How to Schedule a Pickup on Shopify - A Complete Guide

Updated: November 20, 2021


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When running your Shopify online business, it would be a great news for you if a customer choose to purchase a product from your store. In that situation, you will have to schedule a pickup for the product to be successfully delivered to the customer.

Diffirent from other commerce methods where you have to directly contact with the shipping center, now with the Shopify Shipping, just by purchasing DHL Express or USPS labels, you can easily control a pickup in your Shopify admin by your preferred time, address, and date. You just have one thing to keep in mind that the times of the pickup are always based on the time zone of the pickup address, and also could sometimes be not exact, based on the weather, traffic, or the chosen pickup address.

Right below are some steps of How to schedule a pickup on Desktop. With iPhone and Android devices users, you can also apply those steps for scheduling your pickup.

How to schedule a pickup

Step 1: Go to Orders

From your Shopify online store admin, find the Orders option in the management column and click on it.

Step 2: Schedule pickup

In order to schedule your pickup, you have two choices based on the shipping label condition of the order. If the order was fulfilled with USPS or DHL Express, you can enter the page of the order and click on More and choose the Schedule pickup option. Otherwise, if you have just purchased a shipping label for the chosen order, you will have to find the Package pickup section and click on the Schedule pickup choice right under that section.

Step 3: Select address

In the drop down menu of the select pickup address section, click to choose one location that you want the product to be picked up. If the address is in another location, you can enter the specific address that you want on the select pickup address blank field. For later orders, you have to keep in mind that your typed custom address is not saved so that you will not be allowed to use it for future pickups without retyping it all over again.

Step 4: Enter customer information

As the shipper is surely need your contact, you will have to provide your name and phone number in order to the driver to call whenever needed.

Step 5: Select date

By clicking on the Date drop down menu and select the date that you want for the pickup, you finish chosing the date for your pickup.

Step 6: Set up time

After setting the date, now you can move on to the time setting session. In the Estimated pickup time drop down menu, click to choose the time that you want to set for your pickup. All the time options in the Estimated pickup time menu is based on the time zone of its chosen address.

Step 7: Package location

This option is specially dedicated for users that are scheduling a pickup with USPS. In the Package location section, select the location of the package that the shipper should look at to find your package.

Step 8: Special instructions

If you think you need to provide any more additional information for the shipper to find the pickup address any easier such as the buzz code or the apartment number, find the Special instructions field and type to enter any special instruction on it.

Step 9: For overweight shipment

In situations that your shipment is overweight and you are scheduling a pickup with USPS, you should find the Notify the carrier that some packages weigh over 70 lbs so they come prepared line and click to check on its checkbox. The driver will be notified and will prepare for the package.

Step 10: Complete

Click on the Schedule pickup option after you are done assigning and reviewing about your pickup’s information. If you want to view your scheduled pickups, enter the Orders page from your Shopify main menu on the home page.


In today’s tutorial, I completed showing you about ** How to schedule a pickup on Shopify. By apllying those above steps, you can easily complete your wanted pickup from your Shopify admin. I hope these information will be helpful for you and your online business, and if you want more posts like this, check out our Shopify tutorials.

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