Shopify Merchandising Apps 2024

65+ Best Shopify Merchandising Apps from hundreds of the Merchandising reviews in the market (Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Merchandising does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Merchandising app collection is ranked and result in July 2024, the price from $0. You find free, paid Merchandising apps or alternatives to Merchandising also. The Top 50+ Shopify Free Apps for Every Store.

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Merchandising Apps for BigCommerce

65 Best Merchandising Apps for BigCommerce

Here is a list of 65 best BigCommerce Merchandising apps:

  1. Shogun Page Builder by Shogun
  2. Product Reviews & UGC by Stamped
  3. Product Filter & Search by Freshclick
  4. Instant Search + by Instantsearchplus
  5. Searchanise by Searchanise
  6. Personalized Recommendations by Beeking
  7. Product Reviews by
  8. Trustpilot Reviews by Trustpilot
  9. Product Review Importer & Exporter by
  10. Catalog Maker by Now-in-store
  11. Zakeke Product Customizer by Zakeke
  12. LimeSpot Personalizer by Limespot
  13. TargetBay by Targetbay
  14. Customily Options by Customily
  15. Google Customer Reviews by Meggnotec
  16. Catalog-on-Demand by
  17. Yotpo Reviews by Yotpo
  18. Feefo by Feefo
  19. PartFinder by Partfinder
  20. Search Magic by Your-store-wizards
  21. Verified Reviews by Net-reviews
  22. Visual Merchandizer for BigCommerce by Smartsheet
  23. by Qsearchai
  24. Klevu Search by Klevu
  25. Segmentify by Segmentify
  26. by
  27. Doofinder by Doofinder
  28. Threekit by Threekit
  29. by
  30. Attraqt by Attraqt
  31. Facebook Shop by Facebook
  32. Productimize by Productimize
  33. LIVEb4buy by Live4buy
  34. See What You Send by
  35. Product Review Container by Ekomi
  36. Nosto Personalization by Nosto
  37. Multiple Product Preview by Dit-india
  38. Sitejabber by Sitejabber
  39. Pixlee by Pixlee
  40. Facebook Reviews by Omega
  41. eKomi by Ekomi
  42. Creator by Zmags
  43. Choice AI by Choice-ai
  44. by Groove Commerce by Groove-commerce
  45. Size Guides by Intuitsolutions
  46. Searchspring by Searchspring
  47. Product Page Tabs by Intuitsolutions
  48. Product Option Tooltips by Intuitsolutions
  49. Frequently Bought Together by Intuitsolutions
  50. Dynamic Yield by Dynamic-yield
  51. Add To Cart Upsell by Intuitsolutions
  52. Yelp Reviews by Elfsight
  53. UNBXD Recommendations by Unbxd
  54. Elfsight Reviews by Elfsight
  55. Promotional Image On Categories by Intuitsolutions
  56. Maker by
  57. Google Reviews by Elfsight
  58. Comments, Ratings & Reviews by Powr
  59. STYLA CMS by Styla-cms-styla
  60. RecCommerce by Reccommerce
  61. Mezereon Xperience by Mezereon
  62. G2 Crowd Reviews by Elfsight
  63. Amazon Reviews by Elfsight
  64. 4-Tell by 4-tell
  65. PureClarity by

Shogun Page Builder by Shogun

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Shogun

Shogun Page Builder is an all in one platform developed by Shogun for every business. Via it, you can create a page and manage visual content on it with ease.

With no knowledge in coding, you can still create a beautiful page through Shogun Page Builder. You are given two options to do that: generating on your own or exploiting the available templates and then editing them according to your desire. More than 30 pages of templates are used for landing pages, home pages, product pages, and blog pages. With various types of templates, you can easily find out the one that fits your intention. Also, Shogun Page Builder provides users with A/B tests so that you can take advantage of it to seek for the best version among different variants. To find the version with the highest conversion rate, it will check each variant’s performance via plenty of crucial metrics such as sales, sessions, bounce rates, add to cart, and form submits. To satisfy your want to acknowledge your performance, Shogun Page Builder also offers multiple analytics, including many vital features in your campaign. From these figures, you will have a brief overview of your business and its level via reports of the comparison with other pages.

Besides, Shogun Page Builder provides you with support from its team in the USA and Australia. Regardless of your plans, you will receive their response within a day to have answers to your questions rapidly.

Highlight features

  • Create your page with a drag-and-drop builder
  • Offer over 30 designed page templates in the library
  • Offer visual analytics
  • Offer A/B test
  • Get world technical class support

Price: $49.00/month, 7 days free trial

Rating: 279 - 5 / 5 Product Reviews & UGC by Stamped

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Stamped

Trusted by more than 30,000 retailers worldwide, Stamped Product Review & UGC is a powerful tool for merchants to increase their reliability and sales by user-generated content. With it, you can receive more reviews and ratings, manage, and analyze them with ease.

Via Product Review & UGC, you are offered three options to send review requests to your purchased customers. It can be through email, Facebook Messenger, or SMS. Moreover, this platform analyzes your users generated content such as reviews, ratings, videos, images, questions, answers, and so on. Notably, it is equipped with the net promoter score, which will measure your customers’ happiness and then transfer it to figure and specific categories to marketer acknowledging what users think about your products. You can also encourage your users to upload photos and videos and then be automatically modified to adapt to every device from desktops to mobile devices. It can again turn users’ images posted on Instagram into shoppable galleries and retargeting ads. You possibly exploit these images and videos to increase trust. Furthermore, it is possible to display customer reviews in any pages on your store like homepage, category page, product page, and checkout page.

Besides, there are numerous additional features such as rights management, checkout review, community Q&A, custom form, syndicate off-site reviews, etc.

Highlight features

  • Send review requests
  • Analyze users generated content
  • generate more visual reviews
  • Display reviews in different pages
  • Measure reviewers’ happiness by net promoter score

Price: 0

Rating: 165 - 5 / 5

Product Filter & Search by Freshclick

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Freshclick

Product filter & search is a powerful merchandising platform for any business from large to small size. It allows your customers to seek the products more quickly by different types of filters.

Via it, you can create filters like brand category tree, featured products, rating, shipping, subcategory, or filters of width, height, style, etc. Consequently, your visitors will find out the items they want quickly based on your custom filters. Despite unlimited filters, you will find it easy to control all the filters since every action can be done from creating to deleting filters. There are four choices for you to display your filters: checkout boxes, sliders, swatches, and blocks. Depending on your desire, you will select the suitable options. Moreover, with the quick search functionality in the one of Freshclick, the time spent on search with “Recent Search” or “Do you mean.” It will offer you the latest search in your history or keywords that are near with your words. Besides, you can segment your product to multiple categories like size, color, length, etc.

In conclusion, if you seek a platform to help you create unlimited filters without fee, Product Filter & Search by Freshclick will be your prior choice.

Highlight features

  • Create unlimited filters
  • Display filters in 4 ways
  • Control filters from one place
  • Search rapidly with quicksearch
  • Segment your product with ease

Price: from $20.00/month

Rating: 53 - 5 / 5

Instant Search + by Instantsearchplus

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Instantsearchplus

With more than 20,000 customers worldwide, Instant Search + or Instant Search Plus is considered a tremendous merchandising platform for any merchants. With its help, you can make advances for search and navigation functionality in your eCommerce stores with ease.

Instant Search + enables users to enhance search functionality effortlessly. They can broaden your search to SKUs, product attributes, add filters for results, automatically correct the misspelled words, add synonyms, antonyms, and redirects and analyze the visitors to predict what they seek. By machine learning in Instant Search +, you will have a responsive search page on any device. Moreover, you can add auto-generated filters for search results like color swatches, quick view, add to cart, badging, etc. It is quite simple for you to promote and sell the items you want with Instant Search +: you are allowed to advertise the custom products ahead of others, create a showing page to display your crucial merchandise or decide the position of them in each search query. Via the big data, your customers will be analyzed to figure out their shopping habits in real-time. After that, it will recommend suitable items, cart, and checkout.

Overall, it is inevitable that Instant Search + is a powerful platform for searching and merchandising in your eStore, so highly recommend.

Highlight features

  • Enhance search functionality for your eStore
  • Integrate machine learning and natural language on search page
  • Sell and promote your items easily
  • Recommend suitable product for each customer
  • Navigate intelligently with categories filter

Price: from $89.99/month

Rating: 48 - 5 / 5

Searchanise by Searchanise

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Searchanise

With more than 120,000 customers from over 30 nations around the world, Searchanise is an efficient tool to increase customer conversion. It provides merchants with a variety of features like autocomplete, instant search, filters, etc.

Via Searchanise the word in the search box will be predicted and automatically completed, or corrected the misspelling one, which helps people get the results they want in the shortest time. Furthermore, Searchanise replaces the default search interface by a smart one with instant loading, multiple filters, and the display of highly personalized products. These can be about the size, length, width, color, rating, availability, and so on. Especially, you are allowed to create and name filters without limit so that you can set suitable filters for the product in your store. As we know, people tend to purchase the item appearing first in the search results. Understanding that, in Searchanise, you are also given the ability to decide which products will be prioritized in the search results to boost these products’ sales. Besides, you can add multiple recommendation blocks to cross sell your products on all pages of your eStore such as new products, similar products, most popular products, etc.

There are still plenty of features in Searchanise for you like customizable dropdown, product labels, report & search activities, and product strategy adviser.

Highlight features

  • Automatically complete the word in the search box
  • Replace the default search interface with the smart one
  • Find easily with product filter
  • Promote the product you want in the search result
  • Recommend multiple products in the recommendation block

Price: from $9.00/month

Rating: 35 - 5 / 5

Personalized Recommendations by Beeking

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Beeking

Personalized Recommendations is a useful platform for merchandising, which is developed by Beeking. It enables users to control the system that suggests customers’ specific products and then increases transactions.

Via Personalized Recommendations, you can choose the specific products you want to recommend to promote the products you want to sell more easily. It also gives you the ability to automatically suggest your customers another product that is often bought and the one they choose. This way tends to be more effective than recommending as usual. Also, you can recommend your visitors to your bestseller or featured items in your stores. These goods are all the best ones in your shop so that they will be more likely to place an order. Based on their search history, Personalized Recommendations suggests people buying the product they view most recently, which helps you increase your store’s customization. The products saved in your customers’ shopping cart are also frequently recommended with the one of Beeking. Hence, this way reminds the customers of the ones they already chose and increases the chances of purchasing them.

Overall, Personalized Recommendations of Beeking is an effective way to boost your sales, highly recommend.

Highlight features

  • Choose the product you want to be recommended to customers
  • Suggest the products often bought together
  • Suggest best seller products
  • Recommend the featured products or the recently viewed ones
  • Suggest customer purchasing the products in their cart

Price: $30.00/month, 7 days free trial

Rating: 24 - 5 / 5

Product Reviews by

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by

Product Reviews is an application that collects product reviews automatically. It helps to manage reviews, display reviews to increase sales.

Firstly, all the reviews are on autopilot, meaning Product Review sends out review request emails automatically to your buyers. You can choose which fully customizable email templates you want to send out, the time of the day, and then automatically publish all reviews. Using powerful review marketing like collecting photos reviews from buyers and displaying them on your website, send out incentives to get more sales, transfer reviews between different channels, and submit product reviews to Google Shopping to increase your CTR. All of the powerful tools aimed to prove credibility and increase sales. Also, you can customize widgets and designs by your themes without learning how to code. You can adjust the organization of the page, styles, and colors to match your brand image. The enterprise feature allows you to custom form your request, sharing reviews for product groups, blacklisting for review requests, and the question and answer feature. This makes it perfectly suitable for the enterprise. Lastly, Product Review provides 24.7 customer support to make migration easy. It is there to help you with anything on the application.

In conclusion, Product Review is the perfect app for reviews as it has features that solve all of your concerns and problems related to reviews. Start using Product Review to generate more product reviews and increase conversion rates.

Highlight features

  • Automatically sends out review request emails
  • Help to sell more with powerful review marketing tools
  • Personalized widgets and designs
  • Enterprise features including question & answer, custom forms, etc
  • 24/7 customer support available

Price: 0

Rating: 24 - 4.5 / 5

Trustpilot Reviews by Trustpilot

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a mighty tool for merchants to increase reliability by feedback from customers. With it, you can receive more customer reviews and manage them without any difficulties.

Via Trustpilot, you can send review request invitation emails to your customers after each time purchasing, send them reminder email if they forget, and let them leave ratings on your site. Instead of creating email templates for this kind of email, you can take advantage of Trustpilot’s library’s available ones. Moreover, your customer reviews will go into detail considerably when they can leave their comment about your products, services, and even locations, but not in general as usual. Getting plenty of reviews is good, but if you can’t manage it well, it will become your business’s obstacle. But don’t worry, Trustpilot gives such features like replying, detecting, and reporting reviews, which helps you show your care for their feedback, check the authenticity of customers, and report the fake reviews as well. Additionally, your customers’ reviews will be displayed in a suitable place with Trustpilot. For example, when searching on Google, your customer ratings will be shown right below the title, which increases the clicking rates on your site. Trustpilot also provides you with analytics and reports, which help you keep track of all the data with ease. With it, you will acknowledge the percentage of positive, neutral, and negative reviews so that you can find the solution for it timely.

In short, if you are looking for a platform to increase your trust score and manage reviews, highly recommend Trustpilot.

In short, if you are looking for a platform to increase your trustcore and manage reviews, highly recommend Truspilot.

Highlight features

  • Send review invitations
  • Get review from customers
  • Manage reviews
  • Display reviews
  • Analyze reviews

Price: 0

Rating: 14 - 3.5 / 5

Product Review Importer & Exporter by

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by

Product Review Importer and Exporter is a great solution to publicize product reviews on your BigCommerce stores.

Multiple reviews are not a problem anymore because you can upload all of them via a CSV file, which saves a lot of time for you while reducing the errors in manual review importing. One thing you need to be careful is about the template and format of your CSV file. Make sure to choose the date format to DD/MM/YY in excel and save as CSV file to upload your product reviews appropriately.

It’s important to put product reviews on your web pages, espcially product pages. Good product reviews indicated that your products are reliable to purchase. It increases the chances of your products bought by customers and ensure that they make a purchase with peace of mind. Therefore, having a Product Review Importer and Exporter at your disposal will be critically helpful.

Highlight features

  • Import, export product reviews via CSV file
  • Import and export multiple reviews with ease

Price: 0

Rating: 13 - 3.5 / 5

Catalog Maker by Now-in-store

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Now-in-store

Catalog Maker of Now In Store is an efficient app for merchants to make their document printable and publish them online. With its help, you can create beautiful PDF documents and attract both retailers and wholesalers.

Via Catalog Maker, you can create product catalogs as many as you want. And you don’t need to have experiences or knowledge in coding since it provides you drag and drop editor. Whenever it is necessary, they can change the product information in the catalog effortlessly. Moreover, both retail and wholesale prices are displayed with the product, which helps retailers and wholesalers save time spent asking for the price and buy directly from your website. Besides, this platform allows you and your customers to get the PDF catalogs and print them in seconds. By adding a button, you can let your customers download the PDF file with a click. You are also offered two options for displaying catalogs: private or public. In private mode, your visitors can’t search for the catalogs on your web. Only when you turn to the public mode, they can be seen easily.

Besides, Catalog Maker also generates numerous other features such as 20+ professional templates, responsiveness with mobile devices, barcodes, and price tags, customizable URL, etc.

Highlight features

  • Offer product catalog with no limit
  • Show retail and wholesale price on web
  • Allow visitor to download your product catalog in form of PDF
  • Set your catalogs private or public
  • Edit the product information shown on web easily

Price: $99.00/month, 7 days free trial

Rating: 12 - 3.5 / 5

Zakeke Product Customizer by Zakeke

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Zakeke

Zakeke Product Customizer assists in designing products for any e-commerce field, from clothing, swimwear, accessories to mugs, stickers, and posters. It has tools to help you design easily and help you publish the products you create and get customers buying from you.

First of all, Zakeke Product Customizer allows full customization of texts and images. You can add text, clipart, and images to your products and change its color, size, orientation, rotation, and choose the fonts you want. With Zakeke, there are large product variations you can choose from. Customers of yours can even change colors, sizes, and styles themselves to become even more personalized. There is also the option to view the product in a real-time 3D view. You and your customers can rotate, zoom, and move it around to see how it fits. Adding on, the use of Augmented Reality allows anyone to see a 3D version of how their products look like in a specific environment. Finally, customers can use product configurators as they can build their versions of your products, choosing components, changing elements, and customizing colors.

In conclusion, Zakeke Product Customizer makes product personalization to another level and way easier. With Zakeke, customers can never complain about your product designs because they can create it themselves. Start using Zakeke Product Customizer now to save time, increase sales, and customer satisfaction.

Highlight features

  • Customization of text and image
  • Allow visitors to change product variation
  • Provide real time 3D view
  • Augmented reality available to show a 3D replica
  • Assist in product configuration

Price: $5.99/month, 14 days free trial

Rating: 10 - 4.5 / 5

LimeSpot Personalizer by Limespot

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Limespot

LimeSpot is an efficient tool for marketers and eCommerce professionals to increase the customization of your website. It allows them to offer their customers chances to experience a 1:1 personalized shopping journey with ease.

LimeSpot enables users to personalize their website with multiple layouts for up-sell, cross-sell, post-purchase recommendation creation. From the main menu, recommendations pages can be modified, and it can be applied to all your pages, even blogs, and 404 pages. In addition to website personalization, email can also be personalized with LimeSpot. You can exploit your email campaign to send product recommendations or send them a customized email to increase the likelihood of coming back and sales. All the famous ESPs like MailChimp, SendGrid, Omnisend, Hubspot, Bronto, BigCommerce, etc. are supported in LimeSpot so that you will experience seamless integration with these platforms. Via Box Designer, you are given the ability to customize your content, layout, design, placement. These elements are also adjusted to be compatible with tablets and smartphones. With a view to helping you figure out the best version among various variants, LimeSpot gives you the A/B test functionality that will test a variety of placement, content, layout, etc., and find out the greatest one. You can also track performance and get detailed analytics from this app so that you can know where you are in your campaign and compare all your pages to know which one works best for you.

Overall, if you are searching for a platform for personalization, let’s consider LimeSpot Personalizer.

Highlight features

  • Personalize the website
  • Personalize the email
  • Edit the look of your pages easily
  • Offer A/B test and analytics
  • Keep track of data, page performance, and ROI rapidly

Price: from $0/month

Rating: 8 - 4 / 5

TargetBay by Targetbay

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Targetbay

TargetBay is an eCommerce revenue generation app that integrates with your business. It focuses on getting, collecting reviews, sending emails, and avoiding abandoned carts. The core of it is its powerful customer analytics.

Firstly, TargetBay helps you collect reviews by sending out emails right after the product is delivered. The process is automated. It not only saves time but also helps to organized and store the reviews for you. To provide more initiative for the customers to write their review, TargetBay allows customers to write reviews easily through their emails. Also, you can be in touch with your customers through personalized triggered emails. You can use the drag and drop feature to build email and designs email seamlessly. To gain more sales, the customer analytics system stops cart abandonment with triggered cart abandonment emails. There are ready pre-made email templates for you to send out.

In conclusion, TargetBay is a fully-featured well-rounded application that helps to generate revenue for your business. Along with the features mentioned, it also gets verified reviews, builds a Q&A forum, sends out reminder emails, etc. It also gets many recommendations from other businesses to start integrating TargetBay to generate more revenue and other advantages.

Highlight features

  • Automate review collection by sending out emails at the right time
  • Allow customers send back review straight on email
  • Personalized triggered emails lead to more responses
  • Drag and drop email builder for design customization
  • Triggered pop up to stop shopping cart abandonment

Price: $199/month

Rating: 8 - 4.5 / 5

Customily Options by Customily

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Customily

Customily Options is a SaaS that gives you the option to set up your business with personalization features. Customers can have the ultimate customized experience in your store.

Firstly, with Customily, it is always ready for your manufacture. It helps reduce production time and cost by providing your manufacturer with the right informer directly from your customer’s design without any wait. Secondly, customers can preview their products at any time with real-time updates of their designs. The process of printing and engraving is fast and straightforward as it is connected to one another. You can download your customer’s design ready to print or engrave from the order detail using a high-quality printer and laser cut. The most crucial feature of Customily is that it is an interactive personalization software that lets customers freely design. They can choose the size, color, font, etc. Lastly, it allows social shopping by integrating full social media. This can spark engagement because your customers are allowed to share their creations to another group of audience.

In conclusion, Customise Options is excellent as it not only benefits you by saving your time and cost but also benefits the customers by letting them design the product they wish.

Highlight features

  • Reduce production time and cost by being ready for manufacture
  • Allow previews of products
  • Ready to print or engrave directly from order
  • Interactive personalization to lets customer freely design
  • Allow social shopping by full social integration

Price: $8/month

Rating: 7 - 4.5 / 5

Google Customer Reviews by Meggnotec

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Meggnotec

Google Customer Reviews is a product of Meggnotec that helps merchants collect their purchased customer’s reviews with ease. These reviews, then, will be changed to ratings and shown on Google Search Ads or Google Shopping.

With the help of Google Customer Reviews, you will have opportunities to collect more reviews since after each time a customer buys an item a rating request email will be sent to him/ her. Due to your request, the rate of customers giving feedback will increase considerably. Otherwise, you are able to provide them with a Google customer survey which includes several questions for you to rate different factors in your purchasing process. Therefore, instead of writing on their own, the sole necessary task for them is to click on the star they think your service and product deserve. After collecting reviews, Google Customer Reviews will analyze and measure customer reviews to transfer these reviews to rating scores like stars to display on Google. These stars, which often range from one to five will be displayed with Google’s brand. Since the rating represents the feedback of purchased customers, it is an important element that decides whether a person clicks on your product or not.

In conclusion, it can’t be denied that Google Customer Reviews is a helpful tool to boost sales and improve customer trust by encouraging customers to leave feedback and turning them into ratings.

Highlight features

  • Collect customer reviews & qualify for seller ratings
  • Customize the display of Google badge & opt-in
  • Gain more insight into your seller ratings
  • Offer customer review surveys
  • Save time maintaining account

Price: $4.99/month, 15 days free trial

Rating: 6 - 4.5 / 5

Catalog-on-Demand by

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by

Catalog-on-Demand is a powerful app for merchants to make catalogs and brochures. With the help of it, you are able to create your custom catalog with the content from your database and electronic commerce.

Via Catalog-on-Demand, you can create catalogs for a variety of goals like events, seasons, segments, etc. You have the ability to modify the layout, images, categories, branding, cover, page size, and so on. Especially it records every scan by customers, which not only helps you keep track of the data easily but also obtain more information for their marketing campaigns. Moreover, your catalog will be updated automatically every 24 hours and change the content in case there is an addition or deletion of products in it. This, hence, makes your catalogs keep up with the latest changes on your website. In addition, PDF files can be created and instantly downloaded by Catalog-on-Demand and you won’t have to pay any fee for the first 1000 items. More than that, with a view to assist you on boosting sales, you are allowed to create custom catalogs for your resellers and dealers with ease. They only need to choose the products. With several steps on Catalog-on-Demand, you will have the catalog of these products for them and the right for controlling the content is still in your hand.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a platform to create and edit catalogs with ease, Catalog-on-Demand will be your smart choice.

Highlight features

  • Create catalogs for every occasions with ease
  • Automatically update your catalog
  • Allow users to create PDF and download every catalog
  • Create custom product catalog for dealers, resellers
  • Create custom catalog without human intervention

Price: $29.95/month, 30 days free trial

Rating: 5 - 2.5 / 5

Yotpo Reviews by Yotpo

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Yotpo

Yotpo Reviews is an efficient tool for eCommerce stores to increase sales. With it, you will get more photos, videos, queries, and content written by your customers, which increases the reliability and transactions for your stores.

Using Yotpo, the number of reviews and questions in your pages will increase significantly. It allows you to automatically send emails asking for reviews of purchased customers, offer them custom widgets to make it easier for them, and provide them some incentives to promote them, leaving their feedback. Moreover, you are given the ability to place your customer reviews in crucial positions of your home pages, category pages, product pages, and checkout page. Therefore, regardless of the page they visit, they always see the practical feedback from other people. To help you drive more traffic and increase leads conversion, Yotpo leverages all the features in Facebook and Google from Google Shopping Ads, Google Seller Ratings, Rich Snippets to Social Ads, Social Share, and Social Push. Additionally, you can do everything from moderating to optimizing your content in just one platform: Yotpo. Hence, you can easily manage your business from any place and at any time.

Besides, Yotpo also enables you to integrate seamlessly with various applications such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

Highlight features

  • Encourage customer to give feedback
  • Show customer reviews at crucial positions
  • Exploit Google and Facebook’s features to attract more customers
  • Link Yotpo with multiple apps easily
  • Measure and optimize your content in one platform

Price: 0

Rating: 4.5 - 228 / 5

Feefo by Feefo

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Feefo

Feefo is a helpful merchandising platform for any merchants. It helps them receive more reviews from their customers, enhance customers’ experience, and have a deep insight into their business and potential customers.

With the help of Feefo, you are able to get more authentic reviews than with others since it only sends a review request email of a product to customers who already buy this product. Hence, this way provides you real feedback to improve your products and increase the trust of visitors. After getting the reviews, Feefo will verify and measure them by Net Promoter Score to transfer them to seller ratings. As it is a licensed partner of Google, these ratings will be directly delivered to Google and displayed as Google Star. Moreover, Feefo will automatically respond to customers who leave feedback, which helps customers feel nurtured carefully. It also enables you to add tags, track data, and get reports to deepen your business insight. And you can add your customer reviews when advertising on Facebook, which is one of the most popular social networks globally.

In conclusion, it can be denied that Feefo is a mighty method to get more customer reviews and gain more trust from browsers.

Highlight features

  • Get reviews only from purchased customers
  • Verify and measure reviews with net promoter score
  • Respond to customer reviews
  • Add tags, track data and get reports of key themes
  • Display your reviews on Facebook advertising

Price: 0

Rating: 4 - 4 / 5

PartFinder by Partfinder

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Partfinder

PartFinder is a marketing application that helps you to sell more with product fitment search. It helps your customers to find the right product match through the features.

Firstly, PartFinder not only helps customers to find the right product but also helps to find it fast. This feature is different from the standard search bar because of its speed and accuracy. Faster speed and higher accuracy can certainly increase customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. PartFinder provides analytics, so you know which area to improve on. It utilized your customer’s search data to help you analyze your business and make decisions easily. Graphs and data are displayed in real-time to ensure credibility. It also captures fitment information for your shopper using a system that shows customers the marketing campaigns they are likely to be interested in. You can customize the design and formats with no necessary coding skills required. The possibilities are endless with editing how everything looks to fit your brand. PartFinder increase efficiency that includes bulk import part mappings for fast setup. You can upload large amounts of data, saving time, and reducing data entry errors.

In conclusion, PartFinder is more than a search application; it helps you find exact specifications, provide analytics, and help grow your business. Along with other advantages like increased conversion, improved marketing efforts, and saved cost, it is easy to set up and requires no specialized skills. Use PartFinder to become a better version of your business.

Highlight features

  • Help customer search for the right product
  • Provide analytics for improvement
  • Use fitment marketing tools to grow
  • Allow customization and flexibility
  • Include build import part mappings for fast setup

Price: $49.95/month, 7 days free trial

Rating: 4 - 5.0 / 5

Search Magic by Your-store-wizards

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Your-store-wizards

Search function plays an important role in an eCommerce website. If your customers can’t find the products they want easily, they will be more likely to leave your site and choose other competitors. Now you need a search tool that upgrade your store’ search to the next level. Search magic by Your Store Wizards is a good solution to start with.

Search Magic is a customizable advanced search application which is easy to use and feature-rich. The app provides cutting-edge features that make it easier for your customers to search for anything on your website. Your customers will quickly reach their wanted items by using instant search with autocompleting and auto-correcting spelling errors to get most relevant search results quickly. The app also offers advanced filtering and sorting to help customers find the items in an accurate manner. A responsive and mobile-friendly layout will benefit both you and your customers when on your store. You can customize the font, color, and design of the layouts to best fit your store. What’s more, Search Magic gives you powerful admin functionality, such as search activity reporting, admin dashboard, and Google Analytics integration.

Highlight features

  • Support instant search, autocomplete, autocorrect, synonyms
  • Provide advanced filtering
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Built and supported by a 100% US-based team

Price: 30 days free trial. $49/month

Rating: 3 - 5.0 / 5

Verified Reviews by Net-reviews

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Net-reviews

Verified Reviews an integration that allows you to collect customer reviews about your website and products. An email will be sent to customers about writing a review after purchasing a product. You can then display that review on your website to increase your product’s credibility.

First of all, by displaying verified reviews from customers, it can lead to more sales. As people often trust a third party more or someone who has used the product than the business itself. It increases the reliability and credibility of your products when someone reviews good things about it. Verified Reviews is suitable for all brands as it can be customized closely to your brand image. You can also use the premade emails and forms templates to send to customers asking them to write their reviews. Through having nice visuals, it can motivate customers to write good reviews. It is centralized platform management where you can moderate, publish, decline customer reviews, website reviews, and product reviews all on one site. It’s more convenient and saves time this way. There are specific moderation areas that allow you to manage and moderate a review, seeing their orders’ details. This can help to understand your customers better and improve on the feedback they give you.

In conclusion, Verified Reviews is great for managing customer reviews and using them for your business benefits. The advantages of using it include increased product pages SEO, increase sales, boost trust, etc. Start using Verified Reviews to use customer reviews as the best form of advertising.

Highlight features

  • Increase sales by displaying verified reviews
  • Suitable for any type of brand image because it's customizable
  • Centralised platform management
  • Allow products moderations
  • Pre made emails and form templates

Price: $99/month, 15 days free trial

Rating: 3 - 5.0 / 5

Visual Merchandizer for BigCommerce by Smartsheet

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Smartsheet

Visual Merchandiser for BigCommerce is a software in the marketing field to support any merchant utilizing BigCommerce with catalogs of up to 5000 products. Your online store will level up sales and drive more benefits.

First, Visual Merchandiser for BigCommerce provides Category Merchandiser to manage your products’ position by category and subcategory. Moreover, you can make use of Catalog Sort to reorder your products catalog wide without any customizations to your frontend theme. You can also easily use this tool to customize the standard Sort Order field in the product catalog for both Stencil and Headless Commerce frontends. Specifically, Visual Merchandiser for BigCommerce facilitates a simple drag and drop interface to control your products’ order, present your products in list and grid view to personalize how your products will appear on product listing pages. Plus, Category Merchandiser instantly injects a script into your Stencil theme, no need setup, so you can start launching the app and start merchandising your website. Visual Merchandiser for BigCommerce works perfectly with themes built on Cornerstone, configure custom themes on request.

Overall, this app is a must-try application for businesses of any type to leverage its amazing features to boom sales.

Highlight features

  • Use Category Merchandizer to manage the position of your products by category and sub category
  • Reorder your products catalog wide without any customisations
  • Provide a simple drag and drop interface, present products in list and grid view
  • Allow any of your BigCommerce users to use this app
  • Inject a script into your Stencil theme no need setup

Price: $14.00/month, 14 days free trial

Rating: 2 - 5.0 / 5 by Qsearchai

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Qsearchai is one of the most ubiquitous and powerful merchandising applications that helps eCommerce business doers having a BigCommerce store to enhance every BigCommerce website’s search performance. This app lets online merchants boost their enterprise-level search capabilities to allow shoppers to search for what they want faster.

First, helps you reduce any friction and increase conversion rates by developing average transaction size, longer-term. Detailed, you can make use of the service deployed across multiple locations within every continent of the world to promote consistent international performance for every customer, find the position of a user, and serves search results from the closest hosting point. Moreover, Qsearch fastens your business process of self-service and automation; then, you can personalize the search experience for potential customers with built-in widgets. Besides, Qsearch allows you to insert stock you wish to clear into results, adds specific products that customers won’t know about can be added to boost exposure. The system of Qsearch can predict the search results being served up once enough statistically important data is populated, deliver searches to their choice of product, category, and search results pages for better user experience.

In conclusion, Qsearch is an ideal solution for your eCommerce business system to operate a self-service, robust site search app with multiple products, searches, and features.

Highlight features

  • Ensure the consistent international performance for every customer
  • Allow store owners to customize the search experience for potential customers
  • Insert stock you wish to clear into results, add specific products without acknowledge of customers
  • Predict search results being served up once enough statistically important data is populated
  • Direct searches to their choice of product, category and search results pages

Price: $29.99/month, 30 days free trial

Rating: 2 - 5.0 / 5

Klevu Search by Klevu

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Klevu

Klevu Search is an efficient tool for mid to enterprise-level eCommerce merchants all over the world. With it, users can provide their customers with a smart way to search and navigate.

By using Klevu Search, you are given the ability to add relevant synonyms for keywords depending on particular contexts. Moreover, the autocomplete features will automatically complete the words when they are being typed. Hence, it will be much easier for them to get the most suitable result and help them save time for finding the relevant keywords for the items they want each time searching. Especially when searching with Klevu Search, the result will include non-product content besides the information of the goods related to the keywords. They can be the guides on how to use your service or apps or blog of your company. Also, the banner advertisements that are shown to visitors can automatically be personalized via Klevu. Associating with your visitors’ keywords will show them the ads with these keywords and then, increase the likelihood of clicking the banner. To help you have a deep insight into your business, Klevu also gives you detailed analytics, and you can use it as a source to improve your campaign.

Overall, if you seek a platform to assist you in enhancing your website’s searching and navigation quality, let’s consider Klevu Search.

Highlight features

  • Add related synonyms based on context
  • Offer analytics
  • Autocomplete the words when searching
  • Display personalized banner ads
  • Display non-product result via search

Price: $199.00/month, 14 days free trial

Rating: 1 - 5 / 5

Segmentify by Segmentify

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Segmentify

Segmentify is an ideal solution for any eCommerce business to keep track of their customer’s purchasing process and encourage them to buy more relevant products. This platform will be a powerful merchandising strategy for your online store.

Segmentify has the product recommendations that can work perfectly to help merchants manage each client and provide product suggestions customized for the client, grow average order value, and cross-sell and up-sell more. This software is incredible support from its excellent success team to handle all your online site issues anytime and share their expertise to ensure you make the most out of Segmentify solutions. Moreover, the smart algorithm of Segmentify will discover the most relevant products and categories for each client via machine learning. So, your visitors will learn the items that are good on them based on real-time data and know alternatives to current products they are checking. You can also make use of the smart selection of top products for listing pages to turn first-time shoppers to purchase and stimulate repeat purchases to your loyal customers. Segmentify guides your online team; the best way to boom average order size is allocating them on cart and thank-you pages, then it will search for the best products that complement the current cart. Finally, Segmentify allows your customers to view new arrivals on any page and corporate them with other algorithms for the ideal balance of new and trending products.

Therefore, there is no reason that you can not install this awesome software for your online store’s progress.

Highlight features

  • Manage each individual client and provide product suggestions customized for the client
  • Accelerate your conversion and turn more visitors into customers
  • Mitigate the risk of losing potential customers with personalized recommendations
  • Allow your clients to view new arrivals on any page and fix them with other algorithms
  • No need IT team to utilize self service panel

Price: $349/month, 14 days free trial

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5 by

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by is one of the most creative and powerful merchandising applications in the BigCommerce that helps eCommerce business doers bring in more advanced review solutions on the market. This app lets eCommerce stores accelerate their on-site conversion rates by getting and showing customer feedback.

First, offers online merchants the content license with Google to display your reviews across the web, proven to grow trust in your business, traffic to your site, and your bottom line. Moreover, this app operates an easy-to-use review-writing process for your customers that does not require you an account or to signup to verify all reviews. You can also easily make use of professional features such as in-email review collection to collect the best review conversion rates. Besides, your customer will enjoy reading reviews in the on-page review content, so your online store can better SEO for your site and collect social proof for business growth. Plus, the product reviews and star ratings on your product page search results, increase traffic to your site. You can take advantage of four main ‘elements’ you can mix and match to satisfy your requirements, including Company & Product Reviews, Q & A, and Instagram. Additionally, REVIEWS. allows you to tag products in your preferred UGC and pull it into a widget to generate a shoppable Instagram Gallery. You can also build modern images for all the leading social media platforms and Google Display Ads.

To conclude, owns multiple functions for your business’s growth. So, install this amazing app right now.

Highlight features

  • Not require an account or log in to vetify all reviews
  • Present on-page review content for customer to read
  • Show SEO benefits with star ratings on your product page search results
  • Allow to tag products in your favourite UGC and pull it into a widget to build a shoppable Instagram Gallery
  • Provide drag-and-drop to generate your design

Price: 0

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

Doofinder by Doofinder

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Doofinder

Highlight features

  • Specified for a semantic processing architecture
  • Allow your customers to find the products they want, reduce spelling and typographical errors
  • Discover user interactions and offer with his smart algorithm the most relevant result to the top of the search results
  • Select between the classic, full-screen, compact or embedded layer
  • Ensure domains and blacklist IPs, when needed

Price: $29.00/month, 30 days free trial

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

Threekit by Threekit

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Threekit

Visualizing your products is one of the best way to showcase your prroducts to your customers, draw their attraction and bring to them an interactive experience with your products. Threekit is an effective app that will help you acquire all of these.

The app allows you to customize and configure your products in 3D, AR, and Virtual photography. Therefore, your products will be displayed in a vivid and real way. It allows your customers to interact with the images to view your products from different variation. They will feel like experiencing your products in person and know more deeply about your products ahead of deciding to perchase.

The app has been proven to drive 40% increase in conversion, reduce photography costs by 90%, and result in 80% fewer returns. Consider trying this app if you want to create high-quality 3D product image and improve your customer shopping experience.

Highlight features

  • Support 3D configuration
  • Utilize configurable Augmented Reality
  • Create beautiful and customizable images with virtual photographer
  • Create and store high-quality 3D product image and assets

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5 by

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by is a search and product discovery platform tailor-made for enterprise eCommerce. uses machine learning, behavioral clickstream data, natural language processing, and collaborative personalization to provide a seamless user experience across all the facets of the product discovery. With, you can provie your customers with relevant, appealing, intelligently ranked, and personalized search results for whatever they search on your website. The personalization in search results will substainably increase the conversions and lifetime value of your BigCommerce store.

Highlight features

  • Machine learning-enhanced reranking
  • Collaborative in-session personalization
  • Maximize search-related revenue opportunities
  • Unify search, browse, recommendation, personalization in one platform

Price: Custom Price

Rating: - / 5

Attraqt by Attraqt

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Attraqt

Attraqt’s purpose is to help the World’s best Retailers & Brands power and deliver exceptional shopping experiences by combining and augmenting smart automation with human creativity and inspiration.

Attraqt has the power to hep retailers and brands increase conversion rate up to 25%, enhance average order values by up to 20%, gain merchandising productivity, and reach global audience in over 40 languages. The app offers a cutting-edge search funtionality for your BigCommerce store to handle any type of search queries from your customers. Your customers can refine and filter results without being overwhelmed with a dynamic and highly configurable faceted navigation. Attraqt also enable you to show relevant cross and up-sell products to your customers, including 1:1 personalization, segment-based recommendations.

Besides, if you want to connect and engage more with your customers, the app helps you to put perosonalization into your email campaigns to effectively capture customers’ interest.

Highlight features

  • Enable customers to get searched products quickly and accurately
  • Dynamic and configurable feceted navigation
  • Brand content
  • Support relevant cross and up-sells
  • Connect and engage with customers more via basket, email, and at the checkout

Price: Custom Price

Rating: - / 5

Facebook Shop by Facebook

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Facebook

As two of the most popular social networks worldwide, Facebook and Instagram are fertile ground for global businesses. Understanding that, Facebook launches Facebook Shop, allowing merchants to sell their products effortlessly besides communicating and connecting with their customers.

Setting up a shop on your Facebook and Instagram accounts will make it much easier to attract customers and boost sales. Instead of accessing eStore or websites, as usual, they can visit your Facebook or Instagram shop right in these platforms, which they use every day. They can shop directly via your Facebook profile or shoppable ads or stories. In this kind of shop, you are allowed to customize your product list without any difficulties. After several minutes, your product list will be arranged and designed with your color. Besides, your products will appear in every popular marketplace of Facebook, such as Facebook and Instagram. This, hence, will help you increase your sales significantly. Facebook Shop also enables you to connect with your customers effectively and rapidly with chatting platforms like Whatapps, Instagram Direct, and Messenger. From them, you can answer their questions, send promotional messages, and even track the deliveries.

Highlight features

  • Customize your product lists easily
  • Allow visitors to access to your shop simply from your Facebook or Instagram accounts
  • Display your products in variety of marketplaces of Facebook
  • Connect with your customers rapidly via platforms of Facebook


Rating: - / 5

Productimize by Productimize

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Productimize

Productimize is one of the leading custom product configurators that provides a personalization solution for retailers. It also aims to optimize solutions that are prebuilt for better mobile and desktop experiences.

First of all, Productimize all customers to upload images from the local storage. The image can be from a computer or any mobile device or even upload one from social media. Secondly, it supports printing ready files once an order is placed. The file will be sent to the manufactures for production. It can also come in a variety of formats from jpeg, png to gifs. Pricing can be defined based on each customizable part of the product. Your customers can share the products they designed through social media platforms. This allows users to be innovative, free, and creative in terms of options for customizations, Lastly, Productimize allows text input and customizable products. Customers can introduce text on your product, select font, size, and position.

In conclusion, Productimize is made to make customization easy. It is the perfect end to end product customization solution for enterprise e-commerce brands and businesses. By giving customers the option to design their own products according to their taste in order to directly improve your revenue.

Highlight features

  • Allow you to upload image from local storage
  • Print ready file available in various file formats
  • Allow social sharing across platforms
  • Can set dynamic pricing
  • Customization of text, font and size

Price: $399/month

Rating: - / 5

LIVEb4buy by Live4buy

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Live4buy

LIVEb4buy helps you to generate product sales by allowing shoppers to view products live using its features. It is free for store admin use and only takes 3 to 5 minutes to install.

Most importantly, LIVEb4buy integrates with Google Street View so your Marketing can lead to higher revenue. First of all, it allows you to look at the store in 360 degrees. This can become an effective solution for time-constrained shoppers because they can easily make a visual review of all the products in one place. Also, LIVE4buy emphasis on product displays on immersive Shop Display, bringing your shop and products in Virtuality Reality with headsets. In addition, your customers can allow you to bring your products to their physical environment in Augmented Reality. Both serve to give your shoppers a better visualization of the products. LIVE4buy can assist in aging with your customers by bringing the store to the online shopping experience in real-time. Lastly, it has a Genie Chat Bot feature where it lets customers browse any products or shop.

In conclusion, LIVE4buy is great as it helps you to generate product sales from your physical store by converting it online with special features. It automatically integrates your in-store shopping experience online. It enables your shoppers to buy by bringing one-page e-commerce applications on your website or any social platform.

Highlight features

  • Allow you to present your store 360 degrees
  • Bring your shop and products in Virtual Reality
  • Display product in physical environment in Augmented Reality
  • Assist in real time engagement with shoppers
  • Genie Chat Bot lets customers browse

Price: $9.95/month

Rating: - / 5

See What You Send by

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by

See What You Send is an online review site where consumers read reviews from other customers who bought flowers from a local florist. The reviews are real and authentic to help your business increase credibility and sales.

First of all, See What You Send can be integrated seamlessly into your BigCommerce website. You do not need to know how to code whatsoever; all you need to do is follow the instructions it provides you. It collects, certified, and monitored reviews. This way, you can save time and improve efficiency because See What You Send does most of the organization for you. In addition, regarding features that customers can use, they can attach a photograph of the followers into the review. By having a visual representation of the product, it is better visually and improves the trustworthiness of that review and your business. The user interface is simple, professional, and eye-catching. It can be seen as an incentive for customers to write the review because of how everything looks, but it can also be seen as a way to improve efficiency. Lastly, there are customizable templates that you can adjust the colors or styles to match your business.

Overall, if you are a florist, this is a great application for your business because it is designed to help you become successful.

Highlight features

  • Integrates See What You Send reviews seamlessly into your BigCommerce website
  • Collect, certified and monitored reviews
  • Allow customers to attach a photo of the product
  • User clean, efficient interface to increase efficiency
  • Customizable templates to match the style of your website


Rating: - / 5

Product Review Container by Ekomi

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Ekomi

Product Review Container by eKomi is the leady third-party review service specializing in the collection, managing, and publishing of seller and product ratings. It is innovative, market-leading technology and flexible, allowing you to reach maximum visitors and increase sales.

Firstly, Product Review Container use reviews they collected for you to increase the conversion rate. It is vital to building trust and customer loyalty, and what better way to do it by the publication of authentic customer reviews. Using this application can substantially increase your conversion rates, leading to higher search traffic and more sales. You can get more visitors with search engine optimized user-generated content. Its APIs are directly integrated into Google product listings, which helps websites rocket to the top in Google rankings. It delivers an efficient and proactive review gathering system that is easy to manage and set up. Also, you can gain more customers with Google Product Integration. Being listed on Google is going to be a huge opportunity to reach a large group of audiences. It can increase transaction volume with eKomi’s varied review and rating display options. Lastly, it protects you against malicious reviews through a private customer dialogue, allowing companies to address and improve customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, Product Review Container is a great app because of its functional features. Adding onto the list, it can serve to satisfy customers. It is a fully managed feedback service that lets you focus on what’s truly important: Growing your business.

Highlight features

  • Use review to increase your conversion rate
  • Assist in gaining more visitors with search engine optimized
  • Gain more customers with Google product integration
  • Display Rich Snippets on Google Organic results
  • Provide protection against malicious review

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Nosto Personalization by Nosto

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Nosto

Nosto Personalization is the easiest way to deliver your customers’ personalized shopping experiences. It analyzes your customers’ behavior, learning their preference, and automatically personalizes your product recommendations.

First of all, Nosto Personalization provides onsite product recommendations for your customers. It delivers one to one product recommendations across your site based on their real-time buying behavior and transactional data. It also provides onsite content personalization that includes navigation bars, banners, videos, copy and graphics, and logos. This ensures that every customer gets an individual and inspiring shopping experience. The onsite popups reduce site abandonment and increase conversion with time-limited special offers and one time discount. Nosto Personalization assists in analytics by providing insights specific to e-commerce. This helps you understand your customers and categorize them into groups that are easier for a personalization product offering. Lastly, it strengthens your social media strategy with dynamic Facebook and Instagram advertising.

In conclusion, Nosto Personalization is a fully-featured application that provides personalized shopping experiences giving your customers personalized product recommendations, content, and popups. It also triggers emails and social media ads in real-time to make customers feel unique. The integration is painless and does not require any in-depth knowledge. Join over 10 000 retailers now to make your customers happier and buy more.

Highlight features

  • Provide onsite product recommendations
  • Content personalization available to ensure great shopping experience
  • Segmentation and insights to understand customers
  • Onsite pop ups to increase conversion
  • Assist in Facebook and Instagram Ads


Rating: - / 5

Multiple Product Preview by Dit-india

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Dit-india

Multiple Product Review is a great assisting tool to improve user experience. It allows shoppers to view more images of a product seamlessly by hovering on the product listing thumbnail without having to go into the product detail page.

First of all, Multiple Product Preview allows you to showcase a product from different angles. Making shoppers view the products from different angles gives the shopper a clearer sense of the products, therefore facilitating buying decisions. It also is 100% customizable, allowing the customer to choose different color options for the same product. This gives a variety of choices for the customers as they can explore multiple colors for the same product. It improves user experience by facilitating easier decision making by allowing customers to have many opportunities exporting the products. Also, the zooming features let the customers zoom up close to a product or distant image. Lastly, Multiple Product Preview is responsive to any device. The customers can do the same features on both browsers and mobile devices.

In conclusion, Multiple Product Preview gives more options to the customers to explore your products. It is important to understand that product listing and merchandise images play a significant role in the decision-making process. Start integrating Multiple Product Preview to improve your customer shopping experience and increase revenue now.

Highlight features

  • Allow customers to view product at different angles
  • Customizable characteristics for products
  • Help to improve user experience by facilitating easier decision making
  • Allow users to zoom close up and distant images of a product
  • Responsive to any device

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Sitejabber by Sitejabber

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Sitejabber

Sitejabber is a platform designed to assist you in collecting and managing reviews for online businesses. It collects reviews and helps to increase customer trust, get more traffic and leads, and boost conversion rates.

First of all, Sitejabber helps to collect reviews automatically for you. It organizes the review into one place where you can preview and understand the reviews. You can either send out a special link yourself or use the automated tools and it will do it for you. Secondly, it gets leads from Google for you. The SEO review page is also available to optimize and increase traffic and leads. As soon as you get a couple of reviews you will see your business’s review page appear at the top of Google searches. Thirdly, it helps to increase revenue from new visitors as you have the credibility and validity from the reviews. Lastly, trust seals and review widgets assist in booting conversion rates.

In conclusion, Sitejabber is the leading platform for reviews of e-commerce. It offers reviews and reputation management completely free to all businesses. Overall, it helps your business to get more customers, traffic, leads, and revenue. Start using Sitejabber now so your business can be found by over 100 million consumers.

Highlight features

  • Automatically collect numerous reviews
  • Get leads from Google
  • Increase revenue from new visitors
  • SEO optimized review page to increase traffic and leads
  • Trust seals and review widgets assist to boost conversion rates

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Pixlee by Pixlee

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Pixlee

Pixlee empowers brands by the power of their customer stories across all phases of the customer journey. It assists in driving sales and increasing customer lifetime value through authenticity, community-driven storytelling.

First of all, pixel helps select and manage the best content from your community of customers, influences, and employees. The best content can include photos, videos, or even text. By having the best content from your community, you can use the material to promote your brand. Second, your business and publish the content Pixlee helps you collect on any channel and form such as ads, commerce sites, email, and social media posts. It can also drive sales through the authentic content on any website of yours from home, category to product pages. An influencer is a big part of increasing sales; therefore, Pixlee can help you manage influencer campaigns and republish valuable influencer content through multiple channels. Lastly, it reduces content costs by making a community-driven content scale to every team and channel. It saves your money because you can spend less time and on marketing because now you have the content written for you. The content that you collected might even be more valuable than the content you try to create yourself.

Overall, Pixlee is great assistance that helps to empower your business by making the best use of customers or any stakeholders’ stories. It helps with the whole process from collecting and managing the content to using it to promote for your brand. Use Pixlee to reduce your marketing cost but still increase growth for your business.

Highlight features

  • Collect and manage the best content from your community
  • Allow to publish content to any channel
  • Increase sales through authentic content on websites
  • Manage influencer campaigns and republish valuable influencer content
  • Help to reduce content costs by making community driven content scale


Rating: - / 5

Facebook Reviews by Omega

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Omega

Omega develops Facebook Reviews to help eCommerce business managers of any type to level up their online store rate and increase sales by attracting more potential customers. This merchandising application will handle all the problems of reviews on your online site.

Facebook Reviews is an ideal solution for online merchants to display Facebook page Reviews on the store in attractive layouts. That means you can easily make use of this tool to get ratings from the Facebook page to your store and give clients reviews regarding the company/website/services on the Facebook page. Further, Facebook Reviews enables you to share any testimonials on your store that you gain from your Facebook page. Then, you can present testimonials and reviews of the Facebook page on your store that help you accelerate your brand credibility and drive to faster sales. Besides, the Facebook Reviews app empowers you and your online team to show your FB page reviews on your store on a separate page, sidebar or embedded in the post. Also, you can edit and update long reviews for your users to read them comfortably. Your customers tend to read your positive reviews more regularly and decide to make their orders instantly, thanks to embedding your reviews directly on your store with Facebook Reviews.

Hence, Omega creates Facebook Reviews to improve your customers’ truth in your online store and products, so you can effectively boom sales.

Highlight features

  • Display Facebook page Reviews on store in attractive layouts
  • Let customer view real people commenting good things about your business
  • Allow to choose which reviews would be presented on the front-end
  • Trim long reviews for your users to read them conveniently
  • Present testimonials and reviews of the Facebook page on your store

Price: $6.99/month, 14 days free trial

Rating: - / 5

eKomi by Ekomi

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Ekomi

EKomi allows you to integrate with your online shop seamlessly with its system. It helps you collect verified reviews, display eKomi seals, and get your seller to rate on Google.

EKomi plugin features allow the necessary details to be automatically read from your database. This way, you save time from entering it manually. Through having the important details, EKomi sends your client review request. It also assists in determining which order status should trigger the review request. For example, you can’t send a review request if that order status is not delivered. It is best to deliver a request at the exact time customers receive their products. The most crucial feature of eKomi is that it collects authentic seller and product ratings and reviews. EKomi allows full customization of your communication process. You can select which email or SMS templates to end out to your customizer and change the whole message. Lastly, on your Review Widget page, you have full control over all the reviews. It displays your eKomi Seal and Review Widget on your web page to build trust for confidence as the reviews of other customers increase your brand’s credibility. In the end, increasing customers’ confidence can turn web browsers into real buyers.

Overall, eKomi is great as it allows you to easily integrate with your business with many features to increase your brand credibility and increase sales. Along with the features listed, the whole process is automated, and it enables a review of rich snippets, activates seller rating extension to display starts, etc. Start using eKomi to improve conversion rates now!

Highlight features

  • Information are automatically read in from your database
  • Assist in determining which order status should trigger the review request
  • Help collect authentic seller and products ratings and review
  • Personalized all communication aspects including email and SMS
  • Review widget to build trust and confidence among customers

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Creator by Zmags

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Zmags

Creator is an efficient content creator solution for any merchants and marketers developed by Zmags. With it, users can make everything interactive and shoppable, such as buying guides, quizzes, interactive blogs, etc., without any coding requirements.

Creator enables users to add buy buttons to everything on your pages, which allows your customers to buy your products directly from an image of it. Even when there is more than one item in your photos, Creator still adds buy buttons to them. Instead of attracting customers, as usual, you can create and publish quizzes and outfits. The quizzes will make shopping experiences more enjoyable. For example, rather than writing “beautiful skirt for Christmas,” you can catch their attention by the quiz “What is the most beautiful skirt for Christmas?”. Furthermore, the outfit photos will be a better choice for customers since they can depend on these pictures to mix your product. You can also create and publish unlimited content with Creator, whether they are lookbooks, landing pages, carousels, or buying guides. To make your images, videos, gifs, and text more interactive, you can add animations, fades, slide-ins, and zooms. And if you’re having a particular program on another page, you can embed this link to your website.

In conclusion, it can be denied that Creator by Zmags is a user-friendly platform for merchants to make everything on their website shoppable.

Highlight features

  • Add buy buttons to everything on your site
  • Build quizzes and outfit
  • Create content without limit
  • Add animations, fades, slide ins and zooms
  • Embed external link to your website

Price: Based on monthly sessions

Rating: - / 5

Choice AI by Choice-ai

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Choice-ai

Choice AI is a personalized engine that enables eCommerce store owners to understand their customers more using the intelligent features Choice Ai possesses. The intelligent interfaces respond to each shopper’s need using special software and dynamic components that change in real-time.

First, the Smart Banners features of Choice AI can influence shopper’s decisions. The AI-powered banners show up at the right time with the right product that is specially personalized to that customer by changing its content in real-time to reflect each shopper’s interest. There are pre-existing templates of the banners and pages aimed at optimized conversion. The templates can help save time as well as make all of the designs look professional. Also, the smart pages help to create an infinite user experience. it identifies each shopper’s preferences and changes the website content to show products and offers that match their needs. Choice AI’s Smar Elements act as an interface between your shoppers and your website as it understands their intent and actively suggests the right products for your customers. Lastly, Choice AI is suitable for both mobile and browsers.

In conclusion, Choice AI is a great personalized engine that helps you to understand your customers. understanding customers are very important to increase revenue because it helps you to make the right decision. Use Choice AI, to be one step closer to become the best online business that understands its customers.

Highlight features

  • Personalize customers experience using smart banners
  • Pre existing templates to optimize conversion
  • Smart elements understand customers' intent to suggest them relevant products
  • Help to identities preferences and changes
  • Suitable on both mobile and browser device

Price: 7 days free trial

Rating: - / 5 by Groove Commerce by Groove-commerce

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Groove-commerce is one of the most innovative and modern merchandising platforms created by Groove Commerce to support any eCommerce business doer to bring in more powerful merchandising strategies for their online store. This Premium WordPress plugin believes in increasing your online revenue and drive more potential customers. is a higher-level application of Groove Commerce that helps you easily present merchandise from your BigCommerce store directly in your blog. Moreover, marketers can make use of to handle all the issues of uploading and hyperlinking images. Detailed, you can easily search for your entire BigCommerce catalog through the plugin, so this app does not require you any copying and pasting, screen grabbing, or importing images. Also, enhances a consistent content-to-cart experience for your customers to keep them coming back for further orders. You can use the integration to operate the same product images in your store and your blog; thus, can maintain as the user navigates from blog to store to develop the likelihood of conversion. Besides, provides you ten different layout options to feature products and choose the best layout for your content and conversion needs. And, also automatically updates the product catalog for you to view the accurate search results.

Therefore, is an ideal merchandising solution for any eCommerce business doer struggling with presenting photos in their online site. Install it now to discover more. eCommerce business doer who is struggling with presenting photo in their online site. Install it now to discover more.

Highlight features

  • Display merchandise from your BigCommerce store directly in your blog
  • Handle the process of uploading and hyperlinking images
  • Enhance a consistent content-to-cart experience
  • Sync products directly via the WordPress dashboard
  • Intersect design, marketing, and technology

Price: $89 Per Year

Rating: - / 5

Size Guides by Intuitsolutions

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Intuitsolutions

IntuitSolutions acquires its reputation for the most professional and modern vendors of multiple merchandising solutions for eCommerce business doers. One of the most popular and powerful applications of IntuitSolutions is Size Guides that help online business managers control their system more effortlessly.

Size Guides allows your customers to reach brand and product-specific size charts from the Product Page by pressing a link or button to view the full chart display in a modal popup. Then it will give them the document they need without making them navigate away from the Product Page. Further, Size Guides empowers you to configure and personalize a general brand size chart on some Products and a unique chart on others. Thus, your customers can easily view size charts on the Product page in an attractive popup modal. This all-in-one platform also enables you to display the most exact sizing information for each individual Product, present the size chart for an entire brand, or, if you have it, the size chart for that particular Product. Specifically, Size Guides does not require merchants any coding knowledge to modify and sync the size charts on your Products; thereby, you can easily monitor the documents from a single folder in the Merchant Center. With the support of an Expert BigCommerce Developer, Size Guides can work effectively on ALL Stencil themes and any mobile device.

Highlight features

  • Showcase size charts on the Product page in an attractive popup modal
  • Allow customers to access crucial information right from the Product page, and get to Checkout
  • Present the most exact sizing document for each individual Product
  • No need coding to modify and sync the size charts on your Products
  • Control the documents from a single folder in the Merchant Center

Price: Upfront: $995.00

Rating: - / 5

Searchspring by Searchspring

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Searchspring

Searchspring is a modern and powerful merchandising platform in the BigCommerce that helps eCommerce business doers of any type to control their online presentation of their brand without costly development resources. Your business will have a deep insight into your customers and bring in more creative strategies to increase sales.

Searchspring is created to support online businesses to target your specific style and experience on launch. This add-on provides eCommerce teams and merchandisers superpowers for your business to enhance conversions via a cohesive shopper journey with on-site banner ads and visual merchandising cues. Detailed, Searchspring updates your shopper’s purchase intent and ensures they view the most relevant products across autocomplete, site search, navigation, and product pages. Also, this software helps you send the most relevant facets and results to each shopper. Thus, your marketing & merchandising campaigns can corporate with a powerful drag-and-drop editor, landing pages, and custom business logic controls of Searchspring to bring in in-the-moment merchandising strategies, and show the right product to the right person at the right time. A variety of report options are essential for evaluating performance and having a deeper insight into your products, keywords, facets, and much more. The product discovery tools of Searchspring help you present product suggestions and product finders on any page to boom average order values, units per transaction, and overall conversion.

Overall, there is not any reason that you can not download this add-on for your online store to increase online revenue.

Highlight features

  • Update your shopper's purchase intent and ensure they view the most relevant products
  • Send the most relevant facets and results to each shopper
  • Facilitate a powerful drag-and-drop editor, landing pages, and custom business logic controls
  • Provide unlimited report options to evaluate performance and more
  • Present product suggestions and product finders on any page

Price: $499/month

Rating: - / 5

Product Page Tabs by Intuitsolutions

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Intuitsolutions

Product Page Tabs is one of the most popular and creative merchandising applications built by IntuitSolutions to present tabs on your Product Pages and operate Product information into more readable sections. This add-on is perfect to level up your online management system and drive more benefits.

Product Page Tabs is a highly-customized platform for an eCommerce business doer to select the number of tabs and fill in and modify the relevant information. You can also include charts, tables, videos, and build interactive tabs on your Product Pages, enabling customers to toggle between different sections. Further, online merchants can organize better user experience in their online store by including multiple complex Product Information to ease the process of reading with this customization. This all-in-one platform owns unlimited technical specifications such as spec tables, ingredients or nutritional information, videos, gifs, rich media, warranty information, and any additional document for your customers’ advantage. Therefore, your eCommerce business will effectively gain the SEO benefits of having valuable content on your page, no need to compromise on user experience and readability. This mobile-friendly application is ideal for working on ALL BigCommerce Themes (Stencil & Blueprint), and corporate with an Expert BigCommerce Developer.

Therefore, you will never be disappointed when installing this awesome merchandising application for your online site.

Highlight features

  • Build interactive tabs on your Product Pages, enable customers to toggle between different sections
  • Allow to read multiple complex Product Information
  • Coordinate with your developer to provide a specifications table, size charts, or videos and other media like gifs
  • Get valuable content on your page no need compromise on user experience and readability
  • Responsive for mobile device

Price: Starts at $995

Rating: - / 5

Product Option Tooltips by Intuitsolutions

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Intuitsolutions

Product Option Tooltips is an ideal merchandising solution for any eCommerce business manager who owns an online store. This add-on of IntuitSolutions believes in handling all the issues of your product option tool on the website and increase your sales efficiently.

IntuitSolutions builds Product Option Tooltips consisting of instructional text on the Product Option label, either in the form of a hover-activated tooltip or as on-page text. So, online merchants can insert extra text that analyzes complicated Product Options, advertises essential documents, or proves customers to make a choice can make a big difference in your user experience. Detailed, Product Option Tooltips allow you to insert a line of in-line text beneath the Product Option label, encouraging customers to make sense of the Product Options you offer. Moreover, you can also choose to present an info icon that will appear with the text if you hover over it. Besides, the product warnings or disclaimers play a crucial role in alerting your customers of the products in a simple and foolproof way. This powerful platform of IntuitSolutions not only helps you insert captions or instructions to Product Options, but it is also the best-in-class tool to send extra information to your customer.

Hence, install this fantastic merchandising software for your online store to accelerate more customers’ comforts and drive up sales.

Highlight features

  • Insert a line of in-line text beneath the Product Option label
  • Show an info icon in the product detail page
  • Alert a warning or disclaimer for customers to see
  • Allow you to analyze complicated Product Options or easily prove customers to make a choice
  • Perform as on-page text or a hovered tooltip

Price: Upfront: $495.00

Rating: - / 5

Frequently Bought Together by Intuitsolutions

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Intuitsolutions

Frequently Bought Together is a supporting merchandising application built by IntuitSolutions to ease customers’ spending more with this Amazon-inspired upselling feature for an online business. This app is specified for presenting related or bundled Products in a “Frequently Bought Together” upsell feature.

IntuitSolutions sets up Frequently Bought Together to help your online customers insert additional Products right to their Cart along with base Products. Thus, you can easily monitor which Products include this feature, and which Products are available as an upsell. Instantly, your customers have the authority to insert all of the Frequently Bought Together Products to their Cart at once or choose the particular Products they want to bundle. Frequently Bought Together allows you to sell bundled products or accessories, like batteries for a flashlight. So, you can make use of this tool to ensure to provide your customers with everything they want to start enjoying their new purchase right away. Your customers also do not need to navigate away from the Product Page to insert additional Products to the Cart, and they can select Options like color. This add-on is responsive to any mobile-friendly device and works perfectly on ALL BigCommerce Themes (Stencil & Blueprint). Like other merchandising platforms of IntuitSolutions, this app is also supported by an Expert BigCommerce Developer.

Hence, installing Frequently Bought Together is an ideal merchandising solution for your online store to drive more revenue.

Highlight features

  • Stimulate customers to spend more in a single order
  • Sell bundled Products or accessories, like batteries for a flashlight
  • Allow customers to add additional Products to the Cart without navigating away from the Product Page
  • Enable customers to select Options like color
  • Let customers pay frequently bought together Products from a single Product page

Price: Upfront: $995.00

Rating: - / 5

Dynamic Yield by Dynamic-yield

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Dynamic-yield

Dynamic Yield is one of the most ubiquitous and powerful merchandising applications that supports eCommerce business doers to develop their online revenue sharply by personalization technology stack. This platform facilitates digital customer experience services to businesses.

Dynamic Yield helps marketers attract more entering and buying by customizing each customer interaction across the web, mobile web, mobile apps, and email. That means you can make use of the company’s advanced customer segmentation engine with its machine learning to power deep centralization with an agile segmentation and data management system. You can also create actionable customer segments in real-time, decide action through personalization, suggestions, automatic optimization & real-time messaging. Moreover, Dynamic Yield helps you easily send relevant customer experiences via customized recommendations across the customer journey. Also, by connecting to each individual’s context and taking action across web and mobile, Dynamic Yield targets overlays and notifications at any point in the customer life cycle. Further, Dynamic Yield empowers marketers to integrate A/B testing and customization with machine-led optimization to evaluate anywhere in your tech stack and reduce most risks. This software also automatically triggers customized emails and push notifications to access customers at the most critical moments.

Overall, with more than 600 million users globally and counts industry leaders, you should take Dynamic Yield to increase your online sales.

Highlight features

  • Customize each customer interaction across the web, mobile web, mobile apps and email
  • Provide the company’s advanced customer segmentation engine to create actionable customer segments in real time
  • Allow marketers to take instant action through personalization, suggestions, automatic optimization & real-time messaging
  • Corporate A/B testing and customization with machine-led optimization
  • Trigger personalized messages on mobile apps and email upon key events

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Add To Cart Upsell by Intuitsolutions

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Intuitsolutions

Add To Cart Upsell is another merchandising application of IntuitSolutions that empowers eCommerce business doers to stimulate customers to buy more with this upselling feature. This add-on will increase your online sales with a simple but professional tool.

IntuitSolutions sets up Add To Cart Upsell to feature additional products on the Add to Cart confirmation popup, present customers options of related products they may also be preferred. Thus, your customers can easily choose additional products, select options, and insert them to Cart right from the popup. Plus, if your clients do not prefer the suggested products, they can navigate straightaway to the Cart or keep shopping. Add To Cart Upsell displays related or similar products to stimulate customers to purchase more and gain more AOV. Also, they have the authority to choose which of the featured Products to buy, so online merchants can easily update and manage which products appear in upselling. Add To Cart Upsell also allows your customers to select options from popup modal. With a fast installation within 5 to 7 business days, your online store can use this all-inclusive app with any mobile device and work perfectly on ALL BigCommerce Themes Stencil & Blueprint.

Highlight features

  • Use upsell and cross-sell features to boost the biggest ecommerce sites
  • Direct customers to everything they need with this add-on
  • Entice customers who have already committed to purchasing one thing to getting something else
  • Allow merchants to manage which products appear in upsell
  • Enable customers to choose options from popup modal

Price: Upfront: $995.00

Rating: - / 5

Yelp Reviews by Elfsight

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Elfsight

Elfsight is a famous vendor with multiple modern and smart technology applications that support eCommerce business doers of all types to control their online store system and get more sales. One of the ideal and perfect choices for any online store to insert reviews that visitors left on Yelp straight on your website is Yelp Reviews.

First, Yelp Reviews helps online merchants post only positive or the most relevant reviews about your place. You can also select from 3 filters such as operating the widget to show all reviews or positive only, Exclude By filter to reduce reviews including the keywords, and the quantity filter to decide the number of reviews to upload. Moreover, your business will attract more potential customers by building trust in them, thanks to the widget of Yelp Reviews. This not only displays website visitors the text of the recommendation, but also shows much convincing info including author’s name, photo, the date of posting, a Yelp and recommendation signs, and a star rating.

Plus, your regular customer can view overall star and number ratings of your place, the total number of visitors who suggested your place, and the image of the latest reviewers in Elfsight Yelp Reviews’ header. Specifically, you can accentuate more clients and new reviews via the call-to-action button. When they click on the Yes button, they will come to your Yelp page; otherwise, No button will hide the request, or display a custom message, consisting of any text and links, so you have more client insights. Last, Elfsight widget designs four kinds of layout, including List option, Grid to customize a grid of reviews, Slider to show a review carousel; and Masonry to fix reviews in optimal position based on available vertical space.

Highlight features

  • Post only positive or the most relevant reviews about your place
  • Present convincing info like author's name, photo, the date of posting, a Yelp and recommendation signs, and a star rating
  • Display overall star and number ratings of your place, the total amount of clients who suggested your place, and photo of the latest reviewers
  • Use the call-to-action button to engage visitors to publish their feedback and give Yes and No options
  • Customize inbuilt layouts to get the widget suitable for you

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

UNBXD Recommendations by Unbxd

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Unbxd

UNBXD Recommendations is a powerful tool to help you show your customers relevant products to their search in the shortest time. By it, your customers can easily find out the products they want, which plays an important role in deciding whether they place an order or not.

There are more than 50 available artificial intelligence models in UNBXD Recommendations so that you can personalize your search system in your site easily. Moreover, in less than 65 ms, UNBXD will show you the most relevant result for the keywords people type, which helps them save time spent on waiting. Since this platform works well on every device, your customer will have opportunities to experience your site’s best journey, whether they use desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile devices. Intending to help you manage your campaigns effectively, UNBXD Recommendations gives you advanced analytics and reports. You can exploit the 360-degree reports to have a brief overview or a deep insight into your performance and keep track of the data effortlessly from the analytics to modify your existing strategies and enhance the ones in the future. Also, it integrates fast with other applications so that you will be able to work well and collaborate with numerous platforms besides UNBXD to achieve the best results.

In conclusion, empowered by artificial intelligence, UNBXD is the ideal search tool for any businesses from large to small size.

Highlight features

  • Offer more than 50 AI-models
  • Display search result in less than 65 ms
  • Responsive in all devices
  • Integrate with other app rapidly
  • Offer analytics and reports

Price: contact for pricing

Rating: - / 5

Elfsight Reviews by Elfsight

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Elfsight

Elfsight TripAdvisor Reviews is a simple and easy-to-use tool to coordinate reviews about your business from TripAdvisor to your website. This app is believed to develop your online store’s review presentation and complete better customer satisfaction.

Elfsight TripAdvisor Reviews is a powerful software to build trust getting real people’s reviews with info about the author. This cloud-based service is specified to expand and diversify your website functionality such as Instagram Feed, YouTube Gallery, Social Icons, and others. Also, you can make use of Elfsight TripAdvisor Reviews widget to show all reviews or only positive, utilize Exclude By filter to hide away reviews with the keywords, which you enter, or use the quantity filter, to select the number of reviews to present. Moreover, online merchants can create trustworthy reviews with maximum details by showing your users the recommendation’s text and uplevel convincing info containing the author’s name, photo, the date of posting, a TripAdvisor and recommendation icons, and a star rating. TripAdvisor Reviews allows you to utilize social factors to set a positive attitude to your business among website visitors. And, you can show overall star and number ratings of your place, the overall number of people who suggest your place, and a picture of the latest reviewers in the header of Elfsight TripAdvisor Reviews widget. The call-to-action button is essential to attract visitors to leave a review, write their feedback and has Yes and No choices. 4 options of the layout will help you allocate the widget for your case, set the location of your reviews on the page.

To discover more intelligent features of Elfsight TripAdvisor Reviews, you should install this app right now.

Highlight features

  • Use Elfsight TripAdvisor Reviews widget to show the best or the most relevant visitor reviews about your place
  • Display author's name, photo, the date of posting, a TripAdvisor and recommendation icons, and a star rating
  • Show picture and the name of your place to redirect your TripAdvisor Page
  • Offer the call-to-action button to leave review
  • Use four well-designed layouts to accomodate the widget for your case

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Promotional Image On Categories by Intuitsolutions

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Intuitsolutions

Promotional Image On Categories is a supporting platform created by IntuitSolutions to enhance your site’s UX and lure customers’ attention to crucial promotions, actions, or site paths. Thereby, your online store will show all the best performances to your customers and increase sales.

IntuitSolutions builds Promotional Image On Categories to help online merchants insert a promotional image to your category page sidebar or within product listings, and display a CTA of your design. You can also decorate your online site with a promotional banner on the side of your category pages. This add-on does not require you to use hard code, so you can easily post images as needed, no need to pay a developer to switch them out. This app allows you to select to utilize just one graphic or several, which will instantly swap out on page load, then you can operate and control the graphics on your end. Moreover, you can maintain it “in house” and fix your promotional sidebar as you see flexible. Specifically, Promotional Image On Categories creates these clickable and interactive banners to let you direct customers to a different page of your site. Last, this all-inclusive app can work perfectly on ALL BigCommerce Stencil Themes, is responsive for the mobile-friendly device, and supported by an Expert BigCommerce Developer.

Consider installing this amazing app if you want to uplevel your online store system, and draw more customers’ attention.

Highlight features

  • Insert visual interest to your site and drive attention to essential promotions or important actions
  • Allow you to post images as needed without paying a developer to switch them out
  • Present a single image in your left-hand column CTA or switch between several images as distinctive pages load
  • Customize the banners to let you direct customers to a different page of your site
  • Responsive for mobile-friendly device and work on ALL BigCommerce Stencil Themes

Price: Upfront: $495

Rating: - / 5

Maker by

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by

Maker is a SaaS platform that helps brands and retailers to sell more by enhancing content and storytelling. It is crucial to give unique and transactional experience on commerce sites, and Maker will help you do so my rich visual stories.

First of all, Maker allows us to show and sell with video. Video can come in the form of live streams or on loop pre-filmed video on demand with commerce. It engages and converts more easily, unlocking the power of video. You can boost store sales with story design. You can tell the story of your brand through personalized and designs. Integrated with Google Analytics, Maker allows you to do A/B tests to optimize sales. You can see what strategy is working by testing limitless variants that you can create without any coding skills. Once you make a change or a new design, it is responsive and quickly updates all pages. Lately, the design, collaboration, prototype, and delivery are easy to use and time-saving.

In conclusion, Maker can undoubtedly help your business sell more by enhancing content and storytelling by showing videos, stunning designs, A/B testing, fast responding, and customizable. It is a unique platform that can enhance any commerce site and make it presentable. Start using Maker to improve customer experience leading to higher sales.

Highlight features

  • Allow you to show and sell with video or live streams
  • Play with design that help you to boost sales
  • A/B Testing available to optimize sales
  • Responsive and blazing fast page performance and update
  • Customizable design, collaboration, proptype and deliver

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Google Reviews by Elfsight

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Elfsight

Google Reviews is another review application of Elfsight to help eCommerce business doers display reviews about your business from Google on your website. Therefore, your online store will build trust in your potential customers and drive them to be loyal clients.

First, Elfsight Google Reviews provides three filters in the widget for you to only show the right reviews. You can select to display all reviews or just positive; use Exclude By filter to arrange out reviews, including the keywords that you set and leverage the quantity filter to choose the number of reviews to indicate. Also, the widget of Google Reviews presents a document about authors to prove the reviews are accurate. Thus, your website clients will view the text of the recommendation, and powerful details consisting of the author’s name, picture, the date of adding, a Google and recommend signs, and a star rating. Plus, Google Reviews lets your customers know overall star and number ratings of your place, the total amount of users who suggested your place, and photo of the latest of them in the header of Elfsight Google Reviews. They can then click on those pictures and the name of your place, then go to your Google Page, where they can write their review. Also, the review-request button of Google Reviews encourages clients to leave their recommendation and give Yes option to redirect them to your Google page, or No options to hide the request, or show your message. Last, the four layouts are specified for the best widget design.

Finally, download Elfsight Google Reviews now to boom your sales.

Highlight features

  • Post the right reviews with three content filters
  • Present document about authors to prove the reviews are accurate
  • Customize the header elements to help increase trust
  • Gain more reviews via review-request button
  • Select one of four layouts for the best widget design

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Comments, Ratings & Reviews by Powr

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Powr

Comments, Ratings & Reviews is an application that increases shopper confidence by collecting and displaying customer reviews, ratings, and images of your products. It engages with customers and answers their questions on your site and assists you in moderating reviews.

Firstly, it collects and displays customer’s reviews and ratings of your product. This way, it saves time, and you can preview all reviews in one place. Highlighting popular products shows greater ratings and comments to increase the credibility and push customers to purchase. In managing the comments, you can choose to show the comments you want to show. Comments, Ratings & Reviews is highly customizable. You can select the style of your comments app with your colors, backgrounds, and fonts. Not only that, but you can also add emojis into the keyboards, making it easy for customers to express themselves in both text and emoji freely. Lastly, the application is mobile responsive, meaning it will look great no matter its device.

Overall, Comments, Ratings & Reviews is a great application for managing reviews and using them to their benefits. Adding to the features mentioned, it also creates unlimited comments for all you need and helps to organize the comments. So start using Comments, Ratings & Reviews now to increase sales by showing the credibility you have.

Highlight features

  • Collect and display reviews and ratings of products
  • Automatically remove any unwanted comments
  • Highly customizable design
  • Suitable on mobile devices
  • Highlight popular products by showing ratings and comments

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

STYLA CMS by Styla-cms-styla

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Styla-cms-styla

STYLA CMS is one of the leading merchandising applications in the BigCommerce that offers multiple creative and modern solutions for eCommerce business doers to update unlimited pages. This is needed for polishing existing product detail- or category-overview pages for an online website.

Detailed, STYLA CMS provides the capabilities and drag and drop architecture to help online marketers realize projects faster, drive fast content production, and a general agile approach to eCommerce. This software also has a rich visual merchandising platform that allows users to connect the shopping cart and quick views to any product or image or link multiple CTAs to a product. Moreover, visitors, when coming to your site and work with a personalization technology, can easily play out different content according to your audience’s segmentation. Besides, you can make use of the STYLAs design AI to reach an automatic recommendation, explore thousands of content arrangements to scale safe and beautiful content. Furthermore, marketers can fix content for one device, readjust its use for another, display different content on different devices, or design the same content differently. And, HTML Hydration of STYLA supports you to send static and responsive versions of the content for pages.

Therefore, STYLA CMS is a must-try platform for business of any type. Let install this app now to increase your sales.

Highlight features

  • Allow users to simply connect the shopping cart and quickviews to any product or image
  • Enable visitors to play out different content, according to the segmentation of your audience
  • Provide STYLAs design AI to make an automatic recommendation when posting content for a specific story
  • Fix content for one device and then readjust its use for another
  • Use HTML Hydration to send static and responsive versions of the content for pages

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

RecCommerce by Reccommerce

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Reccommerce

RecCommerce is a modern recommended product application that helps eCommerce business managers control their online store with intelligent cross-sell and upsell on any pages. This in-Store recommendation engine is featured by Correlated Cross-Occurrence (CCO) machine-learning algorithm to bring more positive sales for your online store.

First, RecCommerce has an innovative AI auto-recommendation to build customized upsell and cross-sell product recommendations for your customers relied on store sales history and customers’ behavior. You can also encourage and convert shoppers on your eCommerce store by suggesting products to shoppers according to purchase history or recently view products. That leads to the boom of extra sales on your eCommerce store. Moreover, the recommendation engine powered by AI of RecCommerce helps you show famous items according to the store-wide sales behavior, or products with similar attributes. The cross-sell and upsell will be easier thanks to suggestions according to frequently bought together products. Besides, you can manage your customer behavior, analyze and know customer interest in your store, and suggest products at the last step check out at the shopping cart. Therefore, consumers who bought this product also purchased these products. This is the automatic product recommendation to accelerate sales for your store.

Thereby, RecCommerce is a powerful and smart technology recommendation application that every online store should consider using to uplevel their sales.

Highlight features

  • Suggest products to shoppers according to purchase history or recently view products
  • Show products to shoppers according to purchase history or recently view products
  • Cross sell suggestions according to regularly bought together products
  • Remind products at the last step check out at the shopping cart
  • Analyze and know customer interest on your store

Price: $25.00/month, 15 days free trial

Rating: - / 5

Mezereon Xperience by Mezereon

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Mezereon

Mezereon Xperience is a first-class search and navigation performance platform for eCommerce business managers to improve the quality of results, fasten query execution time, and more. Your online store will increase richer results from sales.

First, Mezereon Xperience is the best-class software supporting your online site to utilize advanced natural language processing and machine learning. More than that, merchants can instantly set up this app with 100% automated installation for all free Stencil Themes, efficiently utilize your BigCommerce theme’s CSS, Compare, and Quick View, without any embedding code snippets, or hiring developer. Furthermore, Mezereon Xperience provides an overview of your site/app search activity and user’s behavior by presenting the real-time query stream, query map, operations, detailed tracking log, visitor profiles, detailed visitor journey, trending searches, popular searches, top searches and more. You have tan authority to build user segments, curations, banners, filter/facet groups, landing pages, result pinning, and more. If you need more information about each of the advanced merchandising features, Mezereon Xperience encourages you and your team with its user guide. Specifically, unlike other apps, Mezereon Xperience offers all UI code available via npm and open-sourced on Github.

Overall, Mezereon Xperience will never let your business down with all these fantastic features.

Highlight features

  • Have overview of your site/app search activity and user's behavior.
  • Present real-time query stream, query map, operations, detailed tracking log, visitor profiles, and more
  • Generate user segments, curations, banners, filter/facet groups, landing pages, result pinning and more
  • Allow to view more information about each of the advanced merchandising features
  • No code snippets, no developer needed, no credit card required, no setup fees

Price: $105/month, 14 days free trial

Rating: - / 5

G2 Crowd Reviews by Elfsight

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Elfsight

G2 Crowd Reviews is one of the most popular and best-in-class merchandising platform created by Elfsight to improve an online store’s review management system. The more customers’ satisfaction is shown on your site, the more expert and professional your online business is.

First, Elfsight sets up G2 Crowd Reviews to indicate your business’s website reviews from G2 Crowd. That means merchants can efficiently utilize the widget of G2 Crowd Reviews to filter for revealing the unwanted reviews, showing the star and number rating of your page, and displaying detailed info about the authors. More than that, you can make use of the call-to-action button to invite users to post another review about you. That leads to the higher rates that your business can show and entice more attention to potential customers. Thus, you can build trust in your loyal customers and keep them back for further purchase. Besides, Elfsight G2 Crowd Reviews widget is a creative tool to leverage your great social proof on your site and gain new sales and confidence. G2 Crowd Reviews believes to increase your customer’s services and makes it worth buying.

In a nutshell, G2 Crowd Reviews of Elfsight is a must-have application for an eCommerce business if you want to display the best version of your online store to attract more sales.

Highlight features

  • Indicate on the website reviews about your business from G2 Crowd
  • Utilize filters for revealing the unwanted reviews, showing the star and number rating of your page
  • Enhance your powerful social proof on your site and have new sales
  • Access an engaging call-to-action button to attract more customer reviews
  • Invite users to post another review about you

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Amazon Reviews by Elfsight

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by Elfsight

Amazon Reviews is another social review application built by Elfsight that helps eCommerce business doers having an online Amazon store boast their appreciation among users and persuade website clients that their offers are good value for money.

Detailed, Amazon Reviews is a perfect choice for an online business doer to implement customer reviews from Amazon on your website with a document about their authors. Thus, this tool will level up the credibility of your brand and attract more new customers. Furthermore, you can instantly utilize filters to reveal only the best, insert ratings, and review-request button in the widget. Then, this app guides people on your Amazon account to create a fresh review. You can also customize and sort a clear, minimal grid of reviews to entice customers’ attention to the text. The higher rates and excellent reviews will make your products worth buying and convince your customers to create more new purchases. Additionally, store owners can display their reviews in a dynamic carousel with autoplay and any number of reviews per slide. Plus, Amazon Reviews is responsive for parameter sizes, so it can help you generate a modern and eyecatching widget but still save all the functionality.

Let install this incredible software for your Amazon store to accentuate visitors’ satisfaction when shopping in your online store.

Highlight features

  • Level up social trust by showing real users reviews
  • Utilize your high appraisal and awesomw reviews to persuade users your items are worth buying
  • Implement customer reviews from Amazon on your website with document about their authors
  • Lead people on your Amazon account to write a fresh review
  • Responsive size parameters to build a modern widget

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

4-Tell by 4-tell

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by 4-tell

4-Tell is one of the most creative and powerful merchandising applications that helps eCommerce business doers get personalization and data analytics solutions for their digital online store. This app will level up your business’s technology and drive more sales.

Firstly, 4-Tell allows managers to create long-term relationships with customers and boost revenue via its digital commerce solutions, containing 4-Tell’s Smart Commerce Platform. Detailed, this first technology is specified for supporting 1:1 omnichannel personalization in retail. Moreover, you can easily control real-time behavior to offer personalization and suggestions for all customer-facing site engagements, containing 4-Tell’s wholely customized microsite Your Store. This app also supports marketing teams to show product and purchase patterns across websites, email, and in-store channels. Further, your sales and support teams can present customer history, preferences, predictive recommendations, and real-time online behavior, revealing insightful sales and support intelligence around every single shopper. Besides, 4-Tell enables your management teams to have statistical analyses to monetize behavioral intelligence across cohorts, platforms, and product lines. All these functions for your whole business will grow your centralized interactions with every consumer across numerous online and in-store channels.

Overall, 4-Tell is an innovator for any business of all types to modernize its customer service system and gain more benefits from your merchandising solutions.

Highlight features

  • Support 1:1 omnichannel personalization in retail
  • Control real-time behavior to offer personalization and suggestions for all customer-facing site engagements
  • Show product and purchase patterns across website, email and in-store channels
  • Conceal customer history, preferences, predictive recommendations and real-time online behavior
  • Surface statistical analyses to monetize behavioral intelligence across cohorts, platforms and product lines


Rating: - / 5

PureClarity by

BigCommerce Merchandising Apps by

PureClarity is an ideal merchandising solution for any eCommerce store to handle all the difficult customer shopping experience issues and increase your business’s progress. This app is specified based on the relevant recommendations, offers, and incentives throughout the customer journey.

Firstly, PureClarity facilitates your online store with the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to identify which recommenders are the most relevant to the clients on each page of your website. You can then easily arrange when and where on the page to display each recommender for successful conversion thanks to the AI Recommender Engine. Further, PureClarity connects to your website search and reaches what people are finding. It shows automated product suggestions within your search bar results and on your search results pages. More, PureClarity enables you to insert multiple new segments, update your segments to boost a powerful and relevant centralized experience for every segment you are targeting. Plus, this app helps you build customized campaigns targeted at multiple customer segments that match specific criteria, determine clients with promotional and awareness banners, manual recommendations, and AI recommenders. On the other hand, PureClarity discovers and analyzes onsite and offsite visitor behavior and interactions, acknowledges your recommenders’ performance, personalization within site search, behavioral merchandising campaigns, and customized email marketing.

Hence, there is no reason that you can not install this incredible platform to increase more sales and benefits.

Highlight features

  • Identify which recommenders are the most relevant to the clients on each page of your website
  • Connect with your website search and access what people are finding
  • Allow to insert multiple new segments, update segments to ensure a powerful and relevant customized experience
  • Customizable UI parameters and full control of navigation
  • Discover and analyze onsite and offsite client behavior and interactions

Price: $299.00/month, 14 days free trial

Rating: - / 5

Want your BigCommerce store to work better? You need the right mix of apps to help you manage and promote products, maximizing your work efforts.

In the world of online shopping, even if your store is small, you have to handle customer, product, and order data consistently to fulfill your store’s daily sales goals. The traditional ways of merchandising are not sufficient anymore. Fortunately, BigCommerce merchandising apps are massively available to help, and you will need the following information to make the right choice.

Outstanding features of BigCommerce merchandising apps

Visual merchandising

BigCommerce merchandising apps enable you to provide customers with real-time visualization and product customization. Your customers can view, build, and customize products to their specifications. Customers are able to modify your products with available options to make their own design by adding texts, uploading images, and changing colors.

With 3D and AR (Augmented Reality) configuration, your customers can easily build, spin, and configure your products in real-time on any browser and device.

As the store owners, you can build beautiful custom pages by using powerful editors, such as landing pages, blog pages, and product pages. You can add various elements to your pages to make your pages more friendly and interactive, like tabs, product galleries, videos, templates, sliders, 3D product images, and more.

Product recommendations

With BigCommerce merchandising apps, you can also leverage product recommendations successfully like many other eCommerce behemoths already do to improve the customer shopping experience. By integrating related product sliders on your product pages, you ensure your customers always have a lot of options to choose from.

What’s more, by collecting and analyzing shopping behaviors from all customers and the store’s sales history, you will know what your customers probably want to buy next, so it’s easy to create more personalized recommendations. With advanced recommendation algorithms, your store will be able to suggest the right products to the right customers at the right time.

Unlimited custom filters

There are no limitations on the number of custom filters you can create so that you can tailor your filters to best meet the needs of your customers. These essential filters like shop by size, shop by color, or brand, and etc., will make it easier and more flexible for customers to shop in your store.

Search and navigation

Customers can search for products on your store quickly with an intelligent search bar. Some apps add useful functionalities of search bars that can speed up the product search process like auto-complete, auto-correct, synonym/antonym search, and more. When customers want to look for products with more details in types and categories, they can expand the search by SKU, product attributes, auto-generated filters, etc. With the help of instant search, your result pages will not keep your shoppers waiting to see what they want to buy.

Moreover, BigCommerce merchandising apps enable you to create seamless and smart navigation that provides a consistent look and user experience on all pages and search results in your store. Besides, product recommendations and product finders are also great sources for finding products.

Reporting and analytics

Every business needs to track and measure the performance of their products or any sales and marketing campaigns. With BigCommerce merchandising apps, you can measure the page performance with visual analytics that monitor and present key metrics like sales, add to carts, bounce rate, and more.

You can dive deeper into every facet of your product pages, see how customers interact with your products, and acquire valuable insights for critical business decisions.

Ratings and reviews

BigCommerce merchandising apps have intuitive solutions to help you activate, collect, and display customer reviews and ratings on products, sites, pages, and photos more effectively. For example, customers can leave reviews within the body of the review requests emails and without ever leaving their email app. This is because the apps are designed with mobility in mind.

Real customers’ reviews and ratings showcased on your store are proven to strengthen your store’s trustworthiness and build customer confidence to purchase your goods and services.

Social commerce

BigCommerce merchandising apps integrate with different social media platforms, which are potential online markets to expand your business. For example, with the Facebook Shop - a new feature of Facebook Pages, you can organize and showcase shoppable product collections on Facebook. Shoppers can view and browse your products on the collections and will be transferred to your website to checkout. Connect and send your products to popular social media platforms to increase customer engagement and boost sales.

Why should use BigCommerce merchandising apps

Improved customer experience

With the help of BigCommerce merchandising apps, a large number of your products will be categorized and organized neatly on your store’s product pages, which is convenient for customers to access view, and add favorite items to the cart.

Moreover, you will be able to find apps that leverage AI technology that creates an infinite and more personalized user experience. Accordingly, the app will identify customers’ preferences and change your website content to show products and offers that match their needs. Therefore, it saves a lot of time for shoppers to find the right items they want to buy and make them really enjoy shopping on your website.

Mobile and browser compatibility

BigCommerce mobile-enforced merchandising apps enable access from different devices and browsers. Customers can add an item to a cart on the go with their smartphones or while shopping on tablets. Anything will be processed seamlessly, and it also smoothes over your tracking and managing from the back office.

Easy to edit

Don’t worry if you are not tech-savvy to level up your business. BigCommerce merchandising apps provide you with a no-code or drag and drop editor. It’s simple to configure and customize your pages to look better with products and many other elements. Many apps also provide pre-made and conversion-optimized themes that critically help build a good-looking and responsive product page.

Speed up sales cycles

Using BigCommerce merchandising apps, you can access your product catalog, price data, orders, and much more important information from anywhere. The real-time communication between different departments and staff will be much easier and flexible. This enables the sales process to facilitate faster and more efficiently. In return, increase revenue for your business.

Factors to consider when choosing a BigCommerce merchandising app


Your products must look good in your store so that they are more likely to be noticed by customers and more convenient to buy. Therefore, find an app that displays your products in a neat and well-organized manner.


You should ask yourself this question first: “what your business is actually doing and which functionalities you need to increase the effectiveness?” List your business requirements and choose an app that can meet all of them.


This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a merchandising app. If the app you use is compatible with the existing software you already have in place, you will not have to quit any on-running system but might take advantage of the co-operation between apps.


Last but not least, it’s good to consider the cost. Different apps will offer different features conforming to different pricing plans. Based on your budget, choose an app that is affordable and budget-friendly. You need to make sure your app will not hurt your budget but still have functionalities that your business requires.

The bottom line

To streamline your BigCommerce business, it’s good to use a merchandising app. In the BigCommerce market, you can find a lot of apps from different providers. The apps are arranged according to specific categories, so it’s not difficult to find an option that specializes more to your business’s needs. You can see the essential information about each app and can contact the provider to know more if necessary. It’s important to understand what you are going to use, so don’t be afraid to make everything crystal clear.

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