How to Configure Existing Products for Fulfillment by Rakuten Super Logistics

Updated: October 01, 2023


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The Rakuten Super Logistics tool which is one of the tools of fulfillment services helps you to boost your existing warehousing capabilities. This post is about How to configure existing products for fulfillment by Rakuten Super Logistics.

But first, why bother with it? Because whenever you want to trade an item from the suppliers, the shipping payment is compulsory. Its cost depends on many factors such as the methods and the countries shipping products to, so it is necessary to choose the most optimized method to cut down the cost of orders shipping. Known as a third-party warehouse, fulfillment services are the great assistance for any shop owner who wants to deal with shipping.

Now, let’s get into the actual steps.

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How to configuring existing products for fulfillment by Rakuten Super Logistics

Step 1: Go to Products

On your Shopify admin page, clhoose Products. Go to Products

Step 2: Edit the variant

To fulfill the current product, you click the name of the product. For example, I choose the Birthday Gift Card, I will click in this name the name of the product Scroll down to Variant section, then click Edit variants besides its name. Variant section

Step 3: Choose to Rakuten Super Logistics

Choose the Setting then go the Shipping section, the menu from the Fulfillment Service section drop-down, then click Rakuten Super Logistics. Choose to Rakuten Super Logistics

Step 4: Configure the existing products

Fill all the values such as the Weight and SKU fields, you should valid all the values from your Rakuten Super Logistics product list. onfirgure the existing products

Step 5: Go to Inventory

Point the mouse to the Inventory section, the menu will drop down, then select Shopify tracks this variant’s inventory.

Step 6: Save

After all above steps, you click Save to finish. Save


So that’s how you configure existing products for fulfillment by Rakuten Super Logistics. The Rakuten Super Logistics tool is very useful for online traders not only to increase the inventory capability but also administrate new products and existing ones in Shopify stores.

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