• Learn how to setup a payment method for your store.

  • Set Up Shopify Payments

    Thanks to Shopify Payments, accepting online payments has never been simpler. With the help of this tool, customers no longer have to endure the lengthy, inconvenient process of setting up a third-party payment provider or merchant account, following by providing their credentials to Shopify. Shopify Payments makes managing an entire business and financials easy with a wide range of functions fully integrated into your online store.

  • Edit Bank Account Information

    With a large number of useful, customizable integrated functions, Shopify Payments is a very effective and user-friendly tool to accept online payments many online store owners rely on.

  • Edit Customer Billing Statement

    Thanks to Shopify Payments, accepting online payments has never been easier. Indeed, it is the most effective and user-friendly tool to accept online payments with a large number of useful, customizable integrated functions to maximize both store owners and customers experience.

  • Report Tax

    As an e-commerce merchant, you have to deal with particularly confusing sales taxes. It is required that Shopify Payments report your sales to the tax administration. However, depending on your local jurisdiction, tax reporting requirements could vary significantly.

  • Set Up Notifications and Fraud Prevention

    It is undeniable that Shopify Payments is the most powerful platform online store owners could place their trust in for accepting online payments. With its wide range of useful, customizable integrated functions, you could now manage an entire business and financials at ease on the same platform.

  • Update your Tax Details

    With a wide range of useful, customizable integrated functions, Shopify Payments is a very effective and user-friendly tool to accept online payments many online store owners rely on. We have written a guide on how to set up Shopify Payment with detailed instructions, give it a read if you need.

  • Activate Credit Card Payment Provider

    The credit card is considered as a convenient mean of payment for every online shop, that’s why every shop owners need to consider activating a credit card payment provider. Credit card has a highlight feature is that it helps you manage when there is no money available in your account. You can still pay for your customers even if you do not have the money and you’ll pay back the money to the bank later. As a shop owner, I suppose using a credit card is a smart decision because it does not cost you time for other payment services and can be used for multiple shopping channels.

  • Verify Identity

    After having set up Shopify Payments, you could now enjoy the convenience of accepting online payment, managing an entire business and financials at ease on the same platform.

  • Activate

    You may know about Shopify payment, the payment provider recommended by Shopify because of its convenience and easy-to-use characteristic. Besides it, Shopify also allows online store owners to use payment services from other parties, one of them is For detailed information, keep reading and you will know how to activate on Shopify.

  • Set Up Automatic Capture of Credit Card Payments

    All credit card payment providers have to undergo an authorization period of 7 days where Shopify checks the validity of the card and whether it has enough funds for the transaction. However, it is necessary for store owners to capture a payment before the authorization period ends to collect money for their order.

  • Set Up Manual Capture of Credit Card Payments

    A drawback of having the automatic capture of credit card payments set up is that, the system is not able to identify if a product in a customer’s cart is available by the time of purchases or not. If a payment for an unavailable product is automatically allowed, the store owner has to refund the order.

  • View and Add Evidence for Chargeback

    If you allow the use of credit card on your online store, you have to be ready for working with chargebacks and inquiries. A chargeback or inquiry occurs when a cardholder asks the bank to dispute a charge on their credit card which they have issue with. This cardholder can be your current customer or individual who thinks that their credit card is used without their permission.

  • Convert Currencies

    Converting the currencies in any online stores on the Shopify platform is now available. Related to the theme, you can customize it to let your customers review the prices in various currencies. In case you sell your products internationally, it is useful because it allows your customers to see the price of your products in a currency which they get used to.

  • Use in Test Mode is a credit card payment provider that you can use it to accept credit card on your online store on Shopify. Like Shopify payment, you can also use test mode to track for its setup and configuration. If you have already enabled the use of and you want to allow test mode on your store, you can follow the steps mentioned below to know how to use in test mode on Shopify. In case you haven’t activated yet, we have a guide on how to activate that you might want to check out.

  • Activate an Alternative Payment Method

    You may know of how to set up Shopify payment in your store or other payment methods which allows customers to pay the orders through credit cards. However, if you want to let your consumers pay their orders online using other methods but none of those previous ones, you can practice the below steps to activate an alternative payment method on Shopify.

  • Use Suggested Manual Payment Method

    Beside Shopify payment, Shopify also allows their shop owners to use other payment methods for their store. Therefore, customers can find the method that is most convenient for them to pay the orders. You can apply more than one methods on your store, you can activate and use to accept credit payment or alternative payments for other than credit payment. In this article, I will show you the way to enable another kind of payment, particularly, that is how to use a suggested manual payment method on Shopify.

  • Create Custom Manual Payment Method

    If your customers don’t want to make payment using the credit cards, you can set up the manual payments to help them make purchases. The pros of using this payment method is that you won’t be charged transaction fees and you can approve the orders after you receive the payment. There are two common approaches to manual payment, use a suggested manual payment method or create a custom payment method on Shopify. I have shown the first one before that I will focus on how to create a custom manual payment method in this writing.

  • Deactivate Manual Payment Method

    You may know how to enable the use of a manual payment method, by using suggested manual payment or creating a custom manual payment method. However, you find this method is no longer suitable for your store or you think that it is hard to manage a number of payment providers, you can disable it anytime you want. Follow this post and you will know how to deactivate a manual payment method on Shopify.

  • Change Currency Formatting

    The default settings sometimes do not fit your culture then it can cause difficulties for both shop owners and their customers in reading the price. Therefore, Shopify allows you to do things like convert currencies in your store so that it’s more convenient for your customers. However, in this post, I will show you how to change your currency formatting on Shopify.

  • Mark Manual Payment as Paid

    In one of my the previous articles, I talked about creating a custom manual payment method, which is the method that allows the customers to place the orders online without using credit cards. When the customers use this kind of payment, shop owners can manage to receive the payment outside the online checkout and approve it later. However, they need to mark the payment as paid manually after receiving the money from the customers. Normally, the order will be marked as Pending in the Payment status on the Orders page if the customer makes the order using a manual payment. If you have enabled the manual payment and you are confusing, do not miss this writing because I will show you how to mark a manual payment as paid on Shopify.

  • Set Up Email Money Transfers

    If your store is based in Canada, you can allow the customers to pay the orders using email money transfer instead of a credit card. You have to provide the customers with your email address and a secret Q&A that they will use as the password for the money transfer. The customers will go to the bank to send the money to your email address then you will receive an email guiding you how to transfer money to your bank account. When you get the payment, you can mark it as paid on Shopify later. Hence, if you have an online shop in Canada, you can follow this writing to know how to set up email money transfers on Shopify.

  • How to test Payment

    Shopify Test Payments is not something new in Shopify. Basically, it a feature that assists you in making sure that your payment can be processed smoothly when your customers purchase a product.

  • Shopify Payment Fees

    Understanding the exact elements of Payment fees on Shopify is a basic requirement that any Shopify sellers must know.

  • Change Payment Method

    In the Shopify marketplace, there is default Shopify payment which is automatically integrated into the shops. However, in many cases, online shoppers want to make purchases by their available items with the most convenient methods. Therefore, it is essential for any Shopify store owners to know how to change the payment method on Shopify?

  • Payment Gateways for High Risk Businesses

    Shopify marketplace now is popular with a lot of online merchants because it is considered as one of the most potential markets with millions of customers every day. Today the diversity of payment methods allows Shopify store owners to sell their products anywhere around the world. However, the risk of paying with credit or debit cards is unavoidable in payment processing because of many reasons which are represented below.

  • Shopify Payment Gateway API

    Payment Gateway is known as a technological product of E-commerce as Shopify to accept the debit as well as credit from all transactions. Shopify store owners always concern about how the Payment Gateway effective and convenient for their shoppers. There are a lot of Payment Gateways that online sellers can choose to customize the best choices for their shops. In addition, because of the differences in functionalities, shop owners should use different APIs depending on their purposes.

  • Shopify Multiple Payment Gateways

    In the competitive online market as the Shopify marketplace, the payment method with multiple payment gateways is an effective tool for any online store owners. With the diverse payment methods, the users will easily deal with all purchases; therefore, they can boost their sales effectively.

  • Shopify Partial Payment

    Shopify payment, especially Partial Payment might be a new concept to many people, but in fact, it has been becoming popular in many eCommerce platforms nowadays, including Shopify. Shopify Partial Payment allows its users to maximize their payment plans and keeps heading to their process of pre-orders. In spite of its existing limitation, partial payment in Shopify still wins customers’ trust by playing in a critical role in driving eCommerce sales and providing online customers with more freedom.

  • Setup Payment Gateways

    Top 10 Payment Gateways for Shopify

  • Shopify Payment Processing

    In your Shopify using experience, I understand the feelings that being confused by over 70 different Payment providers used to receive payments. As when your customers have done choosing your goods, the very next thing that they have to do is to get their payouts for you through a process called Shopify Payment Processing.

  • Shopify Payment Reviews

    If you know much about blog or blogging, you will know that Shopify is one of the most favorite shopping cart solutions as it offers an all-inclusive solution to a wide range of merchants.

  • Shopify CBD Payment Processor

    CBD, now, has gained its popularity in the market that causes lots of confusion to customers. As you might not know about, CBD products are available after the appearance of the 2018 Hemp Farming Act which allows legalized hemp-derived products in the US.

  • Shopify Payment Status Pending

    Payment status Pending seems not an unfamiliar problem for all online business runners. It could be a number of things that lead an order to be listed as Pending, so it must be so hard to tell a specific reason without taking a close look at your customer’s account.

  • Build a Payment Gateway using Shopify Hosted payment SDK

    Payment gateways can be considered as one of the most vital factors when it comes to building an online store. Nowadays, there are various payment gateways from third parties that you can integrate into your checkout page. However, with the Shopify platform, a payment gateway can be easily built just by using Shopify Hosted payment SDK.

  • Integrate Square with Shopify store

    While selling online, you are probably going to wonder the way of choosing which merchant services are right for your business, like what will suit you the best? In my experience, most people would go for Square POS and Shopify POS as they are two of the most powerful point of sale platforms on the market. As far as I know, both services are suitable for all kinds of business. But how can you select one to utilize? Or should you integrate Square with Shopify store?

  • Add PayPal to Shopify

    PayPal is currently a Shopify’s default payment providers. It is a familiar payment provider as soon as you are a store owner on Shopify. Just try on asking any person and I am sure that they can tell you the PayPal logo’s colors that appear on thousands and thousands of checkout pages. As the popular trust and reliability of using PayPal, customers have now confidence in using it to pay for goods and services.

  • Use Shopify Card Reader

    When it comes to setting up an ecommerce store in Shopify, payment method is a vital step that any store owner would care about. One of the most popular questions for this step that we’ve got is how to use the card reader for accepting payments via credit or debit card.

  • Do a test Order

    Before launching your store or after changing your checkout settings, you are strongly recommended to place a test order from the storefront. This action enables you to make sure every function as you intend as well as offer insight into your own customers’ shopping experience.

  • Set Up ReCharge in Shopify

    ReCharge is an amazing app that makes selling subscription products easy and convenient. This tool will benefit both merchants and customers in Shopify store. ReCharge will support the merchants with recurring products and subscription boxes. Besides, the customers will find it easy and simple to manage their subscription directly from your website. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to learn about detailed steps to set up ReCharge the most quickly.

  • Test Checkout Process on Shopify

    When you are setting up your Shopify eCommerce store, making sure about your checkout process running well when customers buy a product is really important. As in some cases, it might cause the store owner not being able to actually accept money, which is a shortage for the success of your business.

  • Accept & Enable Apple Pay on Shopify store

    For people who always use Apple devices, Apple Pay might be the safest and most convenient payment method. Thus, store owners on Shopify should gain their knowledge to accept and enable Apple Pay effortlessly.