods
  • Responsive with an Expert BigCommerce Developer

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Add All To Cart by Intuitsolutions

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Intuitsolutions

Add All To Cart is one of the most popular and creative eCommerce applications of IntuitSolutions that supports business doers and customers to make bulk ordering faster and easier. This all-inclusive app is an ideal solution to boost customers’ experience when shopping at your online store.

Firstly, Add All To Cart helps business managers insert quantity boxes to each Product on the Category page. You can then enable consumers to pay unlimited Products at once without navigating away from the Category page. Also, this app works perfectly for wholesale consumers who purchase in bulk. Still, it’s also a great addition to any site where consumers pick up unlimited items in a single order. Moreover, you can easily set up order many variations at once and manage all the processes effectively to complete customers’ relationships. Besides, with only 1 to 3 business days of installation, you can own the most powerful tool for your business management system to drive more sales. Further, this app is mobile-friendly and responsive to all BigCommerce Themes like Stencil and Blueprint. And, your business can always receive the support of an Expert BigCommerce Developer.

In a nutshell, Add All To Cart is a must-try software for sale managers to improve their online benefits.

Highlight features

  • Insert quantity boxes to each Product on the Category page
  • Enable consumers to pay unlimited Products at once without navigating away from the Category page
  • Suitable for wholesale and B2B purchasing
  • Supported by an Expert BigCommerce Developer
  • Responsive for any mobile device

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Reorder Button by Intuitsolutions

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Intuitsolutions

Reorder Button is an ideal application of IntuitSolutions for eCommerce business doers to drive more sales by letting customers easily reorder items they’ve purchased. Managers can easily keep track of customers’ logging via a popup window and then show their previous orders.

Firstly, IntuitSolutions creates Reorder Button to help business doer determine repeat and regular customers and then remind customers what they ordered. Specifically, your customers can easily reorder items from a previous order from one convenient window. With the reorder button’s guidance, your customers can get an interactive listing of their last orders. Also, Reorder Button allows you to sell technical products or machine parts, which your customers want. Thus, they will feel satisfied when using your business’s system to find their replacement parts or products’ demands. Moreover, this app updates the regular customers, and regular orders who come back every month, quarter, or year. That leads to the creative strategies of customer service and decreasing their time to checkout. Besides, your customers can select to reorder single items or whole orders, booming convenience and ease and increasing conversions. And, Reorder Button is responsive for vapes and other refill products.

Therefore, this mobile-friendly application is the right choice for any type of eCommerce business to produce more sales from better customers’ experience.

Highlight features

  • Allow customers to reorder items from a previous order from one convenient window
  • Support customers to get replacement parts for what they need
  • Determine regular customers, and regular orders
  • Enables customers to select to reorder single items or whole orders
  • Responsive for vapes and other refill products

Price: Upfront fee: $1,995.000

Rating: - / 5

Interval Quantity by Intuitsolutions

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Intuitsolutions

Interval Quantity is a case and pack quantity solution of IntuitSolutions that supports eCommerce business doers to manage the quantities your consumers can pay for, and to instantly show the accurate cost per unit and total cost as the Product quantity changes.

Firstly, IntuitSolutions develops Interval Quantity to handle the issues of selling joint B2B/B2C or in bulk. Detailed, this app allows customers to pay for specific intervals such as packs of 5 or cases of 24 or get in specific quantities to access distinctive price points. So, you can easily sell products cases, packs, and other set Product quantities. Also, Interval Quantity facilitates function in improving your inventory management, pricing information for B2C, wholesale, and B2B customers. Moreover, you can easily request customers to purchase in unique quantities or intervals. They can also view the dynamic “per unit” price of products and the correct price per unit and total price. Besides, this software enhances your B2B or Bulk/Wholesale customers’ user experience with improved pricing information.

Overall, Interval Quantity is a professional and powerful platform for all business managers over the world. Installing this app will never regret you and your business to drive more sales and orders.

Highlight features

  • Allow to sell products in cases, packs, pallet, or boxes
  • Keep track of both the Cost Per Unit and Total Price in real time
  • Drive bulk discount into account and display customers accurately what they are purchasing for
  • Boost user experience for your B2B or Bulk/Wholesale customers
  • Show dynamic per unit price of Products

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

QuickBuy by Springmerchant

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Springmerchant

Are you having concerns about a bulk ordering app for your online store? Not a big deal; QuickBuy is created to help you with it as you are allowed to access a bunch of helpful features.

To be more specific, it allows you to save time entering orders using the CSV import functionality rather than manually adding orders for your customers. A CSV file can be imported with two columns: SKU and Qty, so that there is no need for customers to browse every product and manually add it to the cart but enter the SKU or import the CSV file. This is helpful, especially for those complex orders that contain many different types of products. Furthermore, after adding a product to the cart, your customers can change their quantity by hitting the Add and Remove buttons. Also, you can generate discounts for specific or target customers/customer groups. And, no more concern about the inventory level for each product. All these things are to boost as many sales as possible.

Some other features that are contained include Using a simple CSV file with two columns to import bulk products; real-time inventory levels are shown for every SKU. Install the app now to explore more!

Highlight features

Price: $29/month

Rating: - / 5

Apruve by Apruve

BigCommerce B2B & Wholesale Apps by Apruve

If you are looking for help with net term extension for your customers, Apruve must be the best solution to this as it allows you to do so while getting paid in 24 hours with no manual tasks.

You want to know more? The fact is that you are risk-free with Apruve as you are paid within 24 hours of an invoice release while your customers have to pay via net terms up to 60 days later. Also, this app helps you deal with A/R overhead like credit applications, collections, invoicing, and payment with the customer so that you will have more time to focus on your business strategy thanks to the whole automation of the program. Furthermore, eco-friendliness is a big plus as the app itself hosts an online credit application, which means no more paper, faxing, or manual processing.

Good news - Apruve can work with both online and offline orders because of its integration with BigCommerce. On top of that, no more concern about those buyers who are delinquent or the process of paper checks; Apruve can solve them all for you, leading to a reduction of back-office costs. Last but not least, to help your customers accommodate their specific procurement process, buyers and payers can be added to their accounts. If you find Apruve interesting, then go for it now!

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Rating: - / 5

Every B2B eCommerce or wholesale business needs an intuitive inventory system to handle the fulfillment and adequately manage the inventory. By implementing a B2B/wholesale application, you can maximize the effectiveness of your sales reps, product management, order fulfillment, and more.

If you are running a BigCommerce business and have to handle all these aspects in an unpleasant way, you should start leveraging a B2B/wholesale app that can be found easily on the BigCommerce apps store.

Before getting started, here’s what you need to know about BigCommerce B2B/wholesale apps.

Main features of BigCommerce B2B/Wholesale apps

Real-time inventory

A good B2B/wholesale app helps you update your inventory in real-time continuously so that you can keep track of any changes in the stock, orders, and many more. This enables you to offer customers the right product at the right time based on up to date inventory data.

By implementing B2B/wholesale apps, you will always have the latest product information on hand to make appropriate business decisions.

Bulk ordering

This must-have feature enables your customers, especially wholesale customers, to bulk order in the most efficient manner without having to waste time on ordering each small amount of product. Your customers will be given a fair amount of flexibility. They will no longer have to order one-at-a-time instead of adding what they want to the cart in a large number in the blink of an eye. The apps assist you in handling a large order volume with ease.

In a fast-paced environment, your customers will not wait too long to find the product on your website. That’s why you need a tool that helps them quickly find the products. Usually, customers can search for products by different product attributes, such as category, SKU, etc.

Support multiple currencies and languages

This feature is of the utmost importance for any eCommerce wholesale store. But it’s especially critical when you are selling to global customers. Your customers might be from different countries, so if they can switch your website’s language to their own language and make payment with their most familiar currencies. This increases customer satisfaction and enables you to approach a wider range of customers.

Streamlined shipping process

Your customers are from different countries, so they are also concerned about the shipping methods you offer. The BigCommerce B2B/wholesale apps enable you to set up different shipping methods that create flexibility for your customers when purchasing from your store. You can also assign a certain shipping method to a specific group of customers or limit the availability to others.

Sell everywhere

With these innovative apps, you can see a dramatic increase in sales by selling on multiple channels. Actually, selling on multiple channels gives you access to all of your customer base and even expands your reach to a large number of customers who haven’t discovered your products yet.

Though you have a lot of data from different sources to manage, the apps will help you gather all in one place so that your inventory and product information will not be messed up or missed out. The work on evaluating the performance of each channel, then comparing the effectiveness is also done with more efficiency.

Call for price

As your customers will mostly purchase in bulk, they will definitely want a better price from you. A flexible “quote” function will be a must in your B2B wholesale store if you want your customers to process the checkout smoothly.

BigCommerce B2B/wholesale apps allow your customers to submit single or multi-product quote requests from different pages, such as a product page. You can access and review the quote to refuse or offer customers a discount for their orders. These apps will help you never let your customers go due to price.

Why should use BigCommerce B2B/Wholesale apps

Better inventory management

BigCommerce B2B/wholesale apps can streamline your inventory management. When the wholesale orders are raised, the inventory for all your sales channels will be instantly updated, so you will never oversell anywhere or miss any information about your product status. In some apps, there will be comprehensive demand forecasting, automated replenishment, and alerts when critical stock is running low.

The apps will automatically back up the most critical data on your store, including inventory data, so you can still restore data after your store’s downtime.

Order processing simplification

BigCommerce B2B/wholesale apps simplify the complex order process. Your wholesale customers can quickly order products in bulk with a few simple clicks. Customers can find their needed products easily with a smart product category search. The apps also enable you to create order forms that make it convenient for wholesale bulk ordering.

The product variations are displayed in a grid on the Product Page, so your customers can easily purchase multiple variations and quantities of a single product without having to search one by one.

Though bulk ordering is highly supported, you can also set the minimum and maximum order amounts and item quantities for specific products. This can be determined based on the stock status of your products.

The apps will make ordering faster and more efficient, and they also eliminate the room for errors on the part of both customers and sales reps.

No more multi-channel complexity

With BigCommerce B2B/wholesale apps, you can sell anywhere your customers buy. They will reduce your difficulties in dealing with data from all your sales channels. The apps facilitate the automated updating and syncing of data from all your sales channels, so you will always have all the essential information readily in your hand.

You will immediately know the sales performance of your products from all the channels and their stock status. Tracking and managing products across channels will be much easier and fully under your control.

Ease of use

BigCommerce B2B/wholesale apps are easy to set up and configure. Even if you are not tech-savvy, you can still make the most out of these apps to increase the scalability of your BigCommerce stores. The interface is also easy to navigate and understand.

No matter it’s multiple orders or massive product and inventory data, the apps enable you to handle all of them in a breeze.

Things to consider when choosing B2B/Wholesale apps

Your business objectives

This should be your first consideration to choose a suitable B2B/wholesale app for your business. Does your business need a focus on a streamlined ordering process? Or does it need an improvement in customer experience by offering the most efficient product quotes? Settle down your demands and look for apps that meet your requirements.

User-friendly interface

Visual-appealing presence might be not necessary, but an easy to use and friendly interface is worth your investment. Your staff, especially those who are directly involved in the relevant tasks that need support from the apps, should easily understand how the app works and what its dashboard says about your data.


Your BigCommerce B2B/wholesales apps must be compatible well with all of the pre-installed add-ons in your store. Otherwise, unexpected errors or conflicts will come up all of a sudden.


In the mobile world, this factor can not be ignored. Mobility brings fast and seamless accessibility for both your customers and you. As a store owner, you can access your website’s data and make business decisions on the go. More conveniently, customers can visit your website from any device and easily place an order for a large number of products.


If you are looking to achieve wholesale and multi-channel profitability for your BigCommerce store, implementing a B2B/wholesale app is a good start. You will find many recommended apps on the marketplace, but another imperative thing to bear in mind is that before deciding on the final one, it would be best to understand the app’s provider. A trustworthy and prestigious provider will focus on the practical solutions that conform to your business requirements.

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