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How to View and Add Evidence for a Chargeback on Shopify

Last updated: April 01, 2024
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If you allow the use of credit card on your online store, you have to be ready for working with chargebacks and inquiries. A chargeback or inquiry occurs when a cardholder asks the bank to dispute a charge on their credit card which they have issue with. This cardholder can be your current customer or individual who thinks that their credit card is used without their permission.

The cardholder’s bank will dispute the charge and the chargeback fee right away from you when the chargeback is made. They also consider all evidence or proofs that you or the cardholder provides to make the decision of the chargeback. If you won the chargeback, you will receive the refund of fee and the disputed amount that it is important to know how to view and add evidence for a chargeback. If this topic is your concern, do not miss out on the following part of this article.

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How to view and add evidence for a chargeback

Step 1: Head to Orders

Go to the Orders from the admin page of Shopify. It stays right below the Home in the list on the left side of the screen display.

view and add evidence for a chargeback

Step 2: Pick an order

In the list of orders, find the one that is being considered and press on it.

Step 3: View and add evidence for a chargeback

You will see a chargeback banner with the yellow background on your screen display, click on the Submit response button. Beside it, there is a link named Learn more about chargeback that you can refer to it before adding your evidence. It may help you understand more about your case that you can provide proof which benefits you.

view and add evidence for a chargeback

To view and add evidence for a chargeback on iPhone

Step 1: Go to Orders

Get access to the app and tap Orders, next to the Home at the bottom bar.

Step 2: Select an order

Pick out the disputing order from your all orders list.

Step 3: Tap on the Submit response

A yellow banner will appear near the top of the page then choose Submit response.

view and add evidence for a chargeback

To view and add evidence for a chargeback on Android

Step 1: Go to Orders

After opening the app, on the bottom bar, press Orders

Step 2: Select an order

From the all orders list, click on the order that you get a chargeback on

Step 3: Tap on the SUBMIT RESPONSE

It will move on another page which is the detailed information of the order. At the top of the display, there is a yellow banner which informs you about the chargeback. Particularly, it contains the closing date for evidence collection and the value of the chargeback. Below this part, you will see a blue phrase SUBMIT RESPONSE then tap on it.

view and add evidence for a chargeback

After completing all the above steps, you can add your evidence to prove for yourself. However, if you provide the bank with inappropriate reasons, it may be a disadvantage to you. That’s why you should know some causes of chargeback and the type of evidence should add for each case.


In short, I have shown you the process to view and add evidence for a chargeback on Shopify. There is a note that you should use Shopify payment as your Payment provider in order to manage the chargebacks and inquiries in the Shopify admin and complete all the above steps. Hope that this post can help you if you are in trouble with chargebacks or at least it can provide you with useful information.

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