How to Cancel a Pickup on Shopify in 4 Simple Steps


In managing your Shopify online business, there can sometimes be situations that you want to reverse a scheduled pickup even when you have scheduled it sooner. In any other sale channels, it can cause many problems to you and sometimes could not be done in several situations. But now with Shopify, they allow you to cancel your scheduled pickup just by entering the Orders page in your Shopify main menu.

One thing that UPS pickup users need to pay attention to is that if you succeed in cancelling a UPS pickup, your account will be credited with the pickup fees so that when needed, this pickup cost can be used to buy other shipping labels or even to schedule other pickups conveniently.

Below are some steps I prepared for you in How to cancel a pickup in Shopify on Desktop. But iPhone and Anroid users do not have to be worried as these steps can also be used in your devices to complete your wanted actions.

How to cancel a pickup

Step 1: Enter Orders

In order to view the pickups that you are already scheduled to decide to take actions on them, you have to enter the Orders page. The page entering method is super easy to follow. After logging into your Shopify shop owner account from your Desktop, look on the left of your home page to find the shop managing menus all placed in one column. The second option in the column, as known as the Orders option is also known as the gate to enter the Orders page. Click on the option so that you can be automatically directed to the Orders page so as to complete your wanted actions.

Step 2: View pickups

As mentioned before, the Orders page in able to show you all of your scheduled pickups. After entering your chosen Orders page, find to click on the View pickups option from the Orders page. This option will show you all of your scheduled available pickups. By being able to view all of your owned scheduled pickups, you can decide what to do with the pickups easier.

Step 3: Cancel pickup

After clicking on the View pickups option, now you are able to view and choose which pickup that you would like to make changes on. Find the Cancel pickup button around the pickup that you chose to do the first step of the cancellation session. By clicking on the button, you send a signal to the system that you would like to cancel that chosen pickup from all of your available pickups.

Step 4: Confirmation

Upon clicking on the Cancel pickup button, the cancelling confirmation box will pops up on your screen. Once again, all you have to do is just click on the Cancel pickup button on the box another time so that you agree to cancel the chosen pickup immediately from your Orders page. You have to remember that this action can not be reversed.


With some really brief yet effective steps that I showed you above in this tutorial, now you can fully master the function that answers the question How to cancel a pickup on Shopify. By completing an action that is such time consuming, difficult and problems causing in other sale channels, you surely can manage your online career easier, quicker, with some more effective and interesting methods. I hope you will follow my instructions carefully and will complete your wanted actions as fast as possible. If you’re interested, check out our tutorials on managing domains or maybe even or Help Center if you need to.

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