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Are you looking for BigCommerce FraudLabs Pro App Reviews or Alternatives? You are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss about FraudLabs Pro reviews, rating, price and its alternatives. FraudLabs Pro app has been developed by Fraudlabs-pro with rating: 3.5/5 based on 3.5 reviews. FraudLabs Pro price starts 0.

FraudLabs Pro is a sophisticated fraud protection solution that detects and blocks malicious eCommerce frauds for every business type. FraudLabs... . read more.

FraudLabs Pro Information

  • Price: 0
  • Rating: 10 - 3.5 / 5
  • Vendor: Fraudlabs-pro

Features of FraudLabs Pro

  • Reduce frauds and chargebacks with Fraud Analysis and Scoring
  • Customize fraud validation rules
  • Blacklist based algorithm with Machine Learning
  • Using rules to block orders
  • Re-run fraud check on demand

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About FraudLabs Pro

FraudLabs Pro is a sophisticated fraud protection solution that detects and blocks malicious eCommerce frauds for every business type. FraudLabs Pro’s intelligent machine learning approach screens all orders transactions using credit cards and other payment gateways for fraud patterns. This process helps merchants reduce chargeback and fraud losses or even prevent them before they happen, which boosts merchants’ revenue impressively.

Our Fraud Analysis and Scoring feature is your companion on the journey of reducing frauds and chargeback. Our fraud detection engine will comprehensively inspect hundreds of elements and validate every order for fraud patterns in a matter of seconds. Then our FraudLabs Pro analytic engine will take charge of analyzing transaction parameters and reports fraud analysis so that you can immediately decide the next action. We also offer further analysis of transactions in the Merchant area. We have the FraudLabs Pro Score that calculates the risk of your order accurately then we group the orders into Approve, Review, and Reject categories for your review. In addition to this method, FraudLabs Pro also applies blacklist based algorithms and machine learning techniques to detect fraud. We use crowdsourcing to gather high-quality blacklists data from our immense merchant’s network. Besides, FraudLabs Pro uses a machine learning approach to learn fraud patterns from real-time information like your approve, reject, and blacklist action. Thus, it improves fraud and chargeback prediction and prevention. Merchants also have the flexibility to customize your own fraud validation rules to fulfill your business demands. We also allow you to create and use rules within your FraudLabs Pro account to block and prevent an order from completing checkout. Then, you can manually review that order and decide whether to accept or reject that order. When you view an individual order and find the original fraud check result invalid, or when you finish modifying a client profile information and need to verify if the newly added details affect the risk assessment, you can trigger a re-run of the fraud screen on-demand. We will perform the check as you request and reflect on new results.