Shopify Payments & Security Apps 2024

32+ Best Shopify Payments & Security Apps from hundreds of the Payments & Security reviews in the market (Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Payments & Security does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Payments & Security app collection is ranked and result in February 2024, the price from $0. You find free, paid Payments & Security apps or alternatives to Payments & Security also. The Top 50+ Shopify Free Apps for Every Store.

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Payments & Security Apps for BigCommerce

32 Best Payments & Security Apps for BigCommerce

Signifyd by Signifyd

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Signifyd

Signifyd is an eCommerce fraud prevention that ensures protection and optimizes revenue for merchants. It includes three distinct solutions: Revenue Protection, Abuse Prevention, and Payments Compliance that remove the stress of eCommerce fraud prevention, abuse, and payment regulation, allowing businesses to increase sales and open new markets while reducing risk.

Signifyd solutions provide seamless, tailored commerce protection to retailers. The Revenue Protection feature leverages big data, machine learning, and expert manual review to offer a complete financial guarantee on all approved orders. Signifyd global retail data network enables better decision making, thus helps retailers ship more. Its customer-first design makes sure that no friction occurs during the buying process. Signifyd allows merchants to shift liability so that they can open up the conversion funnel with confidence. Next, the Abuse Prevention protects merchants from unwanted policy abuse and recovers revenue. It covers from preventing Item-Not-Received fraud, promotion abuse, unauthorized reseller, or employee discount abuse. The Abuse Prevention feature automatically investigates and resolves all chargebacks on your behalf to recover lost revenue. Last but not least, the Payment Compliance gives retailers a frictionless and future-proof authentication experience. With the industry-leading transaction intelligence combined with the best machine learning in one feature, Signifyd ensures merchants have the highest authorization rates in the industry, save on payment processing costs, and maximize conversion at every point in the payment journey. Besides, the Payment Compliance solution allows merchants to tactfully perform Strong Customer Authentication, way before a customer reaches the checkout page. Its built-in 3DS2 capabilities ensure that both the payment provider and the cardholder’s issuing bank receive the information necessary to authenticate the transaction.

Most fraud tools aim at preventing fraud chargebacks, but Signifyd can address all Card-Not-Present chargebacks. It has been a tremendous asset to businesses who are inundated with a wave of fraudulent claims.

Highlight features

  • Revenue Protection provides a complete financial guarantee on all approved orders
  • Abuse Prevention protects merchants from unwanted policy abuse
  • Frictionless and future-proof authentication experience with payment compliance

Price: Custom Price

Rating: 44 - 4.5 / 5

Rebillia Platform by Rebillia

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Rebillia

Rebillia Platform by Rebillia is a payment solution provider who provides eCommerce merchants with better tools and systems to power their subscription success. We have 3 main products, namely Rebillia’s REmail Campaigns, Rebillia’s Recurring Orders, and Rebillia’s Saved Credit Card, as well as several useful add-ons that fit merchants’ online stores.

Our REmail Campaigns feature offers a smart retargeting emailing system that changes the way you do email marketing. We only create automated campaigns and triggering systems that are individually targeted based on their profile and what they purchase. Our feature allows you to create email campaigns that automatically collect necessary information, prepare the offer beforehand for your review, and send it when you want to. And the highlight of REmail Campaigns is the Direct-To-Checkout functionality that sends customers directly to your checkout page with their selected product being ready for purchase in the cart, with just one button. The Rebillia’s Recurring Orders is based on our self-developed seamless and customizable subscription engine instead of the gateway’s built-in engine like others. We will automatically create and embed subscription options directly into your products, inheriting your store’s look, and allow tailoring your products flexibly to your market. Merchants are even capable of modifying a subscription plan to a fully functional Layaway program, using the Recurring Orders feature. Rebillia Saved Credit Card will create a frictionless checkout environment allowing your customers to save their credit card information for future purchases. Rebillia enhances your customer experience even more with the Vaulted Card Ability, displaying credit cards from older subscriptions when your customers subscribe for another product.

Therefore, we keep our system and your secure information following PCI-DSS and GDPR. We are also the only certified level 1 PCI-DSS and GDPR compliant service provider on BigCommerce. Rebillia also has a premium add-on feature called Manage Payment Options, which allows online retailers and their customers to add, manage, and delete an unlimited number of cards without going through a checkout process. This feature will build brand trust in your customer by giving them the feeling of being “in full control” of their account. They also get a more personalized shopping experience.

Highlight features

  • Rebillia’s smart “REmail Campaigns” with the Direct-to-Checkout functionality
  • Rebillia’s Recurring Orders provides first-class subscription management solution
  • Rebillia Credit Card Vaulting allows customers to save credit cards’ information
  • Certified Level 1 PCI-DSS & GDPR Compliant service provider
  • Rebillia’s premium add-on feature - Manage Payment Options

Price: From $20/month

Rating: 42 - 5.0 / 5

TrustedSite by Trustedsite

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Trustedsite

Act as its name, TrustedSite helps customers stay safe and confident knowing that the site that they’re shopping on is certified. Meanwhile, it also helps merchants sell more with trust by addressing the concerns that cost you sales and convert more customers at every stage of the buying funnel.

First thing first, TrustedSite will scan your website thoroughly for malware, viruses, phishing attacks, and other malicious activities to ensure the data security of your visitors. After that, you can display the full set of TrustedSite tools on your website. TrustedSite will directly verify your key contact information and display it on your verification modal. This way, your customers can reach you more reliably if they have issues or questions. Besides, you can prove yourself reliable with the Issue-Free Orders tool. Display the percentage of orders that are completed without any problem along with the client testimonials will show potential customers that your business consistently delivers outstanding service. You can display the TrustedSite floating trustmark anywhere on your site once your site scan process is completed. In addition to the floating trustmark, you can also show the engagement trustmarks to all your visitors. They’re customizable trustmarks that can be placed in specific conversion areas, and let your visitors know that a particular action is safe. To ensure your shoppers even more, TrustedSite offers the Shopper Identity Protection feature at no charge. This feature ensures your customers for 90 days for up to $100,000 with every purchase in the case of identity theft. Last but not least, see how visitors perceive the trustworthiness of your site in reality with the Trust Survey feature. This will compare you to TrustedSite websites and use this information to build greater trust with your customers.

TrustedSite trustmarks and certification will build trust in your site visitors and convert them into customers every step of the way. From logging in to checking out and even after the purchase, our trustmarks give your customers the confidence they need.

Highlight features

  • Verify your business to show customers you’re legitimate
  • Prove you're reliable with the Issue-Free Orders tool
  • Display TrustedSite floating trustmark and engagement trustmarks to establish trust everywhere
  • Protect your customers' identities with no fees
  • Get real responses from visitors with Trust Survey

Price: 0

Rating: 28 - 4.5 / 5

PayWhirl by Paywhirl

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Paywhirl

Is it impossible for businesses to find flexible payment software that helps simplify your billing and is simple to set up, use, and manage? It’s no longer impossible thanks to the invention of PayWhirl. It provides powerful widgets and tools to help you manage your recurring billing with ease. Moreover, you can cancel the PayWhirl service anytime you want.

With PayWhirl, businesses can charge their customers however they want. You can start adding recurring payments for subscriptions as a payment option by embedding it to your website, even without previous coding experience. Businesses can build custom checkout funnels for recurring invoices that fit any business modal by chaining subscription plans together. You will be armed with powerful reporting tools and metrics when using PayWhirl. Tracking your recurring revenue, gaining new customer insights, even predict growth, and figure out the right direction for your business future, etc. All is in just one single dashboard. PayWhirl is proud to be securely built for recurring payments. We make secure gateway connections with the TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol and make sure they meet ongoing PCI-compliant security standards. We don’t have access to credit card numbers or sensitive payment data of your customers nor store them on our server. We utilize encrypted tokens that only your gateway can decrypt so that your customers can save payment methods securely. We offer businesses an API and integrations so that you can create and customize a seamless customer experience even if you are not techies. Make your visitors stay on your website and convert them into customers just by copying and pasting a few lines of code. Besides, PayWhirls support a wide range of payment gateways, as well as accept all major brands of credit and debit cards in more than 100 currencies, and our list still keeps growing. Empower your customers by adding a customer portal into your website and allow them to add their bank accounts and pay.

PayWhirl will definitely help get your subscription options off the ground and deliver excellent customer service just as we are doing. Create your free account and start maximizing your revenue today!

Highlight features

  • Embed payment widgets and checkout to your website
  • Track your recurring revenue and gain customer insights with reporting tools and metrics
  • Security guarantee throughout payment process
  • API and integrations that you can use to create a seamless customer experience
  • Support a wide range of payment gateways


Rating: 13 - 4.0 / 5

Nofraud by Nofraud

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Nofraud

For any eCommerce retailer, online fraud is a major concern. With NoFraud, you can rest assured that your company is protected from fraud, and you can wash your hands with all fraud detection activities that eat up your staff’s hours, including assessing fraud ranking, fraud rule creating, and manual checking. When the NoFraud extension is activated, transactions will be forwarded to the NoFraud framework for confirmation after acceptance of the customer’s transaction.

NoFraud prevents eCommerce fraud by real-time authentication of the virtual identity. They produce individual, real-time judgments using massive amounts of data and practically any possible fraud detection technology for each purchase.

The system is completely integrated and operated by in-house professionals, requiring no merchant’s feedback, not even manual review - NoFraud internally performs cardholder authentication. Experts are eligible to answer any questions regarding NoFraud decision through phone.

NoFraud gives you actionable feedback that you can count on: Pass or Fail. No scores are to be measured or guidelines to be modified. NoFraud will perform manual analysis on behalf of a retailer for high-risk transactions where NoFraud would theoretically verify the transaction (~0.5 percent of transactions). This will raise the order approval way up to the industry’s peak. Besides, the investigation will be carried out proactively by NoFraud, so there is no need to question a fail.

Highlight features

  • Chargeback Protection
  • Flexibility on which orders to screen
  • Customer Managed Blacklist and Whitelist
  • Customized Review Proces
  • Cancel orders for infringement before order delivery by third parties process orders
  • Able screen phone orders


Rating: 13 - 5.0 / 5

FraudLabs Pro by Fraudlabs-pro

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Fraudlabs-pro

FraudLabs Pro is a sophisticated fraud protection solution that detects and blocks malicious eCommerce frauds for every business type. FraudLabs Pro’s intelligent machine learning approach screens all orders transactions using credit cards and other payment gateways for fraud patterns. This process helps merchants reduce chargeback and fraud losses or even prevent them before they happen, which boosts merchants’ revenue impressively.

Our Fraud Analysis and Scoring feature is your companion on the journey of reducing frauds and chargeback. Our fraud detection engine will comprehensively inspect hundreds of elements and validate every order for fraud patterns in a matter of seconds. Then our FraudLabs Pro analytic engine will take charge of analyzing transaction parameters and reports fraud analysis so that you can immediately decide the next action. We also offer further analysis of transactions in the Merchant area. We have the FraudLabs Pro Score that calculates the risk of your order accurately then we group the orders into Approve, Review, and Reject categories for your review. In addition to this method, FraudLabs Pro also applies blacklist based algorithms and machine learning techniques to detect fraud. We use crowdsourcing to gather high-quality blacklists data from our immense merchant’s network. Besides, FraudLabs Pro uses a machine learning approach to learn fraud patterns from real-time information like your approve, reject, and blacklist action. Thus, it improves fraud and chargeback prediction and prevention. Merchants also have the flexibility to customize your own fraud validation rules to fulfill your business demands. We also allow you to create and use rules within your FraudLabs Pro account to block and prevent an order from completing checkout. Then, you can manually review that order and decide whether to accept or reject that order. When you view an individual order and find the original fraud check result invalid, or when you finish modifying a client profile information and need to verify if the newly added details affect the risk assessment, you can trigger a re-run of the fraud screen on-demand. We will perform the check as you request and reflect on new results.

Highlight features

  • Reduce frauds and chargebacks with Fraud Analysis and Scoring
  • Customize fraud validation rules
  • Blacklist based algorithm with Machine Learning
  • Using rules to block orders
  • Re-run fraud check on demand

Price: 0

Rating: 10 - 3.5 / 5 by Eye4fraud

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Eye4fraud

In eCommerce, it is inherent that business is exposed to cyber thievery. Ever since online shopping has gone mainstream, malicious fraudsters have always aimed for merchant wallets. We created Eye4Fraud to help eCommerce store owners to deliver solutions to this problem. Eye4Fraud uses cutting edge fraud prevention technologies to meticulously screen, verify and guarantee your online orders to boost merchants’ confidence in selling and shipping.

Eye4Fraud connects with some advanced security protocols like Device Fingerprinting and Proxy Piercing to compile a three-dimensional image of the real shoppers on the other side of the computer screen. This effective money-back guarantee method helps merchants get rid of fraudulent orders and get credible ones instead. Another highlight feature of Eye4Fraud is the 100% Chargeback and Fraud Guarantee. Eye4Fraud collects data from every single order placed and runs comprehensive reviews of all elements to search for telltale signs of fraud. We also check and verify every detail and compare it to a world-class consumer database. We keep screening non-stop using the cutting edge technologies like Persona and Dynamic Scoring, which carry out real-time evaluations of shopper behavior during the purchasing process and monitor orders after purchase completion. Eye4Fraud hundreds of variables to detect any fraudulent order in the past. The distinct value of Eye4Fraud’s service is The Human Touch. Our team of Internet payment security experts, with many years of experience in the field, will solve fraud problems that computers cannot. They will manually conduct exhaustive examinations of gathered information and details to detect fraudulent activities. Besides, you will take over your business’s helm by having access to the data we collected on your orders via the Eye4Fraud dashboard. You are also allowed to choose and submit particular orders for manual review.

Highlight features

  • Advanced security protocols to figure out fraud patterns
  • 100% fraud and chargeback guarantee
  • Non-stop screening using cutting-edge Persona and Dynamic Scoring technologies
  • Involve the human touch to finds and solves what computer cannot
  • Gain full control via Eye4Fraud’s dashboard


Rating: 9 - 4.0 / 5

Recurring Billing & Vaulting By MINIBC by Minibc

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Minibc

ecurring Billing and Vaulting is one of MiniBC’s BigCommerce products designed to help online retailers increase their sales. It allows customers to make subscriptions to any products, buy memberships, and non-subscription products with ease.

The distinct feature of Recurring Billing and Vaulting is the Auto-shipping Recurring Subscriptions, which automatically create and fulfill the scheduled subscriptions, which in turn increases the conversion rate. Our clients praise this auto-shipping feature for memorizing order information so that they don’t have to manually enter it anymore, saving both merchants and their customers time. Recurring Billing and Vaulting provides a fast and secure checkout experience with our PCI compliant card vaulting and billing feature. Customers can leverage this feature to save their credit card information at no additional charge. Since merchants and their customers’ privacy and security is our first priority, we comply with PCI rules and never store any credit card information on our system. Besides, our app will seamlessly integrate into your checkout to create an excellent checkout experience while making use of BigCommerce store features and rules. It means that your customers will never be redirected to another unnecessary site. They will complete their purchase through the BigCommerce Checkout instead. We also do you a favor by automatically managing subscription renewal, card expiration, and billing error notifications. Merchants will also have the option to sell subscriptions and individual products in the same cart via our Mixed Cart Checkout feature. But these are not all that we can offer to our customers. Our inclusive Subscription Management allows you to search, edit, pause, or reject any subscriptions. You can even view your customers’ saved credit card purchases and subscriptions status, and update their payment method if you want.

Not only our product but also our customer service is proved to be superb. Our support team truly cares about our customers. We never shirk responsibility when it comes to customer inquiries, and always try our best to solve problems fast.

Highlight features

  • Auto-shipping recurring subscriptions
  • PCI compliant card vaulting and billing
  • Seamless one-page checkout experience
  • Mixed cart checkout
  • MiniBC’s inclusive subscription management

Price: $99/month, with a $500 upfront fee

Rating: 8 - 5.0 / 5

Subscrimia by Subscrimia

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Subscrimia

Are you in need of a not-too-complicated subscription system that still helps increase your revenue from providing subscriptions to your BigCommerce store? Subscrimia is a Bigcommerce subscription solution that offers subscription managing tools for merchants and their customers. It is easy to set up for merchants with just a few clicks. It is also easy for customers to use because all they need to select the subscription period.

Subscrimia’s automated recurring payment and shipment schedules are based on the subscription period that customers have chosen in checkout. Once your customer purchases a subscription, our app will handle the next recurring order, processing the payment automatically, then displaying the order in your BigCommerce dashboard. Merchants can also take full control of your customers’ billing cycle and trigger payments or order processing manually via Subscrimia’s dashboard. Customers are permitted to manage and alter their payment methods, address information, custom questions, subscriptions, and so on through Subscrimia’s responsive self-service subscription management portal. Therefore, your customers don’t have to leave your store whenever they need to change their subscription. Subscrimia will add a recurring interval option to your products so that your customers can subscribe to them. Once your customers select this option, they will be led to a customized checkout, which inherits the BigCommerce checkout look. Both you and your customer will then be notified about the newly made subscription. With Subscrimia, you can easily integrate add-ons and other third-party tools as helpful additions to your online store for free. Our recurring orders will also get all taxes and shipping information from your current configuration in BigCommerce, so you don’t need to care about them.

Highlight features

  • Automated payment and shipment scheduling
  • Self-service subscription management portal for customers
  • A recurring interval option and a customized checkout that resembles BigCommerce’s one
  • Easy and free integrations


Rating: 8 - 3.5 / 5

Affirm Marketing by Affirm

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Affirm

Affirm was founded to create honest financial products and services that empower consumers and improve lives. Affirm is useful not only for your customers but also for business. On average, companies using Affirm see an average order value increase of 85%, a conversion increase of up to 8%, and a 20% boost in repeat purchase rate.

The Affirm Marketing app helps you improve conversion and average order value by displaying Promotional Messaging either on product pages or at checkout. Educating your customers about Affirm via educational modals and reframing prices as a budget-friendly monthly payment messaging throughout the conversation funnel will positively affect customers’ purchase intent and naturally encourages up-sells and bundling. You also acquire the Affirm Enhanced Analytics feature, which helps merchants build a comprehensive picture of your website, better understand their customers, and fully optimize their shopping experience. This feature allows you to easily A/B test new promotional messaging and financing programs to ensure that your site is fully optimized for both cost and conversion rates. Another powerful marketing tool that Affirm provides retailers is Zero-percent Financing, which lets them offer qualified customers a 0% APR loan with no hidden fees or charges. Retailers can offer zero-percent financing for a limited time or indefinitely. Besides, Affirm encourages merchants to promote Affirm through email marketing campaigns like newsletters, promotions, and retargeting. Affirms cover the messaging and layout to follow when creating your emails in the merchant marketing guide and giving co-branded assets for branding and marketing purposes.

Do you want to know what our customers say about us? They said that Affirm is prompt, responsive, and stellar with support and troubleshooting any issue retailers may have in integrating with your site. Plus, Affirm does an excellent job of ensuring that retailers understand the finer details of their offerings.

Highlight features

  • Promotional Messaging helps improve conversion and average order value
  • Affirm Enhanced Analytics helps gain new insights into customers' preferences
  • Offer zero-percent financing with no hidden fees or charges
  • Follow the guided messaging and layout to promote Affirm through email marketing campaigns

Price: 0

Rating: 6 - 3.5 / 5

Sufio Invoices by Sufio

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Sufio

Sufio supports thousands of merchants all over the world, regardless of their size, to configure professional invoices and taxes. Sufio invoices help businesses stand out and build powerful brands. Let’s take a look at what we have in our automated invoicing system.

Sufio creates and sends professional invoices on autopilot for every order in your BigCommerce store. Our app syncs with merchants’ stores so that we can generate invoices based on the data taken from your orders. If you want a different setup, we offer many options for you to build your own powerful custom workflow that meets your business needs. Your customers can also download invoices online. Create your professional brand-focused invoices with Sufio available templates which are designed by our world’s leading print designers. You can customize colors or other elements of our templates to make your own invoice that impresses your customers. Sufio even allows merchants to build their invoices manually if they want their invoices unique. Merchants will still get help from Sufio by choosing from pre-made options in the dropdown menus in each invoice field. You may rest assured since all our documents ranging from tax invoice, vat invoice, credit note to proposal, quote, are validated by certified accountants. That means our documents are fully compliant with tax and accounting legislation for both B2C and B2B sales in most countries worldwide. Sufio is also in partnership with local accountants who translated our invoices professionally in more than 30 languages. Merchants who run multilingual BigCommerce stores can now create and send invoices in the same language that your shoppers use. Sufio allows merchants to accept online payments of invoices so that merchants can get paid faster. Currently, we only support credit card payments, but we will add more payment methods soon.

Highlight features

  • Powerful invoice creating and sending automation
  • Customizable brand-focused invoice design
  • Worldwide legislation compliant invoices and other documents
  • Setting up invoices in over 30 languages
  • Accept online payments of invoices

Price: $19.00/month, 14 days free trial

Rating: 5 - 4.0 / 5

Bolt by Bolt

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Bolt

Bolt is the world’s first checkout experience platform, which was created to perfect the purchase experience. Just as its name, Bolt offers eCommerce retailers lightning-fast, single-click checkout, world-leading fraud prevention, direct payments, and PnP integrations that can be managed from one spot.

The focal point of Bolt is the secure one-click checkout, which is optimized for both desktop and mobile for any repeat purchase on your site. Your customers can save their shipping and payment information at the end of the first checkout process, thus save time doing checkout when they return to your site later. This feature helps cut down unnecessary fields and speed up slow load times, which in turn can turn one-time shoppers into your lifetime clients. Moreover, retailers can stay protected from fraud and be more confident to approve good orders with our best-in-class fraud detection, powered by machine learning algorithms and expert human reviews. Bolt analyzes more than 200 real-time data signals and historical variables while the purchase is happening to enable faster fraud decision making. And we have an in-house fraud expert team who review suspicious transactions that need further review. In addition, our platform automatically keeps track of any fraudulent activity occurring and helps submit evidence on your behalf. The Bolt direct payments feature can continuously optimize your payment flows with our complex, iterative infrastructure. Bolt is also glad to introduce merchants to our plug & play (PnP) integrations so that merchants can customize them freely to fulfill their business needs. Moreover, we allow merchants to manage every existing integration from just one spot. Finally, don’t forget to see how shoppers respond to your checkout process and better understand their behavior with Bolt unparalleled shoppers analytics. Check out the comprehensive breakdown of your sales data and ROI in a single simple dashboard.

Bolt offers eCommerce store owners with an efficient checkout experience solution, which brings back a better return customer experience for store owners. We solve the complicated technological challenges involved in fraud detection, checkout process, etc. so that online retailers can focus on their own core business.

Highlight features

  • Fastest checkout experience with one-click checkout feature
  • Fraud detection powered by real-time data signals and expert review
  • Continuously optimize your payment flows with Bolt direct payments
  • Leverage PnP integrations and manage existing ones from one spot
  • Understand shopper behavior with unparalleled shoppers analytics


Rating: 5 - 5.0 / 5

Bold Checkout by Bold-commerce

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Bold-commerce

There are tons of checkout solutions available in the market, but hardly any of these is tailor-made for your unique business. Bold Checkout is built to solve this problem by allowing merchants to create their own powerful, high-converting checkout experiences that match their business needs.

Bold Checkout lets you customize your business’ checkout solution with our powerful, flexible APIs and webhooks. From the look, feel, flow to other functionalities, business owners have full control over customizing them the way they want so that the checkouts best fits their brand. Brand owners still have the option to choose from one of Bold Checkout’s pre-built templates. Bold provides a custom branded URL so that you can make your brand stand out from the rest, as well as adding a sense of security to your customers. Besides, Bold Checkout has a modular checkout framework from which you can customize your own tailored experience. With the help of our robust APIs and an out-of-the-box user admin, merchants can extend their checkout functionality to minimize risk, cost, and technical complexity. Using Bold Checkout, you have a variety of payment options to choose from. We connected with more than 19 payment gateways like Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, Stripe, etc. and digital wallets.

Moreover, you can offer your customers an easy and convenient way to save their credit card information securely with our Card vaulting functionality. As a result, you may expect a reduction in cart abandonment and an increase in your revenue. We also have immediate capture payments on fulfillment or based on business rules with custom pre-authorization logic. Bold Checkout makes sure that businesses can sell more internationally while still delivering a localized checkout experience. Merchants can accept and capture payments in more than 150 currencies, and they can allow their customers to choose their language for the checkout experience.

Bold Checkout is built to help eCommerce store owners tackle different industry-specific requirements and multiple business models. With Bold, they can increase their stores’ conversion rate, sell with more significant order value, and turn their shoppers into loyal customers.

Highlight features

  • Customize your checkout experience
  • Powerful pre-built Bold’s checkout framework
  • Various payment gateways and digital wallets. Card vaulting option
  • Immediate capture payment option
  • Localized shopping experience with multilingual checkout in 150 currencies


Rating: 2 - 3.0 / 5

Sezzle by Sezzle

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Sezzle

Sezzle is a fast-growing fintech company that empowers young buyers with a smarter way to pay to increase their purchasing power. We help eCommerce merchants overcome shopping cart abandonment, increase sales and basket sizes, and guarantee no credit or fraud risks.

So how do Sezzle help young consumers and online retailers? They do it by offering an interest-free 6-week installment plan, which is a Buy Now, Pay Later solution for consumers. The mechanism of this solution is to split the total cost of an order into 4 equal payments over the 6 weeks. The small price breakdowns on online stores’ product pages or within the cart are called Sezzle widgets. Its mission is to tell shoppers what their initial payment will be, and what amounts are due later on and when. This way, they will be more confident making a larger purchase but still sticking to their budget. Sezzle widgets will inherit the properties of your website and theme by default. We also assume all credit and fraud risks and pay merchants the full purchase price immediately, though their customers only pay 25% of their orders upfront. Our solution also includes a payment gateway in which customers can choose Sezzle as their payment method. Merchants who target young consumers also have a chance to reach millions of active Sezzle users since we are very popular with them. Besides, we have plenty of other users who vary in age and financial situation.

Right from the start, we are committed to the mission of helping shoppers gain control of their financial futures, use their money wisely, and reach financial freedom. Merchants using Sezzle as a payment option will achieve more sales, a larger order, and higher conversion rates.

Highlight features

  • Get a 6-week interest-free installment payments solution
  • Provide small price breakdowns called Sezzle widgets
  • Reach an audience of millions of active Sezzle users
  • Guarantee zero credit or fraud risk for merchants
  • Include a payment gateway which add Sezzle as a payment option

Price: 0

Rating: 2 - 3.0 / 5

FireWall by App-developer-group

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by App-developer-group

There are occasions with online stores when a store owner does not want to display their shop items in particular nations or for specific IP addresses, or for social networking redirections. FireWall app was created to meet those needs.

This app prevents or redirects undesirable countries, IP ranges, devices, or sources of UTM. It also disables mouse incidents such as right-clicking on text, images, links or input boxes and prevents events such as drag & drop, key pressing and more.

In addition, this app can redirect customers to the custom page; or to their domestic country’s BigCommerce store. You can save your store’s bandwidth and server time by redirecting unwanted visitors to the blocked countries if you don’t want to display your store.

You can mix and match locks and keys to your specific needs - FireWall lets you be totally creative about how you will protect your shop, and who will see what content. So, what are you waiting for? A 7-day free trial is readily available to everyone.

Highlight features

  • Lock anything in Your store with a passcode
  • Create country-specific items
  • Create secret links to your specific customers
  • Redirect blocked visitors to blocked countries
  • Customize Lockdown Screen

Price: $5.00/month, 7 days free trial

Rating: 2 - 3.0 / 5 Payment Plans by Partially-llc

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Partially-llc

Are you tired of the same old scenario that shoppers visit your eCommerce store, select all the items they want to buy, and abandon their carts at the end of the day? If you feel the pain, you may need to start using the flexible, automated Payment Plans. We offer a seamless payment plan functionality that lets your customers choose to make big-ticket payments at a rate that matches their financial states. automated payment plans help merchants invoice customers for their orders according to your specifications. Merchants can offer their customers payment plan terms in a win-win proposition and customize their plans within the confines you set. In case that you want to process a scheduled payment early or handle a custom payment in any amount, we provide a flexible manual payment widget for you. Change anything you want, and we will adjust the remaining payment schedule on autopilot. let merchants gain full payment plan control, from setting the down payment, frequency, term to any supplementary line-item fees. You can also create plans that precisely match the cash flow requirements of your business. You and your customers’ privacy and security are our priorities. We have industry-leading security best practices, and we make sure no personal information and sensitive payment data are stored in our server. Also, has a user-oriented customer portal where customers can open and manage their payment plans, process ongoing payments, and monitor their payment plan activity. Payment Plans app is packed with useful features that help merchants drive eCommerce sales and offer their shoppers more freedom in making payments. Our app is currently available for eCommerce businesses in 25 countries, and the list is still updated all the time. Join us today for a distinct payment plan experience that helps you grow sales.

Highlight features

  • Automated easy payment plan terms
  • Manually process scheduled payments
  • Total payment plan control
  • Industry leading payments security practices
  • Convenient client portal

Price: 0

Rating: 1 - 1.0 / 5

Bread Finance by Lon-operations-llc

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Lon-operations-llc

Bread Finance is a pay-over-time financing solution that helps merchants attract, convert more customers, build strong customer relationships, and grow sales. Our product is built to engage more customers long before they reach the checkout page, and create a brand-consistent financing experience.

Bread allows you to present different financing options along the customer journey at any page on your site, from your homepage, product page, cart, to checkout. Your customers also get the ability to pre-qualify and checkout anywhere on your site. Bread enables you to create flexible loan terms and optimize other financing programs for your products and your customers. Loan terms can vary from 3 to 36 months and up to 18-month 0 percent APR products. With Bread Finance, your shoppers can apply for financing just by filling out a simple and short form and get a credit decision in seconds right in your site. They can also know if they are pre-qualified and learn about their purchase power in real-time. We claim ourselves as a white-label product, which means you can tailor Bread the way you want to match your brand’s style. You also have full control over your user experience by embedding Bread’s checkout widget to your BigCommerce store to integrate our financing with your checkout process fully. Beyond being a financing solution, Bread is a data-driven marketing partner for eCommerce store owners. We capture actionable data and insights to understand how you should leverage our financing options to improve brand loyalty. We also help you promote financing through email marketing campaigns, social media, and of course, your website. Moreover, Bread Finance supports merchants to deploy ReTargeting campaigns to reach cart-abandoned shoppers and recover their lost revenue.

Highlight features

  • Presenting financing on any page on your site
  • Flexible loan terms and custom financing program
  • Apply for financing and get a credit decision in seconds
  • Customize Bread to match your brand and have full control over UX
  • Promote your financing with data-driven marketing tools

Price: 0

Rating: 1 - 1.0 / 5

ClearSale by Clearsale

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Clearsale

Since its start in 2001, ClearSale has always provided merchants with an end-to-end fraud solution that addresses chargebacks and false declines. With ClearSale, merchants can maximize their revenue and approve every order that their good customers place with them.

There are chances that the automated fraud program you are currently using is incorrectly declining some of your customers due to its already designed fraud scoring and fraud filters. ClearSale never auto-declines your order. In contrast, we help you prevent false declines so that you are sure that you’re approving every legitimate order that your customers place with you. Our AI platform builds a custom fraud scoring algorithm that perfectly matches your fraud risk profile and scans your incoming orders. If the technology identifies an order that might be fraudulent, the order will be sent to our expert fraud analysis team for another two rounds of review. As a result, you gain the lowest decline rates and highest approval rates in the industry. ClearSale also offers an online fraud dashboard and reports to meet your needs. You can access both standard and customizable reports online 24/7 via computer or mobile device or schedule automated reports to fit your schedule. The ideal fraud program should fit your specific business goals and objectives. Therefore, we offer two forms of chargeback coverage: Chargeback Protection and Chargeback Insurance. Each approach provides your business with a comprehensive eCommerce fraud protection solution, and each approach ensures you only pay for approved transactions. Unlike our competitors, ClearSale is flexible in fulfilling your needs by offering individual performance-based pricing plans based on your KPIs. We deliver to merchants two straightforward pricing approaches. One of them is the KPI pricing model, where your price is based on the number of approved transactions every month. Another one is the fixed percentage pricing model, where you are billed a fixed fee on every approved transaction.

ClearSale is truly a hidden gem for companies who are combating online credit-card fraud. With an innovative fraud solution customized to your business, you’ll be happy to see higher approval rates while virtually eliminating false positives.

Highlight features

  • Protect businesses from false declines
  • ClearSale Analysis Center where you gain visibility and transparency into your eCommerce orders
  • Two forms of chargeback coverage: Chargeback Protection and Chargeback Insurance
  • Offering individual performance-based pricing plans based on your KPIs

Price: Custom price

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5 by

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by

AgeChecker.Net is dedicated to providing a simple online age verification for eCommerce stores selling age-restricted products. Our solution is inconspicuous so that you don’t lose customers over age verification or risk selling to underage shoppers. Merchants don’t have to verify their customers’ age manually while still complying with the latest USA regulations.

AgeChecker.Net offers a fast, automated verification using our extensive database of records from various trusted data sources, together with intelligent matching technology. Customers won’t feel the conspicuousness since most of them only need to enter their D.O.B to verify. It only requires a photo ID in case the customer may be underage, or their information doesn’t match our records. Even when a photo ID is required, the entire verification process still only lasts 10 seconds. You can use one of our presets to start making a powerful age verification experience. But the app also allows merchants to customize the age verification requirements like the minimum ages, order blocking by location or ID requirement from certain areas, etc. Or you can build a sole seamless verification solution using our API. Your customers will hardly notice that they went through a verification process. AgeChecker dashboard offers merchants advanced management to view verification details and statistics, including the history of individual customers from your store. Retailers can also change the minimum age requirement, create and manage multiple websites, view AgeChecker API documentation, etc. on the dashboard. Privacy and security is our utmost priority. All your customer’s personal information is sent over a secure connection and is stored only for a quick verification in case of a second purchase.

Highlight features

  • Instant customer age verification
  • Custom age verification requirements solution
  • Advanced management with AgeChecker’s comprehensive dashboard
  • Guarantee the utmost security and privacy of customers’ data
  • Fully comply with FDA regulations and other laws, policies

Price: $25/month + $0.50 per accepted verification

Rating: - / 5

Credit Key by Credit-key

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Credit-key

Credit Key is a pay-over-time financing solution for online retailers to provide their business customers a substitution of traditional B2B payment methods. Using Credit Key will enhance your customer experience, offering them better financing with cost-effective terms than credit cards.

Credit Key provides up to $50,000 real-time business credit approvals, which can be seen as a payment option by your B2B customers at your online store checkout page. We always offer your shoppers net terms from 30 to 90 days without any interest or hidden fees. Besides, we also deliver an easy-to-use, flexible line of credit that allows businesses to buy now and make monthly payments for every type of business purchase. Also, we give your business customers the option to pay with Credit Key at checkout or on the phone. Our proprietary B2B underwriting process will uniquely identify and instantly score businesses, on behalf of you, to extend deeper credit to your shoppers when they check out. If you want, Credit Key will provide a standalone modal overlay over the checkout page. This will keep your visitors on your website and allow customers to apply for credit and pay for their order. The modal loads the Credit Key website via an iframe container, which means that all data entered into the Credit Key experience is securely captured only on Credit Key servers. You, the merchants, can configure the Checkout and Product pages to display the Credit Key payment option as text or banner and set the size of each display to small, medium, or large. We always do our utmost to provide a more secure service for both customers and merchants. Credit Key does all invoice factoring and assumes all risks for eCommerce merchants. We pay merchants immediately instead of waiting until customers pay the full amount. Credit Key also protects client information and payment data by only requiring basic information about its business and personal information for a soft credit check. They only need to connect their bank via automated ACH transfers once their order is placed.

With its key feature - Real-time B2B credit, Credit Key will help you boost your store’s order amounts, order volume and deliver exceptional customer service on behalf of you.

Highlight features

  • Provide real-time B2B credit approval and payment flexibility
  • Proprietary B2B underwriting process
  • A standalone modal overlay payment experience
  • Checkout and Product page configuration
  • Security guarantee for both merchants and business shoppers

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Brex by Brex

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Brex

Brex is established to rebuild B2B financial products and help startups of all sizes to scale their business faster. Just sign up in minutes for a cash management account and a corporate card with no personal guarantee, all in one place.

Brex set the new standard for Cash Management. They designed Brex Cash to be different from the ground up, including no fees, a higher yield, and enhanced 2FA protection. When you sign up for Brex Cash, you’ll get higher limits on your Brex card to help save time, streamline your cash management and grow your business. And whether you are sending ACH payments or wire transfers, domestically or internationally, it’s always free. Brex also provides businesses with Expense Management controls at scale. The smart categorization and automatic reconciliation help you keep your books in order, no matter where your expenses live. You can also easily issue and shut down cards as needed with custom credit limits. From employee purchases to vendor payments, you gain control of your company’s expenses from anywhere to save your time and reduce wasted spend. You can also seamlessly connect your ERP and Accounting systems with Brex. And you don’t have to worry about the receipts piling up anymore. Whenever you make a purchase, snap a photo of your receipt, add a memo, and text, email, or upload it to the mobile app to automatically match it to the expense. Using Brex, you are armed with custom admin controls and robust card management tools that keep track of all of your virtual card expenses. You don’t have to worry about stolen card credentials anymore since you have our advanced fraud prevention and enhanced 2FA. Moreover, you can issue as many virtual corporate credit cards as you need with custom limits for online purchases. You can assign purchases or subscriptions to separate virtual credit cards. Granular controls help you track all spending and immediately shut down compromised cards.

Thousands of businesses use Brex to maximize their financial resources. One of our customers said that Brex is perfect for online brands because it offers financial flexibility and high-quality software without a personal guarantee.

Highlight features

  • Cash Management solution with one account, no fees on wires, ACH, or card
  • Expense Management controls at scale
  • Seamlessly connect your ERP and Accounting systems
  • Advanced theft and fraud protection at any scale
  • Issue unlimited secure virtual credit cards with no fees

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

PayPal Button by Elfsight

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Elfsight

Elfsight PayPal app allows users to create buttons for single payments, subscriptions with recurring options, and donations with given or open value. Without coding skills needed, you can set up an efficient payment platform on your website and use one solution to process purchases, subscriptions, and donations. Let your customers use the most prestigious payment systems available on your web!

All you need to add a payment button on the web is enter the item’s name and cost. If required, you can specify the tax and show the price of the shipment. After successful transactions, there’s also an option to direct clients to a specific tab.

To get your customers to subscribe for your goods or services easily and efficiently, you can embed a subscription button and modify the subscription duration and other criteria. You can also create a Fast Donation Tool on your website with the Elfsight PayPal button. Choose the Donation form button and set a fixed sum of donation or let donors determine how much they want to donate, and it’s done.

You can make your clients’ subscriptions automatically continue and have them billed. The recurring choice would set automatic subscription billing depending on the frequency and payment information selected.

With Elfsight PayPal Button’s comprehensive localization possibilities, it’s easy to pay wherever your users are. Select your region, and the PayPal checkout window interface will be available in the language in question.

Highlight features

  • Embed a single-payment button
  • Embed a subscription button
  • Recurring for automatic subscription billing
  • Embed Donation button
  • Pay wherever you are

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Splitlt by Splitit

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Splitit

Splitit is a digital payment system that helps consumers pay for transactions using a current debit or credit card by separating expenses into interest-free recurring installments without new approvals or applications. Splitit provides monthly credit or debit card installment payments, a deferred payment plan, and multi-wallet transfers. Depending on their store’s needs, merchants may choose to offer any combination of options.

Splitit is an intuitive option on the worldwide selling installments. It helps retailers to catch customers from around the world, regardless of where the shopper is. Splitit now partners with more than 300 merchants from 30 countries worldwide, representing about 5 percent of the top 500 Internet retailers.

Besides, Splitit is a solution in omnichannel. Splitit makes online, on the telephone, and in-store monthly payments. It also allows for immediate clearance to fill out an application form without any trouble. Splitit encourages retailers to raise sales by increasing the buying power of consumers. Suppose a buyer has the option of splitting payments before making an online transaction. In that case, the user is more likely to raise their average order value (AOV), which will lower cart dropout rates and increase sales revenue.

Highlight features

  • Enables retailers to grab customers from across the globe irrespective of where the shopper is situated
  • Allow on-line, mobile and in-store monthly payments
  • Allow quick approval without any trouble in filling out a request form
  • Boost sales by raising the buying power of the consumers

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Safe.Shop by Sale-shop

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Sale-shop

Safe.Shop is the only trustmark and customer review framework running domestically and internationally. They help you improve your online purchases by supplying your future online buyers with a more convenient online shopping experience. An online store with a rating system, Global Code of Conduct certification, Trust Score, and Trust Badges will increase the degree of trust online customers have with their buying experience and, in turn, increase the conversion and order size.

Safe.Shop incorporates the Customer Rating Mechanism that helps you quickly gather user ratings that you can feature in your online store, all of which are seamlessly incorporated into your website without the user’s need to access any website.

You are demonstrating your reliability to potential customers by showing the Safe.Shop Trustmark on your online store. If applicable, we mediate with customers in the event of disputes and provide you with the (legal) assistance needed.

All you need to do is: First, install in extension; then register to get your access key; Add the given key to your installed app, and enjoy collecting customer reviews immediately. It takes you only 5 minutes to set up. So, what are you waiting for?

Highlight features

  • Increase revenue with a greater conversion & order size by raising customer trust
  • With our Customer Rating Scheme, gather feedback for your webshop
  • Have the webshop accredited according to certifications of various kinds
  • Prevent costs with regular legal documents and reduce risk with legal support

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Reliant-Funding by Reliant-funding

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Reliant-funding

Access the cash you need to run your business – Reliant Funding’s fixed cost capital gives you a fast, convenient, and scalable solution for any work capital constraints your business is currently facing. Currently accessible for small companies with total annual revenue of over $100,000, funding options start at $5,000 and grow to $250,000 based on the company’s financials.

Whether it’s bridging a short-term financing gap, buying stock, or investing in marketing, fixed cost capital gives you the power to respond quickly.

Reliant Funding has successfully helped company owners around the US develop and expand their company since 2008. They are incredibly happy to partner with BigCommerce now to offer this form of funding to company owners like you.

When you’re about to take on the big challenge, Reliant Funding has the capital you need to get it done.

Highlight features

  • Recive the cash you need with an optional daily payment

Price: Variable cost

Rating: - / 5

Paytomorrow by

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by

PayTomorrow gives your customers the freedom to buy today but pay in the future.

PayTomorrow believes in equitable financing. The distinctive two-stage contract with PayTomorrow provides flexible financing options with fair and transparent pricing. No hidden fees, no fines for prepayment-customers always know upfront about their monthly costs.

PayTomorrow provides personalized price tags customized to the unique credit profile of the client. Their advanced underwriting will immediately determine your borrower’s credit history and provide them with a personalized loan deal. With their flat-fee pricing, all loans have the same low discount merchant rate irrespective of the credit ratings of your borrower or the duration of the loan terms, which means you don’t have to worry about your customer’s credit risk.

PayTomorrow provides several lending options so the client can select the right budget choice. We also give up to 24 months of long-term funding. Yet you get billed instantly, as always. Your shop, your Name, their technology; they partner with you to develop a completely personalized check-out experience where your customers finalize their order though they never leave your platform.

To sum up, PayTomorrow is one of the few lenders funding all in-store and online transactions on the marketplace. They do this by two distinct technology systems uniquely developed to manage the order in-store or eCommerce.

Highlight features

  • Deliver flexible financing options with fair & transparent pricing
  • Dynamic pricing, tailored to the specific credit profile of your client
  • Offer multiple repayment plans, so that your customer can choose the best budget option
  • Offer up to 24 months of long-term financing
  • All loans have the same low discount merchant fee with flat fee pricing

Price: Custom Price

Rating: - / 5

ordergroove by Ordergroove

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Ordergroove

Ordergroove helps companies easily deliver best-in-class delivery, loyalty, gaming, and reordering services that optimize recurring revenue and long-term value. More than 100 brands, including L’Oreal, KIND Treats, Pepsi, illy, GNC, and The Honest Company, utilize Ordergroove’s technology and anticipate AI engine to offer creative, customized, and friction-free customer services. This reduces the difficulty of maintaining a recurring revenue business while achieving best-in-class subscription and sales metrics.

Ordergroove integrates seamlessly into the current shopping cart of BigCommerce, preventing a separate shopping cart experience while allowing for mixed carts of one-time and recurring plans. It also offers annual and recurring merchandising, marketing, experience optimization, and order management.

Ordergroove facilitates recurring experiences driven by machine learning, avoiding a “one size fits all” approach, a real hassle for customers seeking a unique plan. Besides, every channel is ready for sign-ups and management at any channel, including eCommerce, SMS, voice, and retail stores.

Ordergroove comes with an integrated developer framework and APIs which allow easy integration across channels with existing retail technologies and omnichannel consumer experiences.

Highlight features

  • Integrated Shopping Cart to Maximize Conversion
  • Offer annual and recurring merchandising, marketing, experience optimization and order management capabilities
  • Personalized subscriptions and plans via AI techology
  • Enable every channel, including eCommerce, SMS, voice, retail stores
  • Built-in developer framework and APIs for easy integration

Price: Custom Price

Rating: - / 5

behalf by Behalf

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Behalf

Behalf was listed as a “Rising Star” by Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50, was named “Best Online Business Loan” at the 2016 Tradestreaming Awards, and was selected by TheTechTribune as one of ten Best Tech Startups in NYC in 2019.

Behalf lets US B2B merchants give their business customers net no-fee terms and funding at the point of sale. Behalf can effectively be integrated into current BigCommerce checkout channels, holding consumers at the merchant’s site in the process of sign-up and checkout. Using Behalf, consumers can easily pre-qualify for money terms/financing and, if accepted. The consumers can pay for their eCommerce orders via Behalf.

Behalf offers greater purchasing power to business consumers, which will help the company expand. Behalf’s trading partners raised AOV by 53-83% and sales by as much as 44%. Users can easily embed Behalf on every side on the website. Customers will log in to Behalf and request payment without ever leaving the web!

It is free to open a Merchant account and install the app, but Behalf will charge a processing fee per purchase according to their terms and conditions.

Highlight features

  • Offering Financing and NET
  • Fast Installation
  • Create automated eCommerce financing accelerating receivables
  • Increase Average Order Size and Sales (AOV)
  • Keep your clients on shop

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

Rumbleship-Financial by Rumbleship

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Rumbleship

Rumbleship is an eCommerce plugin that enables you to provide your wholesale buyers with customized flexible payment terms at checkout. Rumbleship promises guaranteed payment to suppliers on all invoices, and you will no longer be required to back-office invoicing for your online wholesale orders. Suppliers using Rumbleship can foresee the order size to rise by 20 percent.

You can adjust the length of your term with Rumbleship to get paid whenever you want, and your retailers can get the time they need to pay for it (30,60, or 90-day terms). Besides, any order placed through Rumbleship comes with payment guaranteed, so you can rid yourselves of the worries of being cheated by fake credit cards/ visa. You don’t have to worry about late payments and collections as orders placed through Rumbleship always arrive on time in your bank account.

Rumbleship also helps you get rid of offline or manual invoicing and consolidate accounts receivable. Also, you can use your Rumbleship dashboard to view orders placed through our system in a single screen quickly and conveniently. Start saving time and efforts by checking the order, shipping, and product details for all your sales at one glance.

Highlight features

  • Customize time limit for your term (30; 60; 90 days)
  • Payment guaranteed on all orders passing through Rumbleship
  • Remove late and slow payments
  • View orders and related details via Rumbleship dashboard

Price: custom pricing

Rating: - / 5

Fraud-Protection by Apruvd

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Apruvd

Apruvd is taking the fraud costs to you. This app assists online merchants in obtaining more purchases and drastically reducing time spent on manual reviews while reducing fraud-related reimbursement costs to nil. The team does this by reviewing orders placed in your store in the captured form before payment. They will disapprove of fraudulent orders and, more importantly, approve orders at a higher percentage than their rivals. This protects the sellers from loadbacks, while at the same time boosting your results. Apruvd only charges for orders that they approve, and they will pay you 100% of the cost of any chargebacks.

The Fraud Protection by Apruvd offers customers complete transparency. They will receive incoming orders, and their mixture of advanced computerization and manual review by experts will return an approved or declined decision. A 100 percent guarantee accompanies all accepted orders, so there would be no risk. If you are on our Shop Coverage plan, the application will automatically forward all orders to them. If you are on our other plans, the app will enable you to submit orders that need reviewing with a single click from within the app. You will also be able to see the order’s current condition from your BigCommerce Orders page (approved, declined, review in progress, not submitted).

You may receive a high number of load backs as a merchant, which affects your profitability. Backed by the Apruvd service, the Apruvd app will defend you from recurring billing while raising profits and guaranteeing that your valuable, valid customers are not negatively affected. Let Apruvd worry about fraud, and focus your energy on taking your business on e-commerce to the next level.

Highlight features

  • 100% fraud protection
  • Approve more orders with mismatched addresses, international cards, etc
  • Sell to any customer, any location in the world

Price: 0

Rating: - / 5

viigii by Viigii

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by Viigii

By submitting an immersive virtual glimpse while the gift is in the mail, the Viigii e-commerce program lets gift-givers communicate with their recipients. Viigii allows customers to rejoice on the day itself as a simple add-on to online purchases, without wondering when the package arrives.

Viigii can help companies to keep their consumers on the site: The Viigii app provides a new level of customer loyalty and raise customer satisfaction. Each demo with instant digital distribution offers consumers the immediacy they need in today’s fast-paced digital era. Through an immersive animation with custom graphics, the gift recipient will virtually “unwrap” their gift to see the digital version.

Viigii can also be used to provide a memorable experience: Interactive animations and customized messages deliver both the gift-giver and the user an enjoyable and casual encounter. Any purchase becomes a moment to recall! As a result, you can raise your brand exposure with customized graphics providing a fresh opportunity to increase your brand awareness and attract new customers.

Highlight features

  • Dynamic interactive experience for the gift recipient
  • Send their preview immediately or on a specific date in the future
  • Immediate notifications to preview delivery status

Price: Free – $9.99/month

Rating: - / 5

agechecked by

BigCommerce Payments & Security Apps by

AgeChecked is a London-based, UK-listed company that delivers online age verification solutions across Europe and North America for various sectors. Agechecked is member of the International Policy Alliance (the internet and technology center’s completely independent cross-party policy platform) and a supporter of the British Standards Institute Freely Accessible Specification on Online Age Verification.

BigCommerce’s AgeChecked software allows you to perform your customers age verification effortlessly throughout checkout. The customer is taken to a new iframe during the checkout process which allows the customer to validate their maturity using multiple methods such as electoral roll, driving license, credit card etc. It allows you to comply with existing laws and to protect your client and company.

The age checks reports are shown in the column called ‘Age verification ID’ in the AgeChecked app menu of the store’s admin interface alongside each customer order. If the customer has failed to confirm their age, the status is then listed as ‘Not Checked’ for orders.

The extension is easily set-up. No coding required. Lowest cost age verification with highest match rates using multiple methods. So, what are you still waiting for?

Highlight features

  • Enable merchants to check customer age on checkout
  • Control age verification on site via cell phone, bank account, election roll, national/international driving licenses
  • Load AgeChecked window for enhanced user experience through different platforms within an IFrame
  • Setup straight forward with no code
  • Compliant with PCI DSS and GDPR


Rating: - / 5

When you’re setting up your own eCommerce store, two of the most important factors you’ll need to consider is payment and security. Today, it’s not difficult to find an online payment and security system that fully integrates with your eCommerce store. This would be much easier when you’re looking for a solution like that for your BigCommerce store. There are a lot of available payment and security apps that you can use to boost your BigCommerce payment process and security system.

Now, we’ll give you essential information to know when choosing a BigCommerce payment and security app for your business. Note down some pieces of information if you find it helpful to make better decisions.

Outstanding features of BigCommerce payment and security apps

Fraud protection and security

Many BigCommerce payment and security apps offer a cutting-edge fraud prevention service using the latest technology and machine learning capabilities. The apps will detect fraudulent transactions and save the cost of merchandise, shipping, returns, etc. A fail-safe chargeback ensures the safety of every online transaction in your BigCommerce store because you are totally protected from fraudulent chargebacks.

You can also limit access to specific products, collections, pages, and more applied to a specific group of customers. By setting up blocked visitors and countries, it’ll be much easier to control your stores’ viewers and avoid malicious break-through.

Age verification and compliance

BigCommerce apps offer the leading online age verification for age-restricted industries. It’s necessary to verify the visitors’ ages before allowing them to access your store to avoid selling to underage buyers, especially in the industries like e-cigarette, alcohol, and adult industries.

BigCommerce payment and security apps provide instant, safe and secure verification that enables you to verify your visitor’s ages quickly with simple steps. You can verify customers across the globe and quickly know if someone is not valid to access your store or purchase your products. This is one of the best ways to avoid children from reaching unsuitable online sources.

Gift cards

Using gift cards is one of the best ways to retain customers and boost sales effectively. With appealing and visual-catchy gift cards, you can easily create a delightful customer experience in sending and receiving the gift card. With the pre-made customizable gift card design, you can create an e-gift card program in minutes and share your gift carts on different channels like email, SMS, and social media to attract more customers.

You can create and execute multiple gift card programs at the same time. Real-time reports from the Dashboard will tell you how successful each campaign is and how much money your promotion brought back to your business.

Payment processors

BigCommerce payment and security apps are packed with features that enable you to grow sales and make payment easier. The apps will seamlessly integrate flexible payment plans into your checkout process, which is quick, simple, and transparent.

From the admin backend, you can set up automated payments that are applied to the particular customers who meet the scheduled requirements. The apps will automate your collections and bill customers exactly according to your specifications.

Trust marks

One of the most important things to do with your eCommerce store to gain customer loyalty and increase sales is to build trust. By using BigCommerce apps’ trust marks, your store will be decorated with trust-building elements. For example, when customers click on the trustmark, it’ll show the secure status of your website with an on-site modal. In addition, by verifying your contact information and displaying it on your verification modal, customers can ensure that your business is legitimate, reliable, and can be trusted.

Why should use BigCommerce payment and security apps

Safe and secure payment

You can make sure that all the transactions on your website are secure and your customers’ important information is backed with a fully safe and secure system. BigCommerce payment and security apps protect your data from attack and subsequent downtime. The security apps will protect all the records happening on your website. It ensures that you always have all the right data at your disposal.

Payment flexibility

With multiple payment options, you can ensure that your stores have suitable payment options for different customers. With various forms and payment methods, your checkout flexibility increases along with your customers’ satisfaction. It indeed keeps customers happy and coming back to your store.

Lightning-fast payment process

BigCommerce payment and security apps speed up the payment process in your store. Customers can choose their convenient payment methods and pay with their most familiar currencies quickly and conveniently.

Easy to set up

You can easily set up and integrate a BigCommerce payment and security app into your BigCommerce store without having any technical knowledge. Simply install the app, configure your setting, and you’ll see orders coming in with full data enrichment.

Save time and cost

BigCommerce payment and security apps ensure zero fraud liability so that you can maximize your revenue without the risk of billions of dollars lost in chargebacks, customer dissatisfaction from mistaken declines, or operational cost increase due to tedious, manual transactions. The security and simplicity of BigCommerce apps also streamline the payment process in your store without extra administrative assistance for processing payments.

Factors to consider when choosing a BigCommerce payment and security app


BigCommerce payment and security apps should be able to build and strengthen your BigCommerce store payment and relevant data transactions. One of the most important things to do with your payment process is to make it safe and secure for customers to provide their personal information to complete the checkout process.


It’s good to consider the costs of the apps. Based on your business requirements and your budget, choose an app that is affordable yet provides you with useful features and functionalities to boose your store’s payment processing, and increase conversions.


No matter how powerful the functionalities of an app you choose, a good app should be easy to use and friendly to leverage. Not only you, but your customers also need to be able to make the best out of the app’s functionalities.


The flexibility in your payment methods gives customers more choices when it comes to payment processes. So it’s critical that the app offers multiple payment options that are not only popular but also reliable and fast.

The bottom line

The most important thing to do when you’re choosing a BigCommerce payment and security app for your BigCommerce store is to properly search the different options to find something suitable for your business. It’s essential that you fully understand what the app does, its full features and price as well as whether it will still be suitable as your business grows or if you want to customize or request new features.

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