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Brex is established to rebuild B2B financial products and help startups of all sizes to scale their business faster. Just sign up in minutes for... . read more.

Brex Information

  • Price: 0
  • Rating: - / 5
  • Vendor: Brex

Features of Brex

  • Cash Management solution with one account, no fees on wires, ACH, or card
  • Expense Management controls at scale
  • Seamlessly connect your ERP and Accounting systems
  • Advanced theft and fraud protection at any scale
  • Issue unlimited secure virtual credit cards with no fees

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About Brex

Brex is established to rebuild B2B financial products and help startups of all sizes to scale their business faster. Just sign up in minutes for a cash management account and a corporate card with no personal guarantee, all in one place.

Brex set the new standard for Cash Management. They designed Brex Cash to be different from the ground up, including no fees, a higher yield, and enhanced 2FA protection. When you sign up for Brex Cash, you’ll get higher limits on your Brex card to help save time, streamline your cash management and grow your business. And whether you are sending ACH payments or wire transfers, domestically or internationally, it’s always free. Brex also provides businesses with Expense Management controls at scale. The smart categorization and automatic reconciliation help you keep your books in order, no matter where your expenses live. You can also easily issue and shut down cards as needed with custom credit limits. From employee purchases to vendor payments, you gain control of your company’s expenses from anywhere to save your time and reduce wasted spend. You can also seamlessly connect your ERP and Accounting systems with Brex. And you don’t have to worry about the receipts piling up anymore. Whenever you make a purchase, snap a photo of your receipt, add a memo, and text, email, or upload it to the mobile app to automatically match it to the expense. Using Brex, you are armed with custom admin controls and robust card management tools that keep track of all of your virtual card expenses. You don’t have to worry about stolen card credentials anymore since you have our advanced fraud prevention and enhanced 2FA. Moreover, you can issue as many virtual corporate credit cards as you need with custom limits for online purchases. You can assign purchases or subscriptions to separate virtual credit cards. Granular controls help you track all spending and immediately shut down compromised cards.

Thousands of businesses use Brex to maximize their financial resources. One of our customers said that Brex is perfect for online brands because it offers financial flexibility and high-quality software without a personal guarantee.