Managing Domains

  • Create New Shipping Zone

    The destinations of your shipping order are categorized into shipping zones. A shipping zone often covers countries or geographical regions, in which the same fixed, preset shipping fees are applied within that zone. Your current shipping zones and the corresponding fees could be view on the Shipping page on Shopify.

  • Add Shipping Origin Address

    To activate a delivering service, you first need to do some initial set up by providing the required business shipping information in your Shopify admin, including a shipping origin address and package types.

  • Buy Domain

    A domain plays an important role in the online store. It is like your online store as a home and a domain is your home address. Hence, you really need a domain so that your customers are able to visit the shop. Shopify has a helpful function which allows you to buy a domain if you haven’t had one. This writing How to buy a domain from Shopify is for you to get an indispensable thing for your online business as the domain.

  • Set Primary Domain

    You guys have a new domain name or going to new domain and want to setup your domain on Shopify store, your are in right place. In this tutorial, I will show you how to Set up domain on Shopify. After buying an ideal domain, you want it to be shown to your customer as an inspired brand of your shop. It’s strongly recommended that you’d better use the domain for a long period. Customers may access your online store by the domain with its extension so avoid changing is really necessary.

  • Activate Rakuten Super Logistics

    It wasted much time for the providers and the retailers on delivering their products. To be considered as an e-commerce order fulfillment, Rakuten Super Logistics which is such a useful tool you are looking for to reduce fulfillment overload as well as to grow the business.

  • Add USPS Flat Rate Packaging

    There is a variety of different types of packages available on Shopify to match the types of products delivered. Store owners could easily add a package type and choose the right types of packages for their orders on Shopify.

  • Add Package Type

    Before your first delivery on Shopify, it is necessary to set up a few fundamental features including adding a shipping origin address and the package types you want to use.

  • Choose Label Printer

    Choosing the label printer is an important stage because without it you cannot buy shipping labels for your store. You can use various devices such as desktop, iPhone, or Android to select the label printer that you want to use. But to achieve the highest efficiency, Shopify advise you to use Shopify supported hardware when printing your shipping labels.

  • Edit/Delete Package Type

    One of the fundamental shipping features to set up before your first delivery is your preferred package types. This could be done simply in the Shopify admin.

  • Show Calculated Shipping Rates at Checkout

    With Shopify Shipping, at checkout, you can easily show your customers the calculated shipping rates from USPS, DHL Express, UPS, or Canada Post.

  • Add Weight-Based Manual Rates

    From Shopify, manual shipping rate is a feature that allows you to set the shipping rate to your item by yourself. It is used in some below cases:

  • Activate Fulfillment by Amazon

    In order to store your inventory and fulfill your order, you can use the Fulfillment by Amazon. However, you need to activate it first. Remember when it is activated, any orders that are canceled in Shopify that you need to cancel those in Amazon too to prevent it from being shipped. Besides, you can read our guide on how does Shopify work with Amazon to make your business have more and more revenue with Amazon.

  • Activate Shipwire

    Once you have added Shipwire to your Shopify store, at checkout, your customers would be offered Shipwire delivery services. Besides, after fulfillment, Shipwire will update the inventory levels of your products.

  • Add Carrier Calculated Shipping Rate on Shopify

    The shipping fees are based on the weight of the orders and the dimensions of them. These are the factors that are used by delivery companies to measure the shipping rates. As the owner of an online store on Shopify, there are things that you have to remember, one of those is when you set a calculated shipping rate to your store, be aware that you need to enter the exact information for each variant. If the information is not accurate, the delivery cost will be miscalculated.

  • Adjust Calculated Rates

    While dealing with the shipping fee, there come the troubles that sometimes, the shipping rate is too high that it cannot attract customers or it is too low to cover the packing cost. In addition to that, you may want to give your customer a discount at the checkout or mark up the shipping rate by adding a percentage or a flat fee. If the rate contains both of them, the flat fee will be added after the percentage is calculated.

  • Configure Default Package Dimensions

    Nowadays, many delivery companies use the shipping rates based on the dimensional or volumetric weight of your shipments. It is calculated with a formula using your default shipment dimensions. If your store uses only one box size to ship the orders, your default shipment dimensions would give you the accurate shipping rates. Otherwise, you should get another app to do the job for you for more accuracy.

  • Configure New Products for Fulfillment by Shipwire

    Shipwire is the cloud-based platform which powers your global logistics network. This platform includes various tools to help you grow and manage your business.

  • Deactivate Shipping Carrier Service

    There comes the time when a contract between you and the delivery agency expired or you no longer work with them and you still offer their services to your customers at the checkout, this may lead to some serious troubles. To fix this issue, remember to deactivate a shipping carrier service after it expired.

  • Add Price-Based Manual Rates

    As I mentioned in the writing how to add weight-based manual rates, there are two types of the manual shipping rate which are weight-based manual and price-based manual. From that, you would know how to add weight-based manual rates. In this one, I will take you through how to add price-based manual rates.

  • Adjust/Delete Manual Shipping Rates

    From Shopify, after you’ve created a manual shipping rate, you can adjust or delete it whenever you want. This post will show you how to adjust or delete manual shipping rates just by taking some simple steps below.

  • Print Test Label

    Printing test labels is a necessary task. Why? As you might not know about, as you complete an order in the Shopify app or the Shopify admin, you can purchase shipping labels. After buying a label, you can opt for printing that label off or avoid it from the page of your order. In addition, the tracking number for the shipment will be present in the Fulfillment area from the information page of your order in the Shopify platform. In this article, you will be shown how to print a test label on Shopify on Desktop, iPhone, Android.

  • Suspend Shipping Rate

    Rather than deleting a shipping rate permanently, Shopify allows you a better solution if you don’t want to show the rate to the customers. In other words, you have a choice to suspend the shipping rate.

  • Activate Custom Fulfillment Service

    On the Shopify platform, there are many fulfillment services such as Amazon, Webgistix or Shipwire. However, you can also activate a custom fulfillment service and use it on your store, just like how you activate Shipwire. To help you understand how to actually do it, I have prepared some steps down here.

  • Configure Existing Products for Fulfillment by Rakuten Super Logistics

    The Rakuten Super Logistics tool which is one of the tools of fulfillment services helps you to boost your existing warehousing capabilities. This post is about How to configure existing products for fulfillment by Rakuten Super Logistics.

  • Configure Existing Products for Fulfillment by Shipwire

    In the previous posts, I have shared with you about how to activate Shipwire and how to enable fulfillment by Shipwire for a new product. You can view all the post again if you want to. Now let’s discuss the way to configure existing products for fulfillment by Shipwire on Desktop. Below are some detail steps that I have prepared for you to help you easily visualize how to do it.

  • Configuring New Products for Fulfillment by Rakuten Super Logistics

    How to configuring new products for fulfillment by Rakuten Super Logistics? It’s the question that I’m going to address in this post. I’ve written a post about how to configure existing products for fulfillment by Rakuten Super Logistics, give it a read if you need to.

  • Delete All Shipping Rates for a Region or Country

    To delete all the shipping rates for a region or country, we can do it in two ways.

  • Activate an On-Demand Delivery Service

    Today good delivery service is a huge boost up to your business. Especially, in the online market, the customers will come back with your stores if they receive their goods on time. So if you’re going to activate an on-demand delivery service, that’s a good idea.

  • Deactivate Fulfillment Service

    In the previous posts, I have discussed with you guys about how to activate a fulfillment service like Shipwire or even a custom fulfillment service. But in the case that you are no longer want to use these services, what can you do with them? You deactivate those fulfillment services. In this post, I will share with you the shortest way to deactivate a fulfillment service.

  • Deactivate On-Demand Delivery Service

    Why would anyone want to deactive an on-demand demand delivery service? You might be asking your self that. Obviously, on-demand delivery service is the best solution for a local shipping to any street corners. This kind of additional shipping method helps the Shopify admins can maximize their orders ability as well as their profit. However, sometimes the online sellers have no longer demand on this delivery service, so they can choose to deactivate it by followed simple steps.

  • Set Products to be Fulfilled by Custom Service

    In the previous post I have shared with you about how to activate a custom fulfillment service. If you want to set your products to be fulfilled by your customer service on Shopify, read this post.

  • Offer Free Shipping Over a Set Dollar Amount

    Many online shops have plenty of customers thanks to their interest in the customer’s benefit. In other words, customers will come to your store because of not only good products but also good behavior.

  • Print Shipping Label

    After you buy shipping labels, you have to print them out and stick them to the outside of the shipping package. In case you ship internationally, the package you want to ship must need the customs declaration forms also. In fact, printing shipping labels are not something too complicated to do because you can use both the label printer and desktop printer, then stick them to the outside of the package using a packing tape or plastic sleeve to hold them tightly. In addition, you can change the format of your shipping labels after buying in the Shipping settings, then reprints this label. In this writing, you will be shown how to print a shipping label on Shopify on Desktop, iPhone, and Android.

  • Activate an On-Demand Delivery Service for a New Shipping Zone

    Activating an on-demand delivery service for a new shipping zone is a thing you must do if you’re planning to expand your business. There are more than 200 countries and regions in the world; therefore, it is necessary for the Shopify shop owners to spread their own shipping zone. By different carrier partners around the world, the on-demand delivery will help you approach all customers.

  • Offer Free Shipping Over a Set Weight

    Besides the type of free shipping called free shipping over a set dollar amount, you can also establish a weight to be free shipping. Undeniably, free shipping brings many benefits to both of you and your customers. It helps you to improve the traffic to the products and makes your customers want to buy them. In addition, the customers don’t have to pay for the delivery because they buy a specific product which is heavy or maybe expensive.

  • Print Customs Declaration Form

    In this writing, you will be shown how to print a customs declaration form on Shopify on Desktop, iPhone, and Android. Completing a customs declaration form for an order on the Fulfillment page is a must if you want to ship internationally. There are several mail types requiring you to print out the separate customs declaration forms for your shipment, and the other can contain the form in accordance with the standard shipping label:

  • Buy and Print Multiple Shipping Labels

    In this writing, you will be shown how to buy and print multiple shipping labels on Shopify. From your Shopify admin, you can purchase and then print off about 20 shipping labels at the same time at the Order page. There are several orders that will not be consisted of as you purchase the shipping labels in bulk. For instance, as an order includes items which do not need shipping as it does not have a proper shipping address or as it is fulfilled, the order will not be contained in a label purchase in bulk. In case this order is partially fulfilled, only unfulfilled times can be added to the bulk label purchase.

  • Configure Existing Products for Fulfillment

    Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA is now very popular as the optimal shipping solution for the E-commerce businessman. Because it provides thecustomer service and returns which help customers can return the broken during the transferring. Furthermore, FBA will build up your inventory in mind, so there’s no limitation for the number of ordered products. More important;y, you can save a lot of money because the cost of shipping is included in once pay.

  • Configure New Products for Fulfillment by Amazon

    After our tutorial, you knew how to activate Fulfillment by Amazon. It is time you managed your own new products through those below steps of this article How to configure new products for Fulfillment by Amazon.

  • Configure Your On-Demand Delivery Settings

    This instruction article will help you understand more about How to configure your on-demand delivery settings. The on-demand delivery is this optimal solution for Shopify store owners who are looking for the transfer solutions for expanding the shipping zones to local customers with the fastest and the most affordable way.

  • Change Shipping Label Printer Settings

    In this article, we are going to show you how to change your shipping label printer settings on Shopify on Desktop, iPhone, and Android. Shipping label function is now available on Shopify. You can even buy and print multiple shipping labels at the Order page. However, before printing any shipping label, you need to ensure that your label formats have to be suitable for the printer you tend to use. Let’s get into the actual steps then.

  • Void Shipping Label

    In this article, you will be shown how to void a shipping label on Shopify on Desktop, iPhone, and Android. However, there are two conditions to void a shipping label that you must take note, in which it cannot exceed thirty days since you purchased the label and the package has not been shipped by the carrier. When you already voided the shipping label, the label’s cost is credited to your account. This amount can be applied to the shipping label’s costs you purchase next time. In case your package has already been shipped, you had better contact with your carrier buy the reference number of the package for help.

  • Buy Shipping Label

    In this writing, these steps on how to buy a shipping label on Shopify on Desktop, iPhone, and Android. As you use the Shopify Shipping, you had better buy the shipping labels when an order is fulfilled in your Shopify admin or on its app. In fact, the cost of purchasing a shipping label depends on the rates given by Canada or USPS Post.

  • Fulfill Orders with Fulfillment by Amazon

    Fulfillment by Amazon is the necessary shipping tool for any Shopify store owners want to cut down the cost and optimize the profit. After you activate Amazon fulfillment service, it also helps you configure the new products or any existing ones in your store. Learn more about how does Shopify work with Amazon

  • Add or Remove Country or Region From Existing Shipping Zone

    A shipping zone is a range of destinations, countries, continents,…, of your shipping orders which are sorted in the same category to bear the same shipping rates. You could conveniently manage all your current shipping zones and the corresponding fees on the Shipping page on Shopify. After creating a new shipping zone on Shopify, there will be times when you need to make a change about which countries or regions to include in your existing shipping zone.

  • Delete Shipping Zone From Shipping List

    A shipping zone, simply speaking, is a group of freely customized countries or regions, often based on geographical locations, that share the same predefined shipping rates.

  • Cancel Pickup

    In managing your Shopify online business, there can sometimes be situations that you want to reverse a scheduled pickup even when you have scheduled it sooner. In any other sale channels, it can cause many problems to you and sometimes could not be done in several situations. But now with Shopify, they allow you to cancel your scheduled pickup just by entering the Orders page in your Shopify main menu.

  • Schedule Pickup

    When running your Shopify online business, it would be a great news for you if a customer choose to purchase a product from your store. In that situation, you will have to schedule a pickup for the product to be successfully delivered to the customer.

  • Disable Automatic Domain Renewal

    When using domains, normally you want to enable automatic renewal. However, there are cases that you don’t want them to renew automatically but to do it manually to control the number of domains use more actively. Similar to how to enable setup, you can practice this setting on Shopify with just three steps in total. To know how to disable automatic domain renewal on Shopify, check out the next part of this writing.

  • Enable Automatic Domain Renewal

    If you have purchased a domain through Shopify, you can ensure that the ownership right doesn’t expire by renewing it. Normally, the purchase and renewal process is conducted by using the email and information of the shop owner then turn on the notification to make sure that you don’t miss out anything. For more details, keep reading this writing to know how to enable automatic domain renewal on Shopify.

  • Set Up Email Forwarding

    There is no email hosting provided by Shopify but you can purchase a domain through Shopify or transfer it to your online store. If you do, you can create an unlimited number of forwarding email addresses without paying any fee. However, remember that all new email addresses must be forwarded to an existing email address. If you are struggling with this problem, follow this topic to know how to set up email forwarding on Shopify.

  • Change Domain Name On Shopify

    If you are running an online business or maybe just a blog, you may want to have a strong online presence. Oftentimes the first thing your visitors will do when in need of looking for a specific product or service is to conduct a web search. So, of course, if your web store’s domain is easy to remember, find, and navigate, then you will get more opportunities to increase sales. That expectation accounts for why there are so many online store runners in need of custom domain names.

  • Transfer a domain from Shopify?

    A domain plays an important role in the online store. It is like your online store as a home and a domain is your home address. When you set a domain for your Shopify store, it means that your store will be established your brand by giving your business credibility and tells customers you’re here to stay, rank higher in search by having similar keywords in your industry and keep staying in top of mind by remembering you and find your business later. Read more to know how to Choose a Domain Name

  • Link Godaddy domain to Shopify

    When you sell your products in the Shopify platform, the thought of How to link your Godaddy domain to Shopify will, for sure, come to your mind occasionally. Since every business starts with an idea. every website starts with a domain, it is crucial to know how to do that effectively.

  • Change Shopify store URL

    If you are a newbie to online business on the Shopify platform, for sure, you come up with a lot of challenges. One of them is not knowing how to change Shopify store URL.