Add a USPS Flat Rate Packaging on Shopify in 6 Simple Steps

Updated: September 28, 2023


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There is a variety of different types of packages available on Shopify to match the types of products delivered. Store owners could easily add a package type and choose the right types of packages for their orders on Shopify.

For certain shipping services, carriers like USPS, UPS and DHL Express offer packaging free of charge, or flat-rate shipping, provided that you created a user’s account with the carrier so that the packaging could be sent to you. Flat-rate shipping has significant advantages over shipping based on weight. It makes things less complicated when you’re delivering many packages at the same time because you don’t need to calculate the amount of money spent on shipping rates by separately considering mailing costs, as well as weight and measurement of each package.

In the United States, USPS flat-rate packaging is a very common choice. With USPS flat-rate shipping service, the price charged is the fixed price of the flat-rate packages, not the weight, shape or size of what you’re shipping or the shipping distance, as long as the goods are below 70 lbs.

Below, you would expect to find the detailed instruction with illustration on how to add a USPS flat-rate packaging on Shopify.

How to add a USPS flat rate packaging on Shopify

Step 1: Go to the Shipping section

First, log in your Shopify account, go to the Settings section in your bottom left corner and select Shipping.

how to add a USPS flat rate packaging Shopify

Step 2: Select Add package

Scroll down to the Packages section, then select Add package:

how to add a USPS flat rate packaging on Shopify1

Step 3: Select Carrier packaging

A pop-up dialog will now appear. Select the Carrier packaging tab on the right.

how to add a USPS flat rate packaging on Shopify2

Step 4: Select USPS packaging

Both USPS and UPS offer carrier packaging service for Shopify delivery. Select USPS packaging and a drop-down list will appear.

Step 5: Select the flat rate packaging type

USPS packaging offers up to 16 different types of flat-rate packaging. Select the one that works best for you from the list.

how to add a USPS flat rate packaging on Shopify3

Step 6: Click Add package

After selecting the right type of flat-rate packaging for your orders, if you want this package type as your default package from then on, check the Set as default package box then click Add package and you are done.

how to add a USPS flat rate packaging on Shopify4

To add a USPS flat-rate packaging on iPhone (Click here)

To add a USPS flat-rate packaging on Android (Click here)


The above information is a detailed guide with illustration on how to add a USPS flat-rate packaging on Shopify on Desktop, iPhone and Android. I hope you find it of great assistance in optimizing your shipping experience.

If you have any other questions regarding using Shopify to manage your store, visit our Help Center for similar articles.

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